Modern Kitchen Trends 2020 – New Ideas for Decorating Kitchens

Modern Kitchen Trends 2020The modern kitchens are one of the best alternatives that you have today. A life full of chores and the little time you have in the house, many times they do not allow you to spend much time in it and dedicate the time it deserves. Technological innovations give us the opportunity to do everything we do not reach, and in this way we can dedicate ourselves to other tasks and activities.

The kitchen must be functional, simple, practical and organized but without leaving aside a beautiful design, a space that transmits the warmth of home that we found in those kitchens of past eras.


Modern Kitchens 2020Modern Kitchen Trends 2020

If you have not yet decided on the most appropriate decoration style for your kitchen, we will show you some surprising designs of modern kitchen decoration, which will serve as inspiration in the renovation of one of the spaces of the home that is being modernized and updating in recent times. Let’s see now modern kitchens and some ideas to decorate them.

The design of your kitchen is one of the most important decisions you must make when decorating your home. The reason is simple: you can not change the style of your kitchen so easily because the appliances require installation and also a plumbing service. Right now, the usual thing is to create a modern kitchen, straight lines, high gloss, stainless steel. If you are not very risky, we recommend that you value white, which is the least fashionable color.

Modern White Kitchens 2020Modern Kitchen Trends 2020

Modern white and gray kitchen : The white color is one of the main colors in the decoration, especially if you enjoy a small kitchen. This color will help you achieve a very powerful visual effect, and that is that a small kitchen seems much bigger.

The white color, in addition to providing a much wider space, helps to increase the reception of light and brings a sense of cleanliness, being these, together with the amplitude, the keys for the choice of this type of kitchen.

The kitchens in white continue to be the reference to take into account when decorating this space. But beware, the excess of white color can become something cold. Ideally, combine the color white with other bright colors to provide some vitality, as we leave you below and you can see in the gallery of white kitchens if you continue reading.

Modern white kitchen and wood : the white color can be combined with all possible colors, since it has the virtue of enhancing the colors it has around it.

If your thing is to be bold, you can use a color something alive or strong (in furniture or appliances) or, if you are more classic, you can use it with neutral colors breaking the boring that can be used to use a single white color and providing class and style to the kitchen, as in the following case, using the wood of neutral color.

White, gray, wood and black kitchen: In addition to combining well with all colors, white combines very well with all materials. Wood, granite, vinyl,… are materials that can make perfect combinations with white.

The white kitchens is also appropriate for any decorative style of your home. If you opt for a rustic style the wooden furniture painted in white, combined with flowers or wrought iron accessories. If you are looking for a Nordic look you can use the white color in lacquered furniture with straight lines. For a more retro style you can combine the white pickled wood in combination with the glass material and pictures placed in the walls, retro style tiles… as we see in the following image.

Modern minimalist kitchen vitage : for one more modern or minimalist interiors you can decant for lacquered furniture that has a glossy or matt finish. You can combine this color with aluminum accessories or steel finishes, obtaining a modern result.

The walls can also be of this white color, whether you have a smooth wall or with tiles. In the ceilings this color is also successful, although it should be avoided in the floors. For these it is best to use white but with gray touches or sand colors.

Modern kitchen colors 2020Modern Kitchen Trends 2020

As many of you know and will have noticed, colors have an effect on us. Now we will see the ideal colors for the kitchen. As you know, in this area of the house we must find a color that transmits calmness, to favor creativity and enhance sociability in this environment. Let’s see what colors are indicated for that purpose.

Modern kitchen dark gray and dark wood : If you choose to use a range of cool colors such as blue, purple or green, the sensation that will transmit to the kitchen will be clean, efficient and, above all, serious. These colors give the feeling of professionalism in the kitchen.

Modern yellow kitchen: on the contrary, warm colors such as orange, red or yellow create much more welcoming spaces. With these shades of colors you are going to make your kitchen transmit joy, life and, above all, warmth. With these colors you gain a lot in proximity, however you lose in security.

Modern kitchen in black and different shades of green: The best option is to combine the colors to achieve a neutral and more successful result. If you combine the colors of the kitchens you will get the same effect that we have spoken with the two types of colors that we have spoken before (cold and warm colors), a contrast that can be very, very interesting. But with this, we are not saying that you start to combine colors “crazy”, the ideal would be to use them as we show you below.

Small white kitchen with beige details: Of the colors you choose, one should be the main one that serves as the base of the kitchen. Another will be destined to a secondary situation, being the perfect complement to the main color, and the third will be the most striking color, only used in small strokes in the smallest elements of the kitchen.

Therefore, the first two colors must be almost similar or belong to the same branch of colors, using them for the color of the main elements of the kitchen such as countertops, appliances, furniture storage… The last striking color will be the range Opposite colors that we have used as primary and secondary, and we will use it in small tables, watches, small appliances,… One of the great advantages of this type of distribution is that when you want to change the style of the kitchen, you will only have to change the most striking elements of the kitchen by another striking color different from the one you had.

Regarding lighting and space, it is important if you have a small kitchen or dark is that you apply light colors in the kitchen as pastel shades, lavender, pale pink or ocher that have a white base to convey clarity and increase the sense of spaciousness. A clear example:

On the contrary, large kitchens may opt for darker colors. You can combine the striking tones in different planes to create a feeling of depth more than interesting.

Modern Kitchens with Island 2020Modern Kitchen Trends 2020

Modern kitchen with central island: If you have enough space in your kitchen to place islands, you are in luck, as the cooking islands become a very practical element in the same at the same time that they transform the space into a much more modern thanks to the contemporary touches that the islands transmit.

To make the right decision with the kitchen island and take advantage of the full potential, ideally, you should follow the advice given below:

The island must have enough space to be able to circulate around it with total comfort and spaciousness. The ideal distance between the island and the rest of furniture or furniture is 1 meter, more or less. For this reason, kitchen islands are complements for large kitchens.

The kitchen island market offers a wide variety of models with different types of functionalities. Remember that your kitchen must be divided into 3 zones (cleaning, storage and cooking).

If at the end you choose a kitchen island, try that one of these 3 zones is inside the island. In addition, the ideal height to eat in it is usually between 90 cm, more or less, and if you are going to use it as a bar to make an American kitchen the perfect height would be, more or less, 110 cm. In the market there are islands with adjustable feet that is very important to exchange functions.

There are kitchen islands with storage space cabinets in which, in addition, you can put your legs. An ideal place to turn this island into a place for family reunion or friends. If you are going to choose the kitchen island for cooking or for cooking, you should remember that you have to choose an extractor hood for an island kitchen.

The lighting plays an important role in this type of modern kitchen with island. This work area must be completely clear and receive enough light to be fully illuminated, trying to avoid areas with some shade. Ideally, light should be direct.

The kitchens with more resistant islands are those that are made of stainless steel, laminated or aluminum. You must avoid wood, unless you are willing to give oil every two times.

Modern Italian Kitchens 2020Modern Kitchen Trends 2020

Now we go with the modern Italian kitchens. The kitchens of traditional Italian style are the best known cuisines in the whole world. These tend to project a familiar and, above all, welcoming atmosphere that will invite guests to cook and prepare the recipes of the grandmother, those of a lifetime. Then we leave you Italian cuisine designs with traditional style.

Traditional DesignModern Kitchen Trends 2020

Modern Italian wood kitchen: as you can see, wood is an element that appears a lot in the designs of Italian kitchens, providing a rustic style to the kitchen. It is normal that modern Italian cuisine is usually large, and reflects the passion and love that Italians devote to pasta and cooking in general, which is why their recipes are so popular all over the world.

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Model AmeliaModern Kitchen Trends 2020

Modern Italian wood kitchen and matching stools : this is the kitchen model we see in the photo above. The Amelie design is by the famous RaffaelloPravato made for the famous firm Scavolini. Here different materials appear, always of very good quality, such as the solid wood in the frames of the sunsets, the granite in the countertops and vitrified stoneware for the masonry.

Design with laminated wood furnitureModern Kitchen Trends 2020

Modern Italian dark wood kitchen with two table levels : This style of cooking combines the technological elements to help make the culinary recipes and, at the same time, easy to maintain. Being very resistant to shocks, burns, and other typical problems that may arise in the kitchen. This is a kitchen with a very traditional look that has innovative technological elements, as we see in the photo.

Retro design with green furnitureModern Kitchen Trends 2020

Modern Italian kitchen retro style with furniture in pastel green : Wood again appears as the main element of Italian cuisine, however in this case the finish is lacquered with an aquamarine tone.

The color used is the most appropriate for American vintage kitchens, but it is usually seen a lot today in this type of kitchen. These have been the most common Italian kitchen designs, now we leave you with a photo gallery with the designs of modern Italian kitchens.

Modern Small Kitchens 2020Modern Kitchen Trends 2020

The distribution of the small kitchens is very important because depending on how you distribute appliances and furniture get gain space. The color most used in modern small kitchens is white, because of its visual effect of looking like a larger space, we also enhance the light and the feeling of cleanliness.

Modern small retro kitchen with partitions: If the kitchen is not too small we can put a bar or island to open the kitchen to the living room and dining room without partitions, in this way we will get wider spaces. In many studios and lofts, American bars are widely used as separators.

Small modern kitchen with island and high furniture: Storage space is very important in a small kitchen, cupboards and tall furniture are very important because we can keep many things in them.

Minimalist modern small kitchen: The latest fashion in household appliances and elements of modern small kitchens is the use of stainless steel appliances and furniture. The metallic color is usually associated with hygiene and cleanliness, which is why fashion is so strong.

In the next gallery you can see more examples of small modern kitchens, with all the ideas so that you can decorate your kitchen.

What advantages do modern kitchens have?

Currently, there are many different models of modern kitchens. Its popularity has meant that users who wish to have one have a wide variety of colors, models, features and different functionalities to choose from. But, in general, what are the characteristics that make modern kitchens so desirable?

In the first place and, as it can not be otherwise, it is its innovative design that attracts the attention of potential buyers. Currently, the kitchen has ceased to be a separate space away from the eyes of visitors and is increasingly integrated with the rest of the house, so you have to impress people who see it as much as the rest of the decor. Therefore, the kitchen not only has to comply with the functions associated with it, but must also present a style consistent with the rest of the house.

Thus, this type of modern kitchens, with their careful design, their shiny surfaces and their global conception aimed both at being functional and pleasing to the eye, constitute a great option when it comes to conceiving the overall decoration of your home.

Modern kitchens also take into account their function as an entertainment space. Following what we have mentioned in the previous lines, the kitchens are no longer spaces dedicated solely to perform functions related to food, but also are places of sociability. Therefore, modern kitchens are also characterized by the presence of functional countertops and islands with stools and chairs that allow you to cook, eat and store different objects in a unified way. In this way, the attention that these types of designs lend to the function of the kitchen as a space for socialization has conquered the heart of many people, who have chosen this type of kitchen to incorporate into their home.

The surfaces of modern kitchens are usually resistant and, especially, very easy to clean. With life as fast as we are now, we are very grateful that one of the dirtiest areas of the house can be cleaned quickly and easily. Therefore, the materials that modern kitchens are usually made of are characterized by being able to be easily cleaned and be much more resistant to stains, bumps and humidity than others that feature kitchens of more traditional design, such as wood, for example. In this way, modern kitchens not only present a design more in line with current trends, but also adapt to our hectic way of life more easily than other types of models.

The modern style also gives the opportunity to have kitchens with integrated furniture and combined, which makes them perfect for small houses where you have to take advantage of every last crack possible. Modern kitchens are enormously versatile and adaptable, which makes them ideal options for those houses where lack of space is a major problem. The islands that usually substitute conventional tables in the designs of modern kitchens not only increase their storage capacity, but also add a new place to place appliances that sometimes do not fit in the usual design, such as an oven or a dishwasher.

Likewise, the great variety of existing models adapt to the different spaces, being possible to add or remove elements according to the needs of the space without the design suffering, something that does not happen with more traditional styles, which accuse a lot of the lack of some main aspects. Finally, modern kitchens are enormously versatile and efficient, being able to provide you, depending on your preferences, from a mobile island that you can set aside to gain space if you wish to incorporate touch appliances, through the possibilities they present from a point of view ecological and thrifty that other types of models can not give you.

Therefore, its complete adaptation to the needs linked to modern life have made this type of kitchen become the preferred option for a growing number of people, especially for the youngest.

2020 Kitchen Design2020 kitchen design new decoration trend ideas

2020 modern kitchen design is more likely an exquisite workshop of a genius than a place of intensive management of a zealous cook who wants to feed a whole army with seven breads. Often it is here, and not in the living room, that a friendly family gathers every evening not so much to eat as to pamper, watch TV, exchange creative achievements, discuss someone’s grades, reports, business trips. That is why it is so important to design this room with special attention.

Ideas of modern kitchens 20202020 kitchen design new decoration trend ideas

Many have long “crossed” the kitchen with the living room, turning the room into an ultramodern high-tech center of culture. To follow the call of the soul when decorating the kitchen and to realize the idea that has attracted you – this is the task of someone who is striving to implement a long-planned plan today!

The possibilities of modern repair and furniture selection technologies allow the presence of both a small and a fairly large kitchen, and both options can be turned into comfortable, stylishly designed rooms.

Every evening – in your own club!2020 kitchen design new decoration trend ideas

In the first place, the hit of the parade of kitchen decoration styles today is fusion – the closest approach to the club’s atmosphere in a comfortably decorated room. The plus is that the club has the right to be both large and roomy, and small and fabulous. This style is good in that it could combine the seemingly incongruous: sparkling stainless steel here can be registered next to the classic sideboard and colorful ethnic chairs. The main thing is not to overdo it, remember in time the high taste and artistic and aesthetic requirements of those eyes that are tired of the urbanism of landscapes surrounding them at work.

Original forms, but clear sizes – in everything!2020 kitchen design new decoration trend ideas

Make in the center of the room a wonderful miracle island of two bowls, one of which will be a round table with drawers for kitchen utensils, and the other a “chandelier” suspended from the ceiling, repeating the shape of the table in reflection. At the bottom of the “bowl” can be placed and sink, and stove. In the case of the “chandelier”, in addition to the lamps, there will be an extract.

The modern country-style kitchen will be decorated with wood-like tiles, combined with white rectangular wall drawers and a cupboard arranged to create the illusion of a Russian stove. The worktop is also wood-like, on the wall there is a set of spoons, stirrers, rolling pins of the same “wooden” color, the apron on the wall is made of fine white tiles, combined with a sink for washing dishes made of white stone will create the illusion of antiquity and at the same time the time of amazing harmony. On the top of the cabinets are the mandatory plain woven boxes.

If this is a modern style kitchen, then the main idea of the decor will be the rational use of all spaces of the room, and again – natural wood, metal and stone, smooth lines, motifs borrowed from the plant world or folklore.

Ah, that elegant kitsch!2020 kitchen design new decoration trend ideas

Various combinations of natural wood and “natural” veneer, high ceiling cabinets, the presence of not only closed but also open shelves – all these are fashionable signs of the kitchen interior in 2020. No unnecessary details, the absence of bright panels, colors: gray, white, beige and platinum metallic, and only a few accents of other, slightly brighter colors in the form of vases, lamps, stylish household items.

If the kitchen is large, you can zone the space using combinations of tiles of different textures and colors on the floor, an “apron” with a geometric ornament on the wall that will only be slightly brighter than other walls. In 2019-2020, facades without handles or integrated handles, profile handles will be relevant.

Such kitchen “trifles” as a bench by the wall with cupboards built into it, a wall with seasonings growing in signed pots or a “garden bench” in the kitchen, all kinds of strictly decorated “wooden” walls and shelves made of natural wood, ceramic lamps in the large kitchen – podiums and niches, the ceiling is not necessarily white, it can also be “wood-like” – all these are the touches of the decor of the modern kitchen! Minimalism and functionality, as few details as possible, clear lines and shapes – these are the main features of modern kitchen. Bar counters of a clear geometric shape with the same laconic chairs, paintings and posters in the style of graffiti or comics, lamps – glass, metal or ceramics are also relevant.

Materials for modern kitchen design 2020. Trends2020 kitchen design new decoration trend ideas

An important role in a comfortable kitchen is played by correctly selected material. Smart Europeans have long ceased to use chipboard, and switched to stone countertops, which have been serving for many years.

In modern kitchen in 2020, designers often use polished marble and granite. An equivalent replacement was modern Corian material. It is not inferior to natural stone in terms of strength, moisture absorption. An important plus is the rich color scheme.

Artificial stone is highly resistant to alkalis and acids. This material makes excellent countertops and even sinks. The latter can be made in the same color with the kitchen.

Today, several European manufacturers offer a novelty in the form of an all-metal countertop, in which bowls for sinks are squeezed out and rounded off.

Ideas of modern kitchens 2020. Photo

Perhaps, having read our ideas and looking at the photo, you will find new, fresh ideas for yourself that will transform your kitchen beyond recognition, making it stylish and modern!

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2020 Kitchen Design: 10 Top Trends

The idea of a new kitchen is very exciting for many people. Especially if it is due to be redone for some time now. If you are planning a kitchen renovation soon, it is good to be on the lookout for the latest trends to get a better idea of what you want to find at home. The possibilities are almost limitless. Our team has compiled, with the help of the best experts in the industry, the 10 cooking trends that will be seen everywhere in 2020.

Whether it’s the new features available on the latest models of appliances, the choice of lighting and countertops or the selection of stylized elements that reflect your elegance or your bohemian side, there are some all tastes and budgets. This piece is often an extension of yourself, so make the most of your style.

1. Backsplash with tablet to make different

This year, the backsplashes surmounted by a shallow shelf appear in our kitchens. Recalling European-style kitchens, these backsplashes are often made from natural stone such as marble or granite. You can put some decorative accessories, glasses or cups.

How to integrate it: to follow this trend, we choose the same material for the backsplash as for the counter. We then ensure a good visual continuity.

2. Storage walls for organized cooking

Rather than installing a multitude of cabinets, we opt for large cabinets, which will occupy the wall from floor to ceiling. This solution is perfect for those who do not have space to install a large pantry. Having beautiful large cabinets is fine, but you have to know how to maximize! Watch our video on storage solutions offered by the company Blum, to design an intelligently organized kitchen.

How to integrate it: you install retractable shelves or drawers to facilitate the organization. It is even planned to install electrical outlets inside, in order to connect small appliances.

3. We adopt warm colors

In 2020, we prioritize tones that remind us of nature. Browns, grays and beiges will be very fashionable. Without being completely monochrome, kitchens remain in neutral pallets, to put the materials in the spotlight. For taps, we choose warm tones such as gold, copper, champagne, or black or anthracite gray. In any case, we prioritize a matte rather than glossy finish. When we talk about warm colors, we do not necessarily talk about painting.

How to integrate it: we can decline this trend on different surfaces like ceramic in shades of beige, brown, terracotta. We can also move towards wood species with medium brown rather than pale. The goal is to create a warm environment by combining various materials with soothing hues.

4. Discrete and minimalist handles

The handles will be discreet in the kitchen in 2020! The handles are more filiform, even completely concealed. The market is full of handles with a simple but refined design.

How to integrate: we opt for hidden or not very visible handles that marry the cabinets to create a visual appearance united. For example, we choose cabinets in which the handles are cut. The shapes can vary, from rectangle or simple round to a slot that occupies the entire width of the cabinet.

Otherwise, there are handles that are installed above or below the cabinet door and only protrude very little. Finally, we can select more traditional elongated handles, however, we try to choose which will be in the same colors as the cabinets and with the same finish. So, our handles are incognito!

5. We dare black cabinets

The warm colors will be forward, but the black is just as strong in the kitchens! We dare to choose all its black cabinets or choose accessories, ceramics or black hardware. Matt finishes are more popular than gloss, a nod to the much-loved natural stones of 2020.

How to integrate it: before adopting this trend, make sure the brightness of your room allows it. The black kitchens are extremely chic, but they darken the rooms, this is not ideal if your kitchen is closed. One can choose to put only a few sections of black cabinets, and mix with another color of material like wood.

6. Natural materials in the spotlight

The quality of the materials is undoubtedly one of the focal points of the new kitchen trends. All the kitchen adopts a more minimalist style in order to highlight the selected noble materials. We choose wood, marble, quartz, in short any material that is reminiscent of nature. Ceramic side, it is also matte finishes that are popular. The reasons are discrete. We also see highly lustrous ceramics, but which have a marked form of irregular features.

How to integrate it: we make sure to choose a finish that will not be too polite, but rather dull. We leave room for marbles with very prominent veins or terrazzo with large pieces, all in warm tones. Check out our article on kitchen cabinets to make an informed choice on the right material for your kitchen.

7. The return of fluted glass

Do you remember that textured glass that adorned the kitchens of our grandmothers? Well, he’s getting a new look and getting into the kitchen! Although in general the 2020 kitchen encourages minimalism, fashion is shelves with a glass facade highlighting carefully selected objects. The fluted glass is ideal for this mode because it does not show the content completely. His cousin, the smoked glass, also comes back to our kitchens. The designers revive them by combining them with cabinets with a very contemporary look. These glass walls can also be used as sliding pantry doors.

How to integrate it: If you choose to incorporate this trend of display cabinet, place objects that will not be used every day, to keep everything clean. In addition, some glass cabinets is beautiful, but do not overdo it! Plan only one or two glazed sections.

8. Larger than life pantry

Do you have a lot of space in your kitchen? This trend is for you! We enlarge the pantry and organize it so that everything is within reach. No need to bend down to find the bag of flour in the dark wardrobe! In a pantry-style pantry, everything has its place. It is thought to install a coffee station and a toast corner, it hides the smallest possible appliances in order to leave the rest of the kitchen unobstructed.

How to integrate it: evaluate the layout of your kitchen. A pantry of this kind takes up a lot of space, but it allows you to save it elsewhere! No more cumbersome home appliances that encroach on your entire work plan! Plan electrical outlets and spaces dedicated to your coffee maker, toaster or your Vitamix in your future pantry. Do not forget to include lighting.

9. Hoods are concealed

The hoods are not very aesthetic, the designers take the opportunity to hide them in the kitchen of 2020! Indeed, they are integrated in the cabinets or covers the conduit so that it seems to be part of the wall. Some even continue the ceramic wall over the wall of the hood or choose natural materials such as marble to cover it.

How to integrate it: before drawing your kitchen plan, see with your contractor the best way to hide the hood. It must be ensured that it does not reduce its effectiveness and that it is still easy to change if necessary.

10. New colors of appliances

To keep up with the trend of warm, natural colors, major appliance companies like Samsung have introduced a new line of products that have an oscillating finish between brown, champagne and dark gray. We try to make appliances less cold by taking inspiration from the warm colors of nature.

In 2020, household appliances are becoming more and more intelligent! This is also the case of the refrigerator. The smart refrigerator InstaView LG, for example, connects with Alexa, and allows you to set reminders with expiration dates of food and see remotely the contents of your fridge. To learn more about new technologies, read our article on the kitchens of the future.

How to integrate it: make sure to choose appliances, hardware and faucets that will fit. This new electro color would be strange placed next to chrome handles.

Past kitchen trends

In summary, the 2020 kitchen trends are inspired by natural stones, noble woods and adopt a minimalist style. Navigating through trends and making the right choices can be complex. Our experts have compiled the trends that are now to be avoided.

  • Lacquered Cabinets: Cabinets with a high gloss finish were very fashionable some time ago, but they are now to be avoided.
  • Very colorful kitchens: kitchens with garish colors or accent colors are now out of fashion. Instead, we choose a variety of tones that combine to create a harmonious ensemble.
  • The exaggerated modern: ultramodern decorations that arrange a lot of chrome and white everywhere.
  • A backsplash with too many reasons: the omnipresent or contrasting patterned ceramic is to be avoided. The mosaic of glass paste is also avoided. Discrete patterns or tones on tone are in order!
  • Oversized handles: we avoid choosing very ornate or very imposing handles. The handles are now more subtle.
  • Too many cabinets open: open cabinets or shelves is nice, but it is not practical. The dust accumulates easily. We rather prioritize closed glass cabinets or completely opaque.
  • Stand with cauldrons: we forget the stoves and cauldrons hanging over the island! We are aiming for a sleek and more practical style.
  • Angles: Please, do not give an angle to your countertops or cabinets, or worse, to your entire kitchen! We choose straight lines to give a more sought after effect.

The timeless trends of the kitchen

Some elements are on the contrary timeless. They go through time and do not make the kitchen look old-fashioned! Here are the safe values in kitchen design.

  • Marble: marble is a material that runs through time! Whether used as a floor covering, backsplash or for countertops, marble remains a highly appreciated material.
  • The herringbone flooring: very popular in European period buildings, the herringbone pattern seduces with its elegance. Although a little more complex to install, it will pass the test of time.
  • Shaker cabinets: shaker or flat cabinets move through the years with greater ease than cabinets with ornaments or imposing moldings.

Renovating a kitchen is an important investment that needs to be planned carefully. In addition to choosing finishes and materials, you need to think about the ergonomics, the heights to respect, the number and location of electrical outlets, water and air ducts. In order to avoid mistakes in kitchen renovation, you can ask the help of a cook. They will make sure your kitchen is functional, organized and works well with other rooms in your home. If you’re renovating your bathroom too, check out our 2020 bathroom trends article to keep up with what’s new.

2020 Kitchen Trends2020 Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is not an innocuous room! We prepare good food, we find ourselves at the end of the day and we share moments, we can not be more friendly. So much so, that it is one of the most privileged pieces of the French in terms of decoration! Colors, materials, furnishings, lighting, furniture … What are the innovations that will make the kitchen trend for the year 2020? We tell you everything with our decor decoding!

Kitchen Decoration And Trends: What’s New In 2020?

1. The kitchen is adorned with colors

Although white remains a must, the kitchen will be colorful or will not be in 2020. And most of the colors that we find this new year are intense and deep. The nature green is without question, the most used in this season, as an invitation to make Mother Nature reign. But there is also a lot of blue duck and wine lees. Without forgetting warm and warm colors like the ocher yellow and the terracota. Elegant colors or sunny colors, 2020 will lack character in the kitchen …

2. The bench is a place of choice

This is THE new must have in the kitchen! Indeed, the bench makes a shattering entrance to bring usability in this privileged room! We use it to create a cozy dining area where we choose the bench alternative around the table! We imagine it perfectly both in a kitchen spirit campaign as in a bohemian kitchen or even Nordic. In any case, multiply the cushions for comfort and add storage baskets underneath if space permits!

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3. Suspensions are necessary

What’s more important than indoor lighting? The kitchen is no exception to the rule and must be well lit! And in 2020, it is the light suspensions that will illuminate the kitchen. Above the bar, the dining area or the worktop, they line up for maximum effect. The advantage of suspensions? There is something for every style! Filament bulbs for rough formwork lighting in an industrial style kitchen. Suspensions with extravagant dimensions in the most modern kitchens. And suspensions made of natural fibers for the most authentic kitchens …

4. The canopy continues its ascent

Although they are trendy for several seasons already, the canopies continue their apogee and always make as much sensation! In the kitchen, they are ideal for delineating spaces with the dining room or the dining area. It must be said, it has many advantages! Not only do they add cachet to the room but they also allow a free flow of light. And for those who want an ultra modern look, think of the walls made of ribbed glass!

5. Showcase furniture becomes lighthouse

With the trend of maximalism, storage opens and exposes itself to proudly display what they contain. Thus the showcase furniture as the dresser becomes a flagship element of the kitchen where we put in the eyes of all, its most beautiful dishes, boxes and jars! In addition to open furniture, shelves are multiplying offering more storage and visibility … What delight collectors and lovers of decorating style flea market!

6. Ceramics and terrrazzo have the wind in their sails

Whether it’s on the tableware, on the decorative objects, on the big furniture, on the worktop, on an island or even on the floor with the tiles, the ceramic is now invited in all the kitchens! Authentic and delicate, it offers a touch of elegance and goes beautifully with wood! Another matter in vogue: the terrazzo. We love its texture and its dynamism and its colorful nuances. You understand, raw and natural materials will be out to decorate the kitchen in 2020!

7. Nature takes back its rights

It’s no secret that environmental issues continue to influence our daily lives. And in the kitchen, this translates into a desire to consume better. So what better than a kitchen garden to cook healthy? Grow aromatic herbs and some vegetables and put them on shelves or on a diverted scale for this purpose. And for those who do not have the green thumb, you still have the option of a smart home garden that does everything (including lighting system, float system for watering …) to your place !

Kitchen cabinet Color trends for 2020Kitchen cabinet Color trends for 2020

Painted kitchen cabinets became the main trend in interior design in 2020. In response to years of white-painted cabinets (and before that, honey-colored oak), more and more homeowners are choosing courage. A wide range of colors appears in the kitchen with dark, gloomy tones among the most popular. Designers mix and match colors for a unique look. We have selected some of the most attractive trends in colored kitchen cabinets for 2020.

Forever blueKitchen cabinet Color trends for 2020

There is a reason why blue is a classic shade for kitchen cabinets. This provides excellent contrast with white or light countertops and shelves. It is bold but not overpriced. Light blue cabinets make the kitchen fun and modern, and deep shades of dark blue give the space an elegant charm, especially in combination with matt brass fittings.

Back in blackKitchen cabinet Color trends for 2020

Black kitchen furniture makes a bold statement. If done well, the effect can be moody and dramatic without being dark and dreary. Work with an experienced interior designer to find the right look. Mixing black cabinets with lighter surfaces such as countertops and floors helps maintain balance. Carefully designed artificial and natural lighting is essential. The above example is an excellent use of bright and airy white tiles, light gray floor tiles and white quartz countertops. Butcher wood worktop sections give a natural look and combine it all.

GrayKitchen cabinet Color trends for 2020

If the black color is too oily for your taste, gray can give the room a more calm, soothing look. It goes well with a wide variety of colors and surfaces, so creating a palette of kitchen design with gray cabinets is a much more gentle process than choosing black. In the kitchen above, gray cabinets provide excellent contrast with a white geometric splash on the back, white quartz countertops and a wooden floor, while keeping the overall look of the kitchen airy and vibrant.

Tuxedo styleKitchen cabinet Color trends for 2020

The so-called tuxedo cabinets are another trend that is still valid in 2020. This color scheme combines dark-colored base or island cabinets with a white or light top. This approach allows the upper cabinets to merge with the walls and pay more attention to the lower ones, making them look more like furniture. Tuxedo cabinets can make a kitchen with lower ceilings taller. And they are a great way to turn on the clean look of white cabinets, adding contrast and ruining the potentially monotonous monochrome look.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2020Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2020

Designing your own kitchens can be confusing and many nerves especially need to select the right kitchen cabinet. Most people know the basic differences between the individual kitchen cabinet types until they stand in the store. To choose the right doors, you need a bit of prior knowledge. Ask first what you do in the kitchen – do you need door handles – the modern door cabinets are as simple as possible, but that can make it difficult to open. If you have small children, you should have a fuse on the cabinets. In which style is your dream kitchen furnished is also an important point, above all because one should opt for appropriate door design.

Kitchen cabinet 2020 – Base cabinets with frame

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2020

Kitchen design should be done according to the function and the size of the kitchen. Anyone who chooses subframes with frames is a fan of classic furnishings – wood cabinets with ornaments and a traditional or large French kitchen. The advantage of these cabinets is the solid wood, which should be well lacquered or oiled so that the water does not damage it. The disadvantage of the system – if untreated, the wood can buckle and then you will open the door very difficult.

Kitchen cabinet design trends 2020 – Wall cabinets with door handlesKitchen Cabinet Trends 2020

These models are practical and comfortable, the cabinet doors are mostly without frame, but still well fastened. They look comfortable and modern, and can be found in the market of cheap materials. But the hinges should be very stable, otherwise you will have problems with them later – the door is only there because of that. In addition, you choose the appropriate place for the door handle – preferably in the middle of the cabinet, opposite the hinge – so that you do not damage the door when opening. Shaping kitchens is a task that requires careful planning.

Built-In WardrobesKitchen Cabinet Trends 2020

If you have a modern facility, you should opt for built-in wardrobes. The advantage – they look very good, are usually in rich colors and have a shiny surface, and provide enough space for the microwave, the oven, the refrigerator. Kitchen design is easy in this case, especially because the kitchen manufacturers usually offer a planner program, and you can design your dream kitchen to the dimensions. In addition, a modern kitchen always looks neat. In any case, there is the disadvantage that in a modern kitchen, the door handles completely missing.

Kitchen cabinet design 2020 – modern kitchen front with door handlesKitchen Cabinet Trends 2020

It is best that you opt for a modern kitchen front with door handles. In this way you will achieve a good combination of style and functionality. There is even the possibility that kitchen cabinets are equipped with slide rails.

Kitchen Trends To Avoid In 2020

The world of interior design is holding its breath every year, waiting for new trends. Popular publications report on their new favorite trends in the design of the kitchen. However, you should forget the old ones …

Trends are becoming unpopular for a number of reasons. Sometimes, when we just saw too much of something, people get tired of it. Most people do not want to change their design preferences to popular trends that look exactly like everyone else. Most people want to be able to showcase their unique style in their home.

It also happens that a trend is rethought so many times that it completely turns into something else, losing its original character and attractiveness. What was once charming or unique becomes a mixture of styles far from the original.

Here are 3 areas of the kitchen that are best avoided in 2020:

1. Subway TilesKitchen Trends To Avoid In 2020

When in the late 2010s these popular rectangular tiles were first introduced as part of a hipster culture, the world took on a vintage look with open arms. Originally seen at subway stations around the world, these utilitarian tiles suddenly reached cult status. The favorite tile style began to appear in ivory, glossy black and Victorian green in trendy coffee establishments, hairdressers, bathrooms and kitchens around the world.

Why has the metro style lost its popularity?

In general, the vintage style is still popular, but since we saw so many metro tiles in so many variations and colors, they became less popular. What was once fresh and original is now a little outdated and causes boredom.

What are the alternatives?

Hand-painted tiles and other patterned tiles remain very popular for background coatings and decorative walls, as are small rectangular mosaic tiles. Handcrafted clay clay tiles can also be seen in uniquely designed kitchens. Hard natural stone panels such as marble create a luxurious look and are also very popular.

2. Bright cabinets and sophisticated man-made materialsKitchen Trends To Avoid In 2020

At some point, colored kitchen facades were incredibly popular, but now they’re less and less attractive. Antique finishes, artificial-rustic look now slowly disappear from trends, giving way to cleaner lines, natural colors and natural materials.

Why has the trend lost popularity?

It seems that the crazier our lives become, the more minimalistic our homes become. People crave peace and quiet in our world of information, so they choose a simpler finish, less decor and color.

What are the alternatives?

It seems that we are returning to natural and authentic materials, where we note the texture of the stone and the patterns characteristic of wood. Cabinets in a minimalist style are preferable to overly decorated traditional, as well as various types of wood facades.

3. Open shelves and hanging flower potsKitchen Trends To Avoid In 2020

This image was popular among nostalgic stylists who tried to capture the image of past years. But the reality is that very few of us can afford the luxury of using valuable wall space to showcase a collection of antique porcelain. It is also very impractical to have open racks that require regular cleaning – shelves are easy to dust. Hanging pots for pots are another refuge that, although it looks great, is not the most practical solution. Most kitchen designs include deep drawers in which large pots and pans can be stored out of sight and free of dust.

Why has the trend lost popularity?

The effects of oil, moisture and dust are terrible. People began to realize that open shelves and beautiful display cases were a great addition to other rooms, but not so good in the kitchen.

What are the alternatives?

If you want to show a valuable collection, do it behind glass doors. You can even add fixtures to shelves or to a milestone of a cabinet to expose beautiful dishes. Pots and pans are best removed until they are used. Thus, they will remain clean and ready for action.