Modern interior 2021: the main trends

Modern interior trends 2021What interiors will be in trends in 2021? Find out about trends presented at industry exhibitions and in magazines for the design of apartments and houses. Check them out and enter your own home, knowing what needs to be changed. If you want the design of your home to be relevant, then find out the features of the modern interior trends 2021. Read the article to find out the hottest news this year.

What will be fashionable in the interior in 2021?Modern interior trends 2021

The interior design industry is developing very rapidly, and trends are constantly changing – this is obvious. Some elements persist for several seasons, but each year has its own distinctive, leading theme. There are some trends that have already been used by many designers. Using them at home, you can be sure to refresh your interiors and give them a modern and fashionable look.

There are many areas in which the art of interior design is developing, but as the most characteristic for 2021, we can mention:

  • natural wood and stone;
  • bold colors and patterns related to nature;
  • the functionality of the solutions used in the apartment – it will never go out of style.

The modern interior of the apartment 2021: 4 best ways to refresh a roomModern interior trends 2021

To bring fashionable solutions to your apartment, you do not need to immediately organize a major overhaul or completely change the furniture. All you have to do is look carefully at what you already have and make small changes using trends. Then your interiors will acquire a new, fresh look, and you will feel the novelty and comfort in them. Below are the four most fashionable solutions of 2021.

Use natural materialsModern interior trends 2021

A return to natural materials has been noticeable for several years. Wood appears both in the form of larger furniture (coffee tables, chairs), and as small decorative elements, for example, frames for mirrors, hangers or shelves.

The fashion for natural wood appeared some time ago and also appears in forecasts for next year. Therefore, in 2021, it is worth using durable models made of natural solid wood to enjoy them for many years. The good quality of this material will give you confidence that the furniture will survive many seasons.

Natural colorsModern interior trends 2021

As for colors, earthy colors will be fashionable in 2021. In the end, natural materials require shades from a close range of colors. Use a red finish, but not bright, but rather smoky, resembling fertile ground. A good addition will be coral, shades of peach or orange in terracotta tones. If yellow, then mustard, if green, then a lush and dark forest, and if blue, then this is the color of the sky – bright or before a thunderstorm.

All this means that natural wood furniture, even if it is neutral in nature, must be diluted using multi-colored elements.

The colors of the interior are not only the shades of the walls, but also bright accessories, furniture. In 2021, all interior design tricks will be allowed! It should be colorful and original.

Functional Space BetModern interior trends 2021

Another trend of 2021 is multifunctional solutions in the form of modular furniture and equipment, which, in addition to their main function, have other applications.

Furniture modularity is a great way to free up space, and by minimizing the elements in the house, the opportunity to get a clean and functional interior.

An example of functional wooden furniture for a fashionable interior is an oak table, which due to its minimalist finish, impeccable design and practicality will surely fit into modern interiors.

Do not be afraid of geometric shapesModern interior trends 2021

In a fashionable apartment in 2021, you can not miss furniture with rounded edges or a shape with straight lines. The combination of a round wooden tabletop with geometric accessories (for example, a rug) will allow you to take advantage of this trend, and at the same time achieve harmony in the interior and beautifully organize the space.

Modern styles in the interior 2021

The 2021 interior design promises to be very interesting. A small change is enough to refresh the interior, because there are many ideas for inspiration. What actual style will you use? Directions in interior architecture are an anthology of fashion and a cross section of trends. Choose the right direction for yourself, which is most relevant today.

Modernist styleModern interior trends 2021

The modern or modernist style, sometimes referred to as international or “white architecture,” is defined by at least several movements and schools. Functionality and minimalism prevail here.

Scandinavian styleModern interior trends 2021

White color reigns here, which optically enhances the interior and always remains predominant in homes in the far north of Europe.

Classic styleModern interior trends 2021

Its name refers to classic form and elegance, and not to a specific fashion. The classic style has an eternal charm.

Modern classic styleModern interior trends 2021

A harmonious combination of classic and modern styles. An eclectic collection of two main areas in interior design.

Provencal styleModern interior trends 2021

Provencal style is sentimental and extremely decorative, full of floral motifs. Fortunately, it is tinted in pastel colors.

Eclectic styleModern interior trends 2021

An eclectic style that selectively combines elements of different directions, even those that seem contradictory, is usually the bridge between the new fashion and the “old school.”

Industrial styleModern interior trends 2021

Today, the industrial style has been ennobled and is associated only with luxurious, spacious lofts. First of all, it is elegance and the highest standard based on the cold direction.

Mediterranean styleModern interior trends 2021

The Mediterranean style is determined by all the colors of the sea and land. Emeralds and blues, terracotta and beige. Spacious rooms and large windows. There is a slight artistic frustration here.

Eco styleModern interior trends 2021

Eco-style is often equated with a rustic, but still excellent, although both adhere to nature and are based on natural materials.

2021 furniture trendsModern interior trends 2021

At fairs it is worth looking for inspiration in interior design – they are the trendsetters of the new season. What are the best trends to bet on in the coming months? In 2021, furniture with rich colors will dominate. Strong colors will appear not only on the covers of sofas or armchairs. Chairs, shelves, coffee tables, as well as various accessories – from lamps, through paintings to small trinkets, will also be multicolored.

In addition to the colorful elements, this year’s design will also have a place for classic wooden furniture, which is characterized by durability and elegance. This combination of modern arrangements filled with expressive colors mixed with classics will create a harmonious duet that will revive any interior. Strength and durability of furniture will become one of the most important landmarks in interior design at the beginning of the year. Inexpensive folding furniture panels will be replaced by durable ones made of natural wood or leather.

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