Apartment Decor Ideas- Stylish Trends 2021

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Apartment Decor Ideas- Stylish Trends 2021Creating an entourage of a cozy home is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Arranging the little things and dear things that make up the decor of the apartment, you need to pay close attention to fill the house with meaning and create a characteristic atmosphere that does not contradict the style.

Various items include decorative items – vases, original glass bottles and jars, flower pots, baskets, chests, figurines made of wood, vines, porcelain. In general, what the surroundings of the surrounding space are presented with.

Decorative ornamentsApartment Decor Ideas- Stylish Trends 2021

Since it is not always possible to decorate an apartment beautifully from what is at hand, designers offer a kind of memo on the use of decor. The formation of the interior of urban housing in a modern style takes place in one of two directions. Either the apartment is designed in a minimalist direction, or in neo-modern style.

For both directions, common features characterizing the modern style are characteristic:

  • soft pastel colors and shades of decoration;
  • the prevalence of natural textiles;
  • smooth lines and uneven outlines.

Decor and accessories are introduced into the interior neatly, since colorful wall panels and picturesque paintings, table and wall lamps of non-traditional forms have come into fashion. Despite the minimum set of furniture, many apartments amaze with an abundance of vases and exquisite figurines. The trend is the composition of home plants. Much attention is paid to textiles, as the main element of decor.

Textiles in the interiorApartment Decor Ideas- Stylish Trends 2021

It is almost impossible to imagine an apartment without woven decor. We decorate the room with textiles, thereby emphasizing the created style.

Natural fabrics – linen, cotton and chintz of pastel colors in an unpretentious cage or with a print in a small flower, are characteristic of the country style:

For design in the classical style, expensive natural fabrics are used – a tapestry or silk with the image of monograms, damask or stripes:

For Art Nouveau and Art Nouveau, floral ornaments on light, light fabrics are relevant:

In the style of contemporary contemporary music, a combination of natural and synthetic fabrics of bright colors and the combination of different textures of textiles are possible:

The room can be monochrome or the interior is built on the basis of contrasts. In either case – a sense of proportion and knowledge of the basics of color compatibility.

Light fleecy carpets and soft colored floor coverings remain popular. Light colors predominate in the color palette of interior textiles – white, beige, gray. The popularity of the natural colors in the decor – greenish, brownish or blue-gray.

Entrance mats, made in both classic and modern styles of various colors, became a kind of brand of the outgoing year.

DecorationApartment Decor Ideas- Stylish Trends 2021

When we decorate drawings, paintings, photographs of an apartment, we should adhere to the rules of harmonious combination of decor with the interior.

You can decorate the wall with one large artistic canvas. Alternatively, several smaller paintings of similar themes are hung on the wall, or a modular set – a new-fashioned decor of a modern style.

Wall decoration with drawings or art painting is considered the pinnacle of decorating art. The fashion for wall painting with the advent of the new century does not lose its relevance to this day.

A modest, but no less interesting design of the walls with photographs is very popular. The decor is individual. Frames for old photographs are selected taking into account the style of the room, trying to adhere to neutral shades of passe-partout. Modern photos are placed in bright contrasting frames, focusing on the edging. Both photos and paintings need additional illumination.

Lamps and lightingApartment Decor Ideas- Stylish Trends 2021

Not all residential buildings were erected with large window openings to avoid additional lighting of rooms. On the other hand, lamps are an integral part of the decor.

We decorate with lamps not only the entrance hall and the bathroom, devoid of natural light in the room. We decorate each room and functional area with lighting fixtures, since lamps belong to style-forming elements.

The interior is beautiful when the room lights are designed in the same style. This rule applies to chandeliers, floor lamps, wall sconces and table lamps:

The design of the fixtures also adheres to a certain stylistic orientation. You can choose the light sources for the room in the style of minimalism, and for the room in the spirit of classical antiquity.

Technological advances have made changes in the fashion for decor. LED lamps in a completely unpredictable design, such as a bouquet of flowers with luminous stems, a backlit doll, and drip threads of rain, began to be very popular. Their goal is to decorate the interior and create cosiness in the room. Non-energy-intensive and non-heating, consuming a minimum of electricity, luminous decor attracts the eye. Illuminating decorative elements adorn not only details of the decor, but also shelves with indoor flowers.

Indoor plants in the interiorApartment Decor Ideas- Stylish Trends 2021

Vibrant colors are credited with properties to change the mood. When we decorate the house with flowers, we drive out despondency and transform the atmosphere. There are imperishable rules for decorators to decorate living space with indoor plants:

  1. If there are plants with large leaves in the room, the wallpaper should be with a small pattern. Plain walls without a pattern are considered the best option.
  2. Simple plants are selected for an elegant and bright interior style.
  3. With the original lighting, even the simplest plant will look advantageous.

Indoor plants can be grown everywhere – in the kitchen, on the glazed balcony, in the living room, bedroom, and even in the bathroom and hallway. For each room, there are certain types of vegetation that survive in certain conditions.

KitchenApartment Decor Ideas- Stylish Trends 2021

On the kitchen windowsill in pots, fresh greens grow beautifully. In addition to dill, onions and parsley, basil, tarragon, mint and spinach boasts a decorative look.

If the hostess is an adherent of the variegation of indoor flowers, the multi-colored violets and red geranium feel great in the kitchen space, introducing bright spots of decorative accents into the interior.

Living roomApartment Decor Ideas- Stylish Trends 2021

Tall, large, with fleshy, dark green foliage plants — ficuses, yucca, dracaena — are selected in the spacious living room. For ficuses, the status of ornamental plants for the classic setting was fixed. And for the interior in a modern style with a minimal set of furniture, dracaena and yucca are ranked as a magnificent element of the decor. For tall plants in an elegant flower pot, a plain wall background is ideal.

Indoor plants have a significantly positive quality. Curly and hanging shoots of asparagus, philodendron and ivy visually increase the space of small living rooms.

BedroomApartment Decor Ideas- Stylish Trends 2021

Indoor plants are carefully chosen in the bedroom, depending on the presence of floral aroma. Flowers should not smell, so as not to disturb sleep.

Compositional solutions are very interesting, where tall and low plants are planted in one pot. For example, a stately croton in a border frame from phyton shoots.

More often, the bedroom is decorated with monotonous plants bearing variegated leaves, like colored nettles – coleus.

ChildrenApartment Decor Ideas- Stylish Trends 2021

Plants for children are selected very carefully – hypoallergenic is a priority. Also, they should be free from aroma. Cacti are not bred in a room with children, unless this type of vegetation is included in a hobby category for a teenager.

The ideal plant for the nursery is chlorophytum, whose bright green and striped leaves absorb harmful substances and dust particles from the air, enriching the room with oxygen.

HallwayApartment Decor Ideas- Stylish Trends 2021

Many believe that floral arrangements are the lot of living rooms, halls and dining rooms. The narrow narrow corridors, to the eyeballs lined with furniture, are not able to accept additional decor. And if the flower decor is shady. Here you can place a stunted aspidistra with beautiful large leaves, so that the flower is the first to meet those who enter the house.

BathroomApartment Decor Ideas- Stylish Trends 2021

Rarely anyone in the bathroom can meet indoor plants. Nevertheless, tropical ferns or plants of the aroid family – Anturia, spathiphyllum and diffebachia – perfectly take root here.

On the one hand, it is rather difficult to predict special changes in the style orientation in the coming year. In all respects, fashion trends for a simple modern style have been preserved. Light tones, original diode lamps and indoor plants, which make up the main decor of the apartment, photos of design ideas in a modern style in a short video by practicing designers remain in style.

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