2021 Interior Design Trends

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Keeping up with the latest modern interior trends can be a very tiring and exhausting process on the one hand, and confusing on the other hand, because in the rapidly developing world of design, one day, everything can change dramatically, and even what is still relevant today, tomorrow may lose its appeal if a fashion magazine or an influential person in the world of design suddenly wants to do it.

At the International Design and Decor Exhibition at the end of July this year, a futurist designer at one of the leading British agencies predicted the latest interior trends in 2021, even before they became everyday mainstream. Design: innovative materials, technologies and design solutions, modern furniture and home decor items.

Kitchen design trends2021 Interior Design Trends

In the modern world, many people observe a healthy lifestyle, and seriously care about the origin, preparation and sustainability of the food they eat. At the same time, both designers and end-users are beginning to learn the same standards of healing through kitchen design.

The evolving Health Kitchen concept is slowly transforming kitchen design, including:

  • Recycled secondary raw materials, sustainable and ultra-hygienic materials;
  • Designs and layouts that promote friendly interaction and support family relationships;
  • Rich transparency, which makes chilled food and other items more visible and easily accessible – acting as a gentle visual reminder of the need to include healthy ingredients in food and helping us all create a conscious habit (“out of sight, out of mind”).
  • An abundance of living products grown in small-scale kitchens in urban urban farming units, turning cuisines into a vibrant ecosystem.

The first step to creating a “Kitchen of Health” is to focus on simplicity, which has a therapeutic effect, as the result is an orderly, organized, not cluttered and calm environment, which in itself soothes the eyes and brain. To create such a kitchen, a minimalist style is more suitable, which simplifies everything, but is not too strict, but creates a feeling of relaxation, lightness and airiness. This can be achieved through the use of:

  • Warm materials and wood of medium tones, introducing a visual sensation of warmth;
  • Soothing pastel and neutral tones, blue with the effect of whitening and wear, muted grayish-green and pink-beige shades, gray-yellow shades of oat and shades of morning gray haze and, most importantly, shades of apricot. Apricot and peach tones are expected to be the key colors of 2021.
  • A pale, smooth, matte finish that visually creates a calm and light atmosphere.

Bathroom Design Trends2021 Interior Design Trends

According to design trends, in 2021 the bathroom will finally turn into a place for rest and relaxation, a space dedicated to personal healing, rather than ordinary functionality. It is a sanctuary from the stresses of modern life and, moreover, stress relief in your own homes.

Solitude, time and silence are new values of the luxury of modern life, so the desire to create a soothing atmosphere in the bathroom will increase with the onset of 2021.

In the original emerging style, many design ideas for living spaces are used, which will likely include:

  • Small seats with soft upholstery;
  • Modules with backlight and brightness controls;
  • Textile products and accessories, for example, pillows of various shapes and sizes.

All these elements will create another space in the bathroom in which you can comfortably spend time in the house, relaxing and recharging with energy.

Color palettes2021 Interior Design Trends

There is a certain dichotomy regarding the aesthetics of design and color in the trends of 2021. Some color palettes are experimental, bold and challenging the environment, while others are much more sophisticated and sophisticated, discreet, restrained and muted.

The 2021 palette is an amazing collection of delicate pastels and self-sufficient neutral shades. From warm cotton and pale gold, the palette rushes to a chubby Nude with a pale apricot tan and at the same time juicy and dark pink hues. The dull bronze then easily returns us to the gray morning fog with a hint of sage and bleached blue. These colors, combined with restrained, muted shades, will fill you with a feeling of silence and serenity. Designers predict close attention to apricot palettes, refreshing shades of mint, watermelon, flowering greens, shades of chocolate and terracotta, as well as a unique shade of blue, patented by Ivo Klein (“Klein Blue”).

Design impact

From the point of view of forecasting trends, it is very important that in recent years the whole world is going through a period of radical changes, political upheavals and increased threats. In response to this, a rebellious, unconventional, but partnership position is rejected that rejects established norms and rules. It is about finding a new one, expressing freedom and giving up control.

In terms of design, a trend is expected to increase experimental development, support creativity and promote spontaneity. This will present vast opportunities, unexpected experience and a sense of miracle.

We can say that the expressive design of 2021 is a lot of everything … multicultural, multicolor, multi-layered design, which tends multi-purpose spaces to more extreme directions, a design that no longer divides the use, action and determination of the needs of different spaces into separate segments, but provides freedom of choice do WHAT you want WHEN you want and WHERE you want.

To use the predicted trends to design a House that is absolutely authentic only for you, listen to yourself and think about what makes you happy, relaxed, confident and improves your well-being. Then you can start a design project that meets your feelings – this is the most direct way to create your own home style, bringing you comfort and satisfaction.

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