Interior Design 2021: New Solutions, Inspirational Ideas, Style Trends

Interior Design 2021: New Solutions, Inspirational Ideas, Style TrendsThe relevance is represented by fresh trends observed in interior design this year. There are no global changes, but some innovative accents sound more and more significant. There are certain preferences in the selection of style, materials, color shades. Basic requirement – interior trends 2021 should look respectable and elegant, regardless of how much money has been spent on repairs. Let’s study the main fashion trends of this year in the field of interior design and try to figure out what the secret of the ideal interior is.

Trending styles

Among the novelties of the season, the dominant position that is more and more clearly manifests itself corresponds to the art deco style with unobtrusive smoothness of lines, graceful forms, harmonious contrast of deep colors and minimalism in solving space.

Scandinavian style is gradually giving way to more expensive materials, modern-day sounding rich color combinations, understated functional furniture.

Interesting and thoughtful design focused on practicality

The Art Nouveau style, embodying the elite interior design of 2021, is still at the peak of popularity. Eclectic interior looks no less modern.

Memphis style is gaining popularity, organically combining the most original forms, juicy accent shades, geometric patterns. Here, paintings, collages, a variety of textures and materials are appropriate.

Actual color solutions

Of interest is the color dominant of 2021, corresponding to modern trends. Increasingly, there is a shade called “spiced honey”. This is a color with caramel sound, which in different variations takes a sandy, woody or amber tone.

Depending on the light, it acts in different ways. It can soothe, make soothing notes or, conversely, stimulate, activate, induce to action.

The use of pleasant contrasting colors in the design of the living roomInterior Design 2021: New Solutions, Inspirational Ideas, Style Trends

Advice! The rooms, made in caramel colors, look visually warm and comfortable. If you add a white finish to the interior, an amazing harmony arises.

Among the fashionable contrasting solutions that dominate the stylish interior of 2021, white and brown colors are noted, which gradually replace the dark tones that have been popular in recent years.

A competent combination of colors in the interior is when every detail in it harmoniously fits into the overall ensemble. The rich blue color, which was formerly a long time in oblivion, acquires a new sound. Its combination with white and gold accents and black and white accents is welcome.

Golden notes give the interior a sophisticated glamor, and an achromatic addition allows you to balance all the components of the surrounding space, making it restrained and elegant.

Well-organized space studio apartment

Another fashionable color of Marsala, which is a muted aristocratic burgundy shade with brown notes. It harmoniously fits into the interior, solved with the dominance of a golden-brown sound with the addition of raspberry decor.

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Interior Design 2021: Five Trendy ColorsInterior Design 2021: New Solutions, Inspirational Ideas, Style Trends

Among the fashionable design accents, five neutral colors stand out. Their use, in addition to comfort and beauty, will help to give a special character and originality to any interior.

  • French Vanilla. A creamy yellow tone in any interior brings a sense of sunlight. This tone visually expands the space, which is important for small rooms where there are no windows. Looks great in a children’s room, creates comfort in the bedroom, living room, in the kitchen.
  • Mint. Muffled peppermint color has a relaxing effect. Easily muffles excessive expression of red and orange, if a similar combination is used. It looks organically in any surrounding surroundings.
  • Hazelnut. A prestigious and balanced light brown tone always creates a calm atmosphere. Valued for the ability to visually increase the surrounding area. Most often serves as the dominant color of modern sophisticated living rooms.
  • Gray green. Sounded in full force last year, the gray-green color scheme remains relevant. When introduced into the interior 2021 – it has a refreshing effect, allowing you to install furniture, made in blue, white, beige colors.
  • Warm gray. This achromatic shade still remains in leadership positions. He nobly supports any color, highlighting and emphasizing their merits. Not addictive.

The use of natural materials in the interior of 2021Interior Design 2021: New Solutions, Inspirational Ideas, Style Trends

Analyzing the varieties of materials that are becoming particularly popular in 2021, designers note marble. This stone has long held a leading position, but in the modern interior has received a new sound. The trend is black, gray, blue, pink marble with large expressive veins. From an additional finishing material, an aristocratic stone turns into an accent component, appearing in all rooms in the form of the design of window sills, countertops, fireplace portals, floor coverings.

Natural wood, especially ash, oak, teak, walnut, remains in demand in the design of surfaces, as well as in the manufacture of furniture.

Sounded original and modern finish with embossed interspersed – terrazzo. It is a seamless coating for which stone, multi-colored marble, glass of different fractions are combined and fastened with clinker cement.

Due to its high strength, floors were previously trimmed using such a technique, as well as stairs. In modern interiors, terrazzo appears on walls, lamps, decor, furniture facades, dishes.

The terrazzo technique is used both on the floor and on the walls.

Designer’s Tips For Creating A Fashionable Interior 2021Interior Design 2021: New Solutions, Inspirational Ideas, Style Trends

  1. Black metal, gold, and brass retain their leading position. Especially strong were the gilded motifs that had previously been used metered and very carefully.
  2. In modern interiors, golden accent walls, furniture facades, columns, fireplace portals are becoming a hit of the season.
  3. Elegant trendy velvet, acting as furniture upholstery, is another trending material. This fabric attracts with its rich colors, pleasant softness, grandiose tints, some theatricality and irony.
  4. The leather lining gives the space a restrained, elegant look. It looks especially advantageous in combination with marble and gold decorative elements.
  5. The room is filled with light and air by an abundance of transparent glass, which has imperceptibly risen to the peak of popularity. From this material, choosing special durable options, they create not only lamps, utensils, vases, but also interior partitions, shelves and racks.

Modern furniture in the interior 2021Interior Design 2021: New Solutions, Inspirational Ideas, Style Trends

The completeness and comfort of any interior gives the furniture. Headsets with handmade elements are becoming a fashion trend in 2021. Many major manufacturers are striving for exclusivity, moving away from mass. The vintage furniture of the period 30-70 years of the last century, which received innovative sound, is in demand with classical forms, rounded decorative details, and noble tones of upholstery.

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Thanks to pleasant external aesthetics and multifunctionality, furniture made of transparent plastic strengthened its position. It is practically invisible, does not clutter up space, enhances the perception of space.

This airborne material resistant to external influences is predicted by a real boom in the near future by interior design experts.

2021 Room decoration options

An interesting analysis of the new products offered in the solution of different rooms of the apartment in accordance with fashion trends. We list some of the popular accents worth paying attention to.

Living roomInterior Design 2021: New Solutions, Inspirational Ideas, Style Trends

  • Increasingly, blue is used in the design of walls in a modern living room. At the same time, harmonious transitions of several tones of this color are selected. Still relevant are art wallpapers that are placed on one accent wall. They allow you to transform the surrounding space, deepening and expanding it.

The enlarged images of birds and flowers are popular. Clouds, galactic star placers, large multi-colored brush strokes sound interesting on unusual walls.

The carpet is gradually becoming one of the dominant decorative components of the interior. Increasingly, bright patterns and interesting ornaments are being selected for such a flooring.

The trend of 2021 is the combination of several carpets with different textures, differing in color and stylistic solution. They visually zonate the space, make it more orderly and functional.

It is advisable to choose a carpet so that its decor has a shade identical to the upholstery of upholstered furniture or the general tone of the wall surfaces. This will make the overall space of the room complete and comfortable.

A colorful carpet with several rich contrasting colors will successfully harmonize with light walls and furniture with neutral facades. Again, wall mats are becoming fashionable, serving as a bright decorative design.

It should be noted the popularity of imitation masonry when decorating living rooms. It appears on part of the walls, looks organically on the fireplace facades. Furniture with this approach should be made of light natural wood.

Another important element that allows you to instantly transform the entire space of the living room are 3D curtains. You can pick them up with rich floral or abstract motifs. Landscapes and elegant ornaments look great.

On a note! Wall panels that are made with different surface textures or are equipped with a backlight that reveals the depth of the applied pattern belong to fashion trends.

BedroomInterior Design 2021: New Solutions, Inspirational Ideas, Style Trends

Since the bedroom is supposed to accommodate only the necessary furniture (bed, bedside tables), the main attention is paid to the decoration of ceiling and wall planes. Fashionable elements are phytopanno. Varieties of dried plants are selected for the overall color of the room.

Advice! Beds in the bedroom become more comfortable and safe if the foot and headboard are sheathed with soft textiles, pleasant for tactile sensations.

KitchenInterior Design 2021: New Solutions, Inspirational Ideas, Style Trends

Along with functionality, the emphasis on exclusivity and sophistication stands out in the kitchen. With the general light design of the facades of the headset and wall planes, decorative elements play a special role. This is especially true if the apartment has a small kitchen.

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The modern wall decor looks elegant and unusual : mirror inserts, bright moldings, apron made of noble marble, hand-made panels, textured painting of individual sections of the walls.

Furniture in the modern kitchen must certainly be comfortable, practical and as reliable as possible. Chairs and table should not have sharp corners. Combining all these requirements you will get a cozy and stylish space.

BathroomInterior Design 2021: New Solutions, Inspirational Ideas, Style Trends

The 2021 season boldly introduces a blue-blue palette in the design of sanitary zones. Against such a background, brass or gilded fittings stand out nobly. When decorating the door with a mirror film, the feeling of crowding a small space completely disappears.

Present in the design of the bathroom spectacular wallpaper from the line of materials with waterproof primer. You can glue them in combination with traditional tiles or plain parts of the walls.

Advice! The trend remains the mosaic solution of various surfaces, including the facades of the cabinets, door jambs, and the floor. Increasingly, a combination of monochrome tiles with a 3D effect sounds.

Plumbing fixtures decorated in marble, ceramics, steel with mirrored hinged cabinets are interestingly combined. Shells can be round, oval, rectangular, in the form of a flower or even a piece of wood with a wave-shaped indentation.

The tiles in the bathroom on the floor and walls should have a tactilely pleasant surface

The execution of shower cabins with inconspicuous racks and shades of chrome, silver, bronze meets the new trend. Furniture with wood texture under ash, walnut, pine, oak is gaining popularity.

With its calming effect on a person, the white color of the walls in the bathroom makes the whole space around relaxing and peaceful.

Emphasis on the ceilingInterior Design 2021: New Solutions, Inspirational Ideas, Style Trends

Another important and unexpected trend in 2021 is close attention to the beautiful design of the ceiling. Designer spotlights, chandeliers, pendants remain popular. Along with this, geometric patterns and colorful bright ornaments appear on the ceiling. Such a detail immediately attracts attention, making any room memorable.

Ceiling Design Ideas

  1. The ceiling is decorated with an elegant bas-relief, sockets of different sizes. They paste beautiful wallpapers on it, which contrast well with the color of the walls in the room.
  2. The chic of the interior is given by onyx tiles, which form part of the ceiling plane. This translucent material, when mounting the backlight from the LED strip, mysteriously flickers and glows, revealing the richness of the beautiful stone texture.
  3. A sophisticated pattern looks in a delicate lilac-pearl tone on the mirror ceiling. It is advisable to perform the same stained glass decor on furniture facades and door leafs. Such a decision gives rise to a romantic, pacifying atmosphere.

A beautiful chandelier with an unusual design will look good on any ceiling, regardless of whether it is made of wood or plasterboard

Each new season offers interesting innovations in the field of interior design. Among them, you can pick up exclusive ideas, interpreting them to your own tastes and preferences. It is necessary to carefully analyze any changes made to your own home, as comfort, coziness, and homely warm atmosphere always remain the dominant requirement.