New Interior Decoration Trends 2021

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New Interior Decoration Trends 2021In recent years, the increasing use of technology and social media, allows us to quickly and easily know international trends and styles in interior decoration. Therefore, we will show you the new interior decoration trends 2021, a series of concepts that we have compiled to facilitate the task of keeping you updated.

Style and design of interior decoration spaces

BiophiliaNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

By 2021, there is a greater interest in biophilia, emphasizing the connection between human beings and nature. Natural and organic materials, such as wooden floors, stone, daylight and plant life, remind us of the exterior and give us the exterior and nature.

We are a society driven by machines and technology, so a home that connects us with natural elements is essential.

It tends to create small corners to get rid of televisions, computers, mobiles and all the technology that invades us. A small interior garden can be perfect for this. A fluffy sofa facing the interior garden, can provide great comfort for a relaxing moment in contact with the plants.

JapandiNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

The Japandi interior design is a mixture of the Nordic and Japanese style. Simply put, Japandi is a hybrid trend. Take the modern style of Scandinavian design and combine it with the timeless elegance of Japanese aesthetics to create a style that brings together the best of both worlds.

It is not difficult to see why these two styles have been combined. Although they come from different parts of the world, they share similar principles. Both are minimalist. Both emphasize the importance of creating spaces based on defined functions, with a few pieces, rather than an abundance of decoration.

It is their differences that make this mash-up especially interesting. While Japanese spaces may be too elegant, the rustic details in the Nordic design add warmth. When Scandinavian interiors tend to be so neutral that they may seem antiseptic, the rich color palette of Japanese design gives the room more warmth.

IndustrialNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

Some of the distinctive features of industrial house design include exposed brick walls, metal shelves, wood and industrial materials such as plumbing pipes.

Furniture is generally simple and discreet. The decoration is minimalist, since what stands out are the architectural features.

NordicNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

The rooms designed in the Scandinavian style as we recognize it today, tend to boast white walls to emphasize the light, a palette of neutral and heavy colors with touches of color, natural textures such as wood and stone.

Rustic curtains and carpets, and simple, uncomplicated designs that emphasize an elegantly minimalist aesthetic.

Modern rusticNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

An eclectic aspect is created that emphasizes nature: recycled, handmade items, handicrafts, built with natural materials or finished in natural tones.

With regard to construction, the rustic aspect has beams, columns or wooden or stone floors. If you do not have these elements in your home, it is possible to put false beams or columns to achieve this aspect. You can also cover the floor with wooden floating floor.

With regard to furniture, it is usually composed of wood, iron and stone. However, other materials such as bamboo, rattan, sisal, cotton, wool, paper, glass, clay and various types of metal can also be incorporated to beautify interior decoration.

Vintage styleNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

Although it is a style that has been used for many years, it will remain in force this year.

Art Deco or classic furniture, updated with contemporary materials and textures, will be very present in interior design. They can also have a boho touch.

Wabi SabiNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

It’s about highlighting the beauty of the old and worn.

Articles inherited from previous generations, findings in second-hand markets, DIY projects, folk art and vintage pieces coexist very well in these new decoration styles, providing contrasting textures and many patterns and colors.

This is one of the trends in decoration that will continue to boom. Worn-looking pieces add a lot of texture and personality to a room.

2021 Trends for Interior decoration Materials

A good way to know the trends in interior design is through the proposals of the Milan Furniture Fair and the main decoration houses in the world. We will show you below, the most notorious thing that has been seen for 2021.

Dark woodsNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

The furniture is leaning towards darker colors. We are moving away from pale and bleached woods that were hugely popular thanks to the Scandinavian trend of recent years. This year, darker wood tones bring a resurgence of retro glamor and provide a new vision of modern luxury.

In addition, wood remains a trend, especially if combined with other materials such as glass and metal, in very valuable and original design solutions.

The handles and metal legs are the perfect finishing touches to add a touch of extra glam. A fusion of walnut, gold, brass and black marble gives a very sophisticated feel to many pieces of furniture.

While oak is still very popular, many new dark wood products are being seen, such as wenge. Bleached wood is no longer in fashion, this year it is more about rustic and dark woods.

Retro shapes, like these wishbone style dining chairs, are one of the clearest trends that can be seen for this year.

TerrazzoNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

What do you think of the recent reappearance of terrazzo inside? The terrazzo trend began last year, to exploit this year both in design, graphics and architecture, and probably last.

The terrazzo floor was the typical floor of the sixteenth-century Venetian houses, a low-cost solution that brought together pieces of marble and granite scattered in the form of mosaic.

However, while the real historical terrazzo consists of a mixture of really small remains scattered in the concrete, the terrazzo we see today is a mixture of different marbles with larger sizes, less density and a more striking graphic appearance.

It was invented by Max Lamb, a material called Marmoreal, composed of four different types of Italian marble and 5% polyester resin to obtain a stronger, less porous and more durable stone than natural marbles. Its appearance is quite different from the traditional terrazzo and much more interesting.

Warm natural materialsNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

Natural materials such as wood, mud or wicker, will replace the cold marble, which has been booming in recent years. The natural texture of the cane or rattan will also be widely used to add interest to the rooms.

Brown leatherNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

This is more a perennial trend, since bronze or cognac leather never goes out of style. However, this year will look more than usual, since many furniture brands are using this material.

Metals of industrial styleNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

While metal tones will always be used a lot, and as we have said, more specifically bronze, little by little, we see more and more industrial-looking metals, such as black steel or burnished metals. Brass, polished nickel and silver are returning.

The mixture of hot and cold metals, such as iron and bronze, will also continue to be used.

Terracotta TilesNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

Warm materials in floors and walls such as terracotta tiles, will replace cold materials in white or neutral tones today. Unlike the 80s, they will have a natural matte finish, and will be used in floors and wall cladding, as well as in chimneys.

CorkNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

Cork is a material that brings warmth and texture to the spaces, and is also ideal for insulating noise in our homes. It can be used in furniture manufacturing, but also in wall cladding.

Smaller tilesNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

For years, we have seen the proliferation of large tiles for the coating of bathrooms and kitchens, but we will see that current trends will tend to decrease the size of their surface.

Botanical or artistic wall paperNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

Wallpaper that looks like works of art, such as watercolor brushstrokes or large painted flowers, in addition to creating a striking look in the rooms, will also be one of the trends. It is about reproducing a large-scale work of art.

Ornaments and accessories

Ethnic ornamentsNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

Travel always influences interior trends, and this year is no exception. For example, John Lewis’s new Fusion collection is inspired by the beautiful colors and patterns seen in the cities and palaces of Rajasthan.

Earthy tones of clay, terracotta and ocher appear in ethnic-inspired prints, which will play a key role this season. Patterns, materials and textiles provide a natural and raw feeling, which makes them extremely rich to the touch.

Different patterns and patterns can be mixed, for example, small-scale Ikat prints with larger Paisley-inspired designs.

HandicraftsNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

Texture is very important this season. The furniture provides a natural touch handmade with materials such as rattan and wicker, two widely used materials. Textiles have a playful role in many ornaments, such as border applications and other details, all irresistible to the touch.

Much can be achieved simply by playing with textures and materials. Whether it’s wicker furniture, macramé cushions or a mixture of marble with metal, don’t underestimate the power of combining different textures.

Metallic detailsNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

The addition of luxurious metallic touches is not new, but the big difference this year is the tone of the metallic finish. Less copper and rose gold, and more bronze will be used. Bronze tones are the most sophisticated and organic metallic color palette.

Details in furniture, mirrors and accessories in bronze contribute to adding a luxurious finish to any room. The soft pink and emerald green perfectly accent the golden tones.

Smaller lamps and accessories are the perfect way to inject a new trend into a room without having to invest in larger and more expensive furniture. You can mix bronze with marble to achieve a sensation of lighting.

PineapplesNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

The pineapple is back as the fashion motif to decorate the home. Last year, the cactus print surpassed pineapple in popularity, but it seems this year things have changed. Although the cactus is certainly still used, it is behind the pineapple.

Upholstered headboardsNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

Currently, the market is dominated by wooden headboards, but in 2021, upholstered headboards will be imposed. They have been a classic element to decorate luxurious rooms, but their use has become popular in recent years and will have a boom in the coming years.

Whether you opt for a classic model in neutral tones with buttons, or in velvet, this type of element adds a lot of glamor to a room. Those that are decorated with nail heads will also be used.


Botanical printsNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

Flowers and botanical prints are always in fashion. This season they look small, as if they were extracted from an artist’s sketchbook or from a plant collector’s manual.

This is a continuation of last year. The trend of floral prints remains strong.

The rich shades of green look stunning combined with dark furniture and charcoal and navy blue walls that are so fashionable to decorate the home right now. Large-scale leaves, large insects, wildlife and exotic birds are used.

Marble effectNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

From lamps and bedding, to wall paper, this season you will see a marble effect finish for all household accessories. Marble patterned cushions can add an interesting touch to pale color schemes.

Large geometric printsNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

They will be used both in curtains, bedding, cushions.

Interior decoration paint and color trendsNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

The gray color may still be the neutral option for many interiors, but this year the color will be bolder. More daring colors are seen, both on the walls and on the furniture, especially in the sofa collections. Interiors with temperament are more popular than ever, through colors such as purple, navy blue and the striking emerald green, all key colors for 2021.

It is decorated on a white base, but is complemented with invigorating colors. The appearance is fresh, bold and youthful.

RosesNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

Different shades of pink are being applied to different decorative objects.

Yellow mustardNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

Lilacs and purples

New Interior Decoration Trends 2021The lilac quartz will come alive through transparent fabrics, silk and curtains, to create an atmosphere full of lightness and romanticism. It is a steamy style full of optimism.

Red, burgundy and watermelonNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

These colors are being used a lot as a decoration accent.

Dark green and bluishNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

Dark shades of green will become one of the most used color notes in interior decorations this year. It is a perfect color to create an accent in rooms where white and neutral colors predominate, as well as beige and brown. It is a color that also adds a lot of depth to the interior spaces.

BlueNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

The cobalt blue color has always been a classic in interior decoration, and this year you will see a special boom.

TaupeNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

A very organic and muted palette will also be used, with very feminine lines, many soft curves, giving an image of serenity.

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In addition to the strong and bold tones we have mentioned, many interesting new soft tones are being seen. The cakes will be a trend again. Some of the tones that are being seen, in addition to the soft roses, are:

Lemon yellowNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

Apricot orangeNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

Interior decoration trends 2021: living roomsNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

The shapes are both geometric and organic. Within the geometric designs the stripes are seen, for example, and within the organic forms, many curved armchairs and hand-painted watercolor wall papers.

It shows a movement towards comfort on the sofas, with many shapes, curves and very fluffy fillings.

The styles and materials exhibited in Milan include terrazzo, velvet, ottomans and side tables, lamps, copper objects, handmade glazed ceramics, colored vases, wooden vases. Velvet upholsteries are still a strong trend.

The plants are acquiring an important role. If you cannot commit to keeping a plant alive, then a single tree branch in a vase or some large tree branches in a basket add a dose of life and vegetation to the space.

The modern rooms are full of natural light and unusual decorations. Neutral and fresh colors are the main trend of the season for 2021. They not only contribute to expanding the visual space of the room, but also improve people’s mental attitude.

According to current trends, two or three colors can be mixed. For example, a room with white color as predominant, can be embellished by touches of brighter colors, such as pink or fuchsia.

For those who wonder how to decorate a modern living room, the first tip is to choose the right furniture. You will need a sofa, sideboard and maybe a coffee table. All furniture should preferably be simple lines. The walls, according to new trends, must have very few or no decorations.

There are many options for decorating this room. Various styles can be combined, for example bringing art deco design elements to the contemporary lifestyle.

Another option is to use the minimalist style as basic, and as a supplement choose high-tech finishing materials, with their metallic tones and shiny surfaces. The minimalist style helps make the living room more elegant, without filling it with furniture and accessories. Using the basic criteria of this style, you can create a very pleasant and beautiful environment. It is very similar to the Scandinavian style, but more rigorous and concise.

Another of the most popular styles is rustic, which combines simplicity and functionality. It can be mixed with modern or vintage details.

Interior decoration trends 2021: kitchensNew Interior Decoration Trends 2021

Granite is still the preferred material for kitchens, however, the appearance is now decidedly more discreet. Green and brown marble has also been seen. Marble countertops are thinner, even some proposals hide the edges, already placed behind the cabinets.

Concrete is a material that has been used in countertops due to its resistance to heat, bumps and scratches, however it is now also used in coatings. Create a very interesting futuristic and minimalist look.

Using decorative tiles in small areas of the kitchen can create interest in a drab room. This is a great way to renew the look of the kitchen without changing much more.

The kitchen islands have always been popular, for their practicality and efficient use of space. Instead of a breakfast bar with stools, they are beginning to use very complete islands, which offer drawers, a sink and many amenities.

The tendency to hide storage and crockery was reversed this season, as there were lots of cabinets with glass doors and open shelves to show the dishes.

Appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers and cooking hobs are increasingly hidden items in kitchens.

The bright colors are making a comeback. We are seeing oranges, yellows and blues, combined with white, neutral or gray to balance.

Another proposal is the all-black kitchen, which offers a contemporary and sophisticated look, especially when mixed with houseplants. Black was used in metal, painted wood and stone, even in the sink.

The black color is resurfacing, and not in small details, but throughout the kitchen. Matt black cabinets will be widely used, as well as appliances, walls and ceilings.

Black and gray kitchens can be balanced with some stainless steel and metal surfaces inspired by a commercial and industrial kitchen style.

Oval shapes are a new trend. You can leave straight and sharp edges behind, and instead use soft curves and rounded shapes.

Bathroom decor trends 2021New Interior Decoration Trends 2021

The movement towards the white, black and gray color continues in the bathroom, not only through tiles, but also sinks and bathtubs.

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