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Interior Design Trends, Styles And Colors 2024The question of what interior will be relevant in 2024 worries many who plan repairs and follow fashion trends. The latest trends partly correspond to the already familiar options for organizing space, but designers offer to introduce new original combinations. If you want to breathe life into the design of your apartment, we recommend that you carefully read the trends of this year.

The main concept and interior design trends 2024

The main rule to follow in interior design trends 2024 is compactness and comfort in everything, as well as proximity to nature.

Comfort in the modern sense is gradually moving towards intimacy and compactness. That is, the usual principle of “open space” becomes less relevant. This does not mean that you need to completely abandon the combination of the kitchen with the living room or the living room with the bedroom. It’s just worth thinking about the feasibility of such a solution and, for example, not demolishing interior partitions, replacing them with more unusual designs.

A good option is transparent or translucent glass elements from floor to ceiling. They have good soundproofing properties and keep odors that may come from the kitchen. To distinguish between the bedroom and the living room, horizontal or vertical screens with separate slats that rotate around their axis are good.

In the materials for their manufacture, one must adhere to the concept of unity with nature. City dwellers can feel like prisoners of the stone jungle, and according to the advice of designers, in such conditions, you can touch nature with the help of wooden details. Panels made of natural material, furniture and accessories made of wood are expensive, so it is permissible to use cheaper, but high-quality and environmentally friendly counterparts. For example, ceramic tiles with imitation wood flooring.

Houseplants will complement the idea of unity with nature. A modern solution is to place large flower pots or shelving with climbing plants at key points in the house. It is important that this place is well ventilated and adequately lit. If the area of an apartment or a country house is enough, then you can go even further. For example, arrange a small winter garden in one of the rooms. Eco-design is one of the design trends of 2024, which has not lost its relevance since previous years.

Interior styles 2024

The interior of 2024 is recommended to be decorated in a modern style. Many designers believe that the direction should combine several relevant features at once.

We will analyze the most trendy styles that are appropriate to choose for an apartment or a private house.


Modern classics are characterized by both rigor and functionality. This is achieved through the use of natural finishing and decorative materials. For the floor choose parquet or boards made of fine wood, sometimes marble. The decoration is complemented by stucco – a characteristic detail of this style.

Traditionally, the walls are pasted over with fabric or silk wallpaper with a soft pattern, lined with decorative plaster or painted with pastel shades. Light colors look advantageous: white, beige, sand and gray. For accents, deep saturated colors are desirable: chocolate, burgundy, purple, blue.

Classics require high-quality lighting in the form of numerous light sources: massive chandeliers, elegant sconces and table lamps, small floor lamps on the floor. They should be mounted symmetrically, placing several additional ones around the main light source.

MinimalismInterior Design Trends, Styles And Colors 2024

Style does not limit the necessary furniture and details, but teaches you to choose the most important and functional things. The main requirement is the comfort and versatility of the elements. Natural materials are preferred for decoration: wood, stone, leather and breathable textiles (linen, cotton).

For the ceiling, paint is most often chosen, for walls – plain wallpaper without patterns or decorative plaster with a pronounced texture. It is recommended to lay laminate, parquet or porcelain stoneware on the floor – it depends on the operating conditions and the lining area.

Minimalism is characterized by light colors and natural tones: most often it is white, beige, gray, brown, wine, green.

One of the main roles in minimalism is played by lighting. It should be enough, ideally these are large panoramic windows. For artificial lighting, unobtrusive miniature devices are suitable: backlight, small lamps, spotlights.

The use of decor should be kept to a minimum. If you want to add coziness, then you can lay a few decorative pillows or hang a picture in a frame. A lot of textiles are also unusual for minimalism. It is even recommended to replace classic curtains with blinds or roller shutters.

ModernInterior Design Trends, Styles And Colors 2024

One of the most decorative and creative modern styles is distinguished by the presence of smooth lines, a lot of decorations, asymmetry, as well as the absence of strict lines and right angles. In the design, expensive natural materials are valued, especially precious woods.

The palette of rooms in modern should be natural. Suitable brown, green, beige, gray, silver, blue.

There can be a lot of decor, but its artistic value is important. The advantage is given to stained-glass windows and forged metal parts.

Lighting devices in this style, in addition to their main function, should also be aesthetic. They can be decorated with frosted or colored glass, made of metal or wood. Most often, the decorative function is performed by sconces, floor lamps, table lamps of unusual shapes that look fashionable and original, emphasize the individuality of the residents.

High techInterior Design Trends, Styles And Colors 2024

Practical and discreet style that never went out of style. In the direction, there are usually strict geometric shapes and lines, as well as glass and chrome decor. Standard accessories, bright and accent, are almost impossible to meet.

High-tech space is usually open, zoning is often used. Mostly mobile, which is carried out using technologically advanced doors and partitions.

The colors are as simple as possible, easy to combine with each other. It’s black, white, grey. For walls, monochrome painting in light shades is suitable, as well as wood or stone trim. For the floor, it is desirable to choose tiles with a glossy surface or linoleum with imitation masonry.

Preference should be given to multi-level lighting. It is created with the help of lamps and lamps of the correct geometric shape.

LoftInterior Design Trends, Styles And Colors 2024

The industrial style is characterized by high ceilings, large window openings and raw surfaces with open communications. Deliberate negligence in the interior is becoming more and more popular every year, especially in the homes of creative people.

Brick, wood, concrete and glass are chosen for loft-style decoration. Among the shades, it is worth giving preference to cold gray, white, brick.

The decor in the apartment is not necessarily a lot, but every detail should be original. It can be a shocking sculpture or a painting by a contemporary artist. Hammocks and bean bags also fit well into the framed retro photo style.

The choice of lighting fixtures is huge: from miniature spotlights to lamps on long cords.

Provenceinterior design trends 2024

Romantic French style in pastel colors has been relevant for more than a year. Floral and light shades of purple, pink, beige, blue are complemented by natural finishing materials. Usually it is a stone or wood on the floor. For walls, plaster or wallpaper with an unobtrusive pattern is suitable. On the ceiling in modern trendy interiors, wooden beams are often found.

There is usually a lot of decor and textiles in Provence. Lovely figurines, vases with natural and potted flowers, frames with family photos and other little things will create comfort and set you up for a holiday.

Each of these styles is good in its own way and will be relevant not only in 2024. Therefore, it is important to choose the direction in which it will be comfortable to be on a daily basis.

Choice of finishing materials

In interior design 2024, finishing materials of natural origin. Most often it is stone and wood, sometimes porcelain stoneware is also added to them, which costs less than stone and is not as demanding as wood.

Reliable and environmentally friendly materials this year, designers recommend not only to use, but also not to be afraid to experiment with them. You can combine them in any way. For example, tiling with marble and wood textures on the bathroom walls, adding wood furniture and a stone sink and bathtub.

This year, brick walls have loudly declared themselves. With this finish, you can create an accent wall, partition, arch or fireplace area. Bricks can be left in their natural state or used for painting.

A fresh idea for 2024 is the use of textured glass. This solution allows you to add air to the room and give the interior elegance.

For decorating rooms, textured glass can replace a partition or wall, in the bathroom it can be used for a shower cabin or as a door decoration. If these options are not suitable for your apartment, then you can pick up glass accessories: dishes, vases and other little things.

In the decoration in 2024, contrasting combinations of coarse and more concise materials, coatings with a pronounced relief and smooth canvases are valued. Texture and pronounced lines will add volume to materials that are monochrome in color.

Trendy interior colors 2024

Contrasting white and black, as well as classic beige, brown, gray do not go out of fashion.

You can combine them with each other in any room – from the kitchen to the bedroom. The combination of white and black looks especially interesting in the bathroom and hallway.

To add expressiveness and place accents, it is recommended to dilute the palette with shades that differ by one or two tones from them. This will help zone the space, emphasize important elements and add coziness to the room.

If the area of the room is small, then light colors will help to add space to it. To give comfort, you can dilute the white color with dark warm shades.

In 2024, shades of warm yellow are gaining popularity in the interior. Different options are suitable for arranging the space: from straw and tan to daffodil and ocher. They are associated with the sun, warmth and good mood, therefore they are especially appropriate for rooms whose windows face the north side.

The cold palette remains popular. The trend is different variations of blue in cool colors, especially sapphire. Cold shades of green and gray are no less relevant.

When using cold colors, there is a nuance – they should only be used if a lot of natural sunlight enters the room. If there is not enough lighting, then the use of such colors in decoration should be limited or only furniture in these colors should be bought.

Room Design Trends 2024

The main emphasis in the arrangement of any room in the house is on versatility and practicality. To do this, it is important not to overload the apartments with unnecessary details. This is especially important for housing in a small area, where additional decor creates a feeling of tightness, and an abundance of furniture interferes with free movement. Let’s analyze what trends designers recommend taking into account when decorating rooms.

Kitchen interiorinterior design trends 2024

The choice of styles for arranging a modern kitchen is huge. It all depends on the lifestyle and preferences of the owners.

Connoisseurs of functionality and simplicity should stop at the Scandinavian style. In the role of an accent, white color is good, which visually expands the space. This effect becomes more pronounced due to good lighting in the form of spotlights, diode strips and other devices.

The interior is dominated by sand, light chocolate and milky shades. They are combined with trendy wood and colorful tiles. This trend is complemented by solid beech kitchen furniture, as well as metal, leather, and linen finishes.

In 2024, designers recommend adding stone and mosaics to the interior, complementing the space with pillows and tablecloths, glass decor, soft rugs and other necessary little things.

In addition to laconic designs in the style of scandi, hi-tech, minimalism, vintage stands out in 2024. It is dominated by calm colors of beige, light gray, milky.

The basis of the style is furniture with visible flaws (scuffs, signs of aging), which gives a special charm. Avoid modern technology, instead it is preferable to choose work surfaces made of artificial stone and ceramics.

For a kitchen in this style, soft lighting is chosen, which is represented by a central lamp and unobtrusive illumination of functional areas.

Bathroom and toiletinterior design trends 2024

For bathrooms, tiles with characteristic veins of marble do not lose their relevance. Thanks to 3D printing, this design is repeated by porcelain stoneware slabs.

The advantage of choosing a marble effect design is in a wide variety and combination options. But most preferably white marble with gray patterns.

For decoration, you should choose embossed textures that are pleasant to the touch: wood, marble. Zoning is recommended to be carried out using a combination of different textures and colors. Lighting also helps a lot with this: you can create several options at the same time – from bright to muted.

Bathrooms in 2024 focus on a mix of futuristic and traditional elements. It does not do without new technologies, for example, a “smart” shower and smart glass partitions. The peculiarity of the latter is that it changes its transparency from completely transparent to matte. If earlier only large companies could afford such an innovation for partitions in offices, then in recent years they are also available to apartment owners.

In 2024, high-tech shower cabins will replace the large bathtub as the main part of the bathroom. The same applies to toilets – manufacturers offer models with many functions. Their choice depends on the budget of the owners and the choice of style.

Living room interiorinterior design trends 2024

According to the latest design trends, the living room should be spacious. If the real area is not enough, this can be achieved with the help of light colors in decoration and furniture, good lighting and a minimum of decor.

Since the classic holds its position, it can be used to decorate the living room. The style is characterized by rich finishes in neutral or light colors with a minimum of accessories. Accents will help to revive it. For example, wicker furniture and rattan furniture. The trend for naturalness is relevant in any form and style.

Bright accessories are suitable for modern trends: white, golden, blue, burgundy, sand. In the interior 2024, wallpaper with a gradient will look great. For rooms with good lighting, they can be blue, pink, for rooms with windows to the north: yellow, greenish.

As in previous years, snow-white living rooms are popular. Monochrome can be diluted with rich shades and patterns. It can be tropical or seascapes. It will be interesting to look like a small winter garden from a large number of indoor plants.

Bedroom interior

When choosing a bedroom design, a lot of attention is paid to colors that would set you up for rest and relaxation. Instead of dark tones, beige, gray and other light shades work well. They are universal at the place of application and can be easily combined with any tones.

If the bedroom area is large, it is recommended to choose warm colors. They create a positive atmosphere and fill the house with comfort. A smaller bedroom will suit cool light shades that visually expand the space and fill it with lightness.

To decorate the bedroom, designers offer such a trend as soft headboards. For them, choose soft natural or eco-leather of good quality. Suede, velvet and velor are no less relevant. But such materials require a little more care.

Textile wallpapers are ideal for wall decoration. Together with soft textiles and cozy decor, they will create a unique interior.

Partitions will be appropriate depending on the style chosen. With their help, you can visually divide the room into zones, for example, equip a mini-study or an impromptu dressing room.

Children’s roominterior design trends 2024

For a children’s room, psychologists advise decorating in delicate pastel shades. If you need to allocate space for several children or delimit functional areas (for study, play and sleep) for one child, then you can do this using different colors.

For girls, pink, orange and other warm shades are suitable, and for boys, blue, blue and green tones can be used. The universal color is yellow, which sets you up for positive and awakens creativity.

Now in the trend are children’s “for growth”. Therefore, designers do not recommend getting carried away with bright prints and design with cartoon characters, but giving preference to more versatile designs. Furniture should also be functional. For example, a bed with a retractable double bed and a modular set that slides out as the child grows.

When arranging the interior in 2024, you need to remember that special attention should be paid to details. Taking into account trends will be a huge plus, but it is much more important to carefully consider combinations of shades, textures, materials in accordance with the chosen style. It is worth considering that the rooms should be decorated in a single style.

If these recommendations are followed, each place in the apartment will become cozy and a space for rest and work, not only in interior design trends 2024, but several years after. See photos of successful interiors in the gallery.

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