Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021From this article you will learn:

  • What are the main furniture trends of 2021 according to world designers
  • What will be the most stylish colors of furniture in 2021
  • What are the decorative trends in the interior of 2021
  • What colors will be considered trendy in 2021 when decorating a living room, kitchen, and bathroom

We often tend to prefer bright, positive tones. And this is understandable: colors can create a certain mood, affect the perception of the subject. Therefore, for their interior, some people want to choose more fun shades. Others, however, want to embody in the rooms more calm, pacifying tones that will be conducive to relaxation. In this article, we will consider the stylish colors of furniture in 2021, their nuances and options for embodiment in the interior.

10 main furniture trends-2021 according to world designers

1. Shades of pink.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

Neutral, soft pink shades are a favorite of the season. These colors can be combined both with the same delicate tones and with brighter, contrasting (dark blue, green, lemon yellow).

 2. Cozy beds.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

Famous designers argue that the main trend in the manufacture of upholstered furniture in 2021 will be cocoon beds. These are cozy berths with a soft fabric headboard and footboard. The bed should be such that it was pleasant to “hide” after a hard working day.

 3. Geometry.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

In addition to furniture colors in 2021, it is important to consider stylish textures, images and drawings on objects. Designers are inclined to believe that fashion is striving hard for modern motives in the interior. Today it is asymmetric shapes, drawings, as well as a large number of geometry – both in the objects themselves and in prints.

4. Natural materials.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

The demand for natural materials is increasing. Designers strive to find increasingly complex and sophisticated combinations of different textures. For example, it can be wood interspersed with quartzite or marble, ceramics with concrete and metal.

5. Rounded shapes.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

In the trend of 2021 – pieces of furniture with soft, rounded shapes. The smoothness of the shape returns to us from the fashion of the 1970s. Thanks to such an atmosphere, the interior will look more comfortable and elegant.

6. Metal.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

In addition to unexpected stylish furniture colors in 2021, we also see unusual metal applications. Gold, brass and blackened bronze has become popularly used as individual elements. It can be figures, art objects, modern compositions decorating the interior space.

 7. Individuality.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

People are increasingly inclined to purchase custom-made designer items. Buyers are interested not only in the exterior of the thing, but also in something more – its history, special meaning, depth.

8. The smallest details.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

Designers’ attention will be focused not only on the general style of the interior, but also on its smallest details. This can be a special stitching of textiles, furniture accessories of a bright shade, pronounced details on the plafonds. Such additions make the space more interesting, give it personality.

9. The new art deco.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

Art Deco in trendy colors and furniture designs in 2021 is an impending trend. This style embodies luxury, brightness and brilliance.

10. Antiques.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

Vintage interior items do not leave the ranks of the main fashion trends. Moreover, antique furniture is popular not only among collectors. Many people want their rooms to be filled with interesting things, with their own personality and history.

Furniture Trends 2022: These colors and shapes are now in

Trendy colors of furniture design 2021

1. Color and white.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

Any shade is revealed more fully if it is surrounded by either contrasting or neutral (white) tones. In 2021, people increasingly prefer interesting original compositions in the interior. Bright, fresh solutions are what most modern designers strive to achieve. Contrasting elements can be walls, individual pieces of furniture, and decor items. Here, each part of the space becomes a separate art object, which together make up a harmonious composition.

Modern Furniture Design Trends For 2022

 2. Return to the past.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

Most of the stylish colors and interior ideas for furniture in 2021 are taken from the main trends of the last century (1950-1960s). These are muted and saturated red shades, as well as bright yellow, orange, green, brown tones. All of them can be included in modern compositions, adding to them the mood of that time. This is a furniture style, and accessories, decor items, textiles.

 3. The colors of the earth.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

Colors that are associated with nature are also in fashion. Brown, beige, green, gray and blue tones carry us into the natural environment, open before us the landscapes of our planet. In such an atmosphere it is very easy to relax and truly relax from the outside fuss. But keep in mind that natural design should not inspire boredom. To do this, you should carefully select interior items: it is elegant furniture, natural wood, high-quality textiles, muted colors. As a result, you can get a modern, but at the same time noble, beautiful design.

4. Shades of luxury.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

In his home, a person wants to feel maximum comfort. It is possible to realize the interior of your dreams by choosing the right pieces of furniture, materials, finishes, colors. Unusual design decisions will help you to make the room interesting. To feel real luxury at home, add rich, noble shades (black, purple), metal elements, and refined crystal to the interior. Having correctly arranged these objects, you can create such a space that will delight and amaze with its luxury and unsurpassed style.

5. The light color of the present.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

In the modern fashion 2021, strict, ascetic colors of furniture are found. They go well with geometric motifs. The materials used in production today allow you to create durable, ergonomic designs. The trend of the season is minimalism in the interior. These are large open spaces, a maximum of light and a minimum of decor. The main principle of this direction is convenience for a person, therefore all elements are concise, brightness and contrast are absent.

Minimalism and conciseness are inherent in the color scheme of spaces. Natural, neutral shades embody nobility and modesty.

Furniture Trends 2023

Stylish colors of furniture-2021: TOP-5 neutral tones

Neutral tones are actively used as a background for brighter, contrasting shades. Next, we will tell you which of these colors will be relevant in the 2021 season.

1. French vanilla.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

Yellow-cream tones – a kind of ray of light in any space. It can be used to visually expand a room with a small amount of natural light. The color of vanilla can enhance the existing light, making the room even brighter. It is used in the interiors of nurseries, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms.

2. Mint.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

Other stylish colors of furniture and interior design in 2021 are shades of mint. A room where these tones are widely represented creates an atmosphere of relaxation and moral recovery. That is why mint shades are used as an addition to brighter solutions. Mint colors are suitable for living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

3. Hazelnut.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

A light brown color, similar to a shade of hazelnut, is an excellent option for a calm, neutral interior of a living room. Moreover, this color has the ability to visually expand the room.

4. Gray-green.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

In 2021, its offensive will continue the fashion trend for green shades in the interior. The gray tone, combined with green, creates a feeling of freshness, brightness of space. It can also serve as a backdrop for white, blue, beige furniture.

5. Warm gray.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

Favorite shade of many – neutral gray. If you want to create a calm space that is conducive to relaxation, gray can be a great option. It is usually used in living rooms and bedrooms. Both monochrome and contrasting tones look interesting.

Actual and stylish styles of interior design in 2021

In addition to stylish furniture colors in 2021, it will be useful to pay attention to the main trends regarding furniture and interior design. The main trend is minimalism. The principles of conciseness should be traced throughout the space, so we advise you to free rooms from unnecessary things.

Modern styles that will be especially popular in 2021:

1. Hi-tech.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

This direction is a reflection of the development of technology in the modern world. The main characteristics of the style are a large amount of light, laconic form, restrained shades and decor, an abundance of metal, plastic and glass. In the interior of high-tech, the main place is occupied by highly functional transforming furniture, as well as a large number of home appliances.

2. Scandinavian.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

The interior in the Scandinavian style should be filled with cold shades (gray, white, blue) with a slight contrast in the form of yellow objects. To create a Nordic ascetic style will help furniture made of natural wood, masonry elements, a fireplace, carpets in the form of animal skins.

3. Loft.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

This trend embodies asceticism and factory motifs. Coarse, unprocessed details in the interior, simplicity and minimalism are welcome. Stylish furniture colors in 2021 for the loft style should also be as natural, neutral as possible. It is important to use details such as large windows, spotlights, simple wooden furniture, careless wall decoration, stone or wooden flooring.

4. Ecostyle.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

Most of us want to move away from everything artificial, unnatural. People are increasingly striving to approach nature, where there is no tension and stress of the modern world. In the 2021 season, natural wood materials, natural shades, and the abundance of living plants will be relevant. In the interior design, it is worth adhering to the principle of functionality and laconicism of space.

In your design you can combine several interior styles. It is also allowed deviation from the chosen direction and the introduction of their own ideas and solutions into the style. Styles such as fusion, loft and minimalism, boho and vintage, Provence and country are in perfect harmony. There are a lot of ideas and compositions. Your interior should be calm, comfortable, pleasant for relaxation.

2021 Style Design Ideas for Living Room

The design of the living room is always given special attention, because this is the main room in the house. Next, we will tell you which styles, as well as stylish colors of furniture will be popular in 2021.

1. The main trend 2021 is eclecticism.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

2021 Trend – eclecticism in the interior. You will have a large space for the embodiment of your ideas, as it is now possible to combine and combine different styles and directions.

It is especially advantageous to use eclecticism to design a living room. You just have to choose the right colors and harmonize good ideas from different styles.

However, in case of failure, the room will lose its appearance and, more likely, will look like a furniture store.

It is important not only to be able to find stylish furniture colors that are relevant in 2021, but also to correctly combine them in your interior. For a combined interior, neutral, light colors for the ceiling and walls are suitable. Standard staining or high-quality plastering is suitable.

2. Minimalist living room 2021.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

Most of us live in small apartments. In such rooms minimalism looks good. Very popular open spaces with zoning. If you have such an opportunity, you can combine several rooms in one studio.

A characteristic detail of minimalism in the new season are non-standard fiberglass wallpapers. They can be painted at your discretion, it is permissible to apply several layers of paint.

You can create a cozy comfortable space in your apartment using multifunctional home decoration. These include the transformer furniture that has already become popular.

The stylish colors of furniture in 2021 for the style of minimalism are reserved, neutral shades. In living rooms, the color of the sea wave looks great.

If you have a large space under the living room, you can use a non-standard solution – to make a full wooden decoration of the room. The walls and floor are glued with panels of solid wood or wood veneer. In this case, racks and cabinets are a kind of continuation of the floor.

You can add contrast to the room by covering the floor with completely white ceramic tiles or stone. Indoor plants will complement the room – they will create a feeling of natural naturalness. However, a large number of indoor flowers will only worsen the appearance of the interior.

Red and purple colors of furniture in 2021Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

Stylish furniture colors in 2021 include such bright shades as red and purple.

Various variations of these colors are so popular that they can compete with actual pink tones.

Red and violet shades in various palettes are perfect if you want to achieve inspirational brightness, emotionality from the interior, and at the same time a certain peace and degree.

Decorative trends in the interior 2021

This season, designers come up with and implement more and more innovative solutions that amaze the imagination. It is noteworthy that most of these ideas are a reflection of the world around us.

1. The stars around us.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

It is relevant to use sketches of the Universe, planets in your design. How is this embodied? For example, with the help of lamps “scattered” on the ceiling, like stars in the sky. The beauty of the galaxy can be displayed in the colors of the wallpaper. Cosmic motifs can be successfully recreated in the design of lampshades, plates, textiles. In this case, the stylish colors of furniture and decor in 2021 are used – dark blue, purple.

Love and the desire to approach the cosmos are fully justified, because every year we make more and more discoveries related to the mysterious Universe. Modern objects and materials allow you to embody the cosmic atmosphere in your home.

2. Scallops, scales and corals.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

No less popular are marine motifs. They can be embodied in the design of furniture, textiles and decor. To make marine elements look harmonious, use neutral light colors as the background. To complement the marine interior in the bathroom and kitchen, you can tile in the form of scales in light or blue.

3. The expansion of the fringe.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

In addition to the trendy colors of furniture in 2021, we pay attention to popular details. For example, this season it is important to decorate textiles with fringe and tassels. It is possible to supplement in this way not only fabric elements, but also furniture, wall panels, chandeliers, mirrors. Such decor makes the room even more comfortable and warm.

4. Wonderful velvet.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

Velvet in various color variations is a luxury, become and grace. If you want to add notes of splendor and grandeur to the interior, upholstered furniture with velvet upholstery will be the best option.

5. Brass taps.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

It is stylish to use brass fittings for bathtubs and kitchens. The popularity of this material is fully justified. Brass taps, faucets and switches make the interior complete, adding a special twist to it. If the bathtub is made of concrete or marble, brass products will complement the overall noble style, in more modest kitchens they will bring a sense of light and warmth.

6. Urban glamor.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

In addition to the trendy colors of furniture in 2021, we cannot but mention another trend of this season – this is an abundance of glass elements. It is especially popular to use indoor glass cladding framed by dark frames. The whole structure and its elements should reflect clear geometric shapes – a square or rectangle. Such glass can be used to design partitions inside the room, as well as doors, windows, showers. This solution will harmoniously fit into both modern and classic style. Stained glass decoration is an excellent option for panoramic glazing, roof windows, windows on the verandas.

7. The fifth wall.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

The fifth wall is the figurative name for the ceiling. Many go headlong into the design of the walls, while forgetting to devote time to the ceiling. In modern interiors, ceilings are painted and wallpapered. You can even use bright, color shades, create contrast and emphasize the style.

8. The return of terrazzo.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

Most of the trendy colors and furniture styles in 2021 are a combination and refinement of previously existing solutions. Today in the current – terrazzo decoration material used in the 1980s. It is a combination of marble chips, granite, quartz, clinker cement as a binder. It can be recognized by its characteristic motley shade. Terrazzo is highly durable.

In the last century, this material was used for cladding floors and stairs, in our time it finds a wider range of uses. These are floor tiles, decor details, lamps, furniture elements.

Other color trends in the interior 2021

Today, designers are striving to saturate the interior with new color combinations, while using ever-bolder ideas. Among the popular shades are turquoise and mint. Experts say that these colors have a beneficial effect on the psyche. Only a few elements of furniture and decor in turquoise colors – and the room will be filled with comfort and peace.

To bring brightness to the design, the actual shade of honeysuckle will help you. It is a red-pink color that will fill the space with bright colors. The shade will brighten up any decor, but the most profitable option would be to install velvet furniture in this color in the room.

If you prefer a cozy, pleasant interior, we recommend using mustard shades. These trendy colors of furniture in 2021 are suitable for decorating the kitchen. The color of mustard is an appetite and conducive to spending pleasant leisure time with family.

Among the main trends of the season is the shade of Marsala. Color will bring cosiness and warmth to the room. Moreover, it is in perfect harmony with light, calm shades. Together they can form a surprisingly noble, luxurious design.

Also today yellow and golden shades are widely used. These colors are the embodiment of light and positive, which most people of our time aspire to.

The trendy colors of the kitchen in 2021

In the design of kitchens, we are increasingly seeing dark colors. This rule applies to both classic and modern style decisions.

1. Dark blue kitchens.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

One of the trendy furniture colors in 2021 is blue. This is a rich, deep shade that can decorate both spacious and small rooms. Do not be afraid to use a blue design in small spaces. Moreover, designers are even advised to adhere to blue motifs in rooms where there is little natural light. This color will act as an accent, taking away the main attention.

The blue palette is used in the decoration of walls, kitchen facades, island blocks. Hue can be combined with white and gray tones.

2. Design of the 2021 kitchen in black.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

The popularity of black shades tightly entered 2021. If you want to decorate the kitchen in this color, it is worth making black several large elements at once – walls, ceilings, furniture facades. You can dilute the black style with metal fittings and decor.

Many perform the entire interior in black. Green indoor plants will help to soften the atmosphere.

3. White plus wood.Top Trends for Furniture Colors in 2021

Stylish color combinations for furniture in 2021 are combinations of white with warm shades of wood. White in the interior is a favorable background on which any tones look good. Wood brings a sense of homeliness and warmth to the room. The combination looks steady and noble.

Popular materials in 2021

In the new season, preference should be given only to natural textures. It could be:

  • a rock;
  • natural wood;
  • glass;
  • marble;
  • granite;
  • metal.

Stylish finishing materials – cotton, silk, linen, leather. Washable paper wallpapers lose their popularity, and they are replaced by previously known fabric wallpapers. The main advantages of these textures are durability, environmental friendliness and beautiful appearance. Many of us intentionally use only natural materials for furniture and decoration, as this indicates a high position of the owner. But do not abuse the abundance of natural materials, as you can not notice the line between practical minimalism and ostentatious luxury.

What should be the furniture and lighting in 2021

Stylish colors and styles of furniture in 2021 should succumb to the rule of simplicity and conciseness. A clear geometry of shapes is appreciated. All furniture has standard concise outlines, without unnecessary decor. A room in this style may seem rude, then it is worth diluting it with upholstered furniture with openwork backs, a table with chrome inserts.

You can make the room more comfortable using these elements:

  • contrasting pillows;
  • Large size poster
  • family photos in frames made of metal.

Popular minimalism does not mean a rejection of wealth and comfort. As for the lighting of the room, it is better to use as many light sources as possible. Try to make the room as spacious as possible. This can be achieved through the visual effect using spotlights and several glossy surfaces.

Stylish bathroom design trends 2021

It is important to consider not only the stylish colors of furniture in 2021, but also the finishing textures. For example, the main trend for bathrooms today is concrete finishes.

According to its properties, concrete is highly durable. It is universal, has an interesting texture, and is great for decorating modern interiors in an industrial style. To protect concrete from evaporating moisture, its surface is coated with a special chemical composition and then polished.

How to fit concrete into the interior of the bath?

  • Concrete is widely used in the design of walls and floors. This gives the decor some rudeness, so it is great for men’s interiors.
  • Another interior option includes oval sinks of simple shapes, a marble countertop and a monochrome cement floor. The solution looks very stylish.
  • You can even use a concrete font in the interior. However, such an item will not be easy to install, but the result will be very original.
  • In addition to the standard stylish colors of furniture in 2021, concrete paint is widely used in bathroom interiors.
  • Concrete surfaces perfectly distinguish metal products.

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