5 Easy Home Renovation During Quarantine

Easy Home Renovation During Quarantine5 easy renovation to do at home during quarantine. The rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus forces us to stay home while complying with quarantine. Not relating, not being able to go for a walk or do some kind of sport, can cause moments of anxiety. We need to keep our minds occupied so that this period becomes as pleasant as possible. Today we are going to dedicate our space to recommending reforms to do at home, simple and useful reforms to feel more comfortable.

A few days ago we told you how to set up a home office for all those who are forced to work through the internet. Today we are going to tell you how to spend your time making small reforms at home, the most important thing is that we can do them ourselves.

Here we present 5 renovation for your house that you can carry out during quarantine, simple, practical and above all cheap.


Being quarantined because of the coronavirus does not mean that the world is ending. We know that sooner rather than later we will conquer this global pandemic. If we have had enough of resting and we want to get our batteries back, spend your time on something productive.

Surely your house, like that of almost everyone, is inspired by that decorative wonder of the eighties that is the gotelé. A widely used form that hid construction failures, bulging walls, etc. Surely, smoothing the walls and removing the gotel é has been in your mind for a long time. And why not now that we have to stay home.

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The smoothing of walls is a job that requires a lot of effort, they have to be sanded, plastered, etc. An easy way to smooth the walls is to use vinyl siding. Today we can find them with different designs and textures, especially suitable for placing on any surface.

Vinyl coverings are the perfect solution to end those annoying irregularities on the walls and above all, a practical way to end the gotelé. You also have different finishes to combine with any style of decoration.Easy Home Renovation During Quarantine

If you want to give a new air to your bedroom, kitchen or living room, do not hesitate to use these materials. Vinyl siding will change the look of any room. They are very easy to maintain, clean, light, easy to install and spectacular, you can simply stick, nail or staple them.


The best way is to modify the appearance of our house by adding notes of color. What better way to celebrate the end of quarantine than to invite your friends to a dinner and show them the changes.Easy Home Renovation During Quarantine

We know that the health crisis will not last too long and then we will return to our daily routine. Perhaps the fastest way to change the look of our living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or hallway, to change the color. A quick reform that will change the appearance of the set.

If the color of your walls is white, try changing it to a light gray tone, a neutral color that will bring a new air to your home. If you also want to add modernity, also try changing the color of the door trim. These may have a lighter or darker shade than the wall, but always in the same color range.Easy Home Renovation During Quarantine

You can use chalkboard-type paint in certain parts of the house, such as the kitchen. You don’t have to paint a whole cloth, but you can take advantage of a small space to create an annotation area.Easy Home Renovation During Quarantine

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If your home is old and has very high ceilings, one way to visually shorten them is to paint them darker. Avoid traditional colors like white or cream and go for something more modern and with more personality. Do not forget about the cheerful colors, they are in charge of raising our morale on difficult days.


If you have a slightly old-fashioned chest of drawers and would like to change it for a more current one, don’t do it. You can change the appearance of your old chest of drawers by making a few variations.

Do not hesitate to sand it, so we will remove that old-fashioned varnish to give it a much more current look. Use chalk paint. A very easy to apply paint that will give you beautiful and original finishes.Easy Home Renovation During Quarantine

Another way to give a new look to a dresser is to use vinyl adhesive paper, you can find it in multiple colors, textures and looks, imitation stone, wood, brick, etc.

Change the handles on the dresser. The handles on many occasions are responsible for the appearance of our furniture. Use more modern handles such as leather straps, shell style handles, rustic or modern.Easy Home Renovation During Quarantine

When you pass near your chest of drawers, you will not be able to avoid feeling proud and knowing that we have taken advantage of the quarantine break in the best way.


The kitchen is one of spaces that was previously outdated. The colors that were worn a few years ago are out of fashion right now. It is also in the kitchen where we usually spend a lot of time, washing machines, food, etc., if you want to give it a new air, we can help you.Easy Home Renovation During Quarantine

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You will only have to change the tiles in your kitchen for much more modern designs. We do not ask you to chop the tiles but to change them by overlapping adhesive tiles. It is a fast and inexpensive way to give your kitchen a new look.

Whatever your tastes, you will surely find an adhesive tile that you like. We can find them of the hydraulic tile type, mosaic type, tiles, etc.Easy Home Renovation During Quarantine

All prepared to withstand heat and fat or any other contingency that may happen in the kitchen. They are easy to clean and their maintenance is minimal. For very little time and money, changing your kitchen can be spectacular.


As we have already mentioned, we will now have a lot of time to think about what changes or reforms we can do at home. And perhaps this is the best time to carry them out, time will pass much faster and when you want to realize it, the quarantine will be over.Easy Home Renovation During Quarantine

3D effect wallpaper

If you want to change the look of your living room or room, we propose a very simple reform. Highlight one of the walls with wallpaper. Today we can find a wide variety of self-adhesive wall papers online, thus avoiding the cumbersome glue.Easy Home Renovation During Quarantine

Imitation of wood, brick, rusty iron plates, floral motifs and even with three-dimensional effects, etc. Everything you can imagine to highlight a space and make it the center of attention of the room.

Each and every one of the reforms that we have proposed, you will be able to get them online, Amazón can be at this time our best ally to pass the quarantine due to coronavirus, entertaining.