Living Room Apartment Design 2025/2026

Living Room Apartment Design Ideas 2020 2021Making a living room in an apartment – selection of furniture, curtains and wallpaper

The living room is the face of each apartment. A family gathers in it in the evenings, and on holidays it becomes a gathering place for friends and acquaintances. Therefore, the main task for the designer is to create a cozy space in which people will feel as comfortable as possible.

Let’s take a look at examples and look at the photo of living room in the apartment design 2025/2026 to understand the basic principles by which specialists create a harmonious atmosphere.

Consider three examples:

  • In the first case, you can take as a basis white, gray and light green colors, a combination of which will give the room an atmosphere of the 60s. For visual expansion of the space, the complete absence of curtains is allowed. To the situation does not look too naked, you can hang a white tulle on the windows. Alternatively, blinds in white or beige are well suited;
  • Another common option is to complement the decor with indoor flowers, which are an excellent substitute for artificial decor. Light directed at the walls will help to visually enlarge the living room. So that the room does not look too simple, it is worth hanging a large chandelier, which will become a real highlight of the interior;
  • In the third example, the living room is decorated with high-tech. This is a rather fresh look at the design of such rooms, which is practical, since there are no unnecessary details in the high-tech style. General rigor is diluted with light blue pillows and curtains.


Basic tips

Family members spend a lot of time in the living room, so furniture must be practical and versatile.

Note! In the old years, expensive furniture was purchased for the hall, since the room was intended exclusively for receiving guests, now the functions of the living room have expanded significantly – this room can act as a bedroom or an office.

The classic design of the living room suggests the presence of upholstered and comfortable furniture. The standard set is a sofa and a pair of armchairs (it is also allowed to use a corner sofa today). This option has gained popularity in past years, but now there are many alternative solutions.

Furniture combination

In Russia, the design of a living room means a set of upholstered furniture with additional elements in the form of a coffee table and wall. In the West, the layout of the hall is understood somewhat more broadly, since this room often acts as a dining room. Therefore, chairs, chests of drawers and a dining table are added to the above set.

All furniture for the hall is divided into cabinet and upholstered. Similar combinations are always present both in classical interiors, and more modern. Today, cabinet furniture has many varieties and stands out for its lightweight construction, which allows it not to clutter up the room, but to blend in organically.

How to select curtains?

It is necessary that the curtains not only correspond to the design of the living room, but also provide comfort to the room. When choosing this element, it is worth starting from the degree of illumination and color design of the room.

In the living room, you can hang long curtains or shortened (length to the windowsill) – any of these options will be successful. To visually expand the space in a small apartment, select curtains to match the color of the wallpaper. Plain curtains are best for such a room. If you want more decorative options, you can purchase curtains with small drawings or ribbons.


Modern design options for ceilings make it possible to realize many interesting solutions. It is not difficult to purchase any materials for decoration – they are in every hardware store.

When decorating ceilings, it is advisable to follow the principles:

  • Ceilings should complement the existing interior, so in this matter should be based on the overall design of the living room;
  • If the size of the hall is small and you need to visually increase the space, choose a stretch ceiling with a glossy surface;
  • For the large living room, multi-level ceilings made of drywall are well suited. They allow visual zoning of the premises;
  • For ceilings, it is allowed to use classic options in the form of murals or stucco moldings that are time-tested and do not lose their popularity.


How to choose

In terms of choice of wallpaper, the most difficulties arise. Today, their range is unusually wide, which is why buyers almost always have difficulty choosing. However, this gives rise to numerous ideas for decorating the living room – the photos below demonstrate this to us

Before buying a wallpaper, you need to determine the following factors:

  • fashion trends;
  • cost;
  • material;
  • the parameters of your living room.

Advice! It is worth noting that fashion trends often lose their relevance over time, so it makes sense to focus more on proven options when decorating the living room.

How to take into account the size of the room

Before choosing the color of the wallpaper and its texture, you need to take into account the lighting and dimensions of the living room. With the help of well-chosen wallpapers, you can both select individual parts of the room and hide them.

For large rooms with good lighting, bright and vibrant colors are best. For example, purple, burgundy, blue or green wallpapers will set the general mood and will become one of the main elements of a spacious living room. However, experts recommend not to get carried away with a particularly bright color, because over time it can become too intrusive. It is important to find a balance between moderation and rich tones.

For small rooms, choose light wallpapers that visually expand the space. Drawing in the form of a small ornament in this case will only be beneficial. If the room has low ceilings, it is worth buying wallpaper with vertical stripes.

Wallpaper as the main element of style

With the help of wallpaper, the style design of the living room interior is emphasized, so you need to build on the principles of a particular design direction. Consider a combination with the most popular styles:

  • For the classic style, expensive wallpapers decorated with gilding, painting, various intricate drawings and floral motifs are suitable;
  • Modern style involves wallpaper in light and soft colors;
  • Art Nouveau uses natural shades with various ornaments, while the tones themselves are quite muted;
  • For the English style, textured wallpapers are selected;
  • In the living room, which is decorated under Provence, it is better to purchase wallpaper in beige, cream or milk color.


We examined the main recommendations of specialists on the design of the living room in the apartment. Following these tips, you can easily create a harmonious interior that will delight you and your guests.

Niches in the room, how you can arrange, ideas and options, interior design in the house

The living room should be decorated so that it is stylish and pleases the cozy atmosphere of all family members

The hallmark of any home, of course, is the living room, and the uniqueness of its design speaks of the character and taste of the owner. All the most important events take place in the living room, so it should look perfect. Making out with taste and sorting out a huge number of design and style variations is not such an easy task, you can get confused and make mistakes. Let’s get it right.

Stylish living room

The living room is a multifunctional room, which hosts both noisy parties and quiet family evenings. It is necessary to combine cosiness and presentability, uniqueness and comfort. There are two solutions to this problem: to pay for an individual project made by a professional designer, or to show imagination and furnish everything with your own hands.

To implement your own design, you need to determine the style of the interior in which the living room will be executed.

Before you make out a guest room, you need to decide in which style direction the room will be equipped

The main styles used in living rooms:

  • Classic. Emphasizes high wealth and sophisticated taste. Used expensive furniture, light shades and luxurious textiles.
  • Minimalism. Cantilever furniture with strict geometry, asceticism, maximum free space.
  • Modern. Floral ornament, natural colors, complex graphics and many decorative elements.
  • Country. Small floral ornament, handicrafts, natural colors, wood or stone finishes to highlight the rustic atmosphere.
  • Baroque. Vintage patterns, stucco molding, ostentation and gilding, furniture with inlay and carving.
  • Gothic. High cupboards, stained glass windows, elongated arches, imitation of the Middle Ages.
  • Hi-tech. Cold shades, modern technology, unusual shapes and industrial materials: metal, glass, concrete.

There are others: loft, patchwork, boho, eco, Scandinavian, Chinese and even Egyptian. There are a lot of them and you can’t keep up with fashion trends and design innovations, therefore it is better to stop your choice on the style that first of all will be comfortable for all family members.

Having decided on the style of the interior, it should be adhered to the very end, in all the details and finishes. Design should be traced in everything – from a vase to a dresser.

Fundamental ideas for decorating a living room

The list of living room furniture, which has become generally accepted among Russians, consists of a wall, a sofa, and a coffee table. This most practical option is used in small rooms for rare meetings with friends and lovers of wallowing in front of the TV. For particularly hospitable hosts, it is better to focus on the dining space by placing a table with chairs, highlighting it with a beautiful chest of drawers or a buffet. Every day, it becomes more and more popular to combine the living room with the kitchen or balcony. The kitchen area is separated from the living room by flooring, the original light is added. A balcony is insulated and replaces the study or relaxation area.

  • The living room, which is decorated in two or three colors, will look stylish and organic.
  • When choosing a color scheme, it is important not to overdo it. Two or three colors will be enough, the rest is just their various shades.
  • The same applies to texture, fabric filling: if you put a carpet with a long pile on the floor, then you no longer need to add fluffy elements, this will only load the room with unnecessary accents.
  • Monotypic combination – shades of only one color are mixed;
  • Balanced – a harmonious combination of similar colors: orange, brown, chestnut;
  • A contrasting combination of two colors different in color but close in warmth (blue and orange, green and white).

How to make the correct design of the living room in the apartment

Usually, in an apartment this is the most multi-functional room in which it is necessary to combine a cinema, a reception and dining room, and sometimes even a guest bedroom. However, the negative point at which the flight of imagination of any designer rests is the size of the rooms of domestic real estate. If for a bedroom this is not a problem, in view of its concept of conciseness and simplicity (the less furniture, the better), then for a living room this question can become a stumbling block in the issue of zoning space.

Zoning is a visual division of a room into areas of excellent functionality.

For a modern guest room, functional furniture should be selected without cluttering the free space in the room

Options for visual expansion of space:

  • Refuse deaf cabinets by replacing them with open shelving or hanging shelves;
  • Light shades, both for walls and for the ceiling;
  • For wallpaper, choose a small pattern or a light strip;
  • Optical wallpapers, visually correcting the shape of the space in the case of a narrow room;
  • A lightweight version of curtains or just tulle;
  • Solid floor.

The design of the living room in the apartment is best approached from a rational point of view. So, for example, it is better to prefer a bulky sofa in the Baroque style to a modern folding one, on which it will not only be convenient to relax in front of the TV, but also to put a late guest.

Particular attention should be paid to small-sized transforming furniture: a coffee table that turns into a small dining table, a sofa bed with a system for storage in the armrests or at the base.

Practical decoration of the living room in the house

If the combination of more than two zones is undesirable in the kitchen and bedroom, then the living room in the house may include a sufficiently large number of them, depending on the size of the room and the preferences of the owner.

Additionally, the living room can be divided into several separate functional areas, using color schemes, furniture or a beautiful carpet.

Zones of greatest importance:

  • Resting-place. A small sofa, daybed or armchair with a small side table and a floor lamp for reading or privacy.
  • Dining space for family dinners and dinner parties. Includes a dining table and chairs, preferably with pendant lighting.
  • TV area. In addition to the sofa and TV, there is usually a coffee table or side table.
  • In the absence of a separate room, a small writing desk or a transforming table with a chair or other hard seat is placed in the dedicated area for the office.
  • A very rare case, but if there is still a need to arrange a playing place in the living room, then there are no strict rules. Each child is unique, for someone they put a bookcase with books and toys, and for someone, a turnstile or soft bean bag with a children’s table.

Separate one zone from another will help a small chest of drawers or floor carpet, a through rack or just a play of light. Changing the angle of illumination from central to peripheral, we get the removal of emphasis from the central part of the room to the side elements, this will also give the effect of increasing space.

Niche in the living room

Outdated walls from the past have long been replaced by beautiful niches, which are both an element of decor and a practical structure.

A beautiful combination of lighting and elegant figurines will give the room a unique charm and will become an original decoration of the room. The niche is constructed of drywall, installing glass shelves or indentations inside, resembling a shelf in appearance. Drywall is a unique material that allows you to repeat any form.

A stylish niche is a great way to not only hide the imperfections of the wall, but also to make the living room functional and practical.

A niche will help to hide imperfections in the layout and technical elements.

Niche design rules:

  • The niche should be in harmony with the geometry of the walls;
  • The color of the recess should not be darker than the main color of the walls;
  • Clarity of proportions and symmetry.

A niche can be used as an independent storage element or as a decorative element. You can make a niche in the original style, with lighting elements or an unusual color scheme, this will emphasize the extraordinary taste of the owners.

Ideas for decorating a living room in an apartment

Making a living room is a very interesting activity. A lot of design decisions and combinations of style will realize any, even the most daring imagination. It is not necessary to have a special education in order to properly arrange your home, you just need to have the courage to set priorities and adhere to the chosen style. Go for it and you will surely succeed!

How to design a living room | Building portalLiving Room Apartment Design Ideas 2020 2021

The apartment, decorated correctly and with taste, will always be pleasing to the eye, both owners and guests. And the overall impression of your accommodation primarily depends on the living room.

The living room is the “heart” of any home and it has a dual function: here all family members can relax, chat with each other, just watch TV, listen to their favorite music artist and at the same time this room is used to receive guests. Accordingly, the living room should be as comfortable as possible, lit, welcoming and warm. So how do you design a living room to harmoniously combine all these functions in one territory? In this article we will try to figure it out.

Basic principles for creating a living room interior

Basically, the living room is a single space that connects all the other rooms of the house. A hallway connects it with the outside world, a corridor with a sleeping area, and a kitchen with an economic zone.

The main task in the design of the living room is to find a center around which the entire interior of the room will be designed. This center can be a fireplace or a TV.

When designing, it is very important to choose the right flooring, basic shades, lighting and curtains, because they will set the basic style of room design.

The living room should be absolutely comfortable for everyone, both children and the elderly.

Living Room Style

So how to decorate the living room? This primarily depends on the chosen style – whether it be classic, exclusive retro or modern.

Classic style living room

Classic style is both cosiness and luxury, which testifies to the refined taste and status of the owners.

For a room in this style, very important attributes are the color scheme and the correct geometric shapes. The living room is characterized by calm shades in the interior; soft, pastel colors such as light blue, cream, light green, brown and others are inherent in it. The modern classical style welcomes the presence of old paintings, a large chandelier in the center, mirrors in massive frames, spectacular candlesticks and wall sconces.

Retro style in the living room

The retro style allows you to combine the most unpredictable shades: orange with red, green with yellow, pink with black and much more. It all depends on the imagination. These colors can be used both in decoration, in accessories and in furniture upholstery.

This style is characterized by enhanced lighting, which is carried out using floor lamps, chandeliers with laces and lamps with a lampshade or fringe.

To emphasize the retro style even more, it will be enough to add elements of antiquity to the overall design of the room, for example, photographs from the past, a gramophone, a rocking chair or an old-fashioned typewriter.

Art Nouveau living room

“How to design a living room in Art Nouveau style?” – you ask. Yes, very easy!

The main goal of the designer when designing a living room in this style is to create the maximum amount of free space and the rejection of strict straight lines.

The main shades are light in combination with brown, golden, red and yellow. In such a living room, wood and glass must be present, and the window is decorated with a lambrequin and grabs for curtains. Naturalness, simplicity and comfort – the main features of the living room in modern style.

Modern style living room

This style, which is characterized by the slogan “nothing more”, is the most common in the modern world. It combines at the same time functionality, unusual shapes, pastel, bright colors and the use of new, modern materials. Modern style is a mixed style that embodied a bit of modernity, minimalism and hi-tech. This style is suitable for any living room, both small and large, provides a huge scope for imagination.

The color scheme of the living room

To begin with, you should think about the colors of the living room. There are no special requirements, the main thing is that all the colors used should be fully combined with the overall design of the room.

If you want to create the maximum comfort in the room, then it is best to use warm colors, for example, orange, yellow, cream or red. If the room is primarily intended for relaxation, then experts advise using cold shades – green, blue or blue.

It is better not to decorate the ceiling in dark colors, this will reduce the space and create pressure on those present in the room.

When choosing a color, it is worth remembering that each shade is able to visually affect the space of the room. For example, dark shades and a light ceiling will help to increase the height of the room. Too monotonous finish should be broken with bright colors to create a positive atmosphere.

Living room furniture and accessories

It is important that the living room is not cluttered with furniture. The main subject of the living room is, of course, the sofa. Its design can be the most diverse – with or without armrests, with fabric or leather, with a pad of synthetic or natural materials. If the space of the room allows, then it is best to put it somewhere in the center of the room, and not near the side wall. The main thing is to observe the general design of the room. A warm rug should be laid next to the sofa.

Near the sofa, they usually put a coffee table, which, as a rule, is not higher than 60 centimeters. Tables with an irregular-shaped worktop and bending legs will look very good.

A group of furniture from a sofa and two armchairs can be placed opposite the fireplace. If you have enough space, experiment with the placement of furniture and remember: furniture near the wall line is a completely outdated solution.

A bright, unusual and stylish detail of a living room can be an aquarium with which you will get a lot of positive emotions when observing life behind glass. Any image of the interior can be complemented by a bright accent in the form of fresh flowers.

A major role in the interior of the living room is played by lighting. A large, beautiful chandelier on the ceiling will create notes of the holiday, and small lamps in separate parts of the living room will create comfort and coziness.

How to make an entrance to the living room

As mentioned earlier, the living room is the main room in the house, so the front door should not be as narrow as possible, but rather free — in the form of an arch or beautiful double-leaf doors. It is important to properly arrange the entrance to the living room – so that it not only fits in, but also harmoniously emphasizes the whole style of the apartment.

In the images below, you can see visual examples of the design of the entrance to the living room, which will help you design the living room of your dreams.

Ideas for the original design of the living room walls

Very often, to create a charming, unique interior in the living room, the owners or the designer experiment with the finishing material and the way the walls are decorated. Instead of the usual wallpaper, they use the most striking design solutions. For example, wall paintings are made, plasterboard designs or old newspapers are used instead of wallpaper. A very good idea for decorating walls is brickwork, with which you can make an unusual accent in the interior or separate small sections of the wall, for example, a fireplace. You can also beautifully decorate the walls with the help of decorative shelves, on which photographs, figurines or flowers will comfortably be placed.

In this small assembly of photos of interiors with an unusual decoration of the walls, you can clearly see how you can decorate the walls in the living room.

How to make a window in the living room

To decorate the windows of a bright living room in a classic style, curtains of green, blue, gold and other bright shades are used, since it is these colors that are a symbol of luxury and wealth. For decoration use cords, brushes and fringe. Labriken with a bandeau is suitable for both classical and modern style. It allows you to design a window so as not to block direct sunlight from entering the room. At the expense of the color scheme of curtains for a modern style, black, white or bright colors will do. Light transparent tulle will add lightness and emphasize the general style of the room. When choosing curtains, you should always remember the visual effect of the ornament, for example, vertical stripes can make a room higher and horizontal stripes wider.

How to decorate the ceiling in the living room

The ceiling in the living room should be fully combined with the entire interior of the room, both with furniture and other accessories.

Of course, the ceiling can be decorated in a standard way – it is white in color and has a large chandelier in the middle, but more and more often the owners prefer small light sources scattered around the perimeter. This can divide the room into separate zones and give a certain romance.

Also very often modern ceilings are decorated in several levels, which are painted in different colors. And each level on the ceiling can be accompanied by a variety of lighting effects.

How to make a living room kitchen

Very often in small apartments combine the living room and kitchen, and when combined, you should take care of competent zoning. If the room is large enough, then dividing it into zones should not be a problem, but in a small living room it will be a little more difficult.

With the help of color, you can make zoning of the living room-kitchen – the dining area is decorated in bright colors, and the space around the fireplace or TV is in calm light ones that set up relaxation.

Very often, the kitchen from the living room is separated by a special bar or podium.

Also for zoning, you can use different flooring. For example, tiles are most often laid in the kitchen, and laminate or carpet in the living room apartments, and the floor borders can be not only in a straight line, but also in a curved one. This method can also be combined with different wall and ceiling finishes.

In the photo below you can see how to design a living room beautifully and tastefully.

How to decorate a living room with a fireplace

The fireplace is capable of transforming the living room beyond recognition, while the living fire brings it closer to nature, emphasizes the special warmth and comfort, and charges everyone with positive energy.

Unfortunately, not all owners have the opportunity to install a real fireplace. However, there is a way out – you can equip the living room with an electric fireplace, which looks no less aesthetically pleasing. In front of the symbol of the family hearth, it is best to put a coffee table and upholstered furniture. Family photos, candles, figurines or watches are ideal for decorating a fireplace.

For those who are constantly thinking about how to decorate a living room with a fireplace, we offer a small selection of photos of the interior of such a room.

Tips for Decorating a Small Living Room

Many people think about how to decorate a small living room, while creating the most comfortable and cozy interior. To do this, small design tricks will come to the rescue.

To expand the space of a small living room, light shades are used in decoration, furniture and curtain design, and they also use mirror and glass surfaces. So that light colors after some time do not get bored, you need to use them together with bright touches. For example, cushions, rugs, vases and other accessories of green, coral, orange, brown and red will look very good against a light background.

In a small living room, do not put various screens and partitions, the room should be zoned exclusively visually. Using the color scheme, you can perfectly divide the room into zones, for example, using different shades of wallpaper, a multi-level ceiling or texture of the floor covering.

In a small room it is better to abandon bulky walls, in extreme cases, they can be decorated with mirrors, which will make the living room larger.

Living room apartment ideas and design secretsLiving Room Apartment Design Ideas 2020 2021

In some houses, the living room is a place to place a TV, and in others there is a cozy space that is conducive to friendly communication and relaxation. This difference is dictated by the difference in the amount of time and attention allocated to its design. What recommendations should be followed if the plans include creating a high-quality interior design of the living room?

Putting the living room interior around its visual center

The standard process is to arrange furniture and all interior elements where they fit. But the room in the central part remains free. In order for the interior of the living room in the apartment to look fashionable, you need to go a different way. Living room design is best grouped around a specific visual center, rather than the abstract middle of the room. For example, a carpet with a non-standard pattern, a massive floor lamp, a designer coffee table. Also, the usual fireplace can become a visual center.

A simple option is to group the surroundings around the TV. But for the interior for the living room to become exclusive, you need to arrange it in a luxurious frame or install it on a non-standard stand. The presence of any visual center will make the interior of the living room holistic and harmonious.

Living room design in the apartment: what furniture to use?

You won’t be able to create a beautiful interior of a living room without properly selected furniture. The owners of the apartment, who do not hire a designer, stop on a sofa, a coffee table and a couple of armchairs. But to create a modern interior, pay attention to all types of furniture. For example, high designer shelving that replaces old-fashioned furniture walls. An alternative to them will be shelves of non-standard shape. Modular furniture will revive the design and interior of the living room, the mobile design of which will allow you to assemble a suitable option yourself. The console table will also be useful.

Putting the TV on a low chest of drawers is an irrelevant option. It is better to use special brackets for equipment to fix the TV to the wall. This method of placement is relevant for small rooms. So even a 3×6 living room will not lose a centimeter of valuable area.

A familiar armchair, sofa or chair will be replaced by fashionable frameless furniture. This democratic and stylish look of furniture will help to create an unusual design of the living room. Also, additional pillows for guests, at the same time as decor, are able to become large pillows. And small pillows will decorate the sofa. The interesting interior of the living room is ready!

Choose the appropriate style

The interior style is chosen based on the specifics of the room and the personal preferences of its owners. Optimally, if the room where the holidays and meetings with relatives are held is decorated in a comfortable, but solemn style.

  • The classic design is suitable for a large living area and unlimited budget. Carved wardrobe, chairs and a dining table are the main furniture, decorated with luxurious upholstery. Extensive use of textiles and decor is appreciated. Multilayer curtains with draperies will decorate the interior. Pillows, sculptures, paintings, mirrors fit perfectly into the classics. The decoration of the room is made with natural materials. A mirror ceiling will also be appropriate. Installing an elegant fireplace in such an environment is a great solution.
  • Japanese style. A room with a similar interior will delight guests. A low sofa and a table, a laconic rack or wardrobe make up most of the decor. The interior looks peaceful thanks to the predominance of natural colors and natural materials in the decoration. The Japanese atmosphere is perfect for rest and relaxation. Decor is used in small quantities, for example, a Japanese fan, flowering tree branches, lanterns, bonsai. Curtains use translucent.
  • Modern style. The modern interior looks democratic, but not without exclusivity. It is convenient and functional, fully focused on the needs of the owners of the house and their guests. The modern style is furniture of simple forms and moderate use of decor. The room is decorated with photos or posters, laconic vases or sculptures, living plants. The interior is individual due to the close connection with the preferences and hobbies of the owners of the house. Guests will also not be indifferent to an individual, but comfortable atmosphere. All types of curtains are allowed – from Roman to blinds.
  • Elements of the loft. After reading the full description of this stylistic trend, the landlord will be convinced that his housing is not the best place for a classic loft. After all, an example of this design is an industrial workshop converted into a living space. In order for the loft design to look harmonious, the size of the room and the degree of its natural light should be above average. But individual loft elements will be appropriate. Brick wall, leather sofa, natural stone and wood trim… A loft cannot be imagined without these cozy details, thanks to which the living room will be transformed. The interior will be brutal, but elegant. Vintage objects will fit into the loft, for example, a wardrobe of the 50s.

Zoning space – the secret to practical interior

If the area is larger than average, then zoning is mandatory. Otherwise, the interior, not divided into functional zones, will look chaotic. Depending on the lifestyle of the owners of the house, the living room is divided into several zones.

  • The eating area (dining table, chairs) is equipped if the living room is used as a dining room.
  • A working area ( computer or desk, chair ) is necessary for additional performance of office functions.
  • A recreation area (sleeping place) is needed for sleeping family members. To save space, to equip this area, use a stylish folding sofa or convertible furniture.
  • Reception area – part of the interior, without which the living room ceases to be. Mandatory elements of this zone are places for seating, secondary – a coffee table and similar furniture.

Interior with other areas is not common. But there is also a play area for children, a reading or hobby area.

If the apartment is of modest size, then the living room itself will be a zone in some part of it. A common example of an interior is a kitchen, part of which occupies a reception area.

Living room + fireplace – a perfect interior combination

The apartment, the interior of which is decorated with a beautiful fireplace, will certainly be cozy. And the room where it is located will become the real heart of the house. The living room is the most suitable place for a fireplace.

An ordinary apartment in a multi-storey building will also allow you to install a home mini-fireplace. A stylish option for this case is a bio- or electric fireplace, which in the process does not emit soot and smoke.

To ensure that the fireplace blends seamlessly into the interior, consider how the apartment is designed. Metal models are suitable if the interior is designed in the style of loft, high-tech, contemporary. Country style apartment – suitable space for a stone hearth. Brick fireplace – a universal solution, regardless of the style in which the apartment is decorated. After all, a brick is painted in any color if desired. For example, in a Scandinavian style, try putting a white fireplace.

How to combine with a kitchen or bedroom?

The main idea among everyone who owns a two- or three-room apartment is to combine the living room with the kitchen. Designers also use this technique. Such an interior pictured in glossy magazines is not uncommon. The result is a dining room, spacious and comfortable. Do not forget about zoning. Optimally, if the dining room is visually divided into zones of reception and cooking. Different ceiling and wall finishes, a bar counter, large décor or lighting fixtures help visually divide the space. So the interior of the dining room will be more harmonious. But the room and the kitchen, which were combined, should have common features in the design.

A single bedroom and a hall are the decision that those who own the studio-type apartment are making. The square common room is suitable for placing a sofa bed, and the rectangular one – separate places for sleeping and receiving guests.

Living room decoration – unusual design decisionsLiving Room Apartment Design Ideas 2020 2021

Each apartment has its own atmosphere, design and style, which fully reflects the character of its owner.

Particular attention should be paid to the design of the living room. It is she who is the “heart” of any apartment, as in the living room they receive guests and spend time with their families.

When designing a living room in an apartment, first of all, you should choose the style and layout of the future room.

In addition, the size of the room is very important. For example, ethno style is perfect for a small room, but for a large room it is better to choose minimalism. For a room with a narrow layout, a classic style is suitable.

Basic styles

Japanese style

This style implies asceticism and minimalism.

In a modern interpretation, to create a Japanese atmosphere, low Japanese tables, a podium, and various interior items with the image of hieroglyphs are used.


Making a modern living room in a loft design will help to visually expand the room, make it more spacious.

Decorative objects are practically not used, and light colors prevail in the color scheme. In addition, the loft style is a minimum of furniture, a maximum of open space.

Eco style

Such a design will be difficult to recreate in an ordinary home, as this style is characterized by the presence of good natural light.

For the design of the living room use only natural and safe materials.

Classic style

Classic is always in fashion. The classic interior implies the presence of a fireplace, stucco molding, wooden carved frames, as well as columns. But it is very important not to overdo it with pomp and luxury, as this is fraught with congestion in the interior.


The minimalist style is most suitable for creating space for different parties, gatherings and just an active time. Thanks to the minimal decor, the room will look spacious and open.

It should be noted that the styles of the living room may be different. They can be either traditional or urban, or even futuristic in places.

Now in the first place is comfort and homeliness, and not the embodiment of the most sophisticated ideas for decorating a living room.


Rational use of space plays an important role. Very often, the living room is divided into several functional areas. The main options for combining include the following:

Firstly, the combination of living room and kitchen. In this case, it is very important to correctly position the dining table, which will help isolate the kitchen from the rest of the room.

Secondly, zoning the room into the living room and work area. The desktop is best placed closer to the window, so you can provide natural light.

Thirdly, this is the allocation in the living room of a children’s corner. To create a play area, first of all you need to insulate the floor, and then fill the corner with toys.

There are many options for breading and zoning. In order to choose the style that will be suitable for your room, you can see a photo of the design of the living room.

So, you will have an idea about a particular version of zoning or decor.

Room decoration

Finishing options depend on the design of the room.

For the floor, it is best to use a bag, cork, if it comes to eco-style. A carpet is suitable for the playing area, as it will help insulate the floor.

For competent zoning, you can use podiums, as well as coatings of different colors or textures.

The design of the walls in the living room depends on what interior you plan to create. In order to make the room chamber, but also cozy, you can use dark shades, but light shades on the contrary will help to visually enlarge the room.

A variety of materials are used for ceiling drains, ranging from whitewashing, painting, to complex structures of suspended ceilings.

Of great importance is the proper design of windows in the living room.

Living room furniture

An obligatory element of a living room is a large sofa or a soft corner. If the room is small, then it is better to give preference to furniture – transformer. In addition to the upholstered furniture in the room should be a coffee table or chest, on which it will be possible to arrange tea parties.

In a large room you can place a fireplace, it will create a special atmosphere of home comfort.

Room decor

In decorating the living room, it is very important to maintain balance, and not to litter the interior with unnecessary elements. In addition, it is desirable that all the decorative elements are in the same style and look harmonious.

Summing up, it should be noted that the living room should be as cozy and comfortable as possible, since this is exactly the place where gatherings with friends or family evenings take place.

How to decorate the living room?Living Room Apartment Design Ideas 2020 2021

Why is it important to make the living room interior unique? This (usually) is the most spacious room in the house. In it, the interests of all the inhabitants of the house and their guests coexist and intersect. Therefore, the main task in the design of the living room is to create a comfortable living environment for everyone and everyone.

We will consider the classic version of the interior design of the living room and give recommendations on the color design of this room.

There are many interior options. Essential design elements (such as kitchen furniture in the kitchen or sink in the bathroom), in the living room, in principle, no. According to the designers, the range of implementation of design possibilities (functional, planning, design and others) in this room is the highest compared to all others. Here you can “turn around” and embody original ideas, using the room as a field for a design experiment. It is only necessary to observe one principle – submission to a single style. Which does not mean the lack of a variety of architectural forms and design ideas.

The classic style living room is conceived as an organized space. It may contain elements of order columns, capitals, arches, balusters. From the finish should blow luxury.

Characteristic features:

  • velvet, textile or wallpaper satin on the walls;
  • wall and ceiling panels made of “noble” types of wood, such as ash or oak;
  • slide with inlay and porcelain collection;
  • carved buffet with drawers and shelves on which a collection of rarities is lined up;
  • a fireplace made of granite, marble, basalt in the corner;
  • large oval or round table;
  • antique chest of drawers;
  • deep massive sofa with a high back;
  • small tables;
  • grandfather clocks and vases.

The whole interior should create a feeling of fundamental, lasting prosperity, noble chic and stability. And, of course, here, first of all, it should be comfortable.

The main dilemma in the interior design of the living room is to identify its functional load. More precisely, the harmonious combination of the family common recreation area with individual recreation areas and the reception area.

A brilliant solution may be the presence of two living rooms in the house. But we will not go deeper into the realm of fiction. We’d better think about how to combine all these zones competently. Or split.

Separate option

A separate version of the “open” interior is suitable for spacious rooms. In this case, zoning will help us, which is carried out using internal structures, or according to the floor level. Dining group, bar, music lounge – lit and raised. We pass between the columns and descend two steps, and fall into a completely different world. Here, in the shade, a deep sofa, an elegant coffee table, armchairs, a fireplace, a TV are comfortably located…

Combination option

In the interior “flowing” combination of zones should be thought out as much as possible. This is much more complicated than zoning a large room. Next to the upholstered furniture there is a floor lamp and a dining table with armchairs or chairs. On shelves or walls are collections of souvenirs or hunting trophies. Near the TV – a place for a music center or piano.

In such a living room it’s cozy and comfortable. Everyone feels at home.

The main criteria for decorating a living room today are taste, functionality, convenience, style. Furniture – aesthetic, original, but uniting all elements of the interior. Decor – blends in harmoniously with it.

The color scheme is chosen according to your ideas about home comfort. Riot of colors and muted tones are possible. We choose the main color and complement it with supporting tones. Or we build the overall picture of the room in contrasts.

There are a few rules

The combination of a light “top” with a “bottom” of dark tones will visually give the interior stability.

A ceiling painted in light tones, in contrast with dark walls, will increase (visually) the height.

The dark ceiling and, conversely, light walls – will expand the space and adjust the proportional flaws of the room.

Even use of light color will contribute to the perception of the room, more spacious.

The use of combinations of related, but different shades in the color scheme will destroy the monotony of decoration and add “charm” to your living room.

Design options for a city apartmentLiving Room Apartment Design Ideas 2020 2021

Typical urban apartments do not differ in large areas. And on small square meters you need to organize a convenient, comfortable and at the same time stylish place for family relaxation and meeting friends. At the stage of decorating the living room, there is a serious task – how to make the interior in a city apartment correct and comfortable, which will at the same time be in keeping with the style and pleasing to the eye.

Modern interior of a small living room with a built-in wardrobe

Where does the design of the living room in the apartment begin

Before you start decorating the hall in a city apartment, you need to evaluate some important points:

  • functional purpose of the living room;
  • technical parameters: footage, window arrangement, ceiling height;
  • zoning of the room;
  • furnishings;
  • location of household appliances;
  • color spectrum;
  • accessories and decor.

It is worth considering each factor individually.

The functionality of the living room

The hall is a multifunctional room. It has several purposes:

  • meeting with guests;
  • family holiday;
  • holding parties.

In the living room you can also arrange a small study or use this area as a bedroom. If you know what you want to get from the living room, then draw up each square meter with maximum benefit. Furniture for the room should be functional and comfortable.

City living room in beige and blue colors

If you have a large family or gathering noisy parties, then consider a roomy soft zone and a dining room. If relatives stay overnight, then the sofas should be folding, so you will have an extra bed. If you need to work within the walls of the house, then consider a mini-study, and families with young children need a play area in the living room.

Living room interior in an art deco style apartment

City living room options

When thinking about the design of a room, be sure to consider its dimensions. In the interior design, pay attention to:

  • location and size of windows;
  • interior doors;
  • ceiling height;
  • pick the right furniture;
  • Decorate your room with suitable accessories.

If the living room has high ceilings, then the following structures will be appropriate here:

  • tension;
  • multi-level;
  • drywall

Such ceilings will help divide the living room into functional areas.

If the ceilings are low, then do not use multi-level designs in the design. They will visually make the room small and low. Do not decorate the low ceiling with stucco or massive chandeliers. A stretch glossy white ceiling would look appropriate here. He will enlarge the room and make it more airy.

Carefully pay attention to the design of the walk-through living room. As a result of redevelopment, an uncomfortable room, laden with furniture, can turn out. It is furniture that plays a key role. Do not choose massive sofas and armchairs. Everything should be compact and preferably a light shade.

In the living room you need to use every meter as comfortably as possible.

If the living room has access to the loggia or balcony, then due to this area you can increase the living room. To do this, remove the partition between them. On additional square meters you can equip a library, bar, office or bed.

In a city apartment, you can use an electric fireplace in the living room

Arrangement of furniture and household appliances

You can divide the space into zones using furniture, flooring, wall decoration or light. The soft zone with a sofa armchairs is decorated with soft lighting, for example, floor lamps or attached lamps. If possible, make multi-level ceilings and a podium floor in the living room.

The monochrome kitchen-living room should have bright accents, for example, a red refrigerator or pillows

If you decide that there should be a dining area in the city living room, then you can distinguish it with a carpet or textured wallpaper. Having made a decorative partition or installed a bar, you can equip a minibar in the room. You can try all this in a small living room.

In a narrow city living room, furniture is best placed around the perimeter

Carefully consider a place for a TV or home theater. In most interiors, they are the main emphasis in the room. The TV must be in front of the TV. Remember that everyone should sit facing him, and not vice versa. When arranging furniture and a TV, keep in mind that there must be a certain distance between them.

If the living area allows, then in the middle of the room set a sofa with armchairs and a coffee table. If the room is small, then all the furniture should be located around the perimeter of the room. Another main focus in a city apartment can be a fireplace. Near it you can put a table and a couple of chairs. Get a cozy sitting area.

The living room in a small studio apartment is divided into a sitting area and a bedroom.

Lighting in the city living room

Even the smallest room needs several light sources. There are several types of them:

  • the main lighting is massive chandeliers or spotlights;
  • for comfortable watching TV use hidden backlight;
  • local lighting – it is located above the table, by the sofa or armchair or above the cupboard.
Textiles in the city living room

The appearance of the curtains should suit the overall stylistic design. When choosing textiles, be sure to consider the natural lighting of the room and the color scheme in the decoration of the room. In a small living room, prefer curtains made of soft, thin material that will be combined with the color of the walls. Window curtains should be supplemented with a cornice, which will not be evident.

Living room interior made of natural materials with light translucent curtains

In a small living room, do not hang massive and heavy curtains on the windows. Better give preference to Roman curtains or blinds. If furniture will be located under the window, then it is best to choose curtains with a length to the windowsill.

Windows in the living room can be decorated with lambrequins, silk curtains and light tulle.

You can fill the city living room with a unique atmosphere using textile décor. To create home comfort, use:

  • fabric lampshades;
  • furniture covers;
  • pillows and more.

If there is furniture near the window, then use Roman or roller blinds

The color scheme for the living room in a small apartment

One of the important points is the selection of colors. Shades and colors depend on the location of the windows, lighting, the expected effect and personal taste preferences. If you want the living room to be as comfortable as possible, then choose a calm pastel palette.

In a city apartment, the living room can be connected to the kitchen using the bar

For a festive interior, red and golden color are ideal. Light colors help expand the space. If you used a monochrome color scheme in your living room, add bright accents, which can be in the form of pillows, upholstery and textiles.

A small living room is best done in bright colors.

Accessories for the living room in the apartment

An important indicator of taste, character and habits is decoration. All accessories and decor items should be in harmony with the decoration, furniture and style. Even such a simple and meager style, minimalism needs accessories. With the help of such items you can give the living room interior:

  • living;
  • create contrast;
  • to emphasize;
  • make zone separation.

The design of the living room in the apartment in different styles

To make the living room comfortable, all family members should like it and harmoniously combine with the rest of the rooms in the house. If you are afraid that your chosen style will quickly go out of fashion, then choose a direction that is easy to change with the help of some details and accessories.

There are a huge number of ideas for decorating the hall in the apartment. The most common of these are styles:

  • Art Nouveau;
  • loft;
  • eclecticism;
  • minimalism;
  • high tech;
  • country;
  • Provence
  • Scandinavian style;
  • neoclassicism;
  • Art Deco;
  • noble estate;
  • empire.

Living room design in the apartment

You can equip the living room in any way you like. Consider a few ideas and choose the one that is perfect for you and your family.

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