Apartment Design 2023: New Trends

Apartment Design 2023: New Trends for Home Interior DecorBuying a new apartment often becomes a reason to start repairs in order to “adjust” the dwelling to suit your requirements. Repair is also necessary in order to change the long-boring interior and make it more modern.

We invite you to find out what is the new modern apartment design trends 2023 should be in the light of the latest trends in world interior decoration.

Apartment design ideas 2023

Nothing changes the appearance of human homes more than lifestyle changes. Novelties in apartment design 2023 are offered with their consideration. At the same time, the creation of everything new begins with an idea, which is then embodied taking into account expediency.

Fashionable apartment design 2023: Getting rid of all that is superfluousApartment Design 2023: New Trends for Home Interior Decor

No one doubts that urbanization will grow every year. Due to the sharp increase in the number of inhabitants of megalopolises, small apartments will become more and more popular. To combine this reality with the requirement to ensure maximum openness of spaces, it is recommended to get rid of all that is superfluous.

When decorating the premises, it is necessary to use only the most necessary furniture and a minimum of decor items. Their functionality and ability to provide comfort come to the fore. The use of transformers is encouraged. Built-in and multi-level structures are also suitable. Every detail must be carefully thought out so that only the most essential furniture is used without cluttering the space.

Interior design of apartment 2023: “Home office”Apartment Design 2023: New Trends for Home Interior Decor

Today, there is an increasing trend towards the transition from office work to freelancing. This means that the office in the house will eventually become the place where a person will spend most of the day. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to allocate a separate room for it.

In this regard, it is recommended to create such a design of the hall in apartment 2023 so that a working area is allocated in it. A variety of techniques can be used for this purpose.

This can be both the installation of partitions and the use of unusual lighting solutions and contrasting finishing materials. The creation of podium structures, first of all, rather high, is also relevant.

It is recommended to install them directly in front of the window. For example, the podium looks original up to the level of the windowsill. A desktop is placed on it, providing it with excellent natural light.

At the same time, the space under the podium can be used to organize a pull-out berth or arrange a spacious wardrobe there.

Novelties in apartment design 2023: “Home Gym”

Another trend is the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Ideally, a mini-gym will be organized in the apartment. If it is impossible to allocate a separate room for it, then a loggia can be equipped for fitness classes. An interesting idea is the allocation of a corner in the bedroom for the gym.

Apartment renovation design 2023: Paint and color combinationsApartment Design 2023: New Trends for Home Interior Decor

As you know, the color of a room plays an important role in a person’s mood. Experts advise creating a modern design for apartment 2023 using a light palette. However, more and more projects of well-known studios are carried out in bright colors. Pastel colors are trending. It is gray, pink and beige. In this case, the superiority undoubtedly belongs to the menthol shade of green. Especially courageous can actively use yellow. Its melon shade is in vogue. For example, the “melon” design of the hall in apartment 2023 looks gorgeous.

Modern apartment design 2023: Color combinations

Monochrome design is a thing of the past. This is especially true for totally white interiors. If you really want light colors, then give preference to a creamy shade. The most fashionable design of apartment 2023, the ideas of which will soon be replicated by all sites and glossy magazines, is recommended to be created using a gradient.

First of all, wallpaper with a smooth color transition from floor to ceiling is suitable for this. The gradient should start with dark shades and end with light, almost white. Elegantly wakes up to combine menthol with gray. For example, Neo-mint will look good in combination with “woody” shades and with the color of unpainted wood ․ If you are used to going against everyone and everything, choose combinations among shades of red and purple.

Furniture and decor

Interior design for next year should be environmentally friendly and minimalistic. The use of bright and visible eco-accents is also encouraged.

FurnitureApartment Design 2023: New Trends for Home Interior Decor

Environmental friendliness is in trend. In order to emphasize it, it is recommended to use wood. In this regard, it is better to create the design of apartment 2023, the ideas of which you already know, using wooden furniture.

The trend is simplicity. This applies to both form and design features. A special place is given to upholstered furniture.

More compact options are in vogue today. With rare exceptions, the armrests have disappeared from the sofas. But transformers and modular furniture are in fashion. This makes it easy to change the shape and configuration of the sofa. It can turn into a large bed, a spacious ottoman or a comfortable corner. As for the armchairs, the so-called armchairs with ears (fireplace armchairs) are relevant. Models in the style of the 60s will also look interesting.

DecorApartment Design 2023: New Trends for Home Interior Decor

To emphasize the ecological orientation of the interior, it is recommended to use indoor plants. If space allows, then the arrangement of a miniature winter garden with large indoor, preferably tropical plants is ideal. In addition, designers recommend decorating the interior with decor items in ethnic style. They need to be used in small quantities (1-3 pcs.).

Such items should stand out with a noticeable and bright spot against the background of the minimalist design of the room. Ethno – the direction is best emphasized with the help of bright textiles, as well as items woven from rattan and other similar materials.

Decoration of the bedroom, kitchen, bath and hall design in apartment 2023: Finishing materials

The new season offers many novelties in terms of the use of finishing materials. The design of the apartment 2023, the photo of which will soon be published in all magazines devoted to interior design, is recommended to be created using various types of natural wood and stone. More than ever, wallpapers will also be in demand.

WoodApartment Design 2023: New Trends for Home Interior Decor

The undisputed leader is a tree. It should be free from over-polishing. Even the varnish applied to its surface is better to choose matte.

An excellent solution that will make the design of apartment renovation in 2023 trendy is to choose an almost untreated tree. It will be great if it will be with the preservation of branches, chips and other defects. The use of such boards will give the finish a rustic look and make the interior more environmentally friendly.


If you want to choose a fashionable design for apartment 2023 in the current grunge style, use wallpaper imitating shabby walls, worn out finishes or peeling plaster. As already mentioned, wallpapers with a gradient color will also be in demand. In addition, options with tropical leaves, trees and exotic birds are in vogue.

StoneApartment Design 2023: New Trends for Home Interior Decor

The trend is also the use of natural stone in the interior. First of all, this concerns the design of bathrooms. When creating the interior design of apartment 2023 in an eco-style, wild stone can also be used. It is a stone of any kind with an uneven, rough surface. It is suitable for wall decoration or decoration. Wild stone looks great in a hallway or living room and goes well with smooth, painted surfaces.

Now you know the most interesting novelties in the design of apartments in 2023. In addition, our site presents to all those who are interested in the design of an apartment in 2023 photos of the most interesting design options for urban dwellings.

We hope you find this information useful.

We wish you to turn your apartment into a comfortable and attractive corner where you can forget about problems and have a good rest.

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