The Refined Interior of the Living Room 2021: Stylish Trends In Design, Features Of The Layout, Choice Of Style

Refined Interior of the Living Room 2021: Stylish Trends In Design, Features Of The Layout, Choice Of StyleAny family wants to relax in a comfortable and cozy house, the interior of each room in which is created by the thoughtful decision of an experienced designer. First of all, we are talking about the living room, because it is a joint space for all households. It is in this room the family gathers in the evenings, celebrates holidays, close friends and acquaintances communicated here. Of course, often the living room acts as a dining room or study, but this does not detract from the fact that its design should be treated carefully in the general planning process, and working out all the details of the interior design of the living room 2021.

Living room 2021 – features of a modern layoutRefined Interior of the Living Room 2021: Stylish Trends In Design, Features Of The Layout, Choice Of Style

Each year, new types of materials for decoration are developed, the variety of their color shades is increasing, the texture of wallpapers, textiles is changing, the design of furniture is becoming different. Some of this is quickly forgotten, but much remains in trend. Therefore, you need to weigh everything well, and make the right choice, so that the flaws do not cut your eyes.

Let’s talk in more detail about what is an unconditional trend in modern interior design, and what should be taken into account.

Living room 2021 intended for relaxation should remain stylish, bright and spacious if it is used only for its intended purpose. You will be in an unconditional trend if you use the ideas for planning the living room 2021 in a minimalist or eco-style.

Advice! In a modern living room 2021, everything should be not only beautiful, comfort and ergonomics are important. The tendency to live in accordance with ecologically harmonious principles, observance of ergonomic tasks – this is what has become a fashionable trend of the time.

Today, designers say that you can break the established rules, break the stereotypes that are so often advised. For example, to put a lot of furniture in a large room, and in a small room it will be limited to a small amount.

Creating a modern trendy design of the living room 2021 (photos are presented in the article), get ready for new approaches. The main thing is that your living room should be comfortable, functional, not overloaded with things and non-standard in terms of its design.

Advice! If the living room is done in the passage room, then the center of your whole composition needs to be shifted to the window, but the passage should be left free.

A very fashionable option today is a living room with a bay window. If you are lucky and you have such a feature in the architecture of the house, this will be the highlight of the entire interior.

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The bay window can decorate, make non-standard any seemingly ordinary layout. When planning your living room, the main role should be given to the location of the window openings.

On a note! Large windows are very popular today. They create magnificent natural lighting which gives comfort to a living room. To create additional effect of latitude and space, a high ceiling will help.

Zoning – a fashionable reception for living room decoration 2021Refined Interior of the Living Room 2021: Stylish Trends In Design, Features Of The Layout, Choice Of Style

Zoning of space is the leitmotif of all the original solutions for the modern design of the living room in 2021. If the room is large, then it must be divided into several functional zones. For example, in one place you can arrange a place for a comfortable passive rest, watching programs on TV in the evenings of the whole family.

The interior design of the living room 2021 can be called ideal when different spaces imperceptibly and smoothly flow into each other, while resonating in their style and well-chosen range of different color shades.

Designer Tips

  1. If you correctly zoning the space, then a very small room can be divided into several functional zones: a place for passive relaxation, a zone for entertainment, a small office, a small dining room. Everything in this regard depends only on the traditional lifestyle of family members, it is important to consider their interests when arranging the living room.
  2. A fashionable solution when zoning the space is small folding decorative screens, several stylish partitions, small podiums, as well as decorated load-bearing beams. The use of these elements visually cuts the space into several parts.
  3. A simple but still popular technique of zoning a room is through carpet or textiles. Wall decoration with contrasting or similar in tone, but with different textures, wallpaper inserts will help to highlight several functional areas in the living room. Various lamps on the ceiling and walls, LED lights , original decorative elements will complete and emphasize the effect .

Trendy colors in the interior of the living room 2021Refined Interior of the Living Room 2021: Stylish Trends In Design, Features Of The Layout, Choice Of Style

To paint the walls this year, you can safely use various pastel colors, that is, light brown, light ocher, beige, sand, light yellow colors still remain relevant. However, if you are interested in an ultra-fashionable shade, then this is a light menthol or light turquoise.

You can use these colors as complementary, as a decor. Gradient-style painting does not lose its popularity, dark shades should begin immediately below, near the floor and the higher, the brighter it becomes. By the way, this technique visually expands the room.

Living room 2021 which fashion trends do not cease to amaze, accepts and brighter colors. If the general style allows, they can be used for wall decoration or decoration. Saturated green color, shades of emerald, burgundy, purple (plum shade) will look stylish.

This palette can do color accents and spots. But you need to remember that when you use a bright color when painting a wall, you need to “support” it with decorative elements, the color of curtains, and upholstered furniture. Otherwise, your living room will not look harmonious, the color accent will seem superfluous. Bright spots on the wall look beautiful and very modern in shades of white around.

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Ultra-fashionable in the modern interior of the living room 2021 will be such a thing as a total identical color. This means that all the decor, wall decoration, furniture – everything is done in one color.

In the minimalism style, it can be a snow-white color, milky or grayish-white in a loft, shades of beige are always relevant, shades of pink are good for a young girl.

In order to make the beautiful design of the living room 2021 more practical, it is better to use as the main color (walls, floor, ceiling): shades of white, sand, beige, gray, and achieve uniformity with the help of additional accessories.

Bright curtains, curtains, soft pillows, lamps, dishes, decorative elements, ottomans will look good. In addition, they can always be replaced with other colors at any time.

It is worth mentioning the prints, which are still in fashion. Today, the trend is geometry, contrast, dynamic and rapid. Applying prints, one must not forget about a sense of proportion. If you are sure that the sense of style and taste will not let you down, you can use several different prints, but similar in theme and color scheme.

Furniture & Accessories: Living Room Ideas 2021Refined Interior of the Living Room 2021: Stylish Trends In Design, Features Of The Layout, Choice Of Style

When choosing furniture for a modern living room, you need to remember that the ideal choice for the last seasons will be elegant, but at the same time as simple, even laconic things. The most valuable for actual furniture is its ergonomics, convenience, unconditional naturalness, thoughtful functionality.

The top has simple, very clear shapes and lines made of materials: marble, glass, stone, natural wood. Taking into account the general style, you can always choose the perfect option.

Today it has become fashionable again, it takes care of nature, to consider itself an inseparable part, and this is not a slogan, it is a modern concept that must be kept at the forefront when decorating the living room 2021, including when choosing furniture for the living room. For example, furniture can be solved in the style of “eco” or made using technology for processing secondary raw materials.

The most fashionable, you can even say trendy reception when decorating a living room is the use of transformers. The most top-notch is a modern and multi-functional table. The so-called “smart furniture” is in great demand today. Sofas made using this technology turn not only into beds, but also into a space for the game. Very small tables are transformed into huge tables, and chests of drawers, and seemingly large nightstands, easily and simply add up as temporary uselessness to something that is an elegant piece of decor.

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On a note! Another interesting interior solution can be called – the presence in the room of small mobile coffee tables, which make the life of a housewife much easier.

Incidentally, the modern living room 2021 is a room without a standard, and, it seems, boring to many, sofa. Instead, alternative places for comfortable sitting are placed in the room today: various chairs and small couches of irregular shape. It is better to purchase furniture upholstered in natural fabric, and, of course, in the same style and color scheme.

All mirrored large and small surfaces are in trend, the use of mirrors in the living room is considered today not only appropriate, but also a stylish technique. Therefore, it is worth making the facades of large cabinets, a small piece of the wall, and even a ceiling or part of it, be mirrored.

This will seem strange to someone, but the screens are returning to fashion again. Naturally, they acquire a modern look, and are used not only as an element of the simplest zoning, but also as an independent accent that brings a pleasant “zest” to the living room.

It is worth mentioning that brass decor is considered very popular, not only in the kitchen, but also in the living room. Lamps or small decorative elements from this metal, if they fit into the style, will be appropriate.

However, do not turn the living room into an exhibition or gallery, “congestion” today is considered an outdated and out-of-date reception.

Lighting in the living room 2021Refined Interior of the Living Room 2021: Stylish Trends In Design, Features Of The Layout, Choice Of Style

It’s no secret that there should be a lot of light in the living room. The times when the “darkness” were held in high esteem have departed. The room can have several sconces, a pair of table lamps, a floor lamp and a large chandelier. Only a huge ceiling chandelier and a floor lamp, as it was before, are not enough today. Additional illumination will help with zoning space.

For several years, fixtures of simple geometric shapes have not gone out of fashion; they fit perfectly into all modern interior styles. Simplicity and emphasized clarity of the main lines are more relevant than ever. Designers continue to praise the original asymmetric lighting, known for their efficiency due to the modern design. Highlighted “technogenic” sconces and floor lamps are good in the style of loft and high-tech, they are still popular in the minimalistic direction of design.

In the light of the aforementioned, all lighting fixtures should be ergonomic, very practical, safe and convenient to use, as well as multi-functional. Only high-quality lighting products will help you create a special interior fashion space that will be thought out in the smallest details.

Today, various LED backlights are very widely used. Such a technological and innovative light on a person makes interesting impressions of a peculiar futurism, which is very appropriate if you want to get a fashionable design of the living room 2021.