7 Styles of Interior Decoration Design Trends 2024

Popular Styles of Interior Decoration Design Trends 2020Are you looking for inspiration to decorate your home, and you can not find the style that best suits your tastes?

Well look no further, because I have compiled for you the 7 styles of interiors most used in modern homes for 2024. Actually, these styles are obtained by mixing different elements of various styles of decoration. But it is necessary to know the fundamental aspects of each one, so that you can decorate your home for yourself.

In addition to these that I show you today, there are more ways to decorate interiors, but in this case, I want to focus on the main styles that are in trend. I hope that this list makes you discard those elements that do not match your tastes. So you get the style that best suits what you really need.

Do you want to discover what are the 7 most popular styles in interior decoration 2024?

1. Modern Mid-CenturyPopular Styles of Interior Decoration Design Trends 2020

The modernism was an international avant – garde movement that emerged at the end of the century nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and spread to almost all the arts including architecture and design. Framed in an era of industrial development, this artistic trend aimed to innovate in aesthetics, formally, without neglecting the real usefulness of objects.

The productive process was united with the artisanal development, in this way the elegance of the elements with the functionality was kept. This work paid off, and led to a revolution in structures. Incredible results were achieved by playing with glass, metal, wrought iron or different types of wood, materials in which quality always prevailed.

The golden age of this movement that was in the mid-twentieth century and hence the name: Mid Century Modern. The finishes were much simpler, without many details, but with high functionality. Hence, always comply with the characteristics of form and function. It had great boom in the Scandinavian countries, here was betting on a technological design, functional and affordable. (Nordic style)

It was a visionary and innovative style for its time that is still valid today especially in furniture, where we found pieces that became icons of design.

Features Mid Century Modern:

  • Simple, linear and clean forms of subtle elegance.
  • Elimination of unnecessary details.
  • The forms and structures are shown, they do not hide.
  • Industrial production elements are included in the design.
  • Nature prevails, adapting housing to it and using natural material elements such as wood.
  • Fluency and horizontality between the different spaces of the house.

In addition, creative ways to use new materials such as molded plastic, plywood and aluminum in industrial design. These resulting pieces are very versatile and can complement a variety of design styles.

2. IndustrialPopular Styles of Interior Decoration Design Trends 2020

The industrial style, also known as loft style. It is a decorative style that has its origin in the typical architecture of the industry, old ships of the New York of the 50. Later converted into housing for artists and immigrants who could not pay rent for an apartment in the city.

An unpretentious architecture and visual appeal that has to do with its exposed brick structure and its materials. Emphasis is placed on the liberal use of exposed steel with wooden elements. A more modern variant, includes accents in copper tones. A rough, rustic, cold and somewhat rough.

Tips to get an indutrial style:

  • Large windows
  • Materials seen and worn, such as: brick, cement and lots of steel.
  • Pillars and exposed beams
  • Conduits and pipes of the facilities in sight
  • Diaphanous spaces, wide, without partition, with very high ceilings

The industrial style, depending on your tastes, can be mixed with retro, vintage elements – due to the use of antique elements, such as rusty or worn furniture due to the passage of time:). Nordic, rustic or chic. Decorating your rooms with your own style.

3. Nautical or NavyPopular Styles of Interior Decoration Design Trends 2020

The marine or nautical decoration is ideal for sea lovers, since it promises to transfer that maritime sensation in the home and, in addition, to endow it with tranquility. But pay special attention if your house is in areas of cold weather. Because this decorative style is characterized by transmitting freshness to the environment.

And if it is your case, I recommend that you contribute to your stays warmth and comfort. Or if it’s your favorite, just apply this decoration to a single room.

Keys to a Navy or nautical style:

  • Use of blue and white striped prints (type sweater of the English Channel fisherman at the beginning of the 19th century), in upholstery, textiles, wallpaper.
  • Elements and accessories such as: reproductions of sailboats, shells, starfish, rudders, oars, lanterns, floats, ropes, etc.
  • Stairs and boat rails, to emphasize the style if it is your favorite.
  • Wood pouring, for furniture, accessories, wall covering (skirting), as in the decks of boats.


All these elements, you can use them to a greater or lesser extent; Everything will depend on the marine degree you want to get for your home. However, I recommend you use these ideas to decorate without messing up the environment.

Do not want to place all the elements at once! Remember that less is more ;)!

4. Scandinavian (hygge)Popular Styles of Interior Decoration Design Trends 2020

A branch of the modern movement of the mid-twentieth century. The Scandinavian design introduced a functional and minimalist aspect, within the interior architecturelasting thus, until our days. Although most people associate with IKEA, there is a variety or subset of style, within the same Scandinavian design.

The hygge style is based on the well-being of people through the creation of a simple environment that transmits peace and tranquility. The search for happiness is the main purpose of this decoration, which, through the small details, tries to create an environment that favors calmness while enjoying the little things in life.

And what better way than being comfortable in your home!

Characteristics of the Scandinavian style (hygge):

  • Simplicity, uniformity of colors
  • Soft contours
  • Balance of organic and industrial materials
  • Furniture of simple, contemporary and functional forms.
  • Basic elements but that bring warmth and comfort to the environment
  • Light colors, white, beige or gray.

And it is that hygge (because of its Danish origin), it has a charming aesthetic, simple and natural, almost rustic.

5. Bohemian or Boho ChicPopular Styles of Interior Decoration Design Trends 2020

The bohemian style, also known as hippie chic, boho chic or gypsy, has become a trend. The decoration of Bohemia captures the free and adventurous spirit of the avant-garde lifestyle. Hippie chic represents the lifestyle of people who enjoy simple things, contact with nature.

To give value to the old, to history, to enjoy life in a more carefree way.

The Bohemian style is characterized by:

  • Be a pretty loose and casual style
  • Where the use of color stands out boldly
  • Use natural materials, wood, animal skin (here I would prefer it to be synthetic) in contrast to metallic details.
  • Ethnic and nomadic elements, such as Moroccan accessories or tribal designs.
  • Use of rich and creative prints of vibrant colors, in purple or red tones. (In textiles, upholstery or carpets)


The key to this style is to present an aspect of space that is purposely “dirty, or messy”. Of a totally warm atmosphere.

6. Farm or Framhouse ChicPopular Styles of Interior Decoration Design Trends 2020

This type of country house decoration is a modern approach to rustic or farmhouse interior decoration, inspired by an English cottage in the countryside. Mostly Shabby Chic character, with some traditional elements mixed, its farm aesthetic, moves you to the French Provence.

The keys to achieve this style are:

  • The color is similar to nautical decoration with base colors mostly white and beige.
  • The furniture of this style is characterized by being aged wood and upholstered with patterned fabrics
  • The most common accent colors are lilac, turquoise or soft yellow.
  • Use a careful arrangement of vases and pots with nice bunches of flowers, or even dried flowers.
  • The use of henhouse mesh for the doors of cupboards or cabinets.
  • Accessories of vintage character.


The overall aspect of your decoration, as happens with the nautical style. It will be determined by the elements and accessories that you use to decorate your rooms.

7. Classic renovated or modern classicPopular Styles of Interior Decoration Design Trends 2020

A new version of the oldest of all, the classic. Its most current, not the original, since there are few who renew their house or premises with the purest version. The classic style has evolved towards more contemporary environments leaving behind, the heaviness of the fabrics and the noble woods.

The dark finishes and the “horror vacui” that made the whole space recharged was extremely opulent.

Tips to get a classic decoration renovated:

  • Contrast between the clarity of white walls and the generally dark furniture, although you can also see completely clear spaces. (Both the space and the furniture)
  • Traditional forms such as moldings on walls, ceilings and doors, skirting boards of considerable height are maintained.
  • Furniture of simpler lines of conservative essence, are combined with high quality fabrics. Smooth or with subtle patterns of soft colors that barely stand out.
  • Mix of more modern pieces through its design or its finishing material. Like the contrast of sofa in tufted glass tables and shiny metal.

The objective is to achieve a balance that provides greater lightness to the environment through the use of more modern pieces.

This has been my particular vision of interior decoration styles that are trending this year. Although some are valid for more than three centuries and others several decades.

* NOTE: the images are all from pinterest and google, modified by me to make the moodboards.

I hope this guide will help you to decide on the style that best suits your tastes and needs. If you find difficulties, because you all love them, and do not know which one to decide, count on me to help you;).

Popular Styles 2024Popular Styles 2020

If you started a repair, it is very important to keep abreast of fashion trends in the design of residential premises. Learn about the modern interior styles of 2024: we will show the main trends with real photos, new items and the best ideas.

The most popular styles in interior design 2024

It is easy to get lost in the choice of style for your home when there are too many offers. There are more than a hundred directions of interior decoration for apartments and houses, and given the possibility of mixing directions, their number is growing eerily. Let’s try to figure out what design trends should be paid attention to in 2024.

Classic style

It seems that the classic style will forever remain one of the main design decisions. He is chosen because he always remains relevant, looks extremely elegant, but is constantly updated.

The permanent details that the classic possesses:

  • warm colors;
  • an abundance of massive decor;
  • use of natural materials;
  • strict symmetry.

Classic style loves scope – large areas, high ceilings. In this case, it is able to manifest itself in all its glory with the following details:

  • wide stucco molding, columns;
  • large chandeliers;
  • massive curtains;
  • large furniture.

To create a classic interior decoration use materials hinting at wealth. To cover the floor, they usually take a parquet board, for walls – combined wallpaper with monograms and a kind of stucco molding, high floor and ceiling skirting boards.

Furniture is usually chosen large – cabinets with a characteristic finish, open shelves or glass. Upholstered furniture involves upholstery made of silk, velvet or other modern similar fabrics. Of course, a room with a classic interior cannot be finished without heavy curtains – this is another typical element of style.


A descendant of the classical style in interior design can be considered neoclassic. This style is rather even a mixture of classic and modern, which makes it a little more “adapted” to modern conditions.

Neoclassic suggests:

  • the presence of classic elements in a modern design;
  • decoration with natural or artificial stone, granite;
  • wood finish;
  • modern upholstered furniture;
  • lack of furniture “wall” in the living room.

In neoclassic, monophonic materials are mainly used: wallpaper or paint on light-colored walls without a print.

Sometimes one wall is covered with wallpaper with a large pattern or photo wallpaper. In a bright room, the use of accents is characteristic – a bright sofa, eye-catching lamps, pillows not in tone or a picture.


Minimalism is perhaps one of the most modern and fashionable solutions for interior design of both an apartment and a private house. It is popular with people who don’t attach their lives to things. This is what determines its main characteristics:

  • conciseness of decoration;
  • minimum amount of furniture;
  • lack of decor and accessories;
  • strict lines and directions.

The style of minimalism implies the predominance of light colors and an abundance of light. Since the main idea of ​​the style – the minimum amount of everything – means that every item in the room must carry some kind of functional significance. This is a great option for apartments with a small area.

To “dilute” the light primary color, you can use bright shades in some things. For example, books on shelves, pillows, a dark ottoman or sofa. By the way, flowers in the style of minimalism are highly valued. Firstly, they will add colors, and secondly, they are extremely functional – they produce oxygen.

Scandinavian style

This direction can be attributed to the new styles of 2024, despite the fact that it has long been relevant in the world. And the whole point is that the “Scandinavian” theme has transformed and, having moderated its severity, has become a little softer and even brighter.

By the way, the Scandinavian orientation can be attributed to one of the options for minimalism, although it is not visible here in the canonical version.

Style has its own characteristics:

  • maximum environmental friendliness – products from vines, wooden pallets, wicker carpets, fireplaces;
  • upholstered furniture in which comfort is appreciated;
  • space and organization of space.

Light colors are preferred – most often, it is white. All natural shades are suitable for creating accents – green, wood, brown, blue and black.


A relic of the times of urbanization in America, when warehouses and unfinished premises were given over to residential premises. Residents were not particularly tempted to make any repairs in these places. And, strangely enough, such an image of the “home” took root and grew into a whole style, moreover, it became one of the main trends of 2024.

Since its inception, the loft style has undergone some changes and adjustments, but its main features have remained intact:

  • use of natural elements;
  • building elements and communications details (pipes, wires, stairs) are left open or, on the contrary, created artificially;
  • predominance of brickwork, untreated concrete walls;
  • artificial light is created with the help of searchlights, lamps without a ceiling, unusual floor lamps.

In the loft style, the colors of natural tones and building elements unconditionally prevail:

  • brown;
  • red;
  • gray;
  • the black;
  • white.


Boho style can be called a hallmark of creative people. It can combine modern furniture, classic finishes and elements of provence. Of course, in all this structured mess you can highlight the main features. Here they are:

  • light, relaxed atmosphere;
  • upholstered furniture of bright multi-colored shades. Low poufs and tables;
  • design “to your taste”: adding any accessories, walls painted with different colors, pillows of all colors of the rainbow;
  • an abundance of accessories, decor, figurines and other small trinkets;
  • a large amount of light.

Meanwhile, this style is so broad in content that it is divided into several varieties, which, in principle, speak for themselves:

  • Classic boho – suggests the presence of natural textures, elements of the classical style – tapestries, curtains, stucco molding.
  • Luxurious boho – loves chic. Dear gilded vases, natural furniture and much more.
  • Glamorous boho – his soul lies to the splendor of accessories, paintings, mirrors.
  • Eco-boho – basic materials: wood, brick, stone, natural fabrics.
  • Hippie boho – the motto is: brighter and more. There you will find everything from hand-made garlands of colored paper to pillows embroidered by the hands of a loving grandmother, and, of course, some modern furniture.

The main trends in the interiors of 2024

With the main question – what interior style is in fashion in 2024 – everything is clear. But after all, far from always there is a desire and an opportunity to fully follow the given style. In this case, you need to make something of your own. To do this, we note the main trends that correspond to the modern styles of interior 2024 – trends with real photos, new items, best ideas.

Here are some interesting ideas that can be used without reference to a specific stylistic direction:

  • Brick walls, like in a loft. Only when creating an individual project, such a wall can only be a separate link in the decor, and the rest of the room will be in a completely different style.
  • Wallpaper experiments. This year, the fashion for combined wallpapers is becoming more and more firmly fixed. It is worth using this wave. Also focus on bright wallpapers with unusual prints, a wide palette of colors and different textures.
  • Painted walls are still very popular. In this case, you should pay attention to the black and white gamut of colors. For example, a study in a private house, made in such a color will be at the peak of fashion.
  • When working with color, try to combine neutral and bright colors. Modernity involves experiments even in the most classic interiors.
  • If we talk about materials – then their combinations are also worth changing. Perhaps compatible incompatible you will receive an absolutely unique stylish apartment.
  • Furniture must be functional. Do not saturate the living space with extra cabinets and walls. In a world where things are changing fast, it’s best not to get hung up on things.
  • An abundance of light. All rooms should have enough light. If there is not enough natural, the selection of an adequate artificial lighting system is required. Otherwise, there is a risk of harming not only the design of the house, but also your health.
  • Dilute monotony with accents. A bright turquoise sofa in a white room, a yellow staircase in a black office, etc.

Actual color solutions

Even if you have decided on the style that you want to see in your apartment, there is one more big question. Which colors will prevail, and which will only dilute and emphasize the main palette? Let’s try to make your choice a little whiter than simple.

The modern interior will look stylish in the following colors:

  1. Deep wine tint. It can be both the color of the walls and individual elements of the decor – pillows, bedspreads and vases. They combine perfectly with it: golden, white and brown colors.
  2. Gold in the form of decor. Gold or gold plated items will be a virtually universal decoration for any interior. They look especially unusual in bright monophonic environments. Almost any decor element can be “precious”: a picture frame, floor flower pots, an armchair, and even such small details as the handles and legs of cabinets and chests of drawers.
  3. This color is only gaining popularity. But the range of its application is very wide – it is wallpaper, paint, furniture, even floor coverings. The most successful combinations to gray will be with shades such as: mint, powdery pink, pale blue, green.
  4. This is perhaps the most popular color. It is used always and everywhere, in any style of interior it will find its application. And most importantly, it can be combined with any other colors. The only thing, depending on the saturation of the shades, the character of the room will also change. With muted and dull tones (light green, sky blue, dusty rose) – you get a gentle and calm room. And with bright ones, even if this is one detail (red, blue, yellow) – a daring, persistent character will appear in the room.

It can be difficult to make a choice regarding a particular interior style for your home. And someone, on the contrary, does not even have to think hard about this issue. We talked about modern interior styles in 2024: we showed trends with real photos, new items and best ideas. This should help determine the style or create your own unique image for the apartment.

What are the main decorating styles 2024?

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