The Most Popular Colours for Kitchens 2021

Most Popular Colours for Kitchens 2021When decorating the kitchen space, you must rely on your taste and attitude, as well as on fashion trends. What popular colours for kitchens do designers recommend us to use for the “heart of the house”? Read about it in our article.

According to the forecasts of designers, 2021 will be filled with light colours and shades. In the interior of the kitchen, colours such as white, gray, ash, flesh, wood, light marble, brown, red, blue and all natural shades and colours will be actively used.

Colour solutions for the kitchen: RecommendationsMost Popular Colours for Kitchens 2021

Do not overload the space with just one colour. Dilute it with smooth transitions in similar shades on the palette. Alternatively, you can apply classic combinations, for example, use white and black.

Have you decorated the kitchen in soothing colours? Then be sure to add colourful accents. Designers recommend mandatory use of light colours. They can be both an accent and a basis in the design of space.

When choosing a colour scheme for the kitchen, pay attention to fashionable pastel and natural shades, such as wood, stone, etc. Such tones give peace and tranquility. The 2021 season is a season of natural colours.

The highlight of the season will be the kitchen, in which green will be present. An excellent solution is a phyto-corner or even a wall with living plants. In an interior where this solution does not fit for one reason or another, they simply highlight the wall or facade of the headset in a green colour of a natural shade.

The design of the kitchen: Colour and style

LoftMost Popular Colours for Kitchens 2021

In a kitchen decorated in the loft style, the most common will remain natural brick colours, such as brown, black, white-gray, ocher.

High techMost Popular Colours for Kitchens 2021

The colour scheme for the kitchen in this style is white, gray, black, red, blue and their many shades. In this style, the colour scheme is built on the contrast of dark and light. Bright colours are used as metered accents.

Classic style kitchensMost Popular Colours for Kitchens 2021

This style carries warm colours: beige, gold, ocher, brown. The space becomes warm and comfortable. Teach that with dark tones it is important not to overdo it.

Scandinavian styleMost Popular Colours for Kitchens 2021

The colour scheme that is used for the kitchen in this style is restrained, but with bright accents. The basis are bed shades of white and gray. Accents are exposed as red, yellow, blue, orange or green elements. Due to this, the rough style is diluted with softer features.

Popular colours for kitchens

White and blackMost Popular Colours for Kitchens 2021

The use of these colours is a fashionable trend of 2021, which has not lost popularity for a long time. The kitchen in white and black is elegant at the same time. If there is a sense of sharpness in the colour transition, then you can add wood or stone inserts to the interior.

Kitchen in gray tonesMost Popular Colours for Kitchens 2021

The most popular in 2021 will be the kitchen in gray tones. It is a noble and neutral colour. It ideally “interacts” with other brighter colours. Elegant gray creates comfort and a positive attitude.

White kitchenMost Popular Colours for Kitchens 2021

The fashion trend in the interior of kitchens 2021 is white. It is ideal for decorating both large and small kitchens. With it, space is filled with air and freshness. Visually there is a feeling that the kitchen has become larger. White colour is easily combined with any other colours.

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Black kitchensMost Popular Colours for Kitchens 2021

Black cuisines remain relevant in 2021. The main thing is that it should be natural black without acid or non-natural shades. In the kitchen space, this colour scheme is used in such styles as avant-garde, modern, classic and Gothic.

BeigeMost Popular Colours for Kitchens 2021

Beige colour fits into any style except techno and hi-tech, they use cool colours and shades. And beige is a warm colour that creates coziness in the kitchen space.

BrownMost Popular Colours for Kitchens 2021

The kitchen in chocolate tones looks luxurious and expensive. To prevent the interior from looking gloomy, dilute it with beige or white.

Fashion for colour comes and goes, but the main rule, which designers consider the basic, is always true: use no more than three active colours in the decoration of the room.

To make your kitchen look stylish and harmonious, use the following formula:

choose two (three) primary colours and add a few colour accents to them.

The most popular colour combinations for the kitchenmost popular colour combinations for the kitchen

What, as a rule, the choice of cuisine begins, especially if a female representative does it, this is, most often, the choice of her colour. And after that, it comes to drawers, shelves, cabinets, their height, width and so on.

And this is not surprising, because the colour of furniture, especially the kitchen, determines a lot. It creates a mood and makes a huge contribution to the overall feeling of the interior of the kitchen. Therefore, this aspect needs to be given maximum attention.

We will tell you about the most popular colour solutions and combinations that people choose, based on the personal experience of the Mikavol furniture factory, which has more than 20 years of continuous experience in communicating on this topic.

What colour of kitchen to choose? The most popular colours of the kitchen

If you collect all the selected colour combinations for the design of the kitchen, you can divide them into the five most popular groups, in our opinion. We will not only list these combinations for you, but also tell you about the pros and cons of each option.

White colourmost popular colour combinations for the kitchen

Pros. White colour creates a feeling of space and spaciousness. The white kitchen can be easily beaten with some decoration elements and built into your desired interior style. If you just change the decor elements to other colours, then you can easily change the overall perception of the kitchen.

Minuses. Not the most practical colour that requires regular care. A trace will surely remain on it if, for example, the cabinet door is opened with dirty hands.

Marine coloursmost popular colour combinations for the kitchen

These are all shades of blue, cyan and turquoise.

Pros. The colours of this palette have a good effect on the psyche, providing a calming and pacifying effect. There is even an opinion that, for example, blue colour has a very positive effect on the creative development of the human brain. Sea colours visually expand the room and give it freshness.

Minuses. Blue and especially blue colours contribute to a decrease in appetite, but for those who monitor their weight, this is even good. In addition, marine colours are quite cold, so in the general concept of the kitchen, additional colours are necessary, which combine well and at the same time add the necessary heat. One of the best combinations is light beige.

Natural wood and stonemost popular colour combinations for the kitchen

Pros. Furniture made from natural materials looks noble and is associated with wealth and even luxury. This is the safest and most harmless material, while it is very strong and durable. Natural wood is suitable for so many interior styles and succinctly fits into many design ideas.

Minuses. One of the main disadvantages is the price, natural wood is quite expensive. The tree does not like temperature changes in the room and requires special care, as well as a certain percentage of room humidity.

Black with whitemost popular colour combinations for the kitchen

Pros. Black is a universal colour, which in combination with white gives a stylish and concise and expressive solution. On the one hand, this is simplicity, on the other, restrained nobility. This colour style is ideal for those who love order and minimalism in the kitchen.

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Dust is very visible on black, especially on horizontal surfaces, so be prepared to clean and wipe such a kitchen quite often. Black colour visually reduces the size of the kitchen, so it is better not to use it for small rooms.

Bright colourmost popular colour combinations for the kitchen

For example, fuchsia, lilac, red, etc.

Pros. Bright colours can be called fashionable. They are perfectly suited to modern and great emphasize the character of the landlord. There are many shades of red, from coral to cherry, which can be combined with many other colours.

Minuses. Kitchens of bright colours, especially red, are not suitable for everyone, such a kitchen can not be called family, they are more suitable for bachelors. In addition, the red colour is considered aggressive and definitely does not suit people with an unstable psyche.

Best Colours for Kitchens TrendsBest Colours for Kitchens Trends

Only a few colourful accents are able to complete the image of the kitchen, making it perfect, and completely spoil the entire interior. Therefore, we recommend that when choosing the colour of the kitchen, at least consult with an experienced designer who will help you choose not only the colour, but also the style of the kitchen, taking into account the dimensions of your kitchen room, as well as the general interior of the apartment or country house.

Kitchen colour – secrets of influence

The colour of the kitchen affects not only our mood, but also how our stomach feels. Doctors and psychologists are unanimous: the wrong colour of the interior may well worsen the well-being of a person. Therefore, it is with the choice of the colour of the walls and kitchen furniture that the kitchen design project begins. Let’s see what effect the different colours in the interior of the kitchen have on our mood and well-being, and how to choose the right colour scheme for the kitchen.

Coloured kitchens look impressive and easily create a mood. But what it will be like depends not only on the choice of the colour of the kitchen, but also on its brightness and saturation. The mood of the kitchen interior is determined by how many different colours are used in it.

As you know, light and cold shades visually increase the space. Darker and warmer shades, on the contrary, reduce, but thanks to them, the kitchen may seem more homely and cozy.

If your kitchen faces the sunny side, you can safely use the cold gamut – blue, blue, green, lilac. And the colour scheme of the kitchen, in which the sun rarely looks, let it be better to be warm – use beige, ocher, peach, yellow or red.

The combination of contrasting shades in the interior looks spectacular. But experiment with colour in the kitchen you need to be careful. Here, more than anywhere else, the measure is important. Especially if the kitchen is small. A compromise solution is to use their soft nuance tones instead of deep saturated shades. In this case, even the brightest colour of the kitchen will look appropriate and energize you with your favorite colour.

When choosing a colour for a future kitchen, take note of the recommendations of psychologists as different colours affect our mood.


Green colour is the most pleasant for the human eye. Surrounded by shades of this colour scheme, you will feel safe. Green is a symbol of life, growth, energy and renewal. Associated with nature, balance, harmony and relaxation. It helps to cope with stress and even reduces pain. Green cuisine is an excellent option for those who often experience physical and nervous stress. In addition, there is evidence that people who spend a lot of time surrounded by green tones have less pain in the stomach.


The red colour in the interior of the kitchen can increase pressure and stimulate appetite. According to psychologists, those who prefer red cuisine are confident people. They have a strong will, prefer to act spontaneously and most often are extroverts. They often take risks and love to challenge themselves, are impulsive and have a tendency to adventure.

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According to researchers, the red colour is quite appropriate in the kitchen. Unless, of course, you are on a strict diet and are not prone to hypertension.


Pink is a light shade of red diluted with white. The pink kitchen soothes and relieves anxiety, energizes, gives a feeling of lightness and nourishes a positive attitude towards life.


The orange colour in the interior of the kitchen excites, energizes, improves appetite and promotes easy communication. No wonder it is so loved to use in the interior of cafes and restaurants. Orange cuisine is ideal for energetic zinger who are used to doing everything, including eating, very quickly. Therefore, if you like long meals and intimate leisurely conversations, some other colour will be the best choice.


Yellow is the colour of happiness and a warm sunny day. Yellow cuisine is the best recipe for a good mood and a cheerful start to the day, even if the window is dull and cloudy. According to psychologists, it is the sunny shades of yellow that stimulate creativity and awaken the craving for experimentation, including culinary. Juicy yellow is considered a very positive colour. However, in some people, a too bright canary or lemon shade can increase anxiety, tension, and even cause a temporary breakdown.


The blue colour is ideal for relaxation and perfectly calms the nervous system. Scientists have long noticed that in times of economic and other crises, the popularity of blue is increasing. From the point of view of psychologists, blue is the colour of security, fidelity and trust. It has a therapeutic effect on the soul and body. The bright blue colour in the interior of the kitchen is an excellent energy boost. However, it reduces appetite and certainly will not contribute to overeating.


Indigo lovers are usually intellectuals and truth seekers. They do not like to get out ahead, but they love to help others. Indigos often choose very creative natures. It is best to use a shade of indigo in the interior of the kitchen as a complement, a bright and rich accent. It can be decorative pillows, rugs or candles. This colour goes well with shades of red or pale yellow.


Violet colour is traditionally attributed to mystical properties. It is the colour of power, wealth and power. Properly selected accessories make the purple kitchen luxurious and give the interior a romantic flair.


Brown is the colour of confidence and security, trust and stability. The kitchen, in the interior of which brown was used, has a calm and open communication. Dark brown colour is more brutal and courageous, while light shades of brown give the interior of the kitchen warmth and express a feminine. Brown is remarkable for its versatility and goes well with almost any colour.

The black

It is customary to treat black colour with caution, because in the first place it is the colour of evil, mourning and night. However, in the right frame, it can be very stylish and modern. And it seems to never go out of style. Not everyone will decide to choose a completely black kitchen . For some, this colour is too strong and oppressive, but for some it seems too formal. But black makes it possible to boldly experiment with other colours. So the black and white kitchen is an absolute classic, and bright (for example, red accents) will add energy to the interior, make it more dynamic. By the way, many designers claim that black accents give completeness to any space, so feel free to use it as a stylish addition to your kitchen.


White colour is associated with purity and clarity. Its most valuable property is to soften and balance absolutely any colours and shades. The white kitchen may not be very practical. In addition, too much white in the interior can cause headaches and eye strain. Especially if the kitchen furniture has glossy facades, and in addition to it they made a stretch ceiling with a glossy effect. Meanwhile, white, diluted with bright accents, looks very fresh and stylish.