Main Interior Design Trends In 2023/2024

Interior design trends 2023/2024 has prepared for us a huge number of amazing innovations that will certainly appeal to true connoisseurs of aesthetics. Furnishings, finishes, and design trends are being refined, becoming more ergonomic, graceful, and also skillful. What trends in interior design 2023 have changed and what awaits us next year, you will learn further from the forecasts of the specialists of our Anchors design studio.

1. How are interior design trends shaping up in 2023?

With the advent of a pandemic, an unknown disease, we all had to spend more time at home. Opportunities to be inspired by exhibitions and other sources for the production of furniture, the development of new trends is almost gone.

Many designers do not follow trends, they create them themselves, applying their own vision, which allows you to resume the depth of what is happening and really be part of modern culture.

We are more and more likely to work from home. As a result, our way of life has changed somewhat. Also, these events in the world have changed the decisions in interior design. We invite you to take a closer look at the interior design trends in 2023, which include pleasant surprises, global trends and the best design solutions.

2. New interior design trends 2023

Trends are whimsical and changeable, but focusing on achieving maximum quality, comfort and the needs of the modern man, it is impossible to exclude classics that are timeless.

New trends in interior design 2023 include both timeless classics, elements of optical illusions, and the needs of the real, digital world.

The novelties of interior design 2023 allow you to go beyond the usual, look at things used in the past or present from the outside. The main key trends are aimed at bringing people back to their roots, bringing them closer to nature, while ensuring functionality, convenience and practicality.

2.1. Inspiration from natureMain Interior Design Trends In 2023/2024

Nature is not an exhaustive source of inspiration, which allows you to aesthetically and effectively decorate the interior of your home in the most trendy colors. Modern shapes and rustic charm go hand in hand. Gives more chic and special status to the glossy finish of furniture or walls. There is also a growing interest in the recycling of materials, which is quite relevant for 2024.

2.2. IndividualityMain Interior Design Trends In 2023/2024

Modern interior design trends 2023 also include individuality. This criterion is associated not only with self-expression, but also with aesthetics, a harmonious combination of the overall picture. Self-expression in design through your habits, tastes and hobbies will help you create a unique combination of finishes, color palettes and decors, this will also make the interior unique. Decorating the room with items brought from travels, combining things not according to the rules, but according to your own preferences, or even just organizing the space for yourself – all that is needed to bring individuality into the interior.

2.3. White on whiteMain Interior Design Trends In 2023/2024

Traditional trends in interior design are also moving into the next year. These include the use of white in interior design. Considering that white is essentially a blank sheet, on which anything can appear as a result, you should choose the right shades. For a residential building, a warmer white color should be used. This color allows you to reveal the volume and emphasize the play of shadows, allows you to give the interior a graphic look. White is beautifully used in the game of contrasts and perfectly combined with various colors, which explains the popularity of this color next year.

2.4. Soft corners and rounded shapesMain Interior Design Trends In 2023/2024

The introduction of soft angles and rounded shapes always looks attractive and interesting enough. Smooth lines can effectively zone the space of a living room or bedroom, sharing a recreation area with a working area. It can be both furniture with rounded edges and pronounced colors, as well as features of architectural design. Arched passages, which are also used in new solutions, also remain relevant.

2.5. Neutral colors

Neutral colors bring a sense of lightness that we need so much now and in the future.

In addition to the basic neutrals, new shades include:

  • Purist blue.
  • Neo Mint.
  • Cantaloupe.
  • Cassis.
  • Mellow Yellow.
  • Cantaloupe.

The mechanisms for applying these shades are seen in the upholstery of furniture, and wall decoration can also be made using these colors. At the same time, you can add texture to the interior through the use of glossy and matte surfaces. You can decorate any room in your home in neutral colors.

2.6. Comfort over beautyMain Interior Design Trends In 2023/2024

Interior design trends 2023 require harmoniously thought-out design and are also leaning in favor of practicality and comfort. Every interior detail, including furniture, should be comfortable and functional in everyday use.

2.7. natural materialsMain Interior Design Trends In 2023/2024

It is difficult to find something more perfect than nature gives us, which is why the use of natural materials and aesthetic forms is also relevant. The use of furniture made of natural wood, as well as natural textiles, rugs with a massage effect, will allow you not only to take care of the visual qualities of your home, but also about your health.

2.8. MinimalismMain Interior Design Trends In 2023/2024

Interior design trends 2023 do not exclude the use of minimalism, leaving room for a sense of freedom and flight. That is why, now and next year, more compact furniture is welcome. Restrictions in decor and accessories, a lot of light, an expression of style in details are also welcome. Simplicity and conciseness should be present in everything that will allow you not only to spend a family vacation at home, but also to work effectively remotely if necessary.

2.9. East styleMain Interior Design Trends In 2023/2024

Oriental styles have incredible magnetism, thanks to which it is possible to bring a little magic and an accent of a fairy tale into the interior. Properly selected decor and furniture, combined with openwork carvings and various ornaments, is a characteristic feature of the oriental interior. Every detail of oriental style is aimed at comfort and relaxation. The use of original decors made by hand will give the interior originality and originality.

2.10. Plants in the interiorMain Interior Design Trends In 2023/2024

Green color in various shades has a positive effect on the human psyche, puts thoughts in order and improves the state of mind. That is why the new trend of landscaping apartments will become relevant next year as never before. Indoor plants bring not only aesthetic pleasure, they allow you to clean the air in the room in a natural way, which has a positive effect on a person who spends more time at home.

3. Interior room designs 2023

Do not forget about the smart design, which allows you to accurately adapt to certain human needs, make it more functional and comfortable. That is why smarter technologies play a key role every year, becoming a part of our lives.

It is also worth noting that living conditions are changing and today the trendy design of rooms is more flexible and free solutions. The design of each room should be light, aesthetic, simple, the atmosphere should be pleasant and comfortable. The updated interior should meet the interests and tastes of the residents.

3.1. KitchenMain Interior Design Trends In 2023/2024

Kitchen trends in interior design 2023 2024 are quite interesting and unpredictable. The choice of color scheme in the design of the kitchen interior remains one of the most important aspects. It is worth refraining from decorating the kitchen with patterns and prints. The purity of color is proclaimed an absolute value.

Relevant are kitchen sets and islands painted in white, brick red, black, steel color, chocolate shade, as well as sea blue, wine, warm pumpkin and sunny yellow. The main trend in kitchen design is individuality. Innovative touch to open systems will make the kitchen more refined and modern. After all, the kitchen should please with a sense of confidence, harmony and be absolutely comfortable. Kitchen furniture should be made exclusively from natural wood, which perfectly complements any trendy style.

3.2. Living roomMain Interior Design Trends In 2023/2024

The most functional part of any housing, be it a private house or an apartment, is a hall or living room, so special attention must be paid to its practical and visual design. According to the interior design, the living room in the apartment should meet the needs of all family members as much as possible.

An integral attribute of the living room is a sofa. Its color and model are directly related to the style of the room. The main requirement for a sofa of any modification is its convenience. If chairs are added to the interior, then it is desirable that they be with armrests. In today’s world it is difficult to do without a TV. It would be useful to place a coffee table in the hall. The choice of color scheme of the hall should match the style of the room.

A huge amount of light is important. If natural light is not enough, you can make several groups of lamps starting from the center of the room and to the periphery. A positive aspect in the interior of any hall will be living large-leaved plants that saturate the room with oxygen and give a unique decorative effect. If the living area is small in such a situation, it is advisable to use a minimalist style with transforming furniture.

3.3. Bathroom and toiletMain Interior Design Trends In 2023/2024

A toilet and a bathroom are actually a place where a washbasin, a shower, a bathtub, and a toilet bowl are collected in a small space of various geometric shapes. There is a certain tendency to go into a clearer geometry in reading. Interior design novelties 2023 recommend playing with the design of the toilet and bathroom with pronounced linear shapes. These can be solutions between tile contrasting seams or some kind of profiles. You can emphasize beautiful geometry with brick imitation tiles.

The option with decor and metal elements is also relevant. Tiles imitating stone, marble, natural wood, such a solution is often used in furniture facades or with the use of built-in cabinets. It is fashionable to use the texture of natural marble stone surfaces. If you want to bring a little elegance with hints of brilliance and gloss, it is enough to introduce light shades into the stone texture, a little gold. It can be used in the form of some decorative profiles, gold fittings or faucets. The main thing in this matter is to strike a balance. Decorative plaster or a combination of different types of finishes will also be relevant.

3.4. BedroomMain Interior Design Trends In 2023/2024

Fashion trends in bedroom interior design 2023 include the organization of harmonious space, proper layout and harmonious combination with new trends.

Furniture in fashion is not only classical forms, both standing on the floor and suspended structures are relevant. The beds are complemented by elegant wooden headboards in simple, natural shades of brown and warm beige.

Designers are advised to pay attention to soft and muted shades that belong to the palette of nature. Dirty pinks and blues, honey caramel, pastel greens, bleached grays are still in fashion.

Patterned wallpapers with nature motifs are relevant. The most fashionable will be bright white walls, which are enhanced by colorful spots in the form of textiles, paintings or furniture. Also, when decorating the bedroom, do not forget that you should choose two or three expressive accents in the form of wooden accessories. You can also complement the created composition with natural fabrics, such as cotton, wool, which will create a more comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom.

3.5. Children’s roomMain Interior Design Trends In 2023/2024

In the children’s room, it is best to change the interior with the help of wallpaper. In this case, it is worth considering the color scheme. Since the very atmosphere of the room affects the emerging character, as well as the intellectual development of children.

In the design, you must use pastel colors, use furniture made of natural wood and other natural materials. You can also apply minimalist Scandinavian chic, a play of textures that combines rough and smooth surfaces. Also relevant is the contrast of matte and glossy materials. You can use stickers in the interior.

Designers are advised to think over the zoning of the nursery. The room for preschoolers should be divided into a couple of zones: for relaxation and outdoor games. A third zone, namely the workplace, is also allocated to the premises for schoolchildren. Regarding the design style, the trend is modern style, Provence, country, avant-garde and pop art.

4. Should I focus on trends when choosing a design?

Fashion for interior design is changing quite suddenly. Some trends are created for generations, while the stability of others is hardly visible, they end as quickly as they break into our lives.

To the question: “Is it worth focusing on trends in choosing a design?” – the answer is definitely worth it. After all, it is an inexhaustible source of new ideas and options for the use of various materials. At the same time, it is worth noting the importance of new trends, as they are due to new realities that allow us to take care of the environment and the environment. Manufacturers and designers that dictate trends to us are constantly experimenting with materials that can be recycled, this allows many to protest against consumerism.

Our team invites you to evaluate interior design 2023 on your own. Photos, new trends that they depict will be an opportunity for you to try to make your life more comfortable and modern.

To treat new trends in interior design should not be a guide to action. Choose the trends that you like. It is you who will live in those interiors where you want to make repairs, so everything is in your hands.

5. Interior design trends 2024: what to expect in the coming year?

The following year, some trends simply continued their life or transformed, became a continuation of already existing trends.

Interior design trends 2024 are as follows:

Minimalism. Style is aimed at getting rid of everything superfluous. But in this case we are talking about a new minimalism. It differs from the old one in that futuristic forms are added. Now interior items and some individual details are combined with general architectural forms. The emphasis on these unusual shapes and objects is the new minimalism.

Natural materials and shades. Neutral, light, airy, not overloaded with hard contrast colors will be used. The most natural color scheme is only gaining momentum and this is manifested both in interior design and architecture. This trend is also often seen in interior design, when natural materials and shades are combined with light, laconic forms.

Next year, irregular rough forms from nature will have a special emphasis, which give more expressiveness. Popular sinks made of natural wood or natural stone, which are made in an irregular relief shape. We are also talking about large architectural objects, these are built-in wardrobes, these are walls that have a rounded shape. Furniture made in a futuristic design will also be relevant. It can be a round sofa that fits into the interior of a rectangular, light and without any abundance of round elements.

The trend for modern pieces of furniture that are smart home technologies. The development of technology is going quite rapidly, which is reflected in furniture and object design. Smart solutions integrated into furniture are often used of this kind. For example, an actual solution is a bedside table with a speaker inside, which also plays the role of an alarm clock. Built-in wireless chargers and in furniture openings are perfectly combined with natural materials. New transformer furniture that can be used in different ways in a small space and somehow transformed.

Glass in the interior is a kind of environmentally friendly material, as the trend is now for environmental friendliness, free space and space saving. Glass is the main element for modern interior design. It is also used in furniture in order to lighten it and as partitions.

6. Our experts are aware of all the fashion trends of this season

If you are interested in new trends and want to create a unique and trendy interior in your home, our Anchors design studio is ready to help you with this.

Our experts are aware of all the fashion trends of this season, they will certainly be able to create and translate into reality the best modern interior design solution for your house or apartment. The whole process of work will be based solely on your preferences, which will be harmoniously intertwined with innovative technologies and the best trends.

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