Kitchen Studio Design Trends 2021 – original ideas and practical recommendations

Kitchen Studio Design Trends 2021Studio apartments have been at the peak of popularity for several years now. Open space is not only about following trends, but also an ideal solution for a small apartment. The proper organization of the studio will make it possible to correctly use each square meter of area and combine several functional zones on the same space.

A kitchen is not only a room where cooking takes place. It is also the place where the whole friendly family gathers at the dinner table. Therefore, its design should be approached especially carefully. How to design a kitchen studio in a small apartment or private house? What design rules should be remembered and which decisions are especially relevant in 2021? You will learn about all this a bit below.

Layout features of the kitchen studioKitchen Studio Design Trends 2021

Many modern construction companies offer a studio apartment project as a separate type of housing. However, such a layout is available for owners of standard apartments and houses. Only a few permissions separate you from combining the living room and kitchen areas to create a more free, bright and spacious place.

How to plan the arrangement of furniture and the overall interior design of the kitchen studio? It is important to consider several aspects at once:

  • area and shape of the room;
  • number of windows and doors in the kitchen and living room;
  • the presence and location of communication systems;
  • number of residents in the house;
  • time spent on cooking (in some cases, families spend a lot of time in the kitchen, while sometimes a family gathers at the dinner table in the evenings or even on weekends);
  • the presence of a large dining table (sometimes a bar is enough);
  • allocation of a zone for the workspace (laptop, training table).


Today the kitchen studio layout is relevant for both one-room and large three-room apartments, as well as country houses or cottages. And this is not surprising – open space has several advantages at once:

  1. Creating a lighter and more air-filled atmosphere.
  2. Visual increase in space. Even if the kitchen itself is small, removing the blank wall, it will really become larger.
  3. The ability to correctly use the area.
  4. Ideal for a large family. An open plan allows you to create a dining area with a large dining table, which is especially true if the house loves to host guests or if a family with several children lives.
  5. Speaking of guests. Now you do not have to put a table in the living room and carry food there during the holidays – a kitchen studio will reduce the distance from the stove to the dining table.
  6. If young children live in the house, you can watch their games in the living room, while being near the stove or having breakfast at the table.


Modern kitchen studio is a dream of many people. However, do not forget that any solution, in addition to advantages, also has disadvantages. The disadvantages of open plan include:

  1. In the absence of a well-functioning hood, the smell of food during cooking will be felt in the living room.
  2. The evaporation of water and fat, which often occurs during cooking, can now settle on the couch or armchair.
  3. It is necessary to constantly maintain order in the kitchen. After all, even while watching your favorite movie, you can see that there was a pile of dishes in the sink.
  4. Blenders, a dishwasher, a grunt of food – not only smells, but also sounds will now be heard in the living room.
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True, all these problems can be easily solved. Install a range hood and buy quieter appliances, keep your kitchen clean – and an open floor plan is the perfect solution.

Space zoning options in a kitchen studioKitchen Studio Design Trends 2021

Despite the fact that the design of the living room and kitchen in the studio apartment should retain the same features, it is important to correctly divide the space into a recreation area and a place for cooking. Today, for the zoning of kitchens, studios use several techniques at once. We will talk about the most popular.

Kitchen lighting trendsKitchen Studio Design Trends 2021

Light allows you to visually divide the room into several functional areas. In addition to this feature, lighting can also be a great decoration. The working area for cooking in the kitchen can be distinguished by installing spotlights in the cabinets.

But above the dining table you can install beautiful pendant lights.

The relaxation area can be allocated using floor lamps and table lamps.

Tip : Please note that it is important to select brighter lighting for the work area. While for the rest area, a dim light is suitable. By the way, this contrast also helps to zoning the space.

High podiumKitchen Studio Design Trends 2021

One of the most popular ideas for a kitchen studio in 2021. The kitchen in this case is located on the podium, which separates it from the living room. In addition, tiered floors can become a storage system if you place small niches for things under them.

PartitionsKitchen Studio Design Trends 2021

An ideal way of zoning space for those who want to get the most open space without a blank wall, and at the same time save the opportunity to retire in the kitchen. Partitions can be both from drywall, and glass.

You can also use mobile elements (bamboo screen).

Kitchen furniture trendsKitchen Studio Design Trends 2021

In addition to partitions, privacy in the kitchen will also help high racks, which at the same time serve as a storage system. For these purposes, still use tables, sofas, beautiful bar counters and more.

The advantage of this method of zoning is the fact that the furniture performs not only an aesthetic, but also a practical function.

Combination of finishing materialsKitchen Studio Design Trends 2021

Until recently, it was rare for some designers to choose different finishes for a studio. However, today, combining various materials is a popular solution for zoning space.

In the working area, you can install more practical wear-resistant materials (ceramic tiles, waterproof laminate). But in the recreation area you can place a more beautiful, albeit less wear-resistant finish (carpet, wallpaper, etc.). The difference in shades, textures with the right approach will benefit the interior.

The choice of style for the kitchen studio

The kitchen-studio in the apartment can be made in different styles – the main thing that all designers insist on is that the motives are repeated, both in the living room and in the kitchen. This will help create a harmonious interior. In 2021, the most popular are the following interior styles:

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ClassicalKitchen Studio Design Trends 2021

Immortal classic is always in fashion. Moreover, all this is ideal for open from bright spaces, which is the kitchen studio. Classical style glorifies pastel light warm tones, laconic geometry and a little magnificent decoration.

Use natural materials and as much lighting as possible. Add some gold and upholstered furniture to the interior to convey all the luxury of a classic style.

ProvenceKitchen Studio Design Trends 2021

French chic fits perfectly with the image of the 2021 kitchen studio. Floral motifs, paintings and an apron with food, cute curtains on the windows and an abundance of textiles (tablecloths, pillows on chairs) will make the kitchen more comfortable and warm.

Additionally, you can use the reception of aged furniture and forged items.

LoftKitchen Studio Design Trends 2021

The style that came to us from America in the 50-60s of the last century is just relevant for a kitchen studio. It is an ode to open spaces with high ceilings and maximum freedom. Among the distinctive features of the style:

  1. Brickwork on the walls and in general a minimum of finish (or “rough” finish).
  2. No partitions between the living room and the kitchen.
  3. The abundance of lighting (both natural and artificial).
  4. Vintage elements and generally a mixture of styles in furniture and decor.

High techKitchen Studio Design Trends 2021

Especially fashionable design kitchen studio in a private house. This is the most concise and restrained space where each item is in its place. The kitchen is ideal for high-tech style, if only because there is a maximum number of household appliances, which will make the interior more modern.

Decorate the interior with indoor plants and plan original lighting.

Scandinavian styleKitchen Studio Design Trends 2021

It is characterized by the use of light predominantly cold shades, as well as natural materials in the decoration of the room. Scandinavian style loves large windows and light, open space and minimal furniture.

As a decor in the kitchen, you can use posters, pillows on chairs, bright chairs, an original dining table, indoor plants.

Color spectrumKitchen Studio Design Trends 2021

It’s no secret that the shades that we use in the interior can affect not only the appearance of the room, but also our mood.

If we are talking about a large room, then you can use any shade of decoration. The main thing is that there should be enough space in the room, large windows and properly placed lighting fixtures.

If the kitchen space itself is small, it is better to avoid too dark shades – leave the finish lighter and dilute it with contrast in the form of dark chairs, furniture fronts, flooring.

Tip : Any shades are divided into cold and warm. In the kitchen, cold ones create a fresher atmosphere, while warm ones bring home comfort.

Tip : You should not use too many colorful or incompatible shades. It is better to focus on 1-2 primary colors and dilute them with 2 additional ones.

How to make the design of a small kitchen studio in bright shades not make the room look like a sterile hospital room? Add some bright colors to the interior. It can be original curtains, tablecloths, an apron, pendant lamps, beautiful dishes, etc.

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Many psychologists agree that there are colors that can increase appetite and increase hunger. So why not use them in the kitchen, where is their place? A few accents of green (light green or pistachio), red, yellow or orange shades will perfectly cope with this task.

Kitchen studio with a barKitchen Studio Design Trends 2021

Installing a bar in the kitchen studio has several advantages. Firstly, this is a popular way of zoning space. Secondly, this piece of furniture is ideal for an apartment where 2-3 people live. In conditions when guests do not come to the house so often, setting up a large dining table is just a waste of valuable space in the kitchen.

The design of the kitchen studio with a bar includes several different combinations:

  1. Peninsular bar counter. This design technique assumes that at one end the bar counter will abut against the wall of the kitchen. This is the most popular rack layout that allows you to split the cooking and relaxation area.
  2. Bar counter on the windowsill. If you are not opposed to the original use of the windowsill, you can install a bar on it. Moreover, the very foundation you already have. Simply put the countertop and, if necessary, attach the legs (for greater stability). So you can drink coffee, watching the view from the window. The main thing is to make sure that the battery, which is often located near the windowsill, does not rest against the legs.
  3. Bar counter along the wall. It is compact and small in size. This is ideal for a kitchen where no more than 2 people spend time. In addition, this is the best solution for a room where even after combining the kitchen and the living room there is not enough space for a large dining table.
  4. Islet from the bar. In this case, it will resemble a simple dining table, however, a higher one. This option is ideal for a 24 sqm kitchen studio. m and more. The shape of the table-rack is selected based on the shape of the room itself.
  5. Transforming stand. The bar is pushed out of the drawer or folds to the wall. Is this not the best solution for a small kitchen? You can drink coffee, work or relax at the bar, and then just push it in or fold it down, freeing up space.

Modern kitchen studio design 2021Kitchen Studio Design Trends 2021

It doesn’t matter if you got a kitchen studio from the developer or if you decided to redevelop your home, an open space can in any case become either a gift or a “punishment”. Proper planning will avoid many mistakes and make the interior cozy, stylish and practical.

Today, designers support both classic and creative custom solutions in the interior. Just look at all these kitchen studio projects:

Whatever method of zoning you choose and whatever style you adhere to when designing a kitchen studio in a house, the first thing you should focus on is your personal sense of comfort. The kitchen is the heart of any home where we spend time not only cooking, but also family dinners and discussions of the past day. Consider the needs of each member of your family to create not only a stylish, but also a cozy open space.