New Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

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New Interior Design 2022-2023: Top TrendsOur lives have changed, and so have our homes. Under this motto, the interior design of apartments and houses is now developing as a response to the situation with the coronavirus. We will tell you how significant these changes are and what trends are gaining popularity on the eve of the new 2023.

How did the pandemic affect interior design?

The first aspect is rather psychological, and experts speak about it. Forced to be in their home 24 hours a day, people began to appreciate the importance of good design more. Understanding that this is more than just surrounding yourself with “beautiful and expensive things” is a question of the quality and well-being of life.

The second aspect is purely practical tasks that the fashionable interior trends in 2023 solves:

Background mattersNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

The increase in the number of video calls not only from friends, but also from work made each of us think about the impression our home makes on other people. As in offices we wear elegant clothes, so in our room we must look decent. Therefore, the growth in sales of wall decor elements, in particular tapestries, macrame, panels, is not surprising.

Fresh air is the greatest treasureNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

While we remained locked in our homes, the available open space with fresh air became a real wealth – whether it was an abandoned backyard in a cottage or a balcony in a city apartment. A front garden, a green lawn, even a few pots with live plants have acquired therapeutic value. Indoor flowers are now not just part of the decor, but an expression of concern for psychological health, a way to establish a connection with nature as a source of energy.

Focus on function and formNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

We had enough time to study the interior of our own houses and understand how it works and how comfortable it is. This means that we will henceforth more accurately plan the premises, carefully select items for the future interior, so as not to clutter it up, buy high-quality products and materials that will last a long time.

Search for uniquenessNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

And it lies in the growing interest in vintage things. They are perceived as part of history, have charisma, are individual. They give a sense of belonging to something eternal and fundamental. Finding and buying a vintage lamp, mirror or armchair is much more fun than clicking a button in a standard online store.

Home OfficesNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

When transferring work to a remote format, interior design trends 2022/2023 must organize a comfortable, functional and beautiful workplace at home.

Even in a small space, you can make yourself comfortable. One way is to get creative with the storage system, on which the order and cleanliness of the “office” area depends. Built-in, hanging shelves, cabinets free the desk from papers and office supplies. They can be hung over the table on the next wall. Local lighting should be implemented in the form of mobile, functional and as simple as possible table lamps.

In future interiors, in addition to traditional spaces for recreation and everyday activities, the authors of projects must competently and creatively integrate work areas into the layout of the apartment. Experts believe that this is a very stable and promising trend.

Main interior color 2023

Every year the global manufacturer of premium finishing paints Dulux examines the opinion of experts in the field of design, architecture and fashion and presents a forecast for the color trends of the next season. Brown and beige Brave Ground is named the leading color in the interior of 2023.

This choice caused a wave of criticism in the Internet space, because many expected something more fun and bright as a new trend. However, experts advise to see the value in simplicity – a neutral warm, natural shade is associated with peace of mind, calmness, confidence, which we so lack in today’s difficult moment. The beautiful tone is sensitive to light and changes throughout the day. Applied to the walls, it will seem dark and enveloping at night, but when exposed to sunlight, it will sparkle with a pink blush.

Brave Ground is not the main color because it should cheer us up and paint our homes. He was chosen because it adds warmth and depth, complements bright and bold colors that can and should be combined with it. The earthy beige shade makes it easy to shine as companion paints in residential and public spaces. The four palettes are the source of inspiration – examples of combination.

“Eternal Palette”New Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

Inspirational shades of ocher and yellow along with neutral colors make a good base for any interior, traditional or modern. They bring positive and balance into the atmosphere, while not overwhelming with their energy, they are perfectly combined with natural materials and handmade products.

“Palette of the Earth”New Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

Authentic earthy hues reflect the colors of the sea, sky and soil, providing a connection with the natural world around us. Blue and green tones are harmoniously combined with each other and with the fashionable color of the interior 2023. Natural wood, aged furniture, living plants, ceramics will look great in this design.

“The palette of trust”New Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

Warm neutral grays and browns complement each other and promote communication and a sense of harmony in the home. Refined and elegant, these colors work well with modern furnishings and rich finishes such as velvet, marble, copper. This range brings a sense of intimacy to open plan layouts, making the space cozy and ideal for meetings.

“Expressive palette”New Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

Attractive shades of reds and pinks, combined with a soft neutral base, bring vitality and vitality to our home, helping to create a personalized home environment that energizes, inspires and reflects our very essence. Great design idea with clean furnishings, graphic patterns and light wood floors.

Thinking creatively and outside the box is the main ruleNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

These beautiful combinations certainly deserve to be used in the best possible way. Experts advise to dwell on the usual finishing methods and actively use the color of the year 2023 in interior design not only for walls. Why not get away from the traditional white ceiling and cornices? Why not contrast the window profiles?

You can create an original and playful look by adding a new dimension to bare walls: cutting them with sharp lines, circles or arches.

You can partially paint the walls in the corner of the room in one color and create a powerful visual reference for zoning: the room will become multifunctional – with a dedicated workspace or play area.

The photo below shows how interesting, expressive and cozy it is possible to decorate rooms using a new trend.

New Interior Decoration Trends 2023

Trendy colors in the interior 2023

If Dulux relied on soft and neutral colors as the basis for people’s peace of mind, then another trendsetter in the world of design and fashion – the American Pantone Color Institute – announced a wider and richer range in winter and spring-summer versions.

So, what are the Pantone interior colors of 2023 that will become popular and iconic?

The winter palette of the coming season includes beautiful dark and light shades that are perfect for furniture.

Ultramarine greenNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

The deep, luscious tone looks great on a classic velvet sofa with a carriage tie on a high back and a base in matt aged brass.

Almond oilNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

Delicate and cool shade is perfect for modern upholstered furniture surrounded by brutal gray walls and open space of a city apartment.

Amber glowNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

The dark orange looks very nice on dining chairs with cotton velvet upholstery and a polished brass swivel base. A striking accent for any setting.

Deep blueNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

The intense winter tone is luxurious in the design of the sofa with gentle curves and pleating.

SambaNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

A muted mature red color that goes well with metal and mirrors. An example of an original use is a chic velvet-topped chest of drawers with a marble top.

Pantone predicts spring and summer trendy colors in the interiors of 2023 to show real splendor:

  • warm golden orange;
  • heavenly;
  • earthy brown;
  • sunny yellow;
  • deep blue;
  • menthol green;
  • coral;
  • mint green;
  • purple (amethyst);
  • crimson.

The shades are perceived as comfortable, calm and at the same time energizing and uplifting.

Interior Color Trends 2023: Cool GrayNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

In order to be comfortable in the room, bright colors in the design always need a counterweight, a soothing balanced tone. Gray is just that, minimalistic, focused, natural. Combines perfectly with active, pastel and other neutral palettes. Gray is at the height of fashion year after year, and current trends are no exception.

It is important to use a smoky shade in the decoration of walls, floors, window frames, doors, textiles. In his presence, terracotta, mustard, yellow, turquoise, blue, powdery pink, white, cream, sand, coral colors sound juicier and more expressive. Even the monochrome combination of several shades of gray gives the space depth and texture.

The fashionable gray color in the interiors of 2022/2023 is welcomed not only as a basic palette, but also in the upholstery of upholstered furniture and decor of lamps. Moreover, some manufacturers have approached this issue very ingeniously.

Portuguese premium brand Boca Do Lobo has added a noble dusty gray shade of fabric to the Versailles collection of sofas and armchairs. The source of inspiration was the luxury of the French royal palace – the sides and backs are decorated with panels with handmade bas-reliefs, repeating the stucco decorations of Versailles.

Luxury brand Luxxu (also from Portugal) has unveiled the new Charla office chair. Its ergonomic shape ensures the correct posture for comfortable working for hours, and the best materials – velvet, brass and varnished wood – ensure high quality. The chair looks organically in a home office with golden decor.

The Portuguese manufacturer Delightfull chose a variant of the current gray-silver design for the Matheny wall lamp. The model has a complex geometric shape and is made by hand from a variety of brass tubes. These sconces will decorate both home and commercial space.

Living room design trends 2023: minimalist bohemian chicNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

The idea is to replace a more complex object or composition with a simple geometric figure or shape. Spaces with few pieces of furniture, complemented by luxury and handicrafts are one of the hottest trends.

In the fashionable interior of the living room 2022 – 2023, the concept of “less is more” triumphs, which is realized through the use of wood, metal, fleecy carpets, blankets, and living plants.

A few glamorous details will make the setting shine:

  • metallic luster will bring bronze, gold, chrome elements;
  • the velvet upholstery of sofas and armchairs is perfectly combined with metal.

Upholstered furniture has beautiful rounded corners and oblong shapes, a palette of natural materials. The popular retro style in the spirit of the 70s – 80s declares itself in yellow, orange, brown colors. Such sofa groups will indicate a fresh accent in the living room of a house or apartment.

Tactile designNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

The focus on the physical sensation of the textures around us became much higher during the times of self-isolation. We want to feel natural finishes and materials side by side: wood, stone, wool, linen – as opposed to sterile smooth computer screens. Moreover, it is not just the natural texture that is interesting, but its pronounced character: a rough stone slab, untreated wood. And the fewer imitations, the better. The design of the living room in the new season will be under the sign of tactile perception.

Kitchen design trends 2023

Interior trends that have gained momentum in past seasons continue to be relevant. And first of all, we are talking about color. Color solutions in kitchen design 2022-2023 still emphasize the natural theme and try to be as harmonious as possible.

Classic blueNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

The minimalistic and elegant tone is perfect for modern and traditional kitchen fronts. It goes well with white, light gray, steel shades, golden decor, natural wood texture. Usually plays the role of the darkest element of the finish.

Dark greenNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

A color inspired by nature will remain popular for years to come. It is used in the design of not only a headset, but also walls, an apron.

Neutral backgroundNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

Its task is to create an intimate and welcoming environment in the kitchen interior. Surrounded by unobtrusive, low-saturation and not overpowering beige, cream, sand and other shades, it’s easier to focus on the value of communication and each other’s personality.

Natural materialsNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

The use of wood and stone is encouraged and realizes the desired intimate connection with the natural outside world. Marble, granite, wood paneling, furniture, flooring enliven the project and look especially impressive on a large footage.

Modern retroNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

Fashionable kitchen design in 2023 is inconceivable without the style of the 70s – 80s. And not in the form of thoughtless copying, but as a rethinking in an aesthetically more restrained version.

The palette is incredibly attractive: yellow, orange, pumpkin, olive, green, brown, tangerine, warm and soft colors of avocado, wheat ears, sunflower, bohemian purple, turquoise. Juicy tones transform the space, and neutral white is introduced for balance. Methods for incorporating colors into the kitchen interior – furniture facades, “island” decoration, painted walls, mosaic cladding, ceramic apron, dishes and textile elements.

Bedroom interior trends 2023New Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

The new season continues the popular trends of 2022, no aesthetic shocks are expected here. The bedroom is still our psychological refuge, so all planning and decoration decisions are aimed primarily at creating comfort.

What trends in bedroom interior design will be in demand:

  • beds on mobile or stationary platforms that perform the function of storing things (a big plus in compact city apartments);
  • a minimalistic canopy as a decoration, four vertical metal racks and a horizontal bar are enough (even a men’s bedroom will be transformed with such an accessory and will not lose brutality);
  • natural finishing materials, decorative elements, the desire to surround yourself with tactilely pleasant textures and natural shades;
  • dosed use of luxury elements – velvet, sparkling metal parts, marble.

In the design of the 2023 bedroom, as you can see in the photo, the tendencies of a neat combination of a laconic layout, a natural color palette and modern balanced glamor prevail.

Bathroom design trends in 2023

A professional bathroom interior is interesting because it combines practical functions and aesthetics. Popular decorative trends of recent years will retain their positions in the new season.

Large-scale marble finishingNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

You can not limit yourself to the use of stone tiles and cover all surfaces. The smooth texture and light tones will make the room appear longer and wider.

Marble is present not only in wall and floor cladding, but also inspires manufacturers to create plumbing fixtures of an unusual shape. For example, sinks in the form of a stylized tree stump, a washbasin with streamlined edges, a round bath on the podium.

Illuminated round mirrorsNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

They can be paired, singles, or make up an asymmetrical composition. Hidden LED lighting creates a floating effect that always looks extremely stylish against a dark background.

Glamor injectionNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

The current bathroom design of 2023 is hard to imagine without golden accents. Especially when there are such stunning models as a font with gilded brass pipes.

One of the symbols of Japanese culture – koi carp – suggested the idea for decorating sinks. The brass panels resembling scales shine very beautifully and reflect the sun falling from the windows.

It is appropriate to introduce the golden color in the form of lamps, mirror frames, furniture legs. Spot inclusions will ennoble even the smallest room, and in a spacious bathroom they will create the desired atmosphere of luxury.

Natural elementsNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

Bathroom décor follows the trends in interior design 2023 and actively uses natural décor. This applies not only to the decoration of walls and floors with wood, slate tiles, the use of pebbles, and living plants. Original plumbing fixtures and furniture will help you get the desired result. For example, a rough stone washbasin bowl or a hanging wooden cabinet with an inverted mountain silhouette.

Furniture trends in the interior 2023New Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

Presenting new collections, reputable world manufacturers have focused their attention on smooth curved lines and rounded shapes. This is one of the main furniture trends 2022-2023, which should be taken into account when arranging an apartment or house.

Unusual silhouettes of coffee tables give the living room a unique look. The Wave Table by Boca do Lobo is an example of an original approach to furnishing. The wave table is made of wood and handcrafted, depending on the model, with hammered copper, stainless steel, poplar veneer, patinated brass. The curved table top is made of black glass and resembles a puddle of water left on the rocks after rain. You can also choose a bedside table with the same design.

A folding screen divider made of fiberglass trimmed with gold leaf is a symbol of wealth. The streamlined shapes resemble river pebbles and are pleasant to the touch.

The Monochrome console table will definitely not go unnoticed. Molded resin creates the most sophisticated and unusual volumes, and rich colors act as an accent in modern living spaces.

The elegant Ortensia wardrobe by Fornasetti is an example of the excellent craftsmanship of the cabinetmakers. The tree is hand-painted with the famous décor of cheerful hydrangeas, and in the center is the recognizable face of Lina Cavalieri. The rounded silhouette of the cabinet adds depth to the design. This is not just a 2023 furniture trend with a predominance of curved shapes, but a real work of art.

Brabbu’s Essex swivel chair looks incredibly cozy and is the perfect piece for setting up a reading corner. The armchair is upholstered in velvet and the base is made of matt aged brass. This model will make any living room elegant.

Some experts in the next two years predict a change in the vector when choosing furniture for home furnishings. And they strongly advise to give up headsets as a set of items with the same design right now. Such headsets, in their opinion, form a dull space and leave a room without character. Better to bet on eclecticism. And another trend that will gradually go out of fashion within a couple of years is tufted (woven) headboards with intricate decor. They will be replaced by something laconic and simple.

Lighting Trends 2023

Lighting trends in interior design 2022-2023 are set not only by venerable manufacturers, but also by talented young designers from all over the world. The International A’Design Award has highlighted several original designs that deserve to be found in our homes and offices.

Minimal designNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

The accent in the small table lamp is not on visual appeal, but on the lighting control itself. The user can control the light intensity, and also adjust the upper light beam using a diaphragm, like on a camera. The light’s simple shape helps focus on pure function.

Home office lightingNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

The idea of creating an LED stand for a webcam was inspired by life itself. We are constantly writing something on the table (master classes, presentations, blogs), and I want to make it easier.

This LED table lamp is easy to assemble and has a flexible mechanism that can rotate 360 degrees. The built-in webcam records images up to 1080p and uses auto focus. The round shape reduces heat and provides eye comfort.

Interaction principleNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

A luminous circle that floats freely around the line. The concept of this adjustable table lamp involves interaction in order to change the way light is perceived. A person should not just put a static light source somewhere, he can change the position of the ring, simply by pulling it with his hand. The lamps of 2023 are objects that are not only interesting to look at, they make you want to play with them.

Mobius lampNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

The pendant model embodies a mysterious mathematical beauty. And from a practical point of view, it has a working front and back surface with a built-in LED strip and satisfies the need for lighting from all sides. The structure is made of acrylic and bamboo, the complex shape is obtained in the process of thermal bending.

Bubble Hanging SpheresNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

This trend in interior lighting has persisted for many seasons and is found in the collections of many brands. A fun and elegant addition to any private or hotel space.

Decorative Interior Design Trends 2023

The cyclical nature of fashion is a curious phenomenon from the point of view of transformation and new sounding of already familiar objects.

Mirror UltrafragolaNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

In 1970, Italian architect and designer Ettore Sottass invented a model with the provocative name Super Strawberry, whose wavy silhouette symbolizes the feminine essence. It was made from a mirror-like sheet and a revolutionary cast polymethyl methacrylate for that time. When used in the interior, the product is attractive not only with its unusual streamlined shape, but also with neon pink illumination inside the plastic frame. Ultrafragola is in harmony with many styles and thanks to its size is a strong decorative accent in any room.

Very few of these mirrors were released, so now the model is being hunted at specialized auctions. A must-have for postmodern design enthusiasts.

Ancient roman figuresNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

Another trend 2022/2023 in decor, which is now especially strong, is the inclusion of antique sculptures in the design. And not only in spacious private houses, but also in the setting of a small city apartment. Table busts or full-length figures, they stunningly organically complement the Scandinavian interior, classic, loft, modern and popular mid-centuri modern.

Gold accentsNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

This trend absolutely supports the dominant idea of luxurious spaces with minimalist designs. Point golden decor in the design of walls, furniture, lamps.

Handmade carpetsNew Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

Yes, yes, it is far from a new topic, but still relevant. Another round of interest is associated with the use of environmentally friendly raw materials in the production. Particularly popular are carpets made of thick woolen yarn with a rough texture.

Individualization course

Paradoxically, the most important interior design trend in 2023 calls for ignoring all fashion vectors and focusing on adapting and personalizing the home interior based on your own interests and tastes.

It is not surprising that in this light, the demand for designer furniture and items that can be easily customized (movable lamps, interchangeable shelves, modules, etc.) is growing. But no matter what unusual solutions the market offers, one must remember: the interior design is a comfortable space for its inhabitants. Even when their perceptions of beauty run counter to annual trends.

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