40 DIY Home Decoration Ideas: Newest Trends for 2021

You do not have enough storage at home? Create some! Whether on feet or hanging on the wall, under the sink or behind the bed, newest home decoration trends is certainly one of the essential elements of organized interior. Good for the budget and super easy to make, recycled storage quickly becomes a design object in every contemporary home. Clever wall storage, boxes and decorative storage baskets in the form of a book, homemade furniture for the living room and dining room or storage jars for the gourmet room… there are many storage ideas for the home that are accessible to everyone. Thanks to our article of the day! So get your tools!


Original and 100% recycled do-it-yourself storageNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Ah, the wooden case! The star of the decor recovers that all lovers of DIY decor storage ideas get it in order to divert it into a superb toy chest for the child’s room, a large food storage box for your picnic, a rest legs for the living room, an original bedside table for the sleeping corner or even a laundry basket for the bathroom. In two steps and three movements, this small, inexpensive storage unit can be transformed into anything you want. Eco-friendly, inexpensive and up-to-date, it can be folded according to everyone’s wishes and can be reused throughout the house!

The Ikea wooden crate – a cheap storage idea for many usesNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

This fall, we’re recycling everything in the house! So, rather than buying a stool or pouffe with a lid, you instantly think of the Ikea crate that you turn over and dress very easily with a sheepskin. Mobile seat or original garden furniture , this recuperated storage is all good and adapts to any interior without exception! We install it everywhere while playing with its size and color for an even more personalized effect. The most daring hang it on the ceiling in order to create unusual lighting and thus give a chic country touch to the space. Positioned vertically, the Ikea wooden crate becomes a charming side table.

DIY storage: Ikea shoe cabinet transformed into a headboardNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

For limited areas , smart storage is essential. Optimizing your bedroom while making it more harmonious is already possible. We therefore opt for clever self-storage and practical organization in order to save each precious square meter and save time. Because, if there is a room in your home that still lacks space, it is without question the bedroom. Under the bed, next to the bed or in the headboard, Ikea shoe cabinets can be used not only to shelter your boots, but also to build a practical storage unit for all kinds of business. Pajamas, bed linen, books, magazines, cosmetic products … this headboard becomes a real space saver and allows you to do withoutbedside table .

Make wall storage TV cabinet versionNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Looking for a DIY range CV idea? Shoe cabinets come to your rescue again, this time, by inviting yourself into the dark living room ! And although they were originally built to accommodate your shoes, they offer several uses suitable for small areas … and not only! So good news for those of you whose order and clever storage around media centers are in order: the faithful TRONES cabinets from Ikea put an end to unsightly cables and make a superb piece of furniture for storing CVs and CDs.

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PVC shoe storage in the shape of tubesNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Buying a new pair of shoes is easy! Certainly not everyone is fortunate to have the huge dressing room of Carrie Bradshaw. Shoes that we don’t wear, cardboard boxes occupying too much space, etc… fortunately, solutions exist! Then, another good DIY storage idea for your small home will be to slide your boots in PVC tubes and hang them on the wall. To create a nicer visual effect, don’t hesitate to give them a little color! In addition to bringing pep to the room, the different shades will also facilitate your storage.

Makeup storage jar in the bathroomNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Flower pots for hanging WC storage? Yes why not ? Because it is not enough just to have pretty objects! If a room is in a bazaar, beautiful furniture will have no pleasant effect on the whole. And when it comes to bathroom storage, it’s even worse. Finding the ideal makeup storage idea is often quite complicated. Overflowing drawers and makeup brushes strewn across the sink … to end this nightmare, nothing like making up your makeup storage while giving a second life to forgotten flowerpots. Fixed with a wire near the mirror in the bathroom, these make a great DIY makeup storage idea. So, it’s up to you to test it!

Storage jars to do yourselfNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Always in the spirit of recycling and nice DIY, we embark on this next tuto storage which consists in transforming some neglected glass jars into pretty accessories for the bathroom. Purely decorative and super practical, the kitchen storage jar lends itself to a thousand and one uses. With just a wooden board and three glass jars accompanied by the same number of metal rings, making a DIY makeup storage has never been easier. So, avoid the trash bin and give the glass containers a second chance!

Ikea storage baskets to optimize space in the cabinetNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Although we want them to always stay small, toddlers grow very quickly! This is why children’s storage furniture must be able to evolve at the same pace. So, to optimize and organize the interior space of the wardrobes, we put on the boxes, the boxes and the steel storage baskets which will quickly reign. And even when there is nothing in it, they remain very pretty!

Do-It-Yourself Kitchen and Bathroom StorageNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Who says that the clever kitchen utensils and storage that we use every day have no place in the bathroom? All the baskets, bottles and glass jars, found in the gourmet room, are used not only in the kitchen, but also outside it! Even the credenza bar and the spice carousel will not be spared and will greatly help you in the organization and storage of the bathroom.

Soap dispenser for hair dryer and straightenerNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Indispensable for flawless hair, the hair dryer and straighteners are often very difficult to store, especially in the bathroom. PVC tubes, for example, are perfect for storing generally bulky items. If, however, you do not want your things lying around on the sink, take advantage of your soap dispenser to install your dryer and straightener. For cables, think of a small wall storage basket.

Storage jars hanging from an original kitchen shelfNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

If there is one thing that should not be overlooked in the gourmet room, it is storage! Cupboards, drawers and kitchen storage shelves are very necessary for storing dishes and utensils. And to make the most of the space, you can also opt for a few storage jars hanging from an original kitchen shelf. Useful and decorative, this DIY storage is ideal for storing food supplies and leftovers. Simply nail the lids under a practical storage unit or wooden shelf. Once filled, the glass jars instantly become real decorative items!

Wall book holder made from a spice rackNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

For this next storage tutorial, we leave the kitchen to enter the child’s bedroom. However, we do not leave empty handed! We bring the metal spice rack that we normally find hung on the credenza bar . Why ? For storing children’s books and manuals, this DIY wall book holder is a great do-it-yourself library idea. And as a bonus, everything is at a low price!

Garage storage box to store children’s balloonsNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Everything in its place and every place has its things! So, so that plastic toys and children’s balloons do not drag everywhere in the garage or children’s room, we put them back on the wooden crate. The latter will allow kids to chase chaos faster and appreciate an open space. With just a drill and an elastic thread, we make a garage storage bin that is as practical as it is decorative!

Do-It-Yourself Storage To Avoid Tedious Tangle Of CablesNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

To avoid having to untangle your cables every time when you want to listen to music, why not recycle the toilet paper rolls instead of throwing them away? A little marker and masking tape and you organize the electrical wires of the whole house in two stages and three movements.

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Pencil storage box to energize the kids’ deskNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Although the new cans are made from recyclable metals, why not give them a second life rather than throw them in the trash. Just clean them and stick labels on them, as shown above. A nice and ecological DIY that will not fail to spice up the decor of the child’s room, these recycled preserves will put order on the desk by sheltering all the brushes and pencils lying around. Your kids will love them!

Recuperative and clever storage for garden toolsNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Gardening is a passion for some and a routine for others. In both cases, proper storage of the wall tool is essential. So if you are tired of seeing brushes, lawn ballets or rakes, do not delay any longer and arrange a wall storage space in PVC and wood and hang all your garden tools. It’s easy ! The tools you need? PVC pipes and wooden planks.

How to make a bathroom storage for household products?Newest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Filled, salty and often not too practical, the closet for cleaning products is perhaps the place most despised by housewives! But thanks to this next DIY smart storage, we end the nightmare under the sink. So install a curtain triangle to hang your products on. As for storing your household brushes and utensils, a few iron storage boxes or baskets will do the trick. But beware, if the space under the sink proves to be the perfect place to store your household items, it is not without risk for children.

Do-it-yourself storage: wall-mounted glasses holderNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

If you spend three quarters of the day looking for your favorite glasses that you left on the coffee table , the chair, the bed or sometimes on your head, then this storage idea will please you! Simple and beautiful, the DIY glasses holder by hanging a simple elastic on the wall has everything to please fashionistas with several trendy pairs.

Pool accessories storage in wooden palletNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Having the pool at home is great, but the business hanging around it is much less. So, never to lose the inflatable games or the water pistols, get an old wooden pallet to put everything in it! Do not hesitate to add a little color by painting or decorating it like the owners of the one above!

Garage storage bin suspended from the ceilingNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

A little more complicated to realize than the other storage to do yourself so far, this DIY idea is as smart as it is worth trying. The catch? Build a railing on the ceiling. Once that is done, all you have to do is wedge in a few super practical PVC storage bins for garden tools as well as for small children’s toys.

DIY varnish storage: magnetic boardNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

You fall for the beautiful manicure and you have a huge collection of nail polish ? But then is there a way to store your polishes instantly and without much effort? Thanks to this clever storage, homemade varnish, all you have to do is stick magnets on each of your mini bottles before placing them on the magnetic board. A new decorative element that will easily find its place in the home.

Make your own wardrobeNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

The dressing room is for everyone and this tutorial, made with only a few wooden boards and a ladder as a shelf , will prove it to you. A recuperative storage idea that will not only save you a few square meters in the bedroom, but also save you a lot of time early in the morning! To give it a boost, paint the ladder and the wooden planks in a color of your choice. Finally, all you have to do is choose the clothes you are going to display there. Note that by installing small shelves, this dressing room will allow you to store shoes, bags and other accessories. So let your creativity speak!

How to organize your own storage for kitchen equipment?Newest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

When the space in the drawers and cupboards in the kitchen is limited, you start looking for clever wall storage ideas to organize the rest of your utensils, right? Create your own solution in leather, fabric or wood and optimize the gourmet piece!

Suitcase on feet as clever storage roomNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

As you probably understood, in no time and thanks to your own imagination, you are able to carry out all kinds of storage and decoration. The proof with this pretty bedside table designed entirely from recycled materials . The suitcase and recovered table legs make a superb aesthetic and practical duo for the bedroom.

Do-it-yourself storage: original kitchen shelf and recuperatedNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

That’s it ! Have you finally decided to change your old shutters? But what are you going to do with it? Here, the Parisian wooden shutter becomes a pretty shelf to make yourself for kitchen accessories. A can of paint, a few brush strokes and voila!

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Make a pencil jar with toilet paper rollNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

DIY tool storage is nice, but DIY with toilet paper rolls is even better. Why ? Well, because when using recovered or recycled materials, the results are guaranteed to exceed expectations. Whatever DIY idea you choose, the paper lends itself to many artistic modifications. So, to properly store all your supplies, make yourself a pencil storage box with rolls of toilet paper and several strips of different colors. The cardboard rolls will act as a practical and eco-friendly pencil holder.

Mismatched storage jars for a record budgetNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Glass jars offer several storage ideas for the home. And although back to school has already passed, here is how to store all your office supplies in style. Rather than buying brand new pencil jars, collect your glass jars, clean them thoroughly and paint them. If, however, you do not have glass jars , you can always go to the flea market closest to you!

DIY desk storage to hangNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

If, on the other hand, you prefer your austere office and completely devoid of personal belongings, Newdecortrends offers you to opt again for reclaimed storage by recycling the tin can or coffee that you are throwing away. Your old cake pan will also be suitable. A drill, clips, a little paint and your new DIY storage is ready to hang!

Homemade and personalized jewelry storageNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

The jewelry storage can generally take the shape and size of your choice. So find a simple wooden box and pamper it with a little paint or a few scraps of paper. Practical and vitaminized, this customized jewelry box has it all!

What to do with old shoe storage boxes?Newest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Did you get rid of an old pair of boots, but forgot to throw away the cardboard storage box with lid? No problem ! Just like the wooden jewelry box, the shoe box is also customizable! Colored drawing paper and a little glue will be enough to customize and give new life to an abandoned shoebox .

Make wall storage for the entranceNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Another recuperative storage idea for the walls? This original coat rack made from recycled hangers. Very easy to recreate at home, it will say a lot about your personality and will attract all eyes in the entrance. Wooden hangers will also make an excellent support for your paintings.

Customized headboard – smart bedroom storage to considerNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Urgent need for a small space book storage ? Hard to store, books and magazines tend to hang around the bedroom. You don’t have a bedside table or is it not very suitable for your reading? So improve the design of your sleeping corner by incorporating a headboard with additional storage space.

Handmade bedroom storage basketNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

You have an artistic soul and you fall for practical and decorative DIY? So, you will undoubtedly fall in love in this pretty handmade laundry basket. Made from a plastic basket and colored rope, this basket will find its place as well in the adult or child bedroom as in the living room.

Bathroom storage basket for toiletriesNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Some cotton fabrics, a lining and a sewing machine and here you are with a new cosmetic organizer! Soap, cleansing pads, wipes, body oil … this practical DIY storage will be ideal for all your toiletries intended to end up outside the cupboard in the bathroom.

 Do-It-Yourself Wall ShelfNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

A small space book storage or a super clever hanging cable shelf … it’s up to you!

Decorative and trompe l’oeil storage boxesNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Easily hide your personal belongings in the home library with these book-shaped storage boxes! Smart, decorative and super useful, this DIY do-it-yourself idea is absolutely delightful and cleverly designed to allow you to hide all your secrets away from prying eyes.

Wall document storage for your envelopesNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Doing storage yourself near the office space is always useful! To store papers, envelopes or all kinds of personal documents, wall storage is all good, especially for people who are messy.

Do-It-Yourself Wall Keychain with Lego BricksNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

Tired of always losing your keys? Just hang a few Lego bricks on the wall using double-sided foam adhesive stickers and you will have the perfect wall keychain. Your kids will love it!

Do-It-Yourself Storage: Make a Tissue Toilet Paper HolderNewest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends for 2021

To revolutionize the decor of the toilet once again, here is a tissue toilet paper holder to try absolutely. Save space, original and 100% green, these clever little storage spaces will not only accommodate your rolls, but also your magazines and newspapers. So get your tools!