New Decoration Trends 2019-2020: What’s Coming

New Decoration Trends 2019-2020We are going to know the decor trends 2019-2020 so you do not miss out on what is to come.

The trends of 2019 are burning and so they tell us from Pinterest. There they follow carefully which are the most wanted and marked pins to tell us what trends are rising for 2019 and 2020.

And today we’re going to show you which are those ideas that are becoming essential for the coming months. Some of us have been seeing them as gold or plants for some time, but others are newer than black kitchens.

Whatever it is today we are going to give you a review so you are up to date with all of them. Do not lose sight of them and start dressing your home with them, before anyone else. Sure you hit!

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1. LagomNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

The Swedish concept that comes to replace the Danish Hygge. If you still do not know it, it’s time to put yourself into it because it’s going to be a great war in 2019. The balance for your home, neither too much nor too little, the middle point and perfect for everything. Also for your home.

2. The texture mixtureNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

Take some time with us and we will tell you from last year or before… the mixture of textures devastates social networks. But also in Fairs as we could check in Milan. Bet on mixing them on your sofa or bedding and you’ll be sure.

Blend wool, leather, cotton… and the fringes that come hard in spring to decorate your home. Alone or combined they will help you to get more current environments. And we already tell you that the floors are also combined to get effects as beautiful as these, we love it!

3. Less wallsNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

It follows with force the tendency to throw the walls down and create open and diaphanous spaces. Especially in the kitchen area it is preferred open to the dining room and sharing spaces. When you choose to divide you look for more diaphanous elements such as glass doors.

4. The bathtubsNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

The baths are again the object of desire for a large majority. And we love spa-like bathrooms, where you can relax after a long day. Nothing like a long bath with our favorite book to reconcile with the world. With toilets, the difficult thing will be to get out of them…

5. CementNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

We already talked about microcement not long ago as a leading trend in 2019. And Pinterest confirms it. Whether it’s cement tiles or concrete floors, it’s clear that you like it a lot. And that is a solution that every day is used more for all kinds of spaces. In addition to having very little maintenance and high resistance Apúntala!

6. Open cabinetsNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

We have already dedicated an article to him some time ago and it seems that it is a trend that continues to rise. It will be because of the lack of space or because we like to see what there is. But if you are thinking about setting up your own open closet you will now find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest. Ideas as beautiful as these that will help you to have the dream cabinet even if you have a minimum space.

7. Recycle and reuseNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

Recycling is no longer just a trend but a way of life. If you join the creativity of the millions of DIY that we can find on the net you will get a unique and very special piece of furniture. And all furniture and objects are full of possibilities if we know how to see them. Bet on unique furniture!

If you like recycling and DIY do not miss our ideas section to do your own, you will love it!

8. In kitchens the black comes backNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

So much for the furniture as for the surfaces of work and the sinks that now also stain of this color. A combination that will certainly not go unnoticed. The black door cabinets in different finishes are combined with natural stone countertops also in black.

And so as not to break the monochrome, the appliances are also chosen in the same color. And even the sinks. In contrast, white and wood are chosen for walls and floors. The result is spectacular!

9. Geometry continues to riseNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

I talked about her in the post about CasaDecor 2019 and that geometry continues to devastate. Whether in the form of all kinds of geometric tiles that have come to decorate floors and walls of our home.

You can also include it in your home on the tables with metal structures like the ones we have been watching for some time. Or the shelves or metal lamps that we are seeing so much. It seems that the geometry is here to stay.

10. A touch of freshnessNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

Because our homes also need a touch of freshness, the plants have become essential. Whether in the form of natural plants that frame magic corners or on paper or decorative sheets. Any option is good to include them in your decoration. Although from Dicoro we always recommend having some natural plants. Since they bring many benefits to your home.

But if you are not caring for plants, you can also use some nice tropical-style paper. Now you can find many with fantastic designs. Or if you prefer the naturalistic point you can opt for pictures to frame. All the options are valid to include nature at home!

11. Inspired by the skyNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

The sconces and lamps are inspired by the sky to give a magical air to any space. Lamps like the ones we show you below that can turn any wall into a focus of interest. Do not lose sight of them!

12. The golden kingdomNew Decoration Trends 2019-2020

Because the gold is the king of the accessories and also of everything that you leave. From kitchens that are dressed in gold to all the accessories, faucets, handles… the gold is in full swing and we will continue to see much during 2019 and also in 2020.

So if you have not included it in your decoration, you can already go with some golden detail. For example, you can start with a lamp or a small accessory that adds a golden touch to your kitchen or living room. Success sure!

Home Decor Trends 2020Home Decor Trends 2020

If you are looking for inspiration for your reform or want to know the next home decor trends for the year 2020 at the level of architecture and interior design, this article interests you.

Year after year trends evolve, although fashion is the most media sector, the change of style also affects other sectors and interior design is no exception. 2020 will be the year in which our house will become natural, stripped of artifice and use very specific accessories to give it a balanced touch of modernity. The furniture is also transformed based on the reality of the space we live, will become small and adaptable; and we can not forget the color, although Pantone has not yet pronounced sentence, there are tones that have managed to sneak into the palettes of the most elegant interiors. Ready to know how to have a house a day?

The mixture enrichesHome Decor Trends 2020

The time when all the floor, walls, etc. had a unique finish is history, what it takes now is to mix. Cement pavements are combined with drawings of hydraulic tiles or imitation ceramic parquet. The walls become fun with accented graphics that break the homogeneity of smooth surfaces. The color does not only come from the hand of textiles and accessories, but the furniture is dressed in intense colors that bring personality to the room. Neutral tones will not go out of style, but it is good to learn to take risks.

Marbles and natural stonesHome Decor Trends 2020

Large format coatings are a must by 2020. With the new technologies and innovations of recent years, it has been possible to transfer the beauty of natural stone to extensive and lighter formats that facilitate installation in walls and floors, creating elegant spaces and with very good taste.

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If you are a stoneware lover, you will love the new technical stones that mimic natural materials and create unique and unrepeatable combinations for each space. We will see a lot of marble and similar finishes on wall panels, dining tables and details in bathrooms and other spaces of the house.

Frosted and matt glassHome Decor Trends 2020

Frosted or matt glass will have a strong presence in lighting elements. Being able to be space dividers as sliding doors or for the bathroom. A trend that until recently was considered obsolete and in bad taste is transformed to reinvent itself and be a key element for decorative solutions, lighting and doors.

Its versatility allows them to adapt to any style and space, being a point of interest that can be customized and even reversed according to the color you want, you will surely see it a lot in shower doors, bathrooms, flashy lamps and space dividers.

Lamps that will leave you breathlessHome Decor Trends 2020

On the subject of lighting, innovation and new proposals are magnificent. From geometric lamps that lean over pure and simple lines to compositions of several pieces that create unique scenographies in each space.

We will also see many flexible and tubular lamps. They will be able to adapt to more organic designs, being a perfect contrast to geometric lamps that seek to create figures that cover the horizontal and vertical spectrum to generate a unique and impeccable lighting. The objective is to impact and give prominence to the lighting elements.

Modular and flexible furnitureHome Decor Trends 2020

Good design makes life easier and more comfortable. So the year 2020 the trend that enters with more force are the modular and multifunctional furniture. The popularity of these pieces of furniture lies in their versatility, being able to have several placement formats.

Adapting to the changing needs of users has led designers to create unique pieces that respond to different uses and spaces, being able to organize the furniture according to the use of each area of the house.

The 80s are backHome Decor Trends 2020

Chrome details, bright finishes, holographic and neon elements. The 80s returned to stay. Small details that transport us to that golden era of design that are presented both in pieces of furniture and in lamps and coverings, reinterpreting this style by fusing it with contemporary contemporary lines.

The organic forms and the presence of gold or copper finishes stand out on the legs and details of chairs and sofas. Mixing the opulence of the time with functional and contemporary silhouettes that we can see very frequently in pieces of furniture and lamps of the most recognized design houses in the industry.

The dark sideHome Decor Trends 2020

Gone are the Scandinavian designs full of white and neutral tones. By 2020, bold designs and compositions are expected that use dark and deep tones for both furniture and walls and walls.

Dark and elegant colors are a bold proposal that breaks with the traditional Scandinavian style bathed in light colors. In order not to saturate the spaces, it is proposed to create a balance between the colors of the furniture and the walls, combining neutral tones and accentuating specific elements of the furniture or wall coverings to create a focal point in each space.

Wood at its bestHome Decor Trends 2020

Wood is a classic that is always reinvented, and by the year 2020 it will not stop surprising. The organic lines, folds and curves merge with the warmth of the wood to present pieces of furniture and unique details that look as if they had been carved out of one piece.

It is committed to dark lacquers and streaks marked in rich and deep wood tones. A trend that can be applied perfectly to any space in the house, whether in details of furniture or pieces made entirely of this noble material.

Decorating Trends For 2020Decorating Trends For 2020

A few days ago Instagram was filled with creatives that reminded us that nothing comes 2020 and although the truth is that the intention of these publications was the most noble – they invited us to make the most of that time before starting with the balance sheets of the year and the new purposes – all the alarms went off at us: 2020 is just around the corner and we need to know what it will take to decorate our houses.

If to the already arduous task of reforming the house without great dramas and finding a decorative style that fits with us now we add that the whole process decoration to align with the trends that will reign next year.

And how will we know what the decorating trends of 2020 are? Well, we must confess that we do not have any magic balls, but we have toured the studies of our favorite interior designers, the decoration stores that we like most right now and, of course, we have looked at the new IKEA catalog that comes loaded with good ideas. With all this we have made a selection of essential trends that you can already let in your home to be up to date next year.

What Is Coming Now? These Will Be The Decorating Trends That Will Reign 2020

The walls keep talkingDecorating Trends For 2020

They are a form of expression of the human being from its beginnings – see the time of the caves. They will continue to see those that are completely covered with pictures and those that surrender to the wallpaper – which we have already seen, it is not only for the walls – but what will really triumph next year is the mix. Half terrazzo walls, half pastel paint; two, three or four color walls, walls with moldings…

Curves comeDecorating Trends For 2020

Apply this especially to lamps. In 2019 we have experienced a boom of rattan and natural fibers that were already beginning to curl. The next course we will live the return of the rounded and sinuous forms that bring life and sensation of movement to the spaces.

Look more at the ceilingDecorating Trends For 2020

We detected it in the last edition of Home Decor and as we have learned little by little, the ceiling will continue to be a protagonist in 2020. To follow this trend we must have a clear premise: eye with overloading the space. Most of us are not used to decorating this part of the house, so opt for wallpaper or neutral and versatile paint tones.

Ah! The twist is when ceiling and wall merge into one.

Orange attentionDecorating Trends For 2020

Let us apologize Pantone for meddling a little in this matter. It is true, this perhaps more than a prediction is a declaration of intentions and it is that we see that this color may be the right and necessary detail for our new decoration. We refer to three shades specifically: an orange closer to yellow –Butterscotch–, an orange that melts with yellow –Dark Cheddar– and, our favorite, a vibrant and energetic orange –Orange Tiger– that will be perfect in your sofa, armchair or dining room chairs.

LighterDecorating Trends For 2020

It is a reality, the houses are getting smaller and the rooms no longer have a single functionality. That is, the living room is no longer just for watching television because in many houses on the sofa you also eat and eat dinner, just as in the kitchen it has also become an office. This means that we should think much better which furniture we choose for each space, taking into account these new activities but ensuring that the space flows. Is it time to recover the less is more?

Smart furnitureDecorating Trends For 2020

This tenure that will clearly be imposed in 2020 is one of the innovations brought by the latest IKEA catalog. In fact, the Swedish brand has already signed up this year for the manufacture of smart furniture and will continue next year with a collection of lamps, bedside tables and desk tables that charge the battery of your mobile without wires.

Eastern AiresDecorating Trends For 2020

‘The Japanese’ will continue to be very present in our homes and that is very good news. Marie Kondo helped us with the issue of order and many of us have already been introducing the Wabi Sabi  – which invites us to take advantage of the beauty of the ancient and imperfect and recycle and take advantage of elements. The next level is to surrender to japandi, a decorative style that combines Scandinavian and Japanese style, both quite minimalist, simple and functional. That is why your house will be filled with natural wood, furniture of organic materials and shapes and much, much, much white.

Beige is backDecorating Trends For 2020

With permission of so much white, we must celebrate the return of this color so many times reviled and how well it does to the decoration. Beige comes ready to enrich the classic neutral color palette with shades ranging from the color of the sand to the softest chocolate color. It is ideal for a wall, for a very leading piece of furniture or to combine with that orange that we really want to see next season.

2020 decorating trendsdecorating trends that emerge for 2020

The end of the year is already announced, the big shows have delivered their conclusions and the decorators announced their favorites. To find out in which direction deco move next year, we took stock of the inevitable trends for interior decoration in 2020… take notes, we tell you everything!

The 20 decorating trends that emerge for 2020

1. The curves

In 2020, the round has the coast. It will not be alone in the decorative trends, certainly, but we may see the birth of complete collections of canapés balls, rounded corners, oval mirrors, round tables and curved lines for a soft and cozy atmosphere. Round is the new angle.

2. The dark green

Because it was necessary to change from the now classic blue oil, trends decor 2020 rely on a hunter green, dark and intense, both retro and modern if it is mixed with the right colors… for example, yellow and yellow. blue, other stars of the color scheme!

3. Natural materials

They were already there in 2019, they do not shrink a fiber in 2020. Natural materials prancing trend and after rattan, washed linen, bamboo, seagrass or hemp, we take passion for caning. Chic then.

4. Terracotta

Of course, between crafts and natural materials, rustic and vintage current, the terracotta had to return. This is now done and in 2020, the terracotta objects invade the decor, vases to the dishes, raw or decorated.

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5. The blue

Another one who does not intend to give up his place in the decor in 2020, even if he is no longer the only star. Blue is always present, in oil, marine, duck, peacock or now, in softer variants such as pastel blue or mint blue.

6. The scandicraft

Scandicraft gradually replaces the Scandinavian style, already considered too cold. For short, the Scandicraft trend is Scandinavian spiked with natural materials, with more texture, more color and more softness for an ultra-cozy atmosphere. Of course, we love it.

7. African inspirations

The wax was already a cardboard, geometric patterns and craftsmanship too. Logical, therefore, that the African inspirations affirm their place in the 2020 decor trends with capsule collections, prints and colors that brighten up the house!

8. The artisanal forms

Mix the current arts and crafts, the penchant for imperfection in the decor and the tendency to the natural materials, you get the return in force of the artisanal objects. With visible imperfections, if possible, to give the impression of a decorative object brought back from travel.

9. The past colors

The decor does not get tired of soft colors, old rose and gray leading trend. Good news, in 2020, it will also crack for past Parma, for a faded green, for a gray-blue or for a range of old-fashioned beige. It’s going to cocooner dry.

10. Maximalism

Minimalism, you have supped? The decor too. In 2020, we charge, combining flashy colors and accumulations of objects, gilding and retro style, design elements and kitsch objects. Maximalism is that: we dare everything, but with style.

11. The yellow

Did you love the mustard yellow of 2019? Good, it is still there, and the palette of trendy colors is enriched in 2020 ocher shades or curry. What to warm up the decor by discrete keys or sunny patches!

12. The services

In 2019, we rediscovered the decorative potential of buffets. In 2020, we will melt for the good ideas of the services. Wood or metal, industrial or natural version, minimalist or worked, it is found everywhere, and it is used for everything from the kitchen to the office!

13. The XXL tiles

In 2020, the decor looks great. Not that small tiles have gone out of fashion, but large tiles surf at the forefront of trends for their more modern look, especially for a wall tile, and especially with effects stone or concrete!

14. Iridescent hues

And if we slipped a rainbow into the decor? This is what the 2020 deco trends propose with a pronounced taste for all that is iridescent, in other words, shining and shimmering in a thousand happy colors. And it works on furniture, tiles or decorative objects!

15. The textured white

Always trend in 2020, white? Yes, provided you give it relief! The decor is now textured, with mixes of tone-on-tone materials and patterns, enriched with shades of ecru and soft beige. In other words, white yes, but hot.

16. Watercolor

By 2020, the watercolor effects will always make theirs in the decor. This, whether they illuminate the curtains or the bed linen, decorate a vase or cover a piece of wall! We will find them everywhere, and the inevitable panoramic wallpaper will not be left behind, promised.

17. The weavings

Once again, natural materials, crafts, DIY… For sure, the weavings will continue to influence the decoration in 2020. XXL wall woven version above the bed, macramé suspensions for plants or ultra-design on real works, we love them all.

18. The mix and match

To avoid lassitude, the decor never tires of mixing everything! Rustic and industrial, artisanal and retro, ethnic and modern, trends 2020 marry the currents to better reinvent themselves and we, we say thank you.

19. Paper lamps

We are not going to talk about natural matters again. Just announce that in 2020, the paper is back in deco, starting with lamps and paper suspensions. And since they are design, low price and available everywhere, we do not risk to deprive ourselves.

20. The tripods

Tripod, three feet: in 2020, the furniture stands on three feet rather than four, and it is as much for the tables as for the planter stand, the lamps or the service! If in addition we find them in wood with handcrafted finishes, we let you imagine the deco board.

Interior Design Trends 2020-2021Interior Design Trends 2020-2021

Interior design, like any direction in art, has its own fashion, ideas and trends. Some of them perpetuate entire eras, others are fleeting and pass in two or three seasons. Professional interior designers, are able to highlight those that are the continuation of legendary decisions and golden milestones in interior design, and therefore fashion, as our studio specialists understand, is the best available at this moment, and not something temporary.

In this review, we provide you with various fashion trends in interior design, styles that are now popular in the premium segment, and specific design decisions that can attract your attention.

Remember that the ideal design project is, first of all, the individual interaction of the designer and the client, trusting relationships and a complete understanding of all dreams and tasks. In our studio, we strive for just such – warm and comfortable – sensations for professionals and our dear customers.

In 2020-2021, the refreshing lightness, introduced into the interior by mint-turquoise shades, appealed to many customers of elite interiors, turning into a stable coloristic trend.

Most often, the color of the year can be found in interiors in the art deco, classic and neoclassical styles, but it also finds its application in the design of modern spaces. Therefore, we can confidently say that due to its versatility, the most fashionable color of 2020-2021 will not lose its relevance in 2020.

Interior trends 2020-2021

When thinking about fashion trends in interior design this season, it is important to understand that we are not talking about spontaneous fashion trends, but about conceptual solutions – for example, an open plan or the evolution of glossy surfaces in the interior, which have firmly entered our life for the next decade and, maybe lingering even a whole century!

Fashion in interior design is like a cherry on a cake. In a professional project, it makes the quality foundation or interior concept shine even brighter – thanks to certain solutions, brilliant ideas and fashionable shades.

1. Open plan kitchen and living room in apartments and country houses

The interior of an open-plan kitchen and living room often has a visual or partial physical separation. For example, in the photo of the interior above there is an island and the focus of the audience on two separate areas due to large chandeliers. An open plan is a great option for the design of an apartment or a country house in any style, because every home is worthy of modern comfort!

An open plan gives a particularly modern lifestyle when everything is close at hand. With this construction of volumes of space, you do not need to travel long distances from the kitchen to the living room, just to take the cookbook you need from the shelf.

Most often, an open plan means the combined kitchen and living room, as well as the main dining room. Together they form one large public area for family communication and receiving guests. If you want, when building a house or decorating an apartment, you can provide a separate room for a home theater. This will give you more privacy.

2. English restraint and symmetry

If you like traditionalism and aristocracy in interior design, then you will surely like the English style, which is now in fashion. Its elegance and discreet color palette are still found by fans around the world.

In addition, the symmetry technique is often used in the English style, which helps to nicely arrange furniture, decorative accessories and various designs in the interior. Symmetry is a classic technique in interior design and always looks exquisite.

The English style can rightfully be considered one of the most suitable styles for the design of a premium country house. In the original, it was used for brick townhouses and mansions in the UK and Ireland, but it has proven itself in our climatic zone. Indeed, the amount of sunlight, precipitation outside the window and the nature of the landscape invariably affect how organically the interior will fit into your life.

3. Design a modern kitchen in a trendy chocolate palette

The chocolate palette, like the coffee one, is very loved by fashionable interior designers. Shades of dark chocolate, mocha, latte, as well as shades of white chocolate, caramel and many others now benefit compared to the traditional natural palette.

Chocolate and coffee shades are an excellent solution for interior design in various styles – art deco and classic, modern style and English. They are universally luxury and look spectacular in premium projects.

In addition, silver and gold are excellent for chocolate and coffee, as well as such fashionable color options as amethyst and emerald shades, rose quartz and fuchsia, peach and purple, and in warm colors – saffron, cherry and burgundy. The designer from our studio will help with the right accents, you will only need to choose your favorite options.

4. Living room interior with art deco elements

The interior design of the living room is what most of us first of all think about when creating a design project for a country house or apartment. Now the trend is refined and elegant options – for example, classic with art deco elements, as in the photo above, refined art deco and light classic, as well as French, American and modern styles with art deco elements.

Art Deco today is a global global trend, as a style in the design of furniture, decor and interior in general. It is present in many other interior directions, transforms them and emphasizes. But such characteristic features of Art Deco as geometricity, graphic art and texture are themselves trends in interior design 2020-2021.

5. Exclusive mirrored panels

In this luxurious bedroom there is another fashionable element in the interior design of this season – the exclusive panel on the wall behind the head of the bed, amazing in its beauty and scope.

Such panels are now in demand in decorating not only bedrooms and boudoirs, but also bathrooms and dressing rooms with them, as well as in the design of halls and corridors, front rooms and on stairs, in living rooms and even children’s rooms.

6. Built-in niches, furniture and shelves for the living room

In this living room, the built-in wooden library modules are located to the left and right of the decorative fireplace portal. This technique is often used in French, neoclassical and American interiors, but is popular in modern and classic.

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This technique allows you to make the interior of your living room not only exclusive and original, but also very convenient. There is no separate bulky furniture for storage, a library or your collection of anything – from sports cups to souvenirs from vacation.

Built-in niches can be made of various materials, the most common are wood, stone, drywall and wood imitation.

7. Luxurious accent blocks made of slabs of natural stone in the interior

This luxurious hall for an apartment in the LCD “Symphony of Embankments” is made in the art deco style using agate slabs, which with illumination looks just amazingly beautiful.

Slabs of natural stones – onyx, gabbro, labradorite, travertine, granite, agate, amethyst, marble and many others – are actively used in the interior design of houses and apartments in our studio. This is one of the most striking international trends in interior design this and next seasons.

Slabs can be used for panels, floors and walls, ceilings and accent blocks, as well as for fireplace portals, countertops, kitchen aprons and window sills.

Marble is one of the most versatile finishes; it is elegant and concise, which is why it is great for floor design. But such stones as agate or onyx most often become focal points in the interior in the form of an accent block, partition or panel.

8. Glass sliding doors in the interior of the living room

Because of the open-plan fashion, glass doors (including sliding or slider doors) are becoming more and more beloved designers and their clients. If desired, glass can divide the space into separate rooms, and in a passive state it is almost invisible.

Glass sliding doors can be used for zoning the living room from the dining room, kitchen or study, billiard room or hall, any room – from the loggia, porch or terrace, and in the nursery to separate the active and sleeping areas.

In this case, glass doors can be transparent, matte, with ornaments or drawings, panels or photo prints, even with inlaid rhinestones or with fragments of colored glass, with stained-glass windows.

9. White, light and glossy facades in the design of the kitchen set

White cuisine is a status, style, modernity and confirmation that you are on the wave of world fashion trends. And it is not only a matter of interior design and decoration, but also a lifestyle and thinking. So, the white kitchen with one of its appearance shows all your guests what you are for sophistication, modernity and aesthetics, for the new and the best.

The truth is that kitchens in modern interior design are becoming brighter. Of course, chocolate and coffee colors are popular, and many of them are just crazy about black gloss, but the most light, glossy kitchens are now the most stylish solution for creating a fashionable interior.

Whether it’s the design of a one-room apartment of 40 square meters or a mansion of 400 square meters, a white kitchen can fit perfectly into your dream home image!

10. Glossy accents in the design of a fashionable interior

Gloss is an integral part of a modern fashionable interior, whether it is countertops, facades, gloss of frosted glass, polished marble or electronics. It can be noticeable and bright or universal and background, but it is present, perhaps, in almost every trendy interior.

Gloss can be used both as a decoration material, and as a piece of furniture (facades) or decor. The more glossy surfaces that reflect light well in one room, the more refined and modern it looks. Gloss is especially actively used in styles such as art deco and minimalism.

Top 5 style trends in interior design 2020

If fashion trends in interior design show us where the image of the modern interior as a whole is going, then specific styles allow us not only to get a comfortable and beautiful interior, but also to choose the atmosphere that we like most. Among the most fashionable styles, we would like to highlight amazing art deco, modern art nouveau, delicate English classics, innovative high-tech and legendary classic style.

Classic style in interior design – for lovers of beauty

The interior in the classical style is a unique combination of legendary and time-tested design and decoration techniques, complex and multifaceted, which strikes with the integrity of the image. The classic style is a representative of the aristocracy in the 21st century and does not go out of fashion in the premium segment.

In 2020, the interior of a fashionable apartment is often decided in the classics. This shows that the classic mood is great for an urban lifestyle. You can be inspired by stunning apartments in Paris, London and Madrid in order to see all the possibilities of the classics, or browse the classic-style projects in our portfolio.

English classics – for those who appreciate an aristocratic atmosphere

To create any interior in the English style requires not just a professional, but an interior designer in love with his job. To convey the atmosphere of a whole culture, the mood of a London apartment or a New York townhouse decorated in this style, you will need not just furniture, textiles and decor, but also special inspiration.

Art Deco – a luxury that surprises every day

Perfectionist, bourgeois, sophisticated – this is the art deco style, which is now one of the most popular options for interior design premium. Combining international trends, French techniques and even Egyptian luxury, it can rightfully become the main style of this century, as it is also extremely modern.

Scandinavian minimalism – the natural beauty of wood, stone and fire

It’s no secret that Scandinavian minimalism is one of the most popular in interior design in principle. This season, he loves to mix with art deco, forcing himself to look different, complementing his minimalist look with sophisticated and sophisticated decor decisions.

Interior design 2020 will show us the triumph of modern trends. And if earlier they were chosen only by those who love the urban way of life, now minimalism with notes of eco-style, art deco or loft has become an excellent choice for country life, as well as for decorating residences.

Hi-tech – on the wave of modern innovations

The ultra-modern atmosphere, innovative options for built-in furniture, appliances and the smartest storage organization that you can meet in interior design is a high-tech style that competes with minimalism for the title of the most modern style in the world.

The general trend in interior design in 2020 is a variety of popular trends. Elegant styles of the neoclassical line (light classic, art deco, English classic) and modern trends (hi-tech, minimalism and modern) are equally present in the trends, being trendy and popular. You only need to choose what is more important for you – luxury or conciseness.

New trends in bedroom interior design

Having talked about the 10 most important trends in interior design in 2020-2021 and identifying the Top 5 popular styles, we want to invite you to get acquainted with mew trends in bedroom interior designs.

Interestingly, the design of the bedroom is very sensitive to changing fashion trends in interior design. Here, fashionable accents in textiles, trendy accessories of this season, etc. appear most quickly. Undoubtedly, in the interior of an apartment or house in 2020, the bedroom will certainly be special.

Monochrome color scheme with golden accents

Monochrome colors in interior design can be presented in different variations, for example, silver gray, chocolate nut, coffee brown or beige and peach. In 2020-2021 and 2020 they will meet you in so many styles in interior design!

Rose gold, fried almonds, marsala, sandstone, custard, lavender and many other fashionable shades of 2020 are often used in monochrome palettes. In principle, a room in which there is an elegant transition in half tones always seems more professionally designed and sophisticated.

Mirror walls and ceilings

Mirror finishes are an indispensable part of the Art Deco style bedroom, and are also often used in classic, neoclassical and many other styles. This bedroom looks especially exquisite due to the stunning textile headboard and exclusive curtain design from our studio.

Mirror finish is attractive not only in the design of the walls, but also in the design of the ceiling, furniture and accessories. Mirrors are increasingly present on the facades of chests of drawers, bedside tables and boudoir tables, and not just sliding wardrobes. In addition, mirror boxes, storage boxes for accessories and perfumes and mirror trays are an excellent addition to any professional French bedroom.

Mirror finish can be made both in various styles – art deco or classic, as well as in completely exclusive sketches that our studio designers will make for you. In addition, the decoration with colored (for example, tinted in gold) mirrors, as well as mirrors with ornament, is also very popular now.

Accent wall decoration behind the head of the bedroom

The interior design of a bedroom with an accent wall can be a great solution if you want to make the room especially attractive. In this case, the deliberate luxury that is characteristic of art deco and makes this style so spectacular and inimitable – just what you need.

Interior in 2020-2021 very often contains accent walls not only in the design of the bedroom, but also in the living room, children’s room and dining room. Such a design technique allows you to create a visual point of attraction – a focus in space, which makes the image of the room flawless and truly complete.

The textile design of the bed frame (headboard and king) is now very fashionable. This bed is usually larger than the standard bed (e.g. 200 x 220) and very comfortable. Designers like to use such beds both in fashionable lofts and in classic (for example, English) interiors paired with a cape or ottoman in the same style.

New trends for interiors 2020-2021 will increasingly contain this piece of furniture and even its advanced variations, for example, with a wooden podium, capiton upholstery, sewn in rhinestones and similar additions.

Many interesting ideas that we are looking forward to seeing in practice. And which one do you prefer? Have you already included any in your decoration? This year it is difficult to choose because we like many but surely we find space for some golden detail or another plant at home. Tell us what your favorites are and if you are looking for more inspiration, do not forget to visit my Pinterest page. Happy week.