Apartment 2021: New Modern Design Trends

New Modern Apartment Interior Design Trends 2021

All the latest trends from famous designers

The sphere of interior design is booming. This is largely due to the construction of new elite multi-apartment buildings of improved layout. The owners of such real estate want to create an interior that reflects their high social status and personality. This article will tell you what the trendy design of apartment interior 2021 should be like.

Apartment Design 2021: StylesNew Modern Apartment Interior Design Trends 2021

The design of the apartment 2021 should be chosen depending on the lifestyle of the owners. As practice shows, successful interior design is preferred by successful youth. Mature people order design projects in the styles of Modern, Neoclassic and with features of the historical directions of the design of apartments. The presence of a family and the number and age of children also affect the choice of a particular option.

There is no dictate in the sense of style. However, it is not recommended to choose the design of an apartment in 2021 in the styles of Provence, in the Mediterranean or in one of the ethnic styles. If they attract you, then leave such experiments for giving or a country cottage.

In addition, the architecture of the building is important. For example, you should not try to choose a Loft for a house with high arched windows or try to recreate the classic Modern in a building with panoramic windows.

Trending modern styles include Scandinavian, Minimalism and eco-design. Ethnic design or Maximalism can be recommended as a more colorful alternative. Of the conventionally historical trends, the most relevant are Art Deco, Neoclassic and English style.

By the way, many studios offer mixing 2-3 styles. Please note this is not an eclectic design for your home. When developing the design of the apartment in 2021, it is recommended to organically combine a couple of styles, for example, to create a neoclassical design with elements typical of Art Deco.

Apartment Design 2021: Color

Although the choice of color largely depends on the style chosen, for each year, designers offer their own color palette.

American studios call the favorite in 2021 the color “Night Watch.” This noble and rich shade of dark green is suitable for historical interiors. However, they do not recommend abusing this color. It is enough to issue them only one of the walls or use textiles of this color.

The trend is also shades of color of engine fuel. They will look especially original in combination with muted greens.

A combination of white and aquamarine is considered a win-win. Trends should include white-blue or white-blue interiors characteristic of the Scandinavian design.

If you prefer an everlasting classic, then at your service are pale shades of beige and powdery. Such interiors do not tire the eye and will be relevant for more than one season.

Eco Design and Minimalism

The desire to approach nature is a long-term trend. It is associated with the global tendency to strive for a “responsible” world, where each person will try to protect the already scarce resources of our planet.

As already mentioned, the actual design of the apartment 2021 can combine several styles. In particular, the ideal choice is a mix of minimalism and eco-style. Next year, designers recommend using a lot of green plants for room decoration. And we are not talking about banal racks with pots and planters. Climbing plants should be an element of decoration. For example, a “green wall” may appear in your living room. This decoration, which was previously characteristic only for house facades, is suitable today for both the living room and, for example, the bathroom.

Another trend is the use of natural stone, which must be combined with wood.

Do not use various photo wallpapers with forest landscapes and depicting bamboo thickets. Such “decorations” are not suitable for creating a status interior.

A real hit next year will be panels of natural stone with decorative lighting. In particular, such onyx decor will make the design of the apartment 2021 unique, as there are no two stone slabs with an identical pattern.

Scandinavian apartment design 2021

Although the Nordic design is no longer new, it will be relevant in the coming year. And this is understandable, since such a design meets the requirement of non-mixing styles. In particular, in this case, a mix of Minimalism and Ethno is clearly traced with a drop of European retro, originally from the 60-70s of the last century.

The Scandinavian design of the apartment 2021 should be created using handmade interior items.

The motto of the coming year is “Modesty + Imperfection.” Actual interior items that are made in a handicraft way. The presence of various flaws and deliberate roughness of processing on wood objects is welcome.

Furniture of the IKEA type is relevant, but such that it is easy to read its natural texture. In addition, it is recommended to use indoor plants installed in classic clay pots as a decor.

The trendy Nordic design of the apartment 2021 can be decorated with carpets from recycled materials. This advice is consonant with the tendency to preserve natural resources, and is also aimed at giving the interior a touch of retro.


Want to create a vibrant and extravagant apartment design 2021? Choose Maximalism. For the second season, this style, with the light hand of Italian decorators, is considered one of the most relevant.

Please note that we are talking about the design on the verge of kitsch, which erases the distinction between taste and tastelessness.

You can use the most unbelievable color combinations in your design, and feel free to install the marble figurine on a super-fashionable, completely transparent shelf with a futuristic design.

Ethnic style

The ethnic design of the apartment 2021 will allow you to add variety to the interior design of your home. It is especially suitable for people who travel a lot and bring original souvenirs from trips.

Experts do not advise interfering all in one boiler. You should choose the theme, for example, hunting, and use ethno-products of different nations to decorate the room. In addition, you can mix authentic objects of different cultures, selected in the same color scheme.

Those who want to simply enliven the minimalist interior a little can be recommended to include a couple of African masks or Japanese fans in the number of decor items. They will add charm to the design and create an atmosphere of romance of distant wanderings.

Neoclassic and Art Deco

Among the clients of design studios there are traditionally many who are accustomed to luxury and who seek to emphasize their high social status in any way. They can be offered the fashionable design of a 2021 neoclassical apartment mixed with Art Deco.

The newest trend is the use of blue or blue-green velvet in the interior. They can be upholstered in chairs, sofas or drapes.

Among the trends in this design is black. You can choose a totally black kitchen. Keep in mind that such an interior is only suitable for kitchens where food is rarely prepared, since it is extremely impractical.

Modern interior 2021: new items in creative interior designNew Modern Apartment Interior Design Trends 2021

Today, an individuality is in fashion, which every year finds new manifestations. Could not stand aside and the sphere of interior design. In this regard, it is difficult to say what the modern interior of 2021 should be like. The online magazine “House Design” offers an overview of the design styles that will be in trend next year.


Minimalist design will not lose its relevance in the coming year. A modern person does not want to spend precious free time wiping dust from countless, sometimes absolutely unnecessary, items of furniture and decor.

Minimalist modern interior 2021 involves the use of unusual planning solutions. In particular, for zoning studios, designers recommend using podiums.

Transformer podiums are an ideal choice. At night, their surface rises, turning into a large head of the bed, hidden inside the “box”.

As for color, graphite is in fashion. It goes well with white. To dilute the severity of such a contrasting interior, you can use a bright designer piece of furniture or decor. For example, a red or yellow designer chair of an unusual shape would be a good choice.

Modern interior 2021 in hi-tech style

High-tech interior is suitable for those who appreciate the conciseness of Minimalism, but consider it too boring. A novelty of the upcoming season will be the active use of luminous panels. If you are ready for big expenses and your goal is to create a status interior, choose panels from natural onyx with backlight. For high-tech design, the use of furniture that is transformed by a signal from the control panel is also suitable.

A relative novelty for wall decoration will be glossy 3-D panels with the effect of waves, convex-concave geometric shapes, etc.

Modern interior 2021: eco-style

The modern interior in eco-style 2021 has undergone significant changes. The main trend is the use of furniture, characteristic for the direction of the “Rustic” design. It should be made of almost untreated wood, with flaws and cracks.

Next year, the use of natural stone will be welcomed in the eco-interior. First of all, we are talking about sandstone and the so-called wild stone. Wicker products from vines, rattan, etc. will also look relevant.

Such armchairs and sofas should be supplemented with pillows, with pillowcases from unbleached canvas. It is also suitable for making canopy beds and curtains.

New classic style

Would you like to create a status modern interior 2021? Choose a classic or neoclassical design. In the first case, you will have to order furniture with a historical design. As for the neoclassical design, then it will fit quite modern soft sofas and armchairs.

However, remember! They should have expensive upholstery made of genuine leather, suede or expensive fabrics such as velvet and velor.

Neoclassical modern interior 2021 involves the use of the latest materials. In particular, metallized wallpapers with ornaments are ideal for wall decoration. At first glance, they resemble textile lace with a shiny metal foil backing.

Novelties interior design 2020 – 2021New Modern Apartment Interior Design Trends 2021

The main and amazing feature of modern design, oddly enough, this sounds – mass individuality… This means a personal interior and only your own emotions! We forget everything that we were taught, and set to work, listening to ourselves. Increasingly, designers will do things to order, by individual standards, the interior will be designed “for the owner.”

So what’s new on the design market?


Folding furniture, modular sofas, beds with folding devices, kitchens hidden in niches are in fashion. This is due to the growing global trend towards a decrease and compactness of living space. In this case, the main condition is to maintain the comfort and functionality of the environment. Often, pieces of furniture form links from fancy puzzles. Furniture in the style of Lombrico, B & BItalia brands (the well-known “endless” sofa by Marco Zanuzo), popular in the 70s, will decorate modern interiors.

On the wave – exclusive sculptural furniture that has unusual bizarre asymmetric shapes, such things are very rare, they are made in single copies. In the latest Italian collections, polished furniture of red-brown shades appeared, in the spirit of the late 80’s. Such wood as rosewood is in fashion. Semicircular arches and irregularly shaped mirrors of large sizes will be popular.

At the peak of demand, high innovative technologies: in the field of kitchen appliances, furniture, computer and music equipment. Smart kitchens, refrigerators and curtains controlled from a smartphone and other wonders of robotization.


The styles of Industrial-chic, the uncomfortable Loft, incompatible with the urban apartments of Urban Country are a thing of the past. In Europe, Danish design based on rationality is very fashionable. It is trying to be replaced by the rapidly gaining power of Maximalism, of Italian origin, which has not yet fully formed, but is gaining strength very quickly.

In 2017, brands such as Dimorestudio, Peter Pilotto and La DoubleJ burst into our reality with extraordinary interiors with contrasting bright prints and bold ornaments. Maximalism, sometimes even bordering on kitsch, allows people to express their individuality. People no longer want someone to make decisions in what kind of environment they live in, they want to have a choice and enjoy this process. The rhythms of life have accelerated, designers mix the concepts of good and bad taste, giving a flight of fantasy.

Fantastic worlds.

Restaurant and hotel business, with the help of designers, offers us to move from overloaded megacities to fabulous “parallel universes” – joyful, vibrant, exotic… Juicy explosive colors in furniture, lamps, accessories are the trend of this season. Shiny, sparkling in the reflection of numerous fixtures surfaces are called upon to create a sea of ??positive!

Interior and internet.

In residential premises, too, everything is changing before our eyes… Users of social networks are very concerned about the image of their own housing. As in the exhibition hall, they themselves, becoming stylists, create an exposition of their own lives and personal addictions. The interior for the sake of pictures on Instagram… who will discuss, praise or scold, envy or laugh. Effects, like in a movie, narcissism – that’s what advanced users will do…

Vienna Secession.

In Europe, the modernist fashion of the last century is preserved – things from the 30-50s boldly combine with replicas of the end of the century. For example, Miuccia Prada exhibited modernist chairs from Brazil in Miami, the anti-design by Ettore Sottsassa and the Memphis group with their cheerful, bright, ironic things, gaining popularity again (after all, they were the first to introduce the cult of the creator and draw the line between ordinary and personal things). For Fendi, designer Chiara Andreatti created the “Welcome!” Living room with the concept of animated luxury and elegance, which she combined with the trends of the 70s. and an expression of gratitude to Gabrielle Crespi, an Italian “icon” of the 70s design, whose “golden” furniture is once again at the cutting edge of popularity.

Art in Europe.

In 2020, we will recall the decorative and applied art of Austrian art designer Koloman Moser, European exhibitions will be dedicated to the centenary of the death of such great artists as Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and architect Otto Wagner.


Velvet is the most popular fabric in 2020. What will better emphasize the luxury of the room? It should have shades of precious stones – sapphires, amethyst, emerald, citrine. Carpets are also in trend. With geometric patterns, bright colors, with abstract patterns. Young people became interested in folk music in the style of “Hippies” of the 70s. The bedrooms are replenished with folk art products from exotic countries, prints with tigers, elephants and monkeys.

Optical illusions.

In maximalist interiors, things that create optical illusions are welcomed – multi-colored overflows that reflect light. Watercolor transitions, subtle iris gradients (rainbow stains, reminiscent of gasoline spots, changing from the angle of view) adorn the bathrooms.

Emotional well-being.

This is the theme for this year’s London Design Biennale. Hygge trend is the desire to live in a comfortable house, in a calm environment, in a refuge from an unstable, noisy political life. There is a great demand for a setting that provides comfort for the psyche: cocoon chairs, soft comfortable sofas, sound-absorbing curtains. Quiet, calm spaces for relaxation are in fashion.

Home plants.

The fashion continues for exotic plants with fancy leaves, especially palm trees and bananas. The flowerpots and whatnots are again in fashion, laden with drooping curly plants – ivies and tradescantia. Still relevant (greetings from the 70s) are colorful prints with plants from the tropical jungle.


Gaining popularity since 20 12 years. These are furniture and items created using craft work, in piece quantities, with care and love. Products are made according to individual sketches, using ancient techniques and recipes, but using modern materials and technologies. Designers again remembered the Japanese expression wabi-sabi – “perfection in the imperfect”… A sense of authenticity of materials is created by emphasizing natural flaws.


Materials such as plywood, concrete will find a new application, it is now also used for the manufacture of furniture and textures, concrete with marble chips (terrazzo), bamboo and rattan, rough cloth, linen canvas. The trends of the 70s are again in fashion – wicker furniture, Manila hemp, birch bark items. Then, the arrival of echoes of the 90s is expected – laminate, glass blocks and synthetic fur…

A rock. White Carrara marble is relevant, its gray and greenish shades have come into fashion. Onyx and agate are also very much in demand.

Ceramics are always in price. It will become larger and more expressive, with emphasized man-made work. Do not go out of fashion and wooden utensils.

Metal. Polished metal (bronze, copper, brass) this year became mainstream. Black coatings are very fashionable! Bathrooms will be made of black stainless steel and black slate. In black kitchens we will use black knives and forks… Concrete, slate, granite and rusty metal will also be in fashion.


There are more and more lamps, the house should be light and comfortable. Designers do not get tired of experimenting with streams of light, twisting them into letters and bundles or turning them into a liquid state. Glowing threads hang around the rooms. Unimaginable three-dimensional light illusions await us…

Ceilings and floors.

A color or graphic accent from the walls suddenly decided to move to the ceiling. Any ornament or the boldest color on the ceiling – everything is possible in this world… Pictures and patterns on the floor are becoming more complicated and complemented by different combinations of not only sizes, but also materials (ceramics, concrete, natural stone, metal).

Color Trends This Season.

Color in the interior is of great importance, and sometimes it is the main element of the whole composition. It gives originality to the whole room.

Red is the color of this year. The most sought after is a very calm, slightly brownish shade of red. This color will get upholstered furniture, accessories, textiles. Pink and orange (powder color) rosy tones came into fashion. They are supported by shades of sage and dusted blue.

The “beige” color has completely outlived itself, the fashion for green remains, the “turquoise” and its shades, especially muted turquoise-mint, are popular. Another fashionable color is honeysuckle, balancing on the fine line of classic blue with the addition of dark shades. Mustard has not gone out of fashion either, with small splashes of bright warm accents.

Metal rainbow colors will be very fashionable, gold and copper are trending. Pastel shades will be a thing of the past, they will be replaced by more intense, more natural ones.

Terracotta colors of the earth will be everywhere. The hit will be orange and rusty (lateritic soils of humid tropics have this). Honey yellow will replace sunny autumn color, fashionable last season. Designers will also apply cold shades of ordinary brown.

Summing up, we can say that there are a lot of new products and changes in the hard creative work of a modern designer. In order not to drown in this sea of information, come to our design studio!

10 main furniture trends of 2021New Modern Apartment Interior Design Trends 2021

It is so easy to make a mistake in the selection of furniture for the interior: just one item can destroy the harmony of the whole space. To help you understand furniture trends, ELLE DECORATION has figured out what will most likely appear in interiors in 2021. Arm yourself with our guide, an interesting year is ahead!

1. Shades of pink

Soft pink nude has every chance to become the main color of the year. It blends equally well with neutral shades, and with bold accent colors: dark blue, green and lemon yellow.

2. Cozy beds

“The beds will become more like a cocoon. In the world every day there is so much that we just need to feel protected when we sleep. The headboard and foot of the bed will be lined with soft textiles, which is nice to touch, ”said designer Joy Moyler.

3. Geometry

“In 2021, interiors will be flooded with geometric motifs. We are gradually moving from ethnicity to large asymmetric and imperfect prints, proportions and shapes, ”says designer Michel Smith Boyd.

4. Natural materials

The popularity of natural materials in product design will only grow. Combinations of different textures will become even bolder: wood will be complemented with quartzite or Carrara marble elements, ceramics combined with concrete and metal.

5. rounded shapes

Next year, pay attention to furniture with soft and rounded shapes in the spirit of the 1970s – smooth bends are back in fashion! It will not necessarily bring retro elements, but it will certainly soften the severity of the interior and add grace.

6. Metal

In the new year, the metal will find new, even more interesting and unexpected, applications. Gold, brass or blackened bronze and other shiny materials will be used not only in the form of inserts for cabinet furniture, but also as completely independent openwork decoration elements and art objects.

7. personality

Things made to order according to individual sketches will increasingly appear in our homes. “We want to know that there is a story behind the objects that our house is growing around. We are interested in who invented them, what was the process of their creation, ”said Joy Cho, founder and creative director of Oh Joy!

The project of Pierre Jovanovic. The hanging sofa and coffee table are made according to the designer’s sketches.

8. The smallest details

Designers strive for perfection even in the smallest details. Contrasting or unusual stitching, bright handles or shades – all this makes the furniture even more interesting and unique.

9. new art deco

“I think Art Deco’s influence will only increase in the coming year,” said Meganne Wecker, founder of the Cloth & Company brand. The bright and expensive style of the era of the “roaring 20s” will serve as inspiration for modern textile and furniture designers.

10. Antiques

In 2021, vintage furniture will remain at the peak of interior fashion, and not only collectors will buy it. “Now many people dream of having old and rare things with character and soul in their house, and not clones coming off the assembly line,” said CeCe Barfield, interior designer.

Apartment design in a modern style 2021

Modern styles of interior design (or which are considered to be such) – minimalism, futurism, hi-tech, eco-style, functionalism – are successfully complemented by elements of more traditional, but very popular among apartment owners in the metropolis. Provence, classic, loft, art deco give modern interiors a unique charm. It is with the help of an eclectic mix of different styles that designers manage to achieve the most impressive effects.

The interior of the apartment in a modern style developed in the conditions of limited spaces in high-rise apartments. The source can be considered European countries in which the issue of ergonomics and free space is most acute. In addition, many features were taken from modern Japanese apartments – because of the extremely small territory and local cultural characteristics, the ergonomic interior is very appreciated. Modern style has become extremely popular not only in the west, but also in our country. The main distinguishing feature is not so much the appearance as the main essence – maximum ergonomics. Interior items are not only beautiful, but also functional.

Create a modern bedroom design under the guidance of our interior designers

Actual stylistic trends

Modern design is not limited by strict frames and how a sponge absorbs new motifs and expressive means. This is a special language of space. To understand it, consider some areas:

Modern classics – restrained symmetry;

Natural pastel colors, classic decor elements (crystal chandeliers, stucco molding) and natural materials adjacent to modern ones. A striking feature is quilted capitone furniture and a cozy fireplace.

Hi-tech – elitism and technology;

These are straight lines, glossy surfaces, an abundance of plastic and metal. In sight of the latest technical developments. The background is homogeneous: white, beige or gray metallic. Artificial lighting is multilevel, lamps with geometric design are used.

Loft – the romance of factory premises;

Industrial-urban style, combining an abundance of light, space and industrial decorative elements. Deliberate negligence gets along with cutting-edge appliances, upholstered furniture and chrome accessories.

Modern – naturalness and decorativeness;

The interior design of such apartments reigns aesthetics, functionality, smooth lines and streamlined forms. Natural materials and soft, muted tones prevail: beige, olive. The lighting is dim, a lot of decorative elements.

Minimalism – the benefits and practicality

Laconicism and simplicity of geometric shapes hide an expensive interior, for which natural materials are carefully selected. No ornaments and adornments, monochrome shades, comfortable furniture and a lot of natural light combined with artificial. Convenience and luxury are the hallmarks of apartments in a modern minimalistic design.

Its feature is flashy contrasting colors, optical effects, disproportionate furniture, photo collages and an abundance of plastic. This is the second life of old things, but on the rights of works of art: cans become vases, and clothes are casually hung on a mannequin.

The latest design trends in modern apartments are not so much a tribute to fashion as the desire for domestic comfort and individuality. But everything will work out only subject to strict observance of the rules for creating a style.

Features of repair and selection of finishes

The basic rule of design for current trends is a minimum of decor, a maximum of simplicity. This applies to all planes of space.


An ideal backdrop for designer paintings and home decoration, without patterns or mottles. One of them can be painted in deep color to draw attention to a specific part of the room. Light walls visually make the ceiling higher, while dark walls visually narrow the space.

The surface may be smooth or embossed. It uses decorative plaster with particles of gold or silver, wallpaper made of natural materials with jute or straw fibers. With their help, they accentuate and zone the space, combining it with coloring.

Often decorative stone, wood or metal is used, as in these photos of beautiful apartments in a modern style:


Most often it is suspended: the design allows you to create original, multi-level compositions of various shapes and embed lighting. With it, you can hide surface imperfections and delimit functional areas even in a small apartment.

Depending on the stylistic direction of the design, wooden beams are used: they are left in their native color or painted white. The more relief the wood, the higher the ceiling should be.


In modern interiors, this is an uncovered, smooth, solid surface made of light or dark wood, natural stone, and granite. The constructive and Scandinavian direction allows you to dilute monochrome with a rug with a geometric pattern or soft pile.

Cozy wooden coating is used simultaneously for walls and floors.

High-tech gloss is achieved through a laminate coated with mastic parquet board or glazed tiles.

It is rational to use a combination of different materials with a sharp differentiation into zones and competently approach the choice of furniture and accessories.

Furnish your apartment tastefully using the information from here.

Modern elegant apartment: furniture and decor

The secret of the popularity of the latest trends is the perfection of forms, beauty and practicality. Furniture and decor in space look harmonious, if they do not dominate, but complement the concept, seamlessly integrating with it.

FurnitureNew Modern Apartment Interior Design Trends 2021

It should be few. Choose clear proportions and functional designs. Priority is quality and comfort. Focus on a plain palette of gray, white, beige and sand shades, smooth facades, squat storage systems. To visually add air, pay attention to glass objects with metal elements.

Despite the restraint of the apartment’s modern design, originality is allowed: an unusual coffee table in the modern style living room, futuristic high-tech poufs for the bedroom or a design collection of armchairs for pop art space.

The central element of the fashionable living room is a large soft sofa. It can be angular or modular, assembled from several functional elements. For a modern bedroom, furniture with rounded corners and soft upholstery is suitable.


Use chrome parts, varnished surfaces, plastic and glass to create the effect of gloss and luxury. These elements are good in themselves and in combination. Combine them in contrast and ability to reflect light, dilute with matte accents.

Lighting fixtures in the design mean a lot: designer sconces, fancy-shaped floor lamps or geometric lamps favorably emphasize the overall style and add dynamics.

Graphics, black and white photos, glass and abstract sculptures are friends with the latest trends. Feel free to create a creative space, but remember: any art object should be in harmony with some nuance of the concept.

Feature of the interior in a modern style – volume letters and graphic posters.

When arranging snow-white objects, keep a strict and rhythmic order.

Do not forget about the windows and the principle of “more light and space.” Decorate the openings with Roman curtains, lightweight blinds, a mesh screen or even leave them empty – this will look appropriate and stylish.

The methods of zoning the interior of the apartment in a modern style

Zoning the space of a modern apartment is one of the key points in the development of a design project. Actual design techniques for zoning rooms help not only solve the problem of lack of space, but also create an ergonomic, functional interior in any apartment. Unsuccessful layout or methods of zoning the room can sometimes level designer finds. In the modern interior design of apartments there are many elegant and elegant methods of zoning that will transform the room and make it more open.

Glass partition

One of the most popular zoning techniques is using partitions. They are usually a small wall made of drywall, wood, plastic or glass. Glass partitions are appropriate in the bathroom, but are often used in other rooms – due to the fact that they let in light and do not “weight” the interior visually.

Partition from wooden bars in the kitchen-living room

Such a partition in the interior of the kitchen-living room in the Provence style resembles a fence near a cozy house. And thanks to the green plants that adorn her, the resemblance only intensifies. Thus, the designer entered a functional partition into the overall design concept of the kitchen-living room.

Crystal curtains

Crystal curtains are one of the most aesthetic methods of zoning rooms: they can rightfully be considered an independent element of decor. A rather unusual solution – to allocate space for a bedroom in the living-dining room – is suitable for organizing the space of small apartments.

Bar counter in the kitchen-living room

To separate the kitchen area from the living room in a single studio space of a modern apartment, a bar counter is often used. It is very functional and convenient, while the bar counter fits into almost any interior.

Kitchen island

The kitchen island with a stylish black lacquered countertop is unusually functional: it can serve as a bar counter, and a work surface, and a shelf for storage. In addition, it helps to separate the kitchen area, for example, from the living room or dining room.

Glazed wood frame partition

In the case when it is not possible to allocate a separate room for the office, the best solution may be to equip the office in the living room. To separate the zones, you can use a partition with a wooden frame, which harmonizes with the interior of the office and creates a special atmosphere in the working area.

Functional shelving unit

In the interior of a children’s room for a teenager, separation of zones using book racks will be relevant. Such a rack increases the functionality of the interior and becomes its organic part.

Color spectrum

Monochrome, neutrality and the tone-to-tone principle are the traditional palette of current trends. Shades of beige and gray allow clear line geometry to come to the fore. The main rule is no more than three colors in the composition, one of which is the main one.

The concept of “neutrality” is very broad. You can take as a basis a deep and complex olive-gray color and add a halftone. The “flash” in the form of an accent wall or a bright object will dilute calm.

Use milky, brown and peach shades in combination with black to add energy and highlight the sharpness of the lines.

If the walls “scream” red or green in the spirit of eclecticism, this explosion should be balanced by neutral furniture and simple accessories.

White is the flagship in the design of modern apartments. It is combined with any color: fresh green and blue, sunny yellow, extravagant red.

All these bold combinations can be implemented in any room.

Outwardly simple, modern style seems complicated in execution, especially in the interiors of typical city apartments, where a large footage is rare. Let’s see how in small rooms you can embody the latest trends.

Designing an apartment in a modern style is not just observing clear rules of decor. This is the harmony of color and form, the justifiable benefits of each item and convenience, contrary to traditional ideas about comfort. The capacious interior, built on the principle of “here and now”, does not tolerate patterns. Take a small step towards freedom and self-expression, expand your boundaries and live beautifully.

Color, design and textiles • Trend • Design • Interior + DesignNew Modern Apartment Interior Design Trends 2021

  1. Relax / Recharge. We are encouraged to use shades of red and blue to create a “energy-efficient” environment in terms of color and add balance to an intense and over-urbanized lifestyle. Relax / Recharge – complete immersion in color – it is on the walls, ceiling, floor and furniture. We combine different shades of one spectrum, use ombre and gradients. Color can affect our mood and emotions – excite or soothe, inspire or relax. Moreover, contrary to common stereotypes, it is known that blue can energize, and red – to help relax.
  2. Perfect imperfection. The main shade of the interiors in the spirit of Perfect Imperfection is indigo, one of the oldest colors in the world. Surfaces and textures – with brush marks, visible stitches, in the spirit of the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi with its aesthetics of unassuming simplicity, fleetingness and imperfection. Patterns and prints – inspired by historical patterns. The fabric itself is functional and durable, like a twill from which overalls are sewn.
  3. City oasis. The bet is on all shades of green, which are diluted with shades of dusty roses – they will add warmth and comfort to luxury green fabrics. The digital way of life is moving farther and farther away from nature. To fill the gap, designers are creating Urban Oasis, shelters from gray cityscapes. Objects imitate plants and natural landscapes – they adopt forms and palettes.
  4. Soft minimum. The trend is simple and elegant solutions that will not go out of fashion after a season. In the era of Soft Minimal – urbanization and lack of space, people try to do less: do not buy too much, get rid of unnecessary in order not to litter small apartments. Fabrics – multifunctional and adaptable. They are easy to take with you to create the feeling of home in a new place. Models without decor and thoughtful combinations of materials.
  5. Accept + collect. Furniture and fabrics are available for modern nomads. Instead of intricate decor and sophisticated detailing – Adapt + Assemble – geometric, linear shapes. Production methods are simple and honest. All designs are mobile and modular, they are easy to disassemble and convenient for travel.

Photo (real) Modern ideas and Implementation

The line between modern styles in design has blurred by 2020, now combinations like loft minimalism are in vogue and this makes the apartments really stylish and unique. How to combine different directions and why it is worth doing now we will understand.

6 modern ideas in apartment design

Thinking of modern design, many imagine a renovation from the beginning of the two thousandth. This is fundamentally wrong, European-quality repair is a curse and the most severe insult to the work of a designer. Forget all these curved drywall designs painted in pale blue or pink; peach or malachite tiles in bathtubs, etc. When we talk about contemporary contemporary design, we mean:

  • Angular shapes and strict lines in the decoration of the floor, walls and ceilings. Smooth lines and rounded shapes only in furniture and textiles.
  • A variety of shades. Almost unlimited color spectrum. Used and clean and dirty colors, any saturation, etc. The importance of color combinations does not negate this.
  • Environmental friendliness. The use of natural materials or their high-quality imitations is in fashion. Wood, stone, concrete, metal, glass are the main materials.
  • There is no such thing as comfort. With competent design, even an apartment dominated by concrete and metal will be as comfortable as possible, even without a carpet on the wall.
  • Maximum light. Want to diversify your design with accessories? Add light sources: hidden, background, lower. Light is the designer’s weapon. You should have a lot of switches.
  • If the ratio of living space / person allows, then the union of spaces is our everything.

These rules are already enough so as not to miscalculate with the design. It is difficult to spoil the repair with natural material and a lot of light. There is another golden rule:

The main thing is not to be too smart. Simplicity is your friend.

The combination of modern design styles

Modern interior styles of apartments do not have clear edges, they all go well together. It’s more correct to speak more quickly about directions and ideas, without pushing yourself into a rigid framework. Snobbery does not belong here.

Minimalism – basic modern style

One of the main features of almost all modern styles is simplicity. That is why the basic background and foundation of modern styles is minimalism. Some are obtained by simplification, for example, the Scandinavian style. Which is essentially minimalism with a dominance of light wood and dotted dirty colors as accents.

Others are obtained by some complication. For example, minimalism with expensive ultramodern fixtures, appliances and furniture, glass and metal (which are very expensive for the interior) is already turning into high-tech.

Remember the main thing – modern design is easier to spoil by excessive complexity than simplicity.

Use decors and elements that do not bear the functional load only if you are fully confident in their necessity.

The combination of loft and other modern styles

Loft used to be understood only as large rooms with high ceilings and a bunch of objects from the past. By 2020, design trends have changed and loft elements, especially unmasked concrete, have penetrated almost all modern apartment designs. And this is wonderful, really cool stuff to hide that crime.

In addition to the use in apartments, the loft style has become more modern and diverse. Initially, it was supposed to use accessories, lamps and furniture with a reference to the past. For this, either old lamps and furniture were restored, sometimes industrial ones, the use of which in apartments was not supposed at all. Now this technique is also used, but is no longer required.

Concrete is the main and best thing that came from the loft in all modern styles. This material is very practical due to its color and texture. And very beautiful. Some still spit calling concrete too coarse. But with the right dilution, this is a very interesting accent option.

Particularly cool concrete walls, columns and ceiling look under side light. The light from the side does not fall into the depressions on the concrete surface, they remain in the shade, this makes the texture very deep and beautiful. The play of light on uneven surfaces is a famous design technique.

Features of modern apartment design

The modern design of the apartment implies a clear division into functional zones, and it does not always coincide with the division into rooms. The development of any design is a balancing act between appearance and practicality. This balance is different from room to room.

Modern kitchen design

The kitchen is the most used room. Even if you spend less time in it than in living rooms, you perform much more active actions there. These actions are also associated with moisture, dirt and the movement of a huge number of small objects. Therefore, in the kitchen, the scales are completely biased towards practicality.

You must have seen photos of sterile white kitchens. They look very stylish and modern. But there was no feeling that no one was using them? In order for real photos to match the picture, it is important to immediately take into account the high functional workload and know how to choose a kitchen so that you do not have to wipe every dried drop of water.

From modern trends, which combine both convenience and appearance, we can distinguish:

  • Bar counters
  • White gloss for facades
  • Chipboard wood for countertops
  • Tile or laminate flooring
  • Built-in appliances
  • Large and deep sink with wing
  • Top cabinets to the ceiling
  • Refusal of black color

We explain the non-obvious. Laminate is now as strong and stable as tile. The built-in equipment looks cool and saves space on work areas, and does not collect dirt on itself and behind itself. It costs more, but it’s worth it. Cabinets to the ceiling look monolithic, do not allow them to accumulate trash and dirt. This can be achieved by lowering the ceiling a little above them, a pipe usually hides from the hood to ventilation in the same step. Black is terribly impractical – it also shows fingerprints and dried splashes of water (because it contains salts that remain when dried).

Living room and bedroom

These rooms experience much less stress, here you can give free rein to imagination and realize your ideas. The main thing is not to forget about moderation. It’s a good idea to make one room as spectacular as possible and the other just comfortable. The living room is ideal for the role of a room for wow effect. In the living room you can experiment with decorative plaster, designer lamps, complex structures on the walls and ceiling. The main thing is not to overdo it.

The main element in the bedroom is light. There should be several light modes: primary, secondary, minimal and individual. Additional – lighting for watching TV. In complete darkness, doing this is harmful. Minimum for the ability to move around and do something while the second member of the family is sleeping. Individual for reading books. Well, another combination of these modes just looks very cool. Sounds worse than being implemented in practice.

Modern studio apartment

Everything rises in price and housing is no exception. Modern apartments are constantly decreasing in size, responding to rising prices. But this decrease brought us a completely wonderful modern housing option – the studio.

The design of a studio apartment is more complicated than an ordinary apartment, because firstly we need to manage to shove everything necessary for life in a small area, and secondly, due to the lack of division into rooms, in one space there will be many different zones, objects, colors and textures. And all this should not conflict.

The good news is, if it’s easier to adhere to the principle, it’s better, most mistakes can already be avoided. Well, if you still want a sophisticated and modern design studio, then in the last paragraph a link to sensible material.

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