10 Trends In Apartment Design For 2023

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Trends In Apartment Design For 2023We have collected all the current trends in apartment design: from fashionable colors to current materials and general design trends. There is something to note.

Autumn is the best time for forecasts for the next year: interior exhibitions have been held, large brands have released collections, which means that conclusions can be drawn. In this article, we have collected the main apartment trends 2023 that await us in the interior design of an apartment, with photos of beautiful examples. Relevant now!

General trends in apartment interior design 2023

Let’s start with general global trends.

1. JapandiTrends In Apartment Design For 2023

This word denotes a trendy offshoot of minimalism – a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian styles (Japan [ese] + scandi). A few years ago, the ideas of the West and the East unexpectedly met in a new direction that combined Japanese respect for nature and Scandinavian practicality.

Probably, Japanese-Nordic minimalism will increasingly be found in the fashionable interiors of apartments, photos of which can be seen below, since it meets all the global trends of 2023. Among them are conscious consumption, connection with nature, the use of natural materials and moderation in everything.

Specific traits

  • The use of rough, “raw” textures (imperfection of the material as a trace of time, not a flaw).
  • Natural palette.
  • A large amount of natural light – achieved through a minimum of textiles on the windows, open spaces, light-transmitting partitions.
  • Environmental friendliness.
  • Ergonomics and functionality.
  • Smart storage.

2. Home officeTrends In Apartment Design For 2023

The pandemic has changed our understanding of work: someone, having gone to work remotely, remained in the home office mode, many companies switched to a hybrid work format. Yes, and previous experience made it clear: at any moment the world can wait for a new lockdown, and with it the prospect of returning to the laptop at the kitchen table.

An equipped workplace in the home is a real must-have since 2020, and this trend will not go anywhere in 2023. This is taken into account by both designers and developers. Even if the living area is small, you can select a corner for comfortable work on it.

Several directions stand out within this trend.

  • Multifunctional transforming furniture is the best, and sometimes the only solution for single rooms and studios.
  • Competent zoning – screens, partitions and screens will help you to retire and work without being distracted by anything.
  • A cabinet on the loggia is another option for small apartments.
  • Rational use of space – for example, more and more often a mini-office is organized by the window, using the window sill as the basis for the desktop.

3. Smooth linesTrends In Apartment Design For 2023

Rigid rectangular shapes are gradually giving way to smooth streamlined lines. Within the interior, everything softens: the design of the living room is dominated by crescent sofas, in the kitchen – round dining tables and chairs with rounded backs. For the bedroom, more and more often choose beds with a soft base, which, even while maintaining a rectangular shape, looks softer.

In part, this trend is associated with the return of fashion from the 1950s and 70s, therefore, if you do not like modern trends in their pure form, you can safely add objects of that era to the furnishings: round bubble lamps as an accent on the ceiling, armchairs and sofas with corduroy upholstered, bright and cheerful decor. All this is perfectly combined with high-quality eco-friendly finishes and pronounced textures.

4. Spa-style bathroomTrends In Apartment Design For 2023

Another post-skew tendency that has emerged as a result of the rethinking of the role of the house. At the moment when fitness rooms and beauty salons were closed, all beauty procedures had to be moved home. And, as it turned out, it is quite possible to arrange a mini-spa at home.

It is not necessary to have a private house and a large bathroom for this. Even within a city apartment, wellness elements can be added to the bathroom. The following techniques will help with this.

  • Textures pleasant to the touch – wood, marble, linen and cotton.
  • Thoughtful Lighting – Create multiple lighting scenarios, from a bright overhead light to soft, dim lighting that will help you set yourself up for relaxation.
  • Fill the room with pleasant aromas, place your favorite cosmetics and candles on the shelves, use an incense diffuser during water procedures.
  • Zone the space. Even in a small area, with the help of decoration, palette and different textures, you can visually and tactilely highlight the utility block, relaxation area, etc.

Apartment Colors 2023

In the color field, you can also distinguish several fashion trends in the interior.

1. BasicTrends In Apartment Design For 2023

The restrained palette will remain relevant, consisting of basic colors: black and white; all shades of gray; beige; variations of brown.

You can play with them, combining them in different proportions and not being afraid to make a mistake – they all go well with each other and are suitable for any room: from the bedroom to the hallway. So that such a scale does not look boring and flat, it can be diluted with 1-2 brighter tones – to place accents with their help, highlight areas or emphasize certain elements.

Also, the volume of the monochrome palette is given by pronounced lines and a variety of textures, of which there must be several. A contrasting combination of rough and soft materials, pronounced relief and smooth surfaces is welcomed. Examples are in the photo below.

2. SunlightTrends In Apartment Design For 2023

If earlier yellow in the interior aroused concern among many, then in the last year its popularity has grown sharply. And this makes sense: the pandemic has highlighted the need for vitamin D in every sense, and you can get it not only from dietary supplements. Letting the sun enter the room is important for a sense of comfort and safety. We spend more and more time inside the walls of the apartment, so the space should cause joy and give energy. And warm yellow suits this role perfectly.

Based on the reports of such big players as Pantone and Coloro, you can take a closer look at the following fashionable tones.

  • Warm shade of butter.
  • Yellow-orange mango sorbet.
  • Daffodil (14-0850 Daffodil in the Pantone palette).
  • Straw.
  • Dusty ocher.

3. Mineral shadesTrends In Apartment Design For 2023

The previous points indicate the dominance of warm colors, but it is not necessary to abandon the cold palette – take a closer look at the minerals. In the design of the apartment, as in the photo below, you can use their natural cold colors: quartz, malachite, deep blue, sapphire, graphite gray.

Additionally, they will unfold on the active textures of stone, wood, marble, clay or ceramics. Since the colors are cold, it is best to use them in dosage. As the main element of the palette (for example, for wall decoration, kitchen units, etc.), they should be used in a room with large windows, where there is enough sunlight. If there is little natural light and the room is small, it is better to use a neutral color with a warm undertone for the base.

Materials for Apartment 2023

And now we will consider what materials to pay attention to if the plans are to renovate an apartment (photos of designs below).

1. Stone and woodTrends In Apartment Design For 2023

The use of durable natural materials is a long-lasting trend that embodies the philosophy of sustainable development. If 5-10 years ago the price was the main competitive advantage, now environmental friendliness, production quality and material characteristics are much more important.

Due to constant stress and not the best environmental situation at home, you want to surround yourself with comfort and get closer to nature at least a little. Therefore, in the top there are and will be noble materials: wood, stone, marble.

They are used both in decoration and in furniture or decor. Moreover, it is possible and necessary to combine them with each other. So, for example, in the kitchen – install a wooden set with a work surface made of stone or marble. In the bathroom – combine marble trim, stone sink and furniture fronts made of moisture-resistant wood species. The use of these materials largely dictates the color scheme: calm, deep, built on the contrast of warm and cold shades.

2. New technologiesTrends In Apartment Design For 2023

6-7 years ago, there was a real boom in 3D printing: the first innovative accessories appeared at exhibitions, then furniture. Children begged their parents for portable 3D pens, and designers continued to explore the possibilities of the new technology. But over time, the excitement subsided, the trend cooled down, but, judging by the European interior exhibitions this year, it plans to return in the near future.

Today’s 3D printing has “matured”: the first experiments and interior fast food have been replaced by elegant and stylish products. Furniture, partitions, shades and ceramics, which are visually indistinguishable from Murano glass, are produced using 3D printing.

And most importantly, this trend is organically intertwined with the idea of conscious consumption, which is coming to the fore today. Many studios and artists use zero-waste technologies for their work: furniture and decor are made from plastic or wood waste on the principle of recycling.

While this technology is relatively expensive and not the most common, especially in Russia, in the coming years, 3D products will definitely penetrate our homes. You can start small – for example, with original pots, fittings, vases or lamp shades for lamps.

3. Textured glassTrends In Apartment Design For 2023

Glass adorns any interior: it makes it more airy, elegant and graceful. Despite its fragility, this material is increasingly used in home decoration in a variety of forms.

In the coming year, pay attention to textured glass: ribbed, frosted, convex, stained glass, etc. It can be used in the following variants.

  • In decoration – matte glass blocks look original and stylish, which can replace part of the wall or be used as a partition.
  • In the design of the bathroom – replace the usual transparent shower screen with a beautiful frosted or ribbed glass.
  • The decor – vases, candlesticks, tableware made of transparent or colored textured glass will decorate the room, and handmade piece items will also be in fashion.

Apartment decor 2023Apartment decor 2023

Whenever we start a new year, we want to renovate, remodel, change and/or modify our spaces, those that we frequent every day and when we see them, we realize that our home is our most precious place. This is why we always seek to be up-to-date according to trends and what is in fashion so that our apartment is a benchmark in style and decoration.

For this reason, we will share with you the apartment decoration trends that according to experts will reign in 2023:

  • Sustainable and natural decoration: Beyond the fact that it is fashionable, sustainability is a really important issue for everyone, and it is no stranger to decoration and different objects that we have in our home. Nature and recycled/reused pieces for the care of the environment will be present in all the spaces of the houses.
  • White kitchens:

White is a color that attracts the greatest amount of light and allows our spaces to be appreciated more spacious, radiating lightness, relaxation and cleanliness. This will go hand in hand with pieces with bright shapes and colors, which will give an atmosphere of joy and creativity.

  • Wooden furniture:

This material always provides warmth, well-being and connection with nature, in any space in which it is present, in addition, its durability, resistance, versatility and the possibility of choosing between different shades, will make these pieces a great ally to aesthetically decorate your home.

  • Elements with textures:

Textures will play a very important role in 2023, reflected in textiles, walls, pillows, furniture, rugs, and any element that is part of your home. This will add visual appeal to your spaces while increasing the feeling of warmth. The advantage of this decoration is that you can find different options according to your budget.

Did you like them? We hope you have enjoyed these ideas that are from our model apartments and reflect the new apartment decor 2023, likewise, that you choose the one that best suits you so that your apartment looks beautiful.

Apartment trends 2023Apartment trends 2023

Do you already know what the next apartment decoration trends are? Check out everything that’s still trending and what’s new for 2023!

The moment to decorate the apartment is always the most anticipated, especially for those who have just bought a property.

Exploring the environment, combining colors, buying decoration items and imagining where each thing will be according to your taste and preference is already starting the decoration process.

And best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice what you love to keep up with the trends. Below, we present several apartment decoration tips based on the main apartment trends 2023 so that you can leave your home modern and, at the same time, with your face.

New decoration trends for apartments 2023

Urban Jungle continues as a trend for apartment decoration

The urban jungle trend emerged in 2020, with the advance of COVID-19, and remains firm in 2023. Neuroarchitecture studies show the importance of contact with natural elements and the significant improvement in our well-being.

That’s why bringing nature indoors is still one of the top decorating tips in 2023. The concept of biophilia brings plants indoors. Easy-care species, such as cacti and succulents, are favorites for apartment dwellers as they do not require direct sunlight.

Other varieties of plants are ivy, ideal for rooms, as they improve the air and prevent mold, and make a difference on shelves or pendants.

In addition, vertical gardens on balconies, bathrooms and even in the living room make the environment cooler and can be placed on all types of walls, but they are even better for apartments in very hot regions or with direct sunlight many hours of the day. .

Finally, you can also get closer to nature with elements made (or reminiscent) of wood. From the floor to decoration elements, the use of wood in a natural tone brings a sense of support.

Invest in the right colors and textures

Every year Pantone releases the color of the year, which will be a guide and predict the color that will appear the most during the year. In 2023 the chosen color was Viva Magenta 18-1750.

Color brings strength and energy, being constantly on display in nature. It descends from reds and is, according to Pantone, “brave and fearless, a pulsating color whose exuberance drives celebration, joy and optimism, thus writing a new narrative”.

The texture on the rise is ribbed. It has been occupying space in fashion, architecture and decoration.

Create cozy spaces

Staying at home has become an increasingly attractive role for both Generation Z and millennials. But for this it is important that the home brings a cozy atmosphere.

Investing in comfortable environments that provide experiences is one of the decoration trends for apartments.

Reading places that exploit natural light, for example, are excellent choices. As well as a little space for wine or to watch a movie on your favorite streaming service.

Cushions, plants, carpets, armchairs, are items that can compose this space and make it unique.

Rounded furniture is back

They gained new momentum in 2022 and promise to dominate modern decorations in 2023.

The rounded furniture has a unique charm and creates a more intimate and romantic atmosphere, in addition to offering excellent ergonomic conditions.

Smart home for a much more connected world

In 2020, gadgets became popular. This is a trend that remains in 2023 and will continue for a long time and only tends to evolve.

As we are more connected and staying at home more, the use of these devices can help us and also bring security and savings, ensuring that we turn off objects.

From a decoration point of view, the devices can be used to control lights and curtains, creating the perfect atmosphere for the moment you want.

Advantages of integrated environments

Trending since 2021, transforming an environment into two remains one of the strongest decoration trends for 2023.

Instead of moving to have a home office, you can redecorate an extra room to serve both a guest and be your home office.

Integrating environments is also a valuable decoration tip for 2023. A countertop, for example, as it is the limit between the kitchen and the living room. This gives the feeling of amplitude and goes super well in models like lofts and studios. In addition, it allows several people to carry out several different activities at the same time in the environment, making everything more intimate.

In addition, a modern decoration with integrated environments brings several advantages such as:

  • better use of available space;
  • more functional and practical environments;
  • amplitude;
  • better use of natural lighting and ventilation;
  • Lots of decorating possibilities!

Industrial style

A decoration trend for 2023 that comes in full force is the industrial style, especially for kitchens and bathrooms. Thus, it is possible to use a lot of metal. The industrial style also borrows a lot of minimalism depending on the object, and favors pieces in black.

Apartment decoration details

Details are still going strong as an apartment decor trend in 2023 – whether vases that speak to the urban jungle, paintings or other focal point elements (a large central element that attracts the eye). So, don’t be afraid to hang that painting that leaves you in doubt whether you’re going or not.

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