10 Main Furniture Trends Of 2021

Main Furniture Trends Of 2021It is so easy to make a mistake in the selection of furniture for the interior: just one item can destroy the harmony of the whole space. To help you understand furniture trends, Newdecortrends has figured out what will most likely appear in interiors in 2021. Arm yourself with our guide, an interesting year is ahead!



Soft pink nude has every chance to become the main color of the year. It blends equally well with neutral shades, and with bold accent colors: dark blue, green and lemon yellow.


The beds will become more like a cocoon. In the world every day there is so much that we just need to feel protected when we sleep. The headboard and foot of the bed will be lined with soft textiles, which is nice to touch.


“In 2021, interiors will be flooded with geometric motifs. We are gradually moving from ethnicity to large asymmetric and imperfect prints, proportions and shapes, ”says designer Michel Smith Boyd.


The popularity of natural materials in product design will only grow. Combinations of different textures will become even bolder: wood will be complemented with quartzite or Carrara marble elements, ceramics combined with concrete and metal.


Next year, pay attention to furniture with soft and rounded shapes in the spirit of the 1970s – smooth bends are back in fashion! It will not necessarily bring retro elements, but it will certainly soften the severity of the interior and add grace.


In the new year, the metal will find new, even more interesting and unexpected, applications. Gold, brass or blackened bronze and other shiny materials will be used not only in the form of inserts for cabinet furniture, but also as completely independent openwork elements of decor and art objects.


Things made to order according to individual sketches will increasingly appear in our homes. “We want to know that there is a story behind the objects that our house is growing around. We are interested in who invented them, what was the process of their creation, ”said Joy Cho, founder and creative director of Oh Joy!


Designers strive for perfection even in the smallest details. Contrasting or unusual stitching, bright handles or shades – all this makes the furniture even more interesting and unique.

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“I think Art Deco’s influence will only increase in the coming year,” said Meganne Wecker, founder of the Cloth & Company brand. The bright and expensive style of the era of the “roaring 20s” will serve as an inspiration for modern designers of textiles and furniture.


In 2021, vintage furniture will remain at the peak of interior fashion, and not only collectors will buy it. “Now many people dream about making their home were old and rare items with character and soul, and not clones, descended from the conveyor,” – says interior designer Cece Barfield (CeCe Barfield).

In & Out: the main trends of 2021

New Year – reboot time. Which interior trends will come into fashion, and which awaits oblivion?


All types of floral patterns from modern abstractions to traditional chinoiserie are a big trend in 2021. Buds and greens will decorate textiles, as well as dishes and wallpapers.


Ikat has been a favorite of interior designers for many years. However, in 2021, fashion for prints with bizarre intricacies will begin to fade. If earlier ikat in the decor symbolized luxury, now it is perceived as too old-fashioned and artsy.


I increasingly like the deep shades of gemstones: dramatic indigo, exquisite emerald, warm topaz and velvet amethyst. Next year we will combine them with neutral shades, not only in the kitchen, but also in the dining room, living room and bedroom.


Gray is a universal color that gives a feeling of stability and calm. Designers still love to use it as a base for a wide range, but in 2021, lighter and warmer nude shades will come to the fore.


Minimalist monochrome kitchens have been in fashion for too long; it’s time for bolder decisions. I predict a surge in vibrant colors and graphic prints in the coming year.


This year the Venetian terrazzo decorated not only the floors of Italian villas. Modern designers quickly picked up the trend, and slabs and composites with marble chips and colored glass appeared in the collections of a wide variety of brands. In 2021, terrazzo will no longer be at the peak of fashion and will give way to brutal concrete and classical ceramics.


Charcoal shades in the bathroom are called one of the main trends of 2021. Black looks great both in ceramics and in marble, painted wood and slate. Designers advise complementing it with metallic accents made of brass or steel.


Making one wall in a room with bright contrasting wallpaper or paint – beaten decorating techniques, about which it is time to forget. There are many other ways to emphasize the interior so that it does not look boring, and plain walls will serve as a wonderful backdrop for interesting decor elements.

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I notice that the fashion for light wood is growing along with the desire of customers to create airy and spacious interiors. White or light beige oak or birch flooring reflects light better and looks great in more relaxed interiors and in luxury apartments.


Everyone remembers the cherry-colored Romanian Mirage wall – one of the main signs of the Soviet era. The longing for those times is so strong that some continue to use the cherry tree until now, most often in the kitchen. In 2021, it’s time to abandon it even when creating an interior in a traditional style.

IN  – 90% WHITE, 10% BRIGHT

White color will remain in demand in 2021. The trend came along with fashion for Scandinavian minimalism and the hygge philosophy. So that the interior does not look dull and lifeless, designers advise using color therapy – using contrasting combinations.


A trend that is definitely worth staying in the past is macrame. Of course, I love the 1970s hippie decor, and wicker panels look nice, but they no longer have a place in the bedrooms.

Modern living room furniture 2021Modern living room furniture 2021

Convenient and functional. Capacious, but not dominant in space. Presentable, for example, for quick design changes with accessories compatible with new trends and trends.

Choosing the right furniture for the living room is not easy, but relying on the simplicity of form, muted colors and classic functions, you can create an interior that does not need a “lift” for many years. The collection of modern furniture is multifaceted and extensive, it can be used to furnish any room. Mobile modules and colors offer complete freedom of action in interior design. Straight lines and sparkling facades give the interior charm, and daily use of furniture is pure pleasure.

A collection of modern furniture is a combination of the natural elegance of wood with a contemporary design. Simple forms have a timeless dimension, and the chosen color scheme emphasizes the character of the interior: warm, light oak, or elegant coffee-colored walnut. Illuminated glass doors give the interior a magical atmosphere.

Modern furniture is designed for followers of fashionable interiors, decorated in an interesting arrangement. Modern furniture is a decoration in itself, so your home does not need additional decoration. The unusual form of furniture will give the room an original look, and an interesting combination of different shades will bring an atmosphere of comfort into it.

Modern furniture is an offer for those who value consistent measures without forgetting about modern design. The collection of modern furniture is suitable for light, joyful interiors, as well as atypical, combining with dark colors.

Discrete and economical LED lights embedded in glass door facades will allow you to see souvenirs and photographs, creating in the apartment a place full of family treasures.

The color of a nut is the color of a warm, homely atmosphere. Cognac shade in contrast with walnut, corrugated black furniture is a combination of the latest trends in modern design.

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Thanks to the unique assembly, traditional furniture takes on a modern style – and will look great even in complex, post-modern interiors.

Modern modular furniture 2021Modern modular furniture 2021

A module usually means a structural unit (block) that carries a certain functional load. From a set of modules, as a rule, they collect some integral structure, device, device, etc. The modular principle in the design and assembly of objects of various kinds is today the basic, generally accepted.

This principle has recently been applied to the manufacture of furniture. In practice, this means that a set of individual elements (the back and side walls of cabinets, doors, shelves, all kinds of jumpers, etc. of different sizes and shapes) is made, for which a universal method of connection, fastening is provided. Thus, it is often possible to assemble several different finished products from the same set of elements (this resembles the details of the designer). These types of sets are called modular furniture.

Two reservations must be made. Firstly, in essence, all modern furniture (with the exception of custom-made furniture) is modular, since it is produced (assembled) from standard parts. The difference between what is called modular furniture itself is the versatility of connecting elements. Secondly, the set of modules offered for sale, as a rule, involves some basic assembly option (walls for the living room, furniture for the bedroom, nursery). However, in addition to the main assembly option, other versions of the final type of finished furniture are quite possible.

Modular furniture has a number of undeniable advantages compared to other options for interior decoration. The main one is variability, that is, the ability to change the set of furniture elements already during its operation (a certain way of updating the interior). In addition, modular furniture is characterized by increased functionality (due to the same variability and uniformity of fitting parts), due to its clear structure, it allows good ordering and space saving (which is especially appreciated in small-sized apartments) Finally, for modular furniture inherent extreme simplicity, lightness, speed of assembly and disassembly. To perform these operations, you can, of course, invite specialists, professionals, but it is quite possible to carry out these procedures yourself (special skills are not required here).

Do not think that modular furniture is a solid standard in everything except the final form of the finished position. The variety of sets of materials modules used in the production is in no way inferior to the similar assortment used for the manufacture of ordinary furniture. Of course, for example, chipboard or MDF are more often in demand, but also an array of wood- not uncommon when creating modular furniture. The number of decoration methods, decor, accessories and similar exterior details is also quite large – there are no problems with the embodiment of design delights. And the last one. Manufacturers are constantly increasing the number of diverse modules, expanding the variety of sets. Thus, the variety of final positional options that can be obtained from the modular