What is the color of the year 2021

What is the color of the year 2021When we have to decide the decoration for modern bedrooms for example or the living room, one of the first things that we take into account is the color of the walls, the ceiling and also, of course, the furniture and decorative elements. Many times we opt for those tones that we like, while on other occasions, we choose those colors that are trendy and in this sense many people pay attention to what the Pantone palette marks. Let’s now know what is the color of the year 2021.

What Is The New Pantone Color Of 2021new pantone color of the year 2021

If you do not know what Pantone color is, we have to explain that it is the color or colors that are declared a trend every year by  Pantone Inc. that catalogs and inspires designers, brands and all those who always want to keep up to date and find the shades most suitable not only for interior decoration, but also for clothing design and, of course, graphic design.

Pantone has long chosen a color of the year and this shade influences the world of fashion as well as furniture and design in general. Therefore, the range of colors certified by Pantone are always a reference.

Sky Blue, The New Pantone 2021 Colorsky blue pantone colros 2021

By 2021, the new Pantone color is sky blue, a color that appears to follow in the footsteps of the color the company chose as the 2020 color, classic blue.

In this way, let’s get ready, because we are sure that we will see many walls of sky blue, perhaps combined with other shades such as white or coral that was the color that Pantone chose to represent 2019.

But Pantone makes it clear that his choice of color 2021, not only the light blue that we all have in mind when we mention the words “sky blue” but actually, refers to the blue of the sky in its different shades, from early in the Tomorrow until late at night, and with it we will have a wide palette of shades with which to paint our home walls, choose curtains or bedding and of course, paint furniture, or any decorative element that we want to buy to give a new look to our home in 2021.

Specifically, the choice of sky blue as the Pantone 2021 color is made for the spring-summer 2021 season, so if we already have in mind to change the tones in our home, what better than to opt for the blue palette for next months.

Pantone 2021 Color Trends

Along with the sky blue that will be the color of the year 2021 for Pantone, we have to add that Pantone Inc, ensures that the colors close to nature, and again appears blue (intense) or green (in all its shades but especially the brightest), will also be a trend in terms of colors for fashion, design and decoration in 2021.

But they also augur a year in which color trends are going to move towards calm and natural tones that, as they themselves state, “hint at the influence of raw dyes and recycling.”

Now we can then begin to think about how to decorate the house with the fashionable color for 2021 and the others chosen by Pantone, but if you do not know exactly how to do it, we offer you some ideas below.

How To Decorate The House In Sky Blue

The term blue derives from the Persian language, which refers to the color of lapis lazuli, a precious stone that has this particular and intense tone. In chromotherapy, blue indicates relaxation, promoting communication and dialogue.

In fact, it is a particularly suitable color to paint the walls of the room, a place almost entirely dedicated to rest and more if it is the sky blue that Pantone indicates as a trend color for 2021.

Let’s specifically look at some practical tips for painting the different home environments blue, and specifically, in the sky blue that Pantone indicates as a trend color, both in the lightest shade and in the most intense (sky blue at night).

Bedroombedroom pantone colors 2021

As already mentioned, blue is the perfect shade for a place intended for rest and relaxation.

It is a perfect option to paint the wall behind the headboard, and thus make the room truly relaxing, capable of transmitting tranquility and a perfect solution for those looking for a color that solves insomnia problems.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to have the walls in a different color, sky blue can be present in curtains and bedding, also combining the two intensities of sky blue that we have spoken about.

Kid’s Bedroomkids room color of the year 2021

On the other hand, the lighter sky blue is the ideal color for the children’s bedroom and especially that of babies. Always used to indicate the boy’s masculine gender, blue, including all its forms, represents the perfect color for both boys and girls.

Among the options, you can decide to paint the widest wall in the room and then decorate it with squares and wall stickers to personalize the environment.

And if it is a children’s bedroom but for older children and even adolescents, we can choose the night sky blue for one of the walls, leaving the rest blank or combine with the lighter sky blue. Also, it may be a good idea to leave space on the walls to hang fun pictures and photos of children.

Lounge And / Or Living Roomliving room color of the year 2021

In the living room of the house, blue represents a very particular option, which differs from traditional colors to paint the walls.

In this way, sky blue can be used on the walls to make the atmosphere relaxing and cozy, both in summer and winter, helping to make the room brighter.

If the atmosphere is too classic for your tastes, the softest sky blue will allow you to soften the tones, making the space more welcoming to guests.

Kitchenkitchen color of the year 2021

Blue is a color that can also work very well in a traditional kitchen as well as in modern kitchen decoration, making it the right color for both walls and furniture components.

Elegant and youthful at the same time, it is ideally combined with metallic elements such as handles, kitchen accessories and the inevitable household appliances.

On the other hand, the most intense sky blue is ideal in a rustic setting, where the important presence of wood stands out in the main elements, such as the table and chairs, which combine perfectly with this natural material and make the atmosphere really cozy.

Another decidedly nice combination is with the white kitchen cabinets, a choice reminiscent of Scandinavian style.

Bathroombathroom color of the year 2021

If you want your bathroom to be in marine style, the most intense blue of the sky is the ideal option for your home bathroom.

It is perfectly adapted to traditional white sanitary products, being a calm and relaxing tone.

The contrast with a wood effect porcelain stoneware floor will make the space even more welcoming.

There are also decoration accessories and all those elements that make the bathroom more comfortable which can look sky blue without problem. From fabrics for towels and typical bathroom linen, to soap dishes and containers for shampoos and shower gel.

In particular, in a small bathroom that chooses wall coverings, light sky blue tiles make the environment soft and very bright, helping to give a more expanded dimension of space.

Or, you can ideally divide the room in half, choosing white tile in addition to the sanitary ware, while the light sky blue walls and ceiling will give a decidedly elegant tone to the bathroom.

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