7 Main Bar Design Trends 2020

7 Main Bar Design Trends 2020Every day more and more people are showing interest in cafes and bars, and if earlier dinner outside the home was considered something special, now it is just part of the daily life of most residents of the metropolis.

We meet friends at brunches in our favorite bars, go for spicy lattes to cozy coffee houses, spend Friday nights in our favorite noisy bar – such places have become a part of our life. It is not surprising that restaurateurs are trying to stand out in the harsh conditions of competition, and competent market players pay attention not only to food and work with staff, but also to interior design.

In times of growing popularity of social networks, fancy furniture and views from panoramic windows can attract no less guests than a chef’s tour with a Michelin star. In this regard, on the examples of successful world projects, we talk about the main interior bar design trends 2020.

Main Trends in Bar Designs 2020

1. The effect of “under repair”7 Main Bar Design Trends 2020

The trend toward naturalness and ease in recent years has begun to gain momentum and is reflected in all areas of life. Decorators boldly balance pompous hotel interiors with concrete walls without wallpaper. Quite quickly, this decision migrated from apartments to cafes, bars and bars. The bare wall is clearly becoming the center of attention. Surrounded by neat furniture and green plants, a neglected piece of the hall causes dissonance and at the same time increased interest.

The idea should not be hidden in the depths of the institution, let it be in sight, because an unpainted wall on the way to the restroom will cause bewilderment and associations with incomplete finishing works. The owners of the Dottir bar, for example, put a bar counter exactly at the most “neglected” part of the room.

2. Monocolor7 Main Bar Design Trends 2020

Since Instagram has become one of the main platforms for advertising and brand promotion, the bar’s photogenicity has been a fundamental factor in its popularity.

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For example, the hashtag #marxito collected hundreds of photos of users of social networks from the futuristic pink bar Marxito in Paris, the interior of which was created by the famous designer Ora Ito.

Now restaurateurs are not afraid to take risks and paint the bar in one color, and influencers do not miss the chance to make a shot in a monochrome interior. The Happy End Moscow bar decided to spill the paint: in the famous “yellow room” on the second floor of the bar, only the lazy did not take a selfie.

Expert opinion:

“Speaking about the trends of today, it is difficult to limit ourselves to design only in the field of interiors. With the development of industry, technology and communications, it has become easier for trends to seep into all areas, be it fashion, graphic design or subject.

One of the most noticeable trends today is the monocolor. Since color is one of the most accessible (but not the simplest) and expressive techniques in design, it is especially interesting to put into practice. The general enthusiasm for postmodernism and the avant-garde in recent years only fuels interest in such projects. For apartments, such solutions may look too bold, so the reception was especially fond of public projects.

For example, it is worth recalling the well-known and beloved by many London barMadhavi or the yoga studio MIA Yoga in Moscow, the interior of which was worked by one of the most sought-after designers in the west, Harry Nuriev.

Combinations of objects and textures of the same hue continue to amaze and look fresh, so this trend will be one of the most persistent for a long time, and modern production and materials have long made it possible to make projects high-quality and unique. ”

3. Velvet7 Main Bar Design Trends 2020

Fashion for velvet gracefully migrated from the catwalks to bars. Velvet furniture looks good in interiors, adding special charm and color romance in the spirit of Wes Anderson’s films.

Do not forget that velvet itself is quite dramatic material, and the dark palette will only add to it heaviness. For this reason, the London bar Clerkenwell Grind and Parisian Madame Fu preferred sofas and armchairs in airy pink.

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The material is also not the easiest to maintain, so it is not suitable for a fast-food bar with deep-fried dishes – you are tormented with spots on photogenic chairs.

4. Street art7 Main Bar Design Trends 2020

Street food surrounded by street art is a hybpist’s dream (google if you don’t already know the word). If the concept of your bar or cafe does not argue with the spirit of freedom of street art, then feel free to transfer graffiti to the walls of the institution.

The owners of the Hong Kong bar Bibo turned out to be even more ambitious and collected works of art by Banksy, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and other contemporary artists in the bar. You can start collecting your collection with local celebrities – Sartek stickers and philosophical inscriptions of the Why command will come in handy.

5. Plants7 Main Bar Design Trends 2020

Fashion for wellness in all spheres of life has provoked the growth of bars and cafes with vegetarian and vegan menus. Often the owner of such establishments is limited to green walls and wooden furniture, some go further and focus on eco-design.

But recently, plants have become the main chip in such places: trees and flowers harmoniously fit into space and create the illusion of unity with nature, which is very lacking in big cities.

Do not choose too capricious plants, decorators advise giving preference to ficus, ivy, chlorophytum, aloe and other unpretentious species. Nevertheless, it is also important to look after them, a dried-up tree in a vegetarian cafe looks depressing. Chlorophyll in the interior of the bar adds green, because the rest of the palette should either dim this brightness (choose beige, white, gray, light brown), or emphasize it (see paragraph “Monocolor”).

No need to be afraid of active green. For example, the creators of the Botanique Café Tropique bar in Amsterdam covered the walls with lush green paint and did not fail, turning the institutions into a civilized jungle.

6. Zoning7 Main Bar Design Trends 2020

VIP-halls and “secret rooms” in bars are already outliving their last days. They will be replaced by a competent zoning of space, where each visitor can enjoy their personal space without shouting down conversations at the next table. The most difficult part in solving this problem is not to overload the room and not to absorb the entire space with walls.

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The creators of Barca’s bar on the Italian Riviera have found the perfect way out of the situation – original design solutions that separate the bar’s zones. White pipes, low partitions and glass inserts organically look in the interior and do an excellent job with their functions, creating a certain privacy at the tables.

7. Floral print7 Main Bar Design Trends 2020

The floral pattern promises to be the main trend of 2019. Drawn buds, leaves and greens do not need special care, unlike real plants, while adding a romantic mood to the atmosphere.

Decorators note that the colorful walls are a strong accent in the interior, so the patterns on the furniture will be superfluous, but the one-color solutions, albeit bright, will only emphasize the flowering design.

The interior design of a cafe or bar is considered the most important element of the institution’s concept and can become one of the determining factors for success. The individuality and uniqueness of design is now becoming not only a whim of ambitious bar owners, but also a banal necessity. Megacities are oversaturated with institutions of different formats, so you need to stand out from competitors. Only franchises can afford to copy the familiar faceless interiors.

An obvious trend in the design of cafes and bars has become the abundance of colors, complex, vibrant, harmonious. At the same time, color can also successfully become just an accent in the interior, emphasizing the calm range.

Another undeniable trend is unusual furniture, but without a bias towards surrealism. In terms of decor, designers are advised to pay attention to plants, they create a special atmosphere of the institution. And do not be afraid of complex projects and bold decisions, originality is now more relevant than ever.