5 General Interior Decoration Trends For 2021

General Interior Decoration Trends For 2021We conducted a fashion examination and found out which interior decoration trends are relevant in 2021, and how to translate them into our own house?

Get inspired and choose what you like!

Trend No. 1: Natural materialsGeneral Interior Decoration Trends For 2021

The use of natural materials in the interior has always been in fashion, but this season we should expect more unusual combinations of materials: wood and concrete, metal and even clay.

Moreover, natural materials can safely become the main emphasis in the apartment. But the main thing here is not to overdo it – if you make the whole apartment wooden or stone, nothing good will come of it.

For example, a natural, pronounced wood texture will look great on the floor. And the use of natural stone on the walls will definitely appeal to those who have long wanted a loft-style apartment.

Also, for example, you can use solid wood as window sills and countertops in the kitchen. And do not cover the tree with paint, just treat it with oil, then the natural texture of the material will be preserved, and its appearance will surely attract attention.

Trend No. 2: Geometric shapesGeneral Interior Decoration Trends For 2021

Geometric shapes in the interior have become an almost immortal trend. One way or another, the geometry was traced in each season for many years.

In recent years, geometric shapes have been in fashion on walls, on the floor, and even on furniture in an irregular, and sometimes unimaginable form. But everything in the world strives for perfection, and the circle is the ideal geometric figure. So in the interior in 2021, the trend will be smooth and rounded geometric shapes.

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Geometry can appear in the patterns on the walls, and in the decor, and in rounded furniture. For example, now both in affordable furniture stores and in expensive boutiques there are a lot of geometric furniture and accessories.

A round metal coffee table with a glass top fits the geometric trend as much as possible, and under the table you can place a small and round fluffy carpet. In Ikea, for example, there are several options for inexpensive round dining tables.

On the walls you can hang pictures with rounded geometric patterns. And it is better to choose furniture with flowing forms, this will not only give the interior a modernity, but also add coziness to the room.

Get an express consultation from an interior designer as a gift. You will learn about the possibility of redevelopment and the permitted actions during the repair, about the selection of materials, finishing technologies and color combinations for the interior of your dreams.

Trend # 3: Warm colors instead of coldGeneral Interior Decoration Trends For 2021

For a very long time, cold and even sterile interiors were in fashion. It all came from Scandinavian design, which for a very long time was the king of interior design. It is based on gray or white walls. And if in our country only recently began to understand that to make all the walls in the apartment white – this does not turn it into a hospital, now in 2021 white and cold colors in the interior are no longer in trend.

They are replaced by warm and nude tones, which become the basis of the interior. And if during this time you were able to fall in love with white, then do not forget that it has many shades, including white.

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Again, you should pay attention to the first trend – natural wood will add warmth to the interior. It is worth playing with different shades of beige, but here you should not get too carried away too – if you make the whole interior beige, then this will be a disastrous option.

You can also pay attention to the colors of wenge and brown, if you use them with accents, you can get a very stylish option.

Do not despair if you have recently made repairs in white. A well-designed interior will not lose its relevance for a long time.

Trend # 4: Dark BathroomsGeneral Interior Decoration Trends For 2021

The bathroom is perhaps the most intimate place in our apartment. It doesn’t matter how many people are in the family, in the bathroom we basically remain alone with ourselves. And in the design, the tendency toward closeness and intimacy of the interior is growing, so bathrooms in black and graphite shades are becoming popular.

Such an interior gives a person more peace and tranquility.

Natural materials will also be relevant here. For example, you can use natural stone in the entire decoration of the room, or in the decoration of only the wet zone.

A sink made of natural stone of dark color will also add style. But the general dark color of the room is important here, so do not be afraid to use brown or dark gray tones in the decoration of walls and floors.

To do everything in black is a bad option, such an interior will quickly get tired and will crush. When lighting, use warm light bulbs, this will also give intimacy and comfort.

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Trend No. 5: TactilityGeneral Interior Decoration Trends For 2021

Due to the rather long trend for the sterility of interiors, the materials used in them were mostly smooth and glossy. If you touch such materials with your eyes closed, you may not understand what exactly you are touching.

But in 2021, tactility comes to the fore. Therefore, the materials used in the interior should be pleasant to touch. The roughness of wood or the cold of stone will fill the interior with new sensations.

In furniture and decor, you can use velvet, soft leather, or textiles with a perceptible texture that will make you want to touch it.

For example, a sofa is an important part of the living room, it can be made in leather, velor or textiles with a pronounced texture. A kitchen apron can be made of rough stone, and on the floor of the bedroom you can lay a carpet with a large and soft pile. All this will add to the interior the necessary tactility.