New Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

New Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021Do you think that the main secret of a beautiful interior lies exclusively in expensive things: luxurious finishes, Italian furniture, chandeliers purchased at antique auctions, paintings by famous artists? In fact, even the most sophisticated elements of decor and decoration will work only if they line up in a single harmonious interior composition.

The task of the interior designer is to create a project in which every detail occupies a strictly reserved place for it, and all things together make up the perfect composition.

In our new review, we have collected for you the best photos of the interiors of beautiful apartments from the portfolio of Ruslan and Maria Green Studios. The presented illustrations fully reflect the interior trends of 2020-2021.


Beautiful Art Deco apartments

Faceted mirrors, an abundance of glossy surfaces, expensive Italian furniture, collection chandeliers, textures under the skin of reptiles – aren’t all of these characteristic elements of the Art Deco style enough for the interior of the apartment to be recognized as truly beautiful?

The style that originated in the era of jazz, black-and-white cinema and reckless social events by the pool is still associated with a certain eccentricity and chic.

We still expect from owners of apartments and houses in the Art Deco style some strange from the philistine point of view hobbies like breeding cheetahs or collecting rare species of butterflies. However, now art deco is no longer the kitsch that it could have been in the era of the nouveau riche. Keeping a drop of retro charm, this style today is quite adapted to the needs of our time. Art Deco gets along well with classics, modern, and even with a loft.

1. Living room with corner sofaNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

Beautiful apartments in the art deco style attract attention with a play of textures. In one room, panels with gold edging, carved wood, and illuminated onyx can be used here. And in the example of the living room shown in the photo, we also see a luxurious soft carpet. The decor of the room, as it should be in an art deco style, is very atmospheric. The room seems to be a cross between an expensive nightclub and the reception in the royal residence. The creation of such an intriguing atmosphere is largely due to expensive designer furniture and a sophisticated lighting system with backlights.

2. Beaujolais bedroomNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

The shades of Beaujolais, like young Burgundy wine, bring with them delicate aromas and pastoral colors of the quiet south of France. Therefore, having decided on an art deco bedroom in tones that resonate in your heart with memories of adventures during a French tour, you can every day feel like at least the owner of an old vineyard in Burgundy. In the design of the bedroom in shades of beaujolais in the photo, the reflective glossy texture located opposite the window creates an interesting optical effect.

3. Lilac bedroom with disco ballsNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

A bedroom in soft lilac shades with table lamps shining no less brightly than disco balls on the dance floor will become the main pride of the design project of any beautiful apartment in the art deco style. Such a relaxation room will be appreciated by those who are used to surround themselves with the best.

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Beautiful apartments in a classic style. Interiors 2020-2021 years

In the photo: Design of the dining area of the living room apartment in the residential complex “House on Mosfilmovskaya”

The second style, which is always associated with the definition of “beautiful apartments”, is a classic. This noble style is extremely rare today in its purest form. The emphasis on convenience and functionality has led to a certain transformation of the classics, which has become easier. Classic style today is often diluted with elements of art deco and modern.

4. Entrance hall in a beige monochromeNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

In the design of this hall in the style of Art Deco, attention was paid to literally every corner of the space. The wealth of finishes immediately sets the right benchmark. We understand that if the entrance hall has coffered ceilings, a beveled mirror, an ottoman with a “carriage” screed and sconces in the form of candlesticks with curly stucco molding, then the rest of the rooms will meet us with even greater splendor and luxury of decoration.

5. Alice in the Looking Glass. Beige living room with elegant decorNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

The design of the living room in a beautiful apartment in a classic style in the photo above is like a diamond. Like a faceted diamond, this room, even with relatively tiny dimensions, amazes the imagination with its luxury. A mother-of-pearl palette, faceted mirrors with a rhombic layout, a chandelier with crystal suspensions, a clock in a molded baguette – literally every element of space “seeks” to give the composition a unique author’s look.

6. Classical nursery for a young ballerinaNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

Want your baby to feel like a real prima of the Imperial Theater or a princess from a fairy tale? Then it makes sense to turn to the classical style. The bed in Victorian style with a decor in the form of a silhouette of a ballerina can be complemented by a laconic canopy that emphasizes the airiness of the interior composition. A fresco with a fabulous landscape will remind the child of the journeys of his favorite characters.

7. Beautiful beige classic style kitchenNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

An example of this bright kitchen proves that today classics can be safely applied in small spaces. Pilasters will easily replace massive columns, while modilions, stucco moldings and onyx inserts will add to the space of noble luxury.

Beautiful interiors of apartments in a modern style

For an apartment in a modern style to turn out really beautiful, you need to come up with an unusual concept for it. Can you imagine a city apartment with glass walls? If with difficulty, take a closer look at the photo! A truly revolutionary idea is to use electrochromic glass partitions in apartments. It is enough to lock the bedroom door with a lock and the glass walls turn from transparent to darkened.

For a complete sense of privacy along the partitions monophonic curtains are launched, in harmony with the curtains on the windows. The use of translucent glass, polished white marble and white tones in the decoration maximizes the illumination in a small apartment.

8. Kitchen-dining room-living room on 20 square metersNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

Kitchen areas in modern apartments are reduced to an absolute minimum with the release of space for living and dining areas.

Kitchen furniture is located along the walls, and appliances are built into tall cabinets-columns, stretched from floor to ceiling.

For a smooth transition of the kitchen into the living room, we abandoned the traditional tile in this project. Instead, the unifying charismatic decoration of both the kitchen and living areas with polished marble panels was used.

9. Moby Dick. Living room with table fireplaceNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

The silhouette of a huge white whale with a blue back, a ceiling lamp in the form of a golden ribbon, a table fireplace and a high turquoise vase – these decor elements were quite enough to make the interior of the apartment in a modern style not only truly beautiful, but also memorable.

10. Children’s room for a boyNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

For children’s rooms recently quite often chosen a modern style. This is partly due to the excellent ergonomics of this style direction. After all, modern furniture is always a lightweight mobile design. Compact built-in wardrobes, beds in niches, transformer structures – all these furniture elements save space perfectly, which means that you can arrange more functional areas in the children’s room.

11. Design of an office on the attached loggiaNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

The office in the apartment simultaneously serves as a place for work and relaxation. Furniture for this project is custom made. To turn the rest area into a home cinema, just drop the dark gray horizontal Roman curtains.

The most beautiful living rooms

Living room performs, above all, a representative function. This is not only a place for rest and gathering of all households, but also a space for meeting friends and receiving important visitors. Therefore, the design of this room is always paid special attention. It is the living room that sets the tone for the rest of the apartment. Decorating this room in the style of Art Deco, you will adhere to this style direction in almost all other rooms. This will help achieve unity of space.

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12. Eclectic living room with posterNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

In the design of this living room with a bright poster, we can observe elements of several styles. So, brickwork brings loft motifs. A lush purple armchair refers to kitsch. At the same time, the role of the first violin is performed by a modern style. As a result, we get eclecticism, due to which the apartment becomes beautiful.

13. The sea breeze. White living room with turquoise accentsNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

Turquoise accents on a white background perfectly refresh the space. This combination of shades always reminds you of traveling on the coast. In the interior of the beautiful apartment presented in the photo, in addition to turquoise, delicate lilac accents are also used.

14. Luxurious Art Nouveau stained-glass windows in the living room with fireplaceNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

One of the essential attributes of a beautiful apartment is the presence of a fireplace. The hearth portal can be classic stucco or modern minimalistic, as in the photo. In the interior of a beautiful living room with a piano, the fireplace area is decorated with golden stucco panels.

15. Beautiful mural under a natural stone in the living roomNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

And in this living room with a corner sofa, the decoration decides a lot. The texture of the noble gray stone contrasts with the concrete ceiling. The finishing touch of the interior composition is a loft-style chandelier. Monochrome gray gamma is diluted with unobtrusive purple accents.

The most beautiful kitchens

Kitchens in apartment projects 2017-2020 are usually combined with living rooms and dining rooms. The interior solution provides for the arrangement of a bar counter or a multifunctional kitchen island. Finishing the facades of cabinets is usually minimalistic. An exception is, perhaps, neoclassical interiors, where pilasters and stucco work are often used in furniture design.

16. Kitchen-dining room with a breakfast barNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

The kitchen-dining room with a breakfast bar serves as a rare example of an interior in which, on an absolutely minimalistic basis, it is possible to create a luxurious composition in the art deco style. On the one hand, we can observe here very laconic facades of built-in cabinet furniture. But at the same time, the atmosphere of the dining room with snow-white chairs and a ceiling chandelier sends us to the glamorous interiors of the Gatsby era.

17. White kitchen with purple accentsNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

It is not the first year that a light monochrome in the interior of the kitchen has been in trend. In addition to turquoise, the beige range can also be diluted with purple accents. In the interior of the kitchen in the photo, the white monochrome serves as an excellent background for a blue chandelier.

18. Modern bricked kitchenNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

Brickwork in the interior of the kitchen in a modern style is both a direct reference to the industrial loft and a way to make the space more attractive due to the play of textures. In the design project of this apartment, black glossy facades, wood trim and white brick create an interesting effect, allowing you to do without decor.

19. Dining area with purple accentsNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

The interior of the dining room in this typical apartment in Moscow refutes the idea that minimalism and art deco categorically do not combine with each other. To the modern interior with hints of brutal loft, designers Ruslan and Maria Green decided to add some elements of art deco in the form of an ottoman with a carriage screed and an upholstery repeating to it, used in the decoration of one of the walls.

20. White kitchen with pilastersNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

Pilasters in the decoration of the small white kitchen of the Moscow apartment bring classic motifs to the interior. Such architectural elements serve as an excellent alternative to familiar columns. Pilasters look especially harmonious in the rooms of small apartments, where there is simply no place for colonnades and half-columns.

Magnificent hallways

In the design interiors of apartments, office space does not go unnoticed. According to the decoration of the halls, you can always determine in what style the rest of the premises will be decorated.

21. Corridor with textured wallsNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

Textured white panels in the decoration of one of the walls of the hallway in a beautiful apartment add volume to the space. And the mirror located at the end of the corridor visually lengthens the room.

22. Entrance hall with golden trim in a beautiful apartmentNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

Due to the inclusion of golden inserts, the white entrance hall in a beautiful apartment in the art deco style acquired a light touch of chic. In addition to gold, turquoise inserts in the form of puffs also help to dilute the monochrome gamut.

23. Bright fuchsia entrance hall in a beautiful apartmentNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

And in the design of this hallway in a beautiful apartment, low chairs of a fuchsia shade are used as color accents. To support this decision, the flowers in the vases help.

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Beautiful bedrooms in the projects of apartments in 2020

If the living room in a beautiful apartment is, first of all, a room presenting all the apartments, then the bedroom is the real pride of its owners. Relationships to the sleeping room are no less tremulous than to the theatrical sidelines, where, as you know, there is no access to outsiders. In beautiful bedrooms today, the emphasis, as before, is on the decoration of the bedside zone. A variety of textures can be used in the headboard decor. Here, we can also often see designer wall lamps and stylish ceiling lights.

24. Textured bedroomNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

In the interior of this beautiful bedroom in shades of Beaujolais, we can watch an interesting game of textures. The decor of the head area is built around a combination of different tones of the same color. The alternation of patched, mirror and black glossy textures forms an unusual effect.

25. Lilac bedroom with a canopy in a beautiful apartmentNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

And the design of this bedroom, solved in a delicate white and lilac palette, makes the canopy frame unusual. In this case, you can not even sew a special canopy. Simply throw a light translucent curtain through the crossbars of the structure, and the composition will look quite impressive.

26. Mural bedroomNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

Wall paintings in the design of the bedroom should complement the main composition, and therefore it is “repelled” from the color palette and interior style. In the interior of a beautiful apartment in the photo, a decorative niche above the head of the bed is decorated with a painted landscape, the purple-lilac shades of which are in harmony with the coloristic accents of the room.

27. Beige and pink bedroom with fabric ceilingNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

The ceiling dome is made of a translucent fabric that resembles a veil, making the space of the cream-pink bedroom in the Art Deco style even more airy. The “carriage” screed in the finish gives the room additional volume.

28. Bright bedroom with faceted mirrorsNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

The faceted mirrors in the design of a beautiful bedroom can be used in the decor of the bedside zone, ceiling with caissons or the mini-boudoir area. Faceted mirror inserts in the interior in the photo are supported by textured decoration with rhombs.

29. Mini-office on the attached loggia in the bedroomNew Trends for Beautiful Apartment Interior 2020-2021

The attached loggia in the bedroom can be used as a boudoir, dressing room or mini-cabinet. Due to the laconic modern consoles, interior designers managed to equip the dressing and writing tables on the loggia, thereby creating two additional functional areas.

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