Popular Interior House Colors 2021

Popular Interior House Colors 2021If you are looking for colors that really bring modernity and style, as well as light and novelty to your home, nothing like being seduced by the latest color trends in interior decoration for this year, since some of the options that we are going to present to you are really inspiring. Let’s now see what are the best  colors for stylish 2021 home interiors.

The interior house colors 2021 have a wide variety of shades and trends among which they seem to prevail, those that are neutral or lighter, providing more light to any corner of the house. On the other hand, shades that are “classic” like white or some that set the trend each season, such as navy blue, come back strongly and above all, you will see how the tendency to bet on varied combinations of colors is born. These are the most popular interior house colors for 2021.

White ColorPopular Interior House Colors 2021

White is a color that never goes out of style in interior decoration. It provides light, space and above all, it combines with any other color you choose, so before painting or buying furniture, always think that this color should be your first choice.

BeigePopular Interior House Colors 2021

The beige color is another color that is imposed for this year 2021 and specifically, for the spring-summer season. It is a soft and elegant color with which you will be able to decorate any room in the house, whether you paint the walls beige, or choose furniture of this color. In addition, it combines perfectly with others such as white.

Ocher ColorPopular Interior House Colors 2021

Ocher is a color that although it may not seem like it has earned in its own right to be a trend for this 2021, thanks to how well it remains as a color for the walls. In addition, it combines very well with all kinds of decorative styles, and with furniture of other colors.

Navy ColourPopular Interior House Colors 2021

Blue continues to be a trend color whenever the good weather arrives. It brings a lot of style to your house, and if you opt for a “navy” tone and even more muted, you will make any corner of the house stand out in a special way. It is not, however, the most suitable color for small houses, but it can certainly be a remarkable color choice.

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GrayPopular Interior House Colors 2021

Gray may be a too sober color, but the truth is that it has become very fashionable for the interior of houses, and the luck we have is that we can use it in its many intensities. It should also be noted that it may be interesting to combine this range of grays with decorative elements that belong to the range of grays and blacks, such as a mural or vinyl.

Aquamarine ColorPopular Interior House Colors 2021

Many consider it the best color for the decoration of houses this summer 2021, and although you will surely bet on this color for areas such as the bathroom, the truth is that it brings a lot of light and a lot of life to the entire house, even the dining room or that we paint the walls in sea water.

Red ColorPopular Interior House Colors 2021

Red was a trend a few years ago for stylish kitchens, and now it not only comes back with some force but we can also tell you that children’s bedroom furniture in red takes a lot, in the same way that you can even paint colored walls red.

Coral ColorPopular Interior House Colors 2021

Coral is a very particular color, which will bring a lot of style to any of the rooms in the house, be it a bedroom, with bedding in this color, or the walls or curtains in your living room. It is also perfect to decorate for this summer 2021.

Mustard ColorPopular Interior House Colors 2021

Similar to Ocher, the mustard color brings a lot of joy especially when we choose it as a color to paint the walls, or for specific decoration details such as cushions, a chair, or bedding.

Golden ColourPopular Interior House Colors 2021

Gold is finally, the color that I recommend for the decoration of this 2021 and not only for special occasions such as the Christmas table, but you can also choose gold cushions, some furniture and even your bathtub.

Pink ColourPopular Interior House Colors 2021

Pink is a color that has many variations but is usually characterized by light tones. This color transmits sweetness and elegance. It is a very good option if we have a living room or a room where you can combine pink in its different shades with another color that goes well with pink.

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For example, a living room with decorative elements in pink (curtains, cushions, coasters…) and with white furniture and walls. If this idea does not convince you, we give you a second one: decorate your room with soft brown, white or yellow tones in  addition to the color pink. In this way you will give a touch of personality to two of the most important rooms in the house.

Cement ColorPopular Interior House Colors 2021

In recent years this color has become one of the most used trends by decorators. It predominates especially in decorations characterized by minimalism. Cement is used as a color and also as a material. In this way our kitchen or living room lamps could well be of this color and of this material.

Light Cherry Wood ColorPopular Interior House Colors 2021

If you are looking for the furniture in your living room to have a classic and warm color that fosters a family and relaxed atmosphere, you only have to choose furniture that is cherry colored. Wood always gives us a feeling of elegance and familiarity, so it is highly recommended for those common areas or areas.

Pastel ColorsPopular Interior House Colors 2021

Vivid colors can be a very good option if the play works well for us, but, as a general rule, we can easily get tired of them or things can go wrong because we don’t like the result. So if you are looking for a color that is a guaranteed hit, all you have to do is choose any pastel shade.

These pastel shades will attract light and give us peace of mind. These colors are often used to paint the walls of the children’s room. It should also be noted that using pastel tones allows you to use bright tones for a specific element. For example, in the photo above the cushions are deep navy blue. And precisely because pastel tones predominate, the use of navy blue is not too risky.

Black ColorPopular Interior House Colors 2021

Black has become a color that has gone from being almost prohibited in decoration, to being one of the hottest trends for this year. With this we can apply this tone both for the walls, and for the choice of furniture and thus, it is increasingly normal to see a bed in black, as well as a wardrobe, a sofa or the walls of any bedroom.

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Of course, it is clear that it is a color too strong for us to choose it as the main tone, so that a success will be to choose the combination with others that are lighter like gray, and of course, white.

Black For A Bathroom, Is It A Good Idea?Popular Interior House Colors 2021

I want to make a special mention to the choice of a bathroom in black. It is somewhat risky when we consider that most of us have bathrooms that are relatively small or really small; But if you like the challenge of choosing black, it is clear that the rest of the elements, sanitary ware, cabinets and others should be a contrary tone like white. With this you make sure that the space is not so small and you will take advantage of the elegance and style that black already gives you.

Yellow ColorPopular Interior House Colors 2021

We have already shown you the ocher that is a trend shade for 2021 decoration, as well as the mustard color that brings elegance, or gold, but yellow is also a good choice as a color for spaces such as the living room, whether you paint the walls or choose a piece of furniture of this color.

The good thing about yellow is that it is a really striking color so you can place a simple element, such as a table, an armchair or kitchen chairs, and with this you will make the whole atmosphere of the decorated space change completely.

OrangePopular Interior House Colors 2021

In the same way as yellow, orange is a really striking color, and it is fashionable so if you like it, do not hesitate and choose this shade to decorate spaces such as the dining room, living room or even the kitchen. You can put small details, whether they are flowers, or an armchair or on the contrary, paint all the walls in this color, perhaps combining with some other such as white.

LilacPopular Interior House Colors 2021

Lilac has become a fashionable color for the 2021 decoration, but specifically for a space as particular as the bedroom. You can thus choose a wall of this shade, or designate it for bedding, or furniture.

Brown ColorPopular Interior House Colors 2021

Lastly, we suggest you go for brown, which is a perfect color for any corner of the house, and which seems to take over spring summer 2021.