Furniture Trends 2022: Top colors and shapes

Furniture Trends 2022: these colors and shapes are now inAs soon as the new year has begun, the trends are already on the agenda: What furniture will be trend in 2022, what should the furnishings look like? 2021 was difficult in terms of home and furnishing trade shows, and 2022 will not be easier either. Nevertheless, the interior and furniture designers made every effort!

TOP 5 furniture trends 2022

1st trend: light and warm in shades of beige and sandFurniture Trends 2022: these colors and shapes are now in

Simple, elegant and as little as possible – the chic of little color can be felt in 2022. With the soft cream and brown tones, the trend towards simplicity and pastels approaches another trend: the trend towards nature or at least a natural look. Light wood relaxes, and large pieces of furniture such as a solid wood dining table also fit perfectly into the concept. Because the light colors make solid furniture made of light ash, maple or soft birch look much lighter. Scandinavian tendencies in terms of shapes and materials are consistent, because the light woods are at home in the north.

2nd trend: upholstered furniture in female formsFurniture Trends 2022: these colors and shapes are now in

A really cozy, friendly furnishings include upholstered furniture of course. The angular sofa landscapes, whose 90-degree angles have dominated the living room for decades, have turned into curved and curvy seating furniture of smaller dimensions in 2022. This year everyone can get their own armchair, you no longer loll around on a huge sofa with six people. We still know the flowing, curved lines of the armchairs from the 1950s, and this trend of the curvy sofa was actually announced in 2021. The Scandinavians are not missing in this trend either: the Julep sofa by Jonas Wagell (Sweden) with its gentle, curved shape simply invites you to sit down! And that already breaks the simplicity of the muted colors, warm natural tones and light woods, because the sweeping curves require a lot of space and provide dynamism.

3rd trend: Minimalism can also be luxuryFurniture Trends 2022: these colors and shapes are now in

We already read it in the opinion pages of newspapers in 2020 and 2021: Real minimalism can only be afforded by those who can afford it. Now the luxury of minimalism can also be felt in terms of furniture. The luxury minimal design furniture trend impresses in reduced living spaces with particularly high-quality highlights. In other words: if the room does not offer a lot of distraction, the little marble, granite or real leather is even more noticeable. Tiny details made of gold, silver or bronze are enough to move the facility in the desired direction. The American label Studio Twentyseven, for example, works with reflective surfaces and sparkling details that give the sculptural tables, chairs, chests of drawers and stools something noble.

4th trend: Smart furniture will combine comfort and technology in 2022Furniture Trends 2022: these colors and shapes are now in

One may instinctively think of lengthy setups of almost nonsensical devices via an incomprehensible user interface. But that’s not the point. Smart furniture is simply designed in such a way that everyday technology can be easily integrated. Beds now come with integrated lights, speakers and a screen with a television function – separate lamps and television sets have become unnecessary, the piece of sleeping furniture combines the technology in a coherent overall design. With the bed it may be a gimmick – in the home office, a useful desk with a few technical extras is really practical. Tabulasense, for example, has thought about the workplace at home and offers the tiltable.

5th trend: soap bubbles for everyone!Furniture Trends 2022: these colors and shapes are now in

Sounds playful, looks like it and still doesn’t clash with the simplicity already mentioned. In 2022, the lighting fixtures may consist of simple glass bodies, elaborate lampshades are not in demand. But these glass bodies have it all: They look like soap bubbles dripping down from the lamp cord. Transparent glass, frosted glass, colored or plain – everything is possible. Bubbled Suspension Lights are the names of the pendant lights designed by the Dutch designer Alex de Witte, among others. Incidentally, he foresaw the trend, if not shaped it: He has been working with the voluminous bubbles since 2013. Above a solid wood dining table in a light-colored room, the colorful glass shapes actually dominate the design!

Know in more detail the trends in furniture 2022Furniture Trends 2022: these colors and shapes are now in

Among the most recognizable trends in furniture 2022 are the commitment to  modular and flexible morphologies, to smaller sizes and to greater lightness, adaptability and versatility, as well as the prominence of colors such as white or those inspired by nature. In this  list  we explain everything in detail:

  • Modular furniture: This type of furniture offers the great advantage that it can be placed in multiple ways, adapting perfectly to different uses and spaces. Likewise, their morphology allows them to be complemented with drawers, boxes… or decorated with vases or books. And if you want to vary the distribution  of space in the room, changing the position and order of the modules, you can have a totally different room. In addition, there are a wide variety of alternatives in materials, sizes and colors!
  • Smaller and lighter furniture: the furniture adapts to our living patterns, therefore it weighs less to facilitate moving, and it is smaller because the space available in current homes is not the same as in the old. In addition, trends in home interior design suggest that rooms are increasingly minimalist and offer the feeling of being uncluttered, which also means that the furniture is not oversized.
  • ‘Multifunctional’ furniture: Furniture that offers more than one function tends to become more and more prevalent in homes. Thus, couches proliferate  that make it possible to use the space occupied by the bed as a storage place, or even pieces that integrate the drawers in the bed itself,  desks with shelves  on top,  tables that are  not extendable but can also adopt a morphology square or rectangular as appropriate… or with adjustable height to allow us to dine or work on the laptop from the sofa.
  • More natural colors : on the chromatic side, the 2022 furniture trends suggest that the predominance of white tones will continue, in combination with colors inspired by nature such as soft woods, particularly in the furniture of dining rooms and youth bedrooms.

Trends in furniture colors 2022Furniture Trends 2022: these colors and shapes are now in

Every season comes with news of all kinds, and not only in the clothing and footwear sector. It also does it in decoration and furniture, among other sectors. But in this case, trends don’t usually change every quarter. Generally, and at a minimum, they do it every year. Both in design and in decoration style, which means that each year there are some colors that predominate over others in decoration and furniture. The trend in furniture colors in 2022, therefore, may be different from that of 2021.

Of course, the changes can be very slight. They may even just be limited to adding a few shades to those that are in vogue. In any case, it is likely that each year there is something new in the range of colors that furniture can have. If you want to know which are the most popular in furniture trends in 2022, you have them below.

Furniture colors in 2022: neutral and natural tones

Until 2022, and during this year as well, neutral tones have had a lot of prominence in furniture. This is given by the majority of styles that are being used the most: Japanese, Nordic, the mixture of these two, industrial, etc. This type of tone always tends to have a lot of prominence, but in 2022 it has intensified even more. Especially beige, both in its lighter version, the same color as sand, and in a darker one, which is a very light version of the light chocolate tone.

Not only for its fit in most of the booming decorating styles. Also for its characteristics and what it transmits : warmth and peace, something very necessary in the time we are going through. After becoming one of the tones that entered with more force in 2021 in the list of most used in furniture, in 2022 its validity has not only been maintained, but its presence has expanded a lot.

Another of the ranges of tones most used in 2022 in furniture is that of natural tones. Especially the wood tones in their different varieties, although especially the lighter and stronger tones. In 2022, the medium tones of the wood color have much less prominence than other years.

In any case, it is a material that is not only present in all the most fashionable decoration styles (in the industrial contrasted with dark metal). It is also in furniture designed for all kinds of situations and rooms. Both for kitchen furniture and for outdoor and indoor furniture. In addition, furniture in wood tones is highly appreciated not only in rustic-style homes. Also for lovers of nature and ecology. In the latter case, the wood-tone furniture made from reused wood stands out.

The Japanese style and its soft colors

The Japanese style plays, on the one hand, with the wood color in the furniture, especially medium and dark tones; and on the other with pastel and soft tones. The houses decorated according to this style have a greater color than those that are furnished and decorated in the Nordic style, something that also happens in the Japandi style, the mixture of both. In the latter case, the Nordic style puts the shapes, lines and textures of the furniture. And the Japanese style, its colors.

Perhaps one of the most predominant tones in furniture, apart from dark wood, is chocolate or black, which has made them fashionable in 2022 as it has happened in previous years in which the Japanese style has been valid. But these tones contrast with the soft tones in furniture and accessories. Above all, in the case of furniture, in the upholstery of chairs, armchairs or sofas.

These shades are white, off- white, light gray, pastel green, or soft yellow. Although to a lesser extent, light blue is also present in the Japanese style, but it is not as frequent, which makes it less in vogue in 2022. Among the tones that are most successful in this style, is green. Especially in its mint, powdery and clear tones ; that contribute to the creation of an environment that transmits calm, relaxation and tranquility.

The eighties style brings back the golds and strong colors

Another of the trends on the rise in 2022, the return of the most eighties decoration styles, have also brought back tones and colors that are at the antipodes of the tones of Japanese or Nordic decoration. But not only strong colors live the eighties style, as we will see below.

In the 80s of the last century strong and garish colors were in fashion in upholstery and furniture. But also gold and chrome, and shiny finishes. It was perfectly normal to find armchairs and sofas with velvety upholstery and soft tones with gold legs or chrome finishes that contrasted with their softness. The lamps with gold were part of this style, so they are also in fashion in 2022. Generally, in contrast to other softer tones, which highlights their presence in the decoration.

Strong colors and contrasts, also in trend

Despite the validity of light tones in 2022, soft and natural tones are no longer predominant this year as in the past. In this year there begins to be a greater presence of other darker tones in decoration. Both in the environment of the rooms of a home and in the furniture. Fundamentally, these dark tones, such as navy blue, dark green, brown or garnet and purple are used in furniture to contrast and create colorful compositions within the same room.

Of course, a dark and strong tone is generally found in a large piece. Generally on a sofa or in one or more armchairs. This piece would contrast with others also in dark tones, but different. Although it is not usual to have many dark tones in the furniture of the same room. In general, the rest of the furniture colors will be lighter, to contrast with them.

Dark blue and orange, protagonists among the strong tones

As we have just seen, strong tones have gained much prominence in furniture this 2022. Two of them stand out especially: dark blue and orange. In fact, a shade of dark blue, known as Classic Blue, has been named “color of the year” by Pantone. It is a tone that, although this year is one of the most fashionable, has timeless overtones, which gives it validity to be present in furniture and other elements for several seasons.

Another of the colors with more push in 2022 within the strong colors is orange. But not just any shade of orange. The one that has aimed the strongest this year is the strongest and brightest shade of orange. It is perfect for creating contrasts of strong and light tones in rooms and living rooms, apart from being a very warm color that, with the right tones around, can contribute to generating a cozy atmosphere as well as fun and vital. It is the shade known as Orange Tiger, widely used in armchairs and sofas.

However, there are two other shades of orange that will hit the furniture strongly in 2022. Both tend to yellow. One does it more lightly, the Butterscotch hue, while the other directly turns almost yellow. It is the shade of orange called Dark Cheddar.

Black gains prominence in kitchen furniture colors

The black is a tone that is fashionable in 2022 in Japanese furniture or industrial style. We have discussed this before. But not only in bedrooms or living rooms. This tone has taken over the kitchens this 2022, and has a very prominent presence within the kitchen furniture. In those installed this year, which generally have simple lines, you can find furniture in total black, or combined with other shades. Especially with the tones of natural wood.

Black in kitchens does not imply that this tone has to be omnipresent and exclusive. It can range from completely black furniture and faucet elements and appliances to being a color present in only some of its elements and furniture. For example, on the countertop or on furniture handles. In those cases it will be accompanied by furniture in wood tones, generally light, or by metallic elements, generally finished in silver.

These are the furniture colors that have the most presence in furniture in 2022. But they do not do it alone. Faced with the uniformity in the color in the decoration typical of previous years, broken only by some notes of color, in 2022 we bet on the contrast between lighter and more natural tones and others that are stronger and warmer. Do you dare to put it into practice at home?

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