Modern Design of Apartment Interior 2021

Modern Design of Interior Apartments 2021Design trends in 2021 include answers to the most “urgent” questions: finding a successful planning solution in the living room, the problem of organizing space in the conditions of small-sized city apartments, surface finishing of a non-standard size or shape, design of an adult or children’s bedroom. To keep abreast of new trends in the style and color of interior design, do not forget to look into the portfolio of designers Ruslan and Maria Green.


The best ideas of apartment design 2021Modern Design of Interior Apartments 2021

In 2021, eclectic interiors that combine elements of not even two, but three or more styles are especially popular. The decoration is widely used in natural materials and imitation marble artificial panels. Crystal chandeliers, numerous mirrors and sophisticated multi-level lighting – still in the top of non-standard solutions for creating optical illusions and original wall decoration.

The project of a small apartment: peace and bliss in the kingdom of Princess DreamsModern Design of Interior Apartments 2021

In the design of apartments of a small area, the key role is played by the layout and the selection of a suitable color scheme, which would not “narrow” the already small space. The apartment in the photo, harmoniously combining the features of modern style, neoclassicism and art deco, provides a good example of the zoning of a room with a division into a kitchen, dining room and a relaxation area itself. Light and delicate pearl-turquoise tones, as well as the original geometric pattern provide a stylistic unity of the interior.


White color in the interior is especially demanding: it does not have a rich palette of shades and needs additional “elements” in order not to look fresh. The built-in kitchen in the photo looks very elegant thanks to the pronounced moldings, mirror inserts in the doors with a diamond-shaped grille and a noble design of a marble apron. It not only does not “dilute” the stylistic richness of the interior, but, on the contrary, makes it even more elegant.


Mirrored ceiling in the kitchen, mirrored wardrobe doors in the hallway, mirrors in the bathroom – the mirrors invariably bring spaciousness and transparent fragility to the interior of this small apartment, which is further emphasized by the selected color scheme.


In the elegant ladies’ bedroom with a small boudoir and a spectacular ottoman chair, a cream-beige palette and a delicate pale lilac tone prevail. The interior evokes a sense of peace and tranquility, despite the large mirrors in the doors of the closet located directly opposite the sleeping area, which seem to invite you to look into the world of dreams and dreams of the Looking Glass.


Unlike the ladies’ bedroom, where the spectacular geometric pattern of the entire room is repeated with the leitmotif in the soft upholstery of the wall at the head, in the male bedroom there are practically no references to the interior of the rest of the apartment. Lilac and turquoise are replaced by black and brown gamma. Art Deco, prone to graceful geometry, gives way to modern style in the design of walls and ceilings. The curtains on the windows, although they have the same shade as in other rooms, lie in free folds instead of being assembled into a flirty assembly.

Pompous classic: to be or not to be?Modern Design of Interior Apartments 2021

The modern understanding of classic luxury is fully reflected in the design project of this two-bedroom apartment, made in two versions. One represents the interior of the apartment in cold silver-metallic tones with lilac and pink accents. The other is in the colors of the blue-white-red tricolor in the spirit of the French empire of the time of Napoleon. What is called ” à vous de choisir” (that is, “of your choice”).


Bold decisions in the interior – such as, for example, a classic metallic color column or a modern hood in the interior of a classic kitchen – are ultimately the key to success in the hands of an experienced interior designer. Graceful curtains, parquet-styled marble, a cozy floor lamp and relaxing furniture with a carriage coupler – all carriers of classic “values” are selected and arranged in the living room in moderation and do not overload the solemn interior with taste and no way.


Rich stucco molding on the ceiling, lush crystal chandelier, pilasters and columns, carpet, moldings on the walls and built-in kitchen, classic forms of furniture – all the necessary attributes of a classic interior harmoniously combine with modern attributes of a comfortable home: sophisticated multi-level lighting, full technical equipment of the kitchen, spacious living room combining the functions of a dining room, kitchen and relaxation area.

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A modern plasma screen directly above the fireplace with a classic frame framed by marble panels, traditional white pilasters, moldings, crystal and stucco molding – here it is, the culmination of that dissonance, which traditional classics and ultramodern trends enter into, and which ends with a surprisingly harmonious fusion.


The classic style in the interior of the master bedroom acquires a new sound due to the influence of art deco and interspersed with oriental motifs in the complex ornament of lamps and bedside tables. Bright pink illumination along the perimeter is organically combined with purple accents in the decor and decoration of the bed using a carriage screed.

Modern apartment design ideas for 2021 on the example of real projectsModern Design of Interior Apartments 2021

One of the recipes for a truly “delicious” interior is precisely to choose a particular style and give it a non-standard sound in your interior. For example, let it be a loft, but in an unusual color scheme: the combination of rich red and dark green gives the room in the attic an elegant and festive look. Black metal lamps and stools at the bar counter are made in the traditional loft style and are in perfect harmony with the large black screen.

I. Best planning decisionsModern Design of Interior Apartments 2021


A spacious room in the center of the apartment, zoned for the living room, dining room and kitchen, is the trend of recent years, which has firmly taken its place in the top of fashionable planning solutions. Moreover, regardless of whether it is a small apartment or a private house of a large area. Zoning of space not only solves the problem of ergonomics of the room, but also provides rich opportunities for original decoration. Famous Moscow designers Ruslan and Maria Green will be happy to share with you the secrets of design skills and give the necessary advice on designing a stylish and memorable living room interior.


If your apartment has high enough ceilings, an interesting solution may be the arrangement of a two-story bedroom, especially a nursery. Such a move will allow you to combine in one space working and sleeping place. The interior design can be decorated in any style, the main thing is not to overload it with furniture and decor. In the setting of a teenager’s bedroom, there is nothing superfluous in the photo, but it looks very stylish. Lightness and grace in the interior bring original sconces and mustard-burgundy accents in the choice of textiles.


The picture of the partition separating the sleeping place at the top resembles a flying bubble and successfully correlates with a sconce in the lower tier, decorated with golden circles of different sizes. Lightweight construction and beveled ceiling to avoid a feeling of crowding and “crushing” space. Plain floor and wall decoration is another design find. When choosing a monophonic coating, the space, becoming one, begins to seem larger than it actually is.


A staircase leading to the second tier is another opportunity to experiment with the space and the possibilities of the functional use of small volumes. Such a ladder can form neat lockers that solve the problem of storing clothes and other things. A nice contrast with beige is the dark floor and burgundy inserts in light tulle curtains.

II. Styles in trendModern Design of Interior Apartments 2021


It is no coincidence that many interior designers and their clients prefer eclecticism: mixing styles provides an unlimited set of options for experimenting with styles, colors and textures. The interior of the kitchen in the photo harmoniously combines classic forms of furniture, half-columns with lush capitals and notes of a sunny and cozy Provence style. Mirrored inserts on the ceiling and smooth contours in the spirit of modernism successfully complement the picture.


In the interior of this living room we see a completely different example of the interaction of styles. The loft, which was outlined in the exposed beams of the ceiling and the stone frame of the fireplace, is smoothed here with a warm palette and wooden chalet-style finishes. Chic panels in the style of Art Deco, styled like natural stone, harmonize with crystal chandeliers of strict geometric shapes and bring cool contrasts to the overall pastel palette.


Loft remains one of the most popular trends, and in modern design you can find a variety of “variation on the theme” – from frankly rustic to aggressive-industrial. The dark and seemingly unprocessed wood, the characteristic brickwork of the walls, the original coffee table in the form of an inverted drawer – the red-brown gamma dominating the interior with green accents have a calming effect. Against their pacifying background, sharp impregnations of metallic and black in the design of the door and the choice of lamps constantly excite the imagination and keep them in a pleasant tension.


The invariably elegant Art Deco has gained many loyal fans and remains one of the most popular interior styles. It looks good both on its own and in combination with other areas. The panel made of natural stone, marble and precious metals in decoration, strict geometric shapes look extremely elegant and give the room aristocracy and sophistication.

III. Fashion trends in decoration and decorModern Design of Interior Apartments 2021


You can decorate a large empty space, for example, a wall, without resorting to external decorative elements at all. The wall at the head of the bed in the interior of this bedroom in peach-pink colors is an amazing collage. Volumetric decoration in the form of square and rectangular fragments, vaguely reminiscent of a stone fence, contrasts with the upper part of the wall, which shows a blossoming sakura. Hidden from the eyes, the illumination at the junction of the two surfaces gives a dull yellowish light, reminiscent of the gentle radiance of sunlight at the dawn of a new day.


The saturation effect can be achieved by combining monophonic wall fragments with a colorful finish, for example, when selecting textiles. As we have already seen, the walls will not necessarily look empty, even if nothing hangs on them. The role of decorative elements is performed by moldings, inside which the walls are painted in a different color. Thanks to this, an unusual effect arises: as if paintings hang on the walls, on which, however, there are no images. An additional highlight is the original distribution of light: the sconces are arranged in such a way that the rays cross each other, creating an additional picture on the walls.

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The mirrored surface of the wardrobe is a classic move of modern design, especially when it comes to small areas in the bedroom or hallway. A classic wardrobe (or door) can be designed using large rectangles “on the floor.” It is best to place such a mirror opposite the window so that it reflects daylight, creating an additional sense of spaciousness.


A large mirror surface can be designed as a collage using colored inserts. This design of the wall or cabinet will allow you to set additional coloristic accents and help to dilute some of the monotony of the interior. Orange and olive splashes in the mirror surface of the cabinet in the bedroom interior in the photo create a special mood on a sunny summer morning, even if outside the window is cloudy and cold autumn rain.


Stained-glass windows in interior decoration are always popular regardless of the style of the interior. Of course, stained glass inserts are most often found in the decoration of living rooms or in the decoration of ceilings. In the interior of the dining room in the photo, the stained-glass window pattern echoes the geometric patterns and color dominants that underlie the interior decor.


Large mosaic panels in the interior design are a premium decor element that will allow you to beat the color scheme and style, as well as give the interior exclusivity and additional chic. The panel on the wall looks much more original than the usual picture, and looks especially appropriate in the interior of the bathroom, usually not rich in decorative elements.


Unusual and contrasting color combinations are especially characteristic of a teenage or children’s bedroom. They bring a special twist to the interior, lightness and a positive attitude. Roll calls in the colors of furniture, textiles and accessories and various embossed textures look good in a small space of a bedroom, which is also divided into two tiers: a relaxation area at the bottom and a sleeping place located under the ceiling.


Golden, silver and copper metallic are invariably in fashion in interiors decorated in a variety of styles. The limited bathroom space is particularly suitable for such finishes: in spacious interiors, the abundance of shiny surfaces would not look so good. Here they are complemented by numerous fantasy lights, which seem to be even more due to mirror reflection. Bright golden and silver sparkles create a joyful, almost festive mood in the bathroom interior.


Not so often you can see phytoboxes in the interiors of apartments: as a rule, they are used in public interiors or in the design of country houses. In the interior of a spacious bedroom in the photo, the original phytobox, not with traditional bright green plants, but with elegant roses to match the beige and lilac interior, looks extremely elegant. Such an unconventional decoration is in good harmony not only with the color palette of the room, but also with the trellis on the wall of the boudoir, depicting a pacifying forest landscape.

IV. Work with large surfacesModern Design of Interior Apartments 2021


The design of a long and rather narrow corridor always conceals its “pitfalls” for the interior designer: in fact, we are talking about empty space that is difficult to use functionally. The traditional option – a series of paintings on one or both walls – does not always look good and can often “oversaturated” space. A successful design decision in this case may be marble panels in tone with the main color scheme. The rays of light coming from the lamps on the opposite wall form their own special pattern. The unique chic in the interior brings a multi-level ceiling with original curls.


In an interior with high ceilings, the designer faces a different task: how not to get lost in a vertically oriented space and at the same time focus on the lower part of the room. It is interesting to see low hanging lamps in the interior that “work” to lower the ceiling. A rich molding of the walls and low-lying air conditioning and TV enhance this feeling, concentrating the space in the lower part, but without narrowing the room visually.

Trendy color schemes for the interiors of apartments and houses in 2021Modern Design of Interior Apartments 2021


The combination of black and dark gray with shades of light wood in the interior looks especially impressive and at the same time is associated with the idea of the interaction of primitive elements and a combination of wood and stone as basic, “natural” materials. And the bright bulbs in the original design lamps against the background of monotonous beige-black tones are like real tongues of flame in the dusk of a cave.

In the interior of this bedroom, dark gray thickens to matte black in the design of the walls and textiles in the sleeping area. Bright light bulbs in the original design lamps against the backdrop of monotonous beige-black tones are similar to real flames in the twilight of the cave.

Giant black and light brown stones, actually located in the attic of a spacious wooden house in the style of a chalet, upon closer inspection turn out to be nothing more than huge soft poufs on which you can comfortably sit down while watching a movie.


The beige palette, especially in combination with brown tones, does not go out of style and looks stylish, respectable and elegant.

In the interior decorated in monochrome, discreet accents suggest themselves: in a luxurious living room with classic furniture, elegant curtains and rococo decor, the monochrome palette is diluted with bright colors of paintings in massive gold frames that harmoniously complement the interior.

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In the bedroom in the photo, the role of accents is played by brighter colors of the same brown palette: the color of natural wood, slightly giving off to red. With this design, bronze or metal elements of the decor will look good, as well as candles or lamps that give a warm dim light.


Blue in combination with beige or brown looks good in any interior. The combination of blue and brown is advantageous precisely for its combination of warm and cold tones. It is known that the interior, designed entirely in warm or cold colors, becomes too fresh, and you always need a contrasting tone to revive it.

The rich blue-blue range against the background of light wood or shades of brown palette acts soothingly, especially if the design of the living room involves the presence of a fireplace. Small cozy sofas in beige and blue tones beckon to sit down and relax, looking at the flickering tongues of fire that “resonate” with orange-gold sparkles in the crystal of a large chandelier and floor lamps in Art Deco style.

Blue combined with beige or brown also looks good in the interior of a small room, which can not accommodate a very rich color palette. The combination of blue and brown is advantageous precisely for its combination of warm and cold tones. It is known that the interior, designed entirely in warm or cold colors, becomes too fresh, and you always need a contrasting tone to revive it.


A light color palette with turquoise accents, on the one hand, helps to create a delicate and sophisticated image, and on the other, it looks advantageous in the interior of a small apartment: pearl white, light gray and light beige colors contribute to the visual expansion of the space, which is especially valuable for city apartments with a limited area.

The turquoise color, fashionable last season, this year began to give way to accents of a colder blue shade. They look good both against the background of the “classic” beige palette, and in combination with pearl white.


Lilac colors and overflows of all shades of beige and pink are always popular in the design of the bedroom . Delicate peach-pink tones and golden lights at the head of the bed create a delicate look and are associated with the freshness of a new morning in the first sunshine.

Pale tones look very unobtrusive, but at the same time stylish and elegant, bright – help to place accents, thanks to which the interior looks more advantageous. The lighting on the ceiling, behind the eaves and in the decorative panels emphasizes the play of light and perfectly complements the dim lighting of the bedroom.


The burgundy gamut is perfect for the interior in a classic style or in the Baroque style and will organically look in both the men’s and women’s bedrooms. As an accent tone, soft gold or a golden yellow tone is suitable.

The design of the staircase hall in the same house uses lighter shades of red-burgundy colors, which emphasize the luxury of the marble staircase with gold railings and give the interior lightness and grace.


If three basic colors are at the base, one of which is also represented by many shades, and bright accents are added to them, the interior turns out to be more complex and interesting.

Regardless of the style and chosen color scheme, gold blotches, especially if it is not about solid inserts, but about a golden palette in the broad sense of the word with many overflows and shades, bring luxury and chic to the interior.

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