Dressing Room Trends 2022

Dressing Room Trends 2022How to properly approach the arrangement of the dressing room? The correct approach to arranging a dressing room is to answer oneself to the following questions:

Why do you need a dressing room? To get rid of bulky cabinets or to keep all your belongings in one place? Or maybe in order to combine a place for things and a pantry? Perhaps there are other issues that you want to solve with the help of a dressing room. One way or another, all these questions must be answered even before proceeding with the arrangement of the dressing room. After all, it depends on what it will be. And also it will make the room more comfortable, functional and practical. Therefore, it is important to plan everything in advance;Dressing Room Trends 2022

Does the area of ​​an apartment or house allow to arrange a dressing room in it? This question torments many owners of small areas. But I’m not going to torment and I hasten to inform that the owners of even a small area have the opportunity to set aside a separate area for a dressing room. Moreover, it will save space in the apartment. Yes, I have taken responsibility to answer this question for you. So that when arranging your dressing room you are not tormented by doubts about the area of ​​the apartment;

Who will use the dressing room? Here it is important to decide whether you will only use it or share it with your soul mate? Or maybe the children will use the room too? The size and layout of the room directly depends on this issue. For example, if a dressing room is planned for all family members, then each of them should be given a separate area for things. And this already means that the space for the dressing room needs a lot. That is why it is also important to resolve this issue even before arranging the dressing room.

What are the types of dressing room layouts?

So, after you have answered the above questions, let’s find out – what are the types of dressing room layouts. This information will help weed out unnecessary options in order to highlight the optimal layouts that are suitable specifically in your case.

If you already have a solid idea of ​​what kind of layout your dressing room will be, then here you will find new ideas or solutions for yourself.

L-shaped and angularDressing Room Trends 2022

The corner layout of the dressing room is a space where furniture is located along two adjacent walls.

This option is suitable for apartments and houses of any size. The corner storage system allows you to quickly find the things you need and use the space rationally.

In small rooms, the disadvantage of this option is that a full fitting mirror cannot be placed in it. Some people install it on the inside of the door, but this is not very convenient.

LinearDressing Room Trends 2022

This type of dressing room layout is a space in which furniture is located along one wall.

The linear dressing room is suitable for apartments and houses of any size. It will fit perfectly into a bedroom, hall or large oblong hallway. And also, due to the simplicity of its shape, the furniture is easily installed in it.

U-shapedDressing Room Trends 2022

It is a shape in the form of the letter “P”. This layout option is suitable for rooms with a large area. Sometimes a separate room is given for such dressing rooms. Therefore, the “U-shaped” dressing room is relevant for apartments and houses of large areas.

Since there are three walls in such a dressing room, it has many advantages. For example, each of the walls can be equipped for each family member. In addition, it has enough room for a mirror, chair or sofa, ironing board, dressing table and even an island. In general – the dream of any housewife.

ParallelDressing Room Trends 2022

A parallel layout is a space where two line storage systems are positioned opposite each other.

This type of layout is designed for a large room. Such a dressing room can be located either in a separate room, or in a large walk-through room or corridor. And also in the bedroom, if the square allows.

As in the case of the “U-shaped”, the parallel layout has many advantages – one of which is the convenient organization of everything you need.

Where to place the dressing room?

In the hallDressing Room Trends 2022

A walk-in closet in the hallway is a great option, but only if the space allows. Ideally, you can make a dressing room with storage systems on both sides. However, here, for a beautiful appearance of furniture and the concept of the hallway as a whole, the presence of doors on the cabinets is required. Plus, the doors protect your clothes well from dust. Or, as a last resort, you can make curtains. Yes, unlike the doors, they have a less presentable look, but this is better than nothing. And besides, why would anyone see what is in the dressing room.

The main disadvantage of this solution is that it is inconvenient to change clothes in the hallway. And every time, when you need some thing from the dressing room, you will have to run into the hallway.

And here is a dressing room without doors and curtains.

In such a dressing room, on things, dust will constantly accumulate. And also, for a beautiful appearance, it requires constant order

In the corridorDressing Room Trends 2022

This storage option is available only to owners of large apartments or houses. Because it is they who can boast of wide corridors. The rules of arrangement here are the same as with the hallway.

The main plus of the dressing room in the corridor is that outerwear can be stored in it. However, there is also a minus here, since outerwear is not recommended to be stored together with bedding and underwear. Contradiction, but true. Therefore, you should think carefully about which things will be stored in the corridor and which in the other room.

In the bedroomDressing Room Trends 2022

A walk-in closet in the bedroom is the most common placement option. In my opinion, this is where the dressing room should be. After all, in it we change clothes and choose clothes. In addition, such an addition to the bedroom allows you to change the required number of times without leaving the room. And this is already a huge plus.

Of the main disadvantages, one can single out only the fact that if the dressing room is designed for both adults and children, then this will cause discomfort to everyone. For example, adults in the bedroom are busy with their intimate affairs, and then the children want to go to the dressing room for things – it’s inconvenient. Well, if the children have their own dressing room, then there are no other global shortcomings regarding the dressing room in the bedroom.

Under the stairsDressing Room Trends 2022

For those who have a house or apartment with two floors, a dressing room under the stairs would be an excellent option. Yes, the place is not enough, but the space does not disappear. For such a solution, you will have to make custom-made furniture, since the space is of a non-standard shape. Or if there is a person at home who can cope with this task, then you can do it yourself.

You can also make an open dressing room under the stairs. Mount several shelves on top, install some beautiful cabinet below and you’re done. Such a solution will even bring some uniqueness to the interior.

In the atticDressing Room Trends 2022

This is a less comfortable dressing room option. But with the correct layout of the room and the placement of furniture, the attic will become an excellent dressing room.

Since this is an attic, it is important to pay special attention to the ventilation and vapor barrier. This is to avoid dampness and mold.

Small dressing roomDressing Room Trends 2022

On average, a small dressing room can be 1.2 x 1.5 meters or so. This is a very small space, therefore, the allotted area must be organized correctly. It is important to place furniture in it so that there is room for maneuver. Neither shelves nor racks should interfere with unfolding in a given space.

If possible, a mirror can be installed in the dressing room. This will save time in the selection of the necessary things that are in stock. So to speak, without leaving the checkout, pick up the right outfits.

Ideally, if the space of the room allows, then the area can be increased by about 2×2 meters. This will be the most optimal solution.

Large dressing roomDressing Room Trends 2022

Undoubtedly, a large dressing room is the best solution. In such a space, everyone will feel comfortable. Some even equip their home office in similar dressing rooms. And at the same time they feel at ease.

A dressing room designed for the whole family should preferably be placed in a separate room. This solution will allow each family member to be there without any obstacles, such as in the case of a dressing room in the bedroom. Well, if the dressing room is designed for one or two people, then it can be placed in the bedroom, if the area allows.

Open dressing roomDressing Room Trends 2022

The open dressing room is an open-plan structure with no partitions or doors.

Such a storage system boasts the visual accessibility of things. It is perfect for apartments and houses of any size. Most often, this design is used in small apartments, since it does not require a separate space and partitions.

Unlike wardrobes, an open wardrobe saves valuable floor space. If the racks, baskets and furniture are stylish, then such a dressing room will become a decoration of the room. However, this beauty requires sacrifice, you must constantly monitor order.

Among the disadvantages are the following: dust on things and more time for cleaning. Also, if there are pets, there is a chance that they will ruin things.

How to properly plan a ventilation system and is it needed at all?

A ventilation system is required. After all, the quality of storage of things and how long they will last depends on it. Its presence is mandatory in both large and small dressing rooms. Otherwise, things will have a musty smell that is difficult to remove. Therefore, even when planning a dressing room, you should carefully consider the ventilation system.

If the dressing room has a window, then you can do nothing here. It is enough to ventilate the room from time to time. And if the room is without a window, then here is an example of how to plan a wardrobe room ventilation system.

First step – exhaust duct

It is advisable to make a duct for the hood even before repairing the dressing room. It is important to think in advance where it will be displayed. To the general ventilation system or to the street. Then the channel itself is held. It can be carried out using metal or plastic air ducts. There will be no problems with the selection of various parameters of boxes and connecting elements, since now there are simply an unrealistic number of them on the market.

Galvanized air ducts

Plastic air vents

Second step – extraction

Next, you need to make a hole in the upper part of the wall (preferably away from the door) and install an exhaust device.

As for the fan, it is best to choose it with a low noise level. Because the extra sounds from it will be annoying. Especially if the dressing room is in or next to the bedroom.

Also, when buying a device, you should pay attention to the performance of the exhaust fan. Regardless of how long a person is in the dressing room, the quality of air exchange in this space should be good. Store managers can help with calculating the volume of the premises. The main thing is to tell them the parameters of the dressing room. That is, the depth, width and height of the room.

You can control the fan yourself using a switch or install an automatic on and off sensor. The second option is more convenient.

The third step is air flow

Air supply can be provided in three ways:

  1. The inflow will be provided independently through the gap under the door. The main thing is that it is wide enough, about 2-3 cm. This option is suitable for swing, folding and swing doors.
  2. Make a rectangular hole at the bottom of the door, just above the floor level and install a decorative grille. Suitable for swing, folding and swing doors, as well as sliding doors if they are made of wood.
  3. Provide air flow through the inlet. To do this, you need to make one hole in the wall, just above the floor level. It is desirable to do it closer to the door. The hole can be closed with decorative grilles to match the style of the interior. There are no restrictions on which doors will be installed.

How to organize the lighting in the dressing room correctly and which system to choose?

Main light

For a dressing room, it is best to choose warm or neutral light. This applies to areas of all sizes. Since this kind of lighting is similar to daylight, it will perfectly reproduce the natural color of things.


The mirror also needs an arrangement of light sources. In order to avoid shadows that distort the appearance, it is necessary to position the light sources as follows: one above the mirror and two on either side below eye level, about 10 cm.It is important to use soft diffused light, as it is closest to natural sunlight …

Chandelier and wall lightsDressing Room Trends 2022

This type of lighting is the best option for large rooms. But not for the little ones. For example, in the case of lamps, in a small room they will get in the way as you move around the dressing room. And in the case of a chandelier, it can be touched while lifting to the upper shelves of a box or something else. Therefore, before purchasing a chandelier and wall lights for a small dressing room, you should think twice and again.

As for large rooms, such lighting fixtures will ideally complement the interior. Moreover, they will give it an aesthetic and pleasant atmosphere. And also, they will demonstrate the impeccable taste of the owners and their status. The main thing is that they are combined with the general concept of the interior.

Spotlights (spots)Dressing Room Trends 2022

This is the more common option. They are relevant for rooms of any size. They can achieve excellent illumination of the entire room. And also make interior light by illuminating one or another area with them. Spotlights can be chosen for every taste and color, since now there are a huge number of variations.

The main disadvantage of spotlights is the requirement for a power supply. But against the background of their advantages, you can close your eyes to this disadvantage. Moreover, such lamps consume little electricity.

LED Strip LightDressing Room Trends 2022

An LED strip is a flexible board with contacts, on which LEDs are located at a certain distance.

Such a tape is a great addition to the dressing room. It can illuminate those areas of cabinets and shelves where the main light does not fall.

And also the LED strip has the following advantages:

  • Low energy consumption;
  • safe;
  • does not heat up much;
  • there are different glows;
  • can be used in harsh conditions (for this you need to take dust and waterproof LED tape);
  • bright;
  • has a large glow angle;
  • happens with a control panel;
  • low cost;
  • easy to install;
  • flexible;
  • long service life (up to 50 thousand hours).

I also want to note that with all its advantages, the tape practically does not take up space. And unlike halogen and incandescent bulbs, it doesn’t ruin your clothes.

The main disadvantage of LED strip is that it requires a power supply.

The most popular interior styles for dressing rooms

The dressing room is best decorated in the same style as the adjacent room. Otherwise, a bright contrast will turn out, which will ruin the overall concept of the entire interior.

Classic styleDressing Room Trends 2022

Modern classics always look luxurious. However, in a small space, it is better to refuse this style. And this applies to any room. Since, due to the large number of decorative details and pieces of furniture in the interior, this style will visually reduce the already small space. Therefore, even when renovating an apartment or house, this is worth remembering.

Modern styleDressing Room Trends 2022

This style is versatile. It is suitable for rooms of any size. It is especially good to use it in a small space, because it welcomes a minimal amount of decor and furniture in the interior. In addition, the modern style welcomes eclecticism. That is, different styles in the same interior. The main thing is that there is a balance, and the overall concept of the interior looks harmonious.

Color solutions for the dressing room


It is advisable to make the walls of the dressing room light. Firstly, this way the space will be visually larger. Secondly, the room will become brighter, which is especially convenient when the fitting room is in the dressing room.

Another important point to consider is the wall covering. In particular, areas where things can touch the walls. Therefore, to keep things clean, the walls should be covered with a material that will not transfer color. Such coatings can be: wallpaper, paint, emulsion, as well as wood or plastic panels. It is imperative when choosing a particular coating – to learn about its color rendition. For example, varnished wood panels are perfect for decorating the walls of a dressing room. This coating is safe for things. And panels “soaked in oil” can spoil the appearance of things. Especially the light ones.


The floor is usually made darker than the walls. You can take the same tone as the walls, but a little darker. This will separate the horizontal surface from the vertical one.

In addition to the color of the flooring, it is also important to choose the right material. A person can be in the dressing room for a long time, therefore, in order to be pleasant and comfortable in the room, you should carefully consider the finish of the floor. Determine the criteria that the flooring must meet. For example: durability, pleasant tactile sensation, attractive appearance.

These are the types of flooring:

WoodDressing Room Trends 2022

This material boasts resistance to mechanical stress, pleasant texture and durability. Without a doubt, wood will bring warmth and comfort to the dressing room. It will give the interior a calm atmosphere. Wood flooring is the best solution if it is made of hardwood.

The main disadvantage of this material is its high price.

LaminateDressing Room Trends 2022

Laminate is the most common type of flooring. This material is of excellent quality and high technical characteristics. As for the assortment, you can find it for almost every taste and color.

The main disadvantage of laminate is environmental friendliness. It is inferior to wood because it contains melamine resins.

Ceramic tiles and porcelain stonewareDressing Room Trends 2022

These types of flooring have excellent technical properties. Plus, they are environmentally friendly. When choosing such coatings, it should be borne in mind that they require additional investments for the arrangement of a warm floor system. Otherwise, the floor will be cold and it will be uncomfortable to be in the dressing room.

ParquetDressing Room Trends 2022

Unlike ceramic tiles, parquet boards do not require additional insulation. This material is environmentally friendly. It has excellent soundproofing properties. And also, the parquet boasts a magnificent appearance.

Since parquet is made of natural wood, the material can react to humidity and dryness in the room. That is, start to buckle. Therefore, in the room where parquet is laid, you should take care of air conditioning. This is the main drawback of this material.

CarpetDressing Room Trends 2022

This material has thermal insulation and sound insulation properties. And the variety of assortment pleasantly surprises. You can choose a carpet of any texture, color, type or quality. The main feature of this coating is the tactile feel. The carpet is soft to the touch, therefore, walking on it with bare feet will delight.

The main disadvantage of carpet is soiled. If you spill tea, coffee or something else on it, a stain will remain that will be difficult to remove.

LinoleumDressing Room Trends 2022

Linoleum is the most budgetary option. You can even lay it yourself. Unlike previous floor coverings, it is more practical. It is not easily soiled and is not afraid of frequent wet cleaning. It has a wide variety of colors and decor.

High-quality linoleum will last a long time. Therefore, if the repair is done for a long time, purchasing this coating, you should pay attention to the wear resistance class.

With regard to the shortcomings – if you move the furniture, dents will remain in the old place.


The color of the ceiling can be made to match the color of the walls, but a little lighter. And how much lighter depends on the height of the ceiling. That is, the lower the ceiling, the lighter its color. This solution will visually increase the space.

By the way, it is desirable to make the floor darker. For example, a beige color is chosen, in this case the tone of the floor color is dark, the walls are several tones lighter than the floor and the ceiling is lighter than the walls. It turns out that the shade of the walls is something between the floor and the ceiling. This combination of tones visually increases the height of the ceiling.

What furniture and interior items can be put in the dressing room?

Built-in furniture to orderDressing Room Trends 2022

Custom-made furniture is the best option. Because when you order it, you get a unique product. No other ready-made furniture can give the interior an individual and unique style.

Custom-made furniture saves you from tedious shopping trips. In addition, it is not a fact that the furniture in the store will meet all the necessary criteria. As for custom-made furniture, there are no restrictions. You decide for yourself what kind of filling it will be and from what material it will be made. And so on down to the smallest detail.

Another advantage of bespoke furniture is the exact size. When ordering it, you can be sure that it will fit perfectly in one or another zone. What can not be said about the finished furniture.

Since such furniture saves space, it is perfect for both large dressing rooms and small ones.

Like any other furniture, bespoke furniture has its drawbacks. The first is the high cost. The second is a long wait. Unlike finished furniture, custom furniture has to wait about one or two months. And sometimes more. It already depends on the complexity of the design and fittings. There are cases where accessories have to be ordered from other countries. This significantly increases the time frame for its implementation. But this disadvantage is worth all the advantages that built-in furniture to order offers.

Ready set of furnitureDressing Room Trends 2022

Today, a modular or cabinet dressing room is the most popular system. The principle of its construction is simple: the size of the room (width, height, depth) is removed and modules with various fillings and functionalities are made for these parameters. For example, a module with rods, a module with drawers, a module with baskets, and so on. As a rule, modular systems are made of laminated chipboard, which makes its cost low.

Installation of this system is easy, as it is assembled like a designer. Each module is placed in the necessary places and connected by furniture inter-sectional ties. Thus, a single structure is obtained that boasts high strength.

The main disadvantages of modular systems include the fact that they are bulky and take up a lot of space. So, those who have a small dressing area should abandon this storage system.

Another drawback is the impossibility of making constructive changes. That is, you cannot move up or down this or that shelf and basket. Unless it is possible to agree in advance with the manufacturer so that they provide this opportunity.

Ottoman, armchair or sofaDressing Room Trends 2022

With the help of soft pieces of furniture, such as an ottoman, an armchair and a sofa, you can make the dressing room space more comfortable. But which of these pieces of furniture is more profitable to use in a particular dressing room?

An ottoman is a soft piece of furniture that has no back or armrests. They come in round, square and various colors. There are solid poufs and with an opening lid. The second option is ideal for small dressing rooms. Since it has additional storage space.

In general, the ottoman is easy to use. It is easy to move, can be used for legs, seating, and also serves as an impeccable decorative element. With it, you can give the interior a bright accent. For example, for a light interior, you can choose a red, yellow or green ottoman.

An armchair is a comfortable type of furniture. But it requires more space and is therefore suitable for medium to large walk-in closets. It should only be used if you like to sit. Or if there is a dressing table in the dressing room.

The sofa is a highly comfortable piece of furniture that is suitable exclusively for large dressing rooms. In comparison with an ottoman and an armchair, the sofa is the most comfortable, since you can sit and lie on it. And even scatter things over it during fitting. The sofa does not have any drawbacks, except for its large dimensions. But if space allows, why not?

Dressing tableDressing Room Trends 2022

Should you install a dressing table in your dressing room? If he is already in the bedroom, then no. And if it is not there and the area of ​​the dressing room allows, then, of course, it is worth it. Because all hygiene items and cosmetics will be at hand.

With regard to the design of the table, it is important that the interior of the wardrobe and the style of the table are a single concept. In order to avoid sharp and inappropriate contrast of styles.

IsleDressing Room Trends 2022

If we talk about the visual perception of the island in the dressing room, it is a beautiful, elegant and luxurious piece of furniture. And speaking of its use, it is a real convenience for storing things of frequent use.

Typically, the island is located in the center of the room. Unfortunately, such splendor can only afford to be in large dressing areas. Because the island requires a lot of space. Although its presence increases functionality and convenience, it is not a necessary piece of furniture.

MirrorDressing Room Trends 2022

A mirror is one of the most important attributes in a dressing room. Not finding a place for him is a big mistake. Because the whole idea of ​​a dressing room is to store things in it, try them on, and also evaluate them. And to appreciate this or that outfit – you can’t do without a mirror. Of course, you can go to the mirror in another room, but this is inconvenient. Therefore, it is important to find a place for a mirror in the dressing room.

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