New Decoration Trends for Small Kitchens in 2021

New Decoration Trends for Small Kitchens in 2021Far from what many people may think, small kitchens can be much more beneficial than large ones. In the large kitchens there is too much space and it is very difficult to make them look cozy, however in the kitchens of reduced space this is much easier.

We will give you some suggestions about small kitchens in 2021, it will be well used so that your small space kitchen is very well decorated, comfortable and functional and most importantly, that it looks modern and contemporary.

Design and decoration trends of modern small kitchens in 2021

Furniture scaleNew Decoration Trends for Small Kitchens in 2021

The furniture must be sized to the size of the kitchen, that is, you do not have to give up anything, you just have to have the furniture that by size adapt to the space of your kitchen and do not give the feeling that «they come over you».

Cabinets with transparent doorsNew Decoration Trends for Small Kitchens in 2021

The cabinets with glass doors or translucent or transparent materials will also help to enlarge the space.

Floating shelvesNew Decoration Trends for Small Kitchens in 2021

You take advantage of the surface of the walls to place shelves, so that all the condiments, dishes and kitchen utensils are ordered, in their place, and so that they do not take place on the countertop or the table.

Open shelvesNew Decoration Trends for Small Kitchens in 2021

This is another concept that you should not forget. Use every inch of the walls to place shelves or small cabinets without doors (that do not give you the feeling of taking space) where you will have all the elements that are most used in order, visible and easy to access.

Everything must be well organized, not only for practicality, but because this will give a feeling of greater breadth. Remember that order is the main key to make a small kitchen look wider than it is.

The bad thing about these types of kitchens is that they can get too messy if two or three things are out of place. To maintain order, you must have closets and shelves on the walls, where everything has its place. You should keep the horizontal surfaces as free as possible, that is, the countertop, kitchen island or table without any objects.

Island folding tableNew Decoration Trends for Small Kitchens in 2021

The use of the walls for the installation of “built-in” style furniture is vital. For example, using a folding wall table that serves as a kitchen island and dining table, a narrow countertop and upper cabinets, although there is not a lot of mobility, it is cozy and practical.

Wall hangersNew Decoration Trends for Small Kitchens in 2021

In this type of kitchen wall hangers are very useful that help us to have metal spoons and cloths in order and at hand.

We must also be careful with the garbage can. If we have free space inside the furniture, we can place the garbage can inside one, and so it won’t take up space, but the truth is that it may seem unhygienic. Those that are small wall hangers are better where you only have to lock the bag.

In addition, you should keep in mind that you must have two garbage cans: one organic and one inorganic. As the kitchen is very small and most likely they won’t fit you, then choose to buy two bag hangers.

Decorating small kitchens requires a little more art than decorating those in which space is left over precisely. It is not difficult or impossible, and we can with a few tricks achieve an aspect that at the same time allows us to have everything we need, to make us an attractive and modern kitchen.

IlluminationNew Decoration Trends for Small Kitchens in 2021

To take full advantage of the lighting, it is necessary to take into account that the windows and the clear light, as well as the walls painted in white, contribute to give a visual aspect of more space. As we see in the image above, a large window gives a great feeling of spaciousness.

Gloss finishesNew Decoration Trends for Small Kitchens in 2021

Many of the latest finishes are available in high brightness, which are a good option for small spaces, as they will help to bounce light around the room and improve the feeling of space. However, the glossy finish is a magnet for fingerprints, so it will be necessary to clean periodically, especially if you have small children.

Light woodsNew Decoration Trends for Small Kitchens in 2021

Wooden kitchens have long been the option for families who want a material that resists the rigors of busy modern life. Recently, paler woods such as beech or walnut have gained ground. The classic oak remains, however, today lighter finishes are used that show the depth and beauty of its veins. These light woods help to give a sense of space in small kitchens.

The metallic details help to highlight the beauty of the wood. Wooden shelves and glass showcases work well in a classic kitchen.

Separate zonesblank

We can say that if there is something really uncomfortable in small kitchens it is the little space you have for cooking. They tend to look very messy with very little that is out of place, because having a small space everything looks too “bulky” and gives the feeling that it comes upon us, creating an unpleasant feeling of overwhelm. Therefore, it is essential that you use ingenuity so that everything within the kitchen has an assigned space, and if possible, it looks modern.

This means that everything must have its place and must be well thought out, to be practical, taking advantage of every inch of the walls and floor.

The first and most important thing to do if you have a small house is to separate the kitchen into three spaces:

  • Water zone – It consists of the sink and a space to wash the vegetables, place the dishes, glasses and pots that you wash.
  • Fire zone – This is where we will place the stove and dishes as we take them out of the fire.
  • Food preparation area, which may well be a small island.

Small kitchens with island trendsNew Decoration Trends for Small Kitchens in 2021

If space permits, an island in a small kitchen can be a great solution to enhance your comfort. The island, in addition to giving us an additional surface for cooking, can also provide us with extra storage space, as well as working as a dining table. High stools can be very comfortable, and do not take up too much space.

Small kitchens in L-ShapedNew Decoration Trends for Small Kitchens in 2021

This is one of the most common kitchen designs, especially in small apartments. In these photos you can find inspiration to decorate your kitchen.

Small elongated kitchensNew Decoration Trends for Small Kitchens in 2021

This is another type of small kitchen very common in urban apartments. They are usually elongated rooms. In these photos you can see how you can design a kitchen in a space of these characteristics, and achieve great functionality and comfort.

Small industrial style kitchensNew Decoration Trends for Small Kitchens in 2021

The industrial style is inspired by urban lofts. Its key elements include exposed architectural elements, such as steel beams, brick walls and reclaimed lamps.

You can be inspired by the materials found in old railroads or factories, for example, bare brick, unpolished concrete or subway tiles.

Texture should be created by mixing natural materials that have patina and texture, such as wood and marble, with the smoothest and brightest. Discrete cabinets in neutral tones will highlight aged woods, concrete surfaces and stone. Exposed copper pipes and faucets will help achieve an industrial look.

Metal is a key material choice for this type of kitchen. Its long association with construction makes it the perfect partner for a contemporary industrial style. Steel countertops are durable and easy to clean. Add metallic touches with stainless steel appliances or metal seats.

Recovered lamps, often made of metal or glass in opaque tones, is a fairly simple way to add a chic touch to a kitchen. Whether they have been recovered from an old factory or are reproductions, industrial-style lights are often an economical option. If you plan to use original lamps, then take advantage of their old paint or hit surfaces. Simply hang them on an island or dining table to bring light and style.

Classic Modern Style for Small Kitchen Trends 2021New Decoration Trends for Small Kitchens in 2021

Classic kitchens have a timeless look that never seems out of fashion. Traditionally associated with custom carpentry, its popularity is because they are now available for all budgets.

Smooth woods and pale tones are the most effective way to give kitchen cabinets a contemporary look. Think of a soothing color palette of soft blues or stone tones. Remember that colors can change significantly with the change of light, so it is good to choose tones that seem cool in the day and cozy and warm at night.

The range kitchens create a focal point and add warmth to a scheme. Choose one in a primary color to contrast with the white or gray cabinets. Keep the rest of the appliances out of sight by investing in integrated models that hide with the cabinets.

Use rich wood details to give warmth and provide a natural element.

2021 color trends for modern small kitchens

Neutral or bright colorsNew Decoration Trends for Small Kitchens in 2021

A point to keep in mind that it is essential, is that the kitchen goes white or failing, with neutral or pale colors such as gray or cream as the predominant color. If we decorate them with dark colors, the kitchen will look smaller.

You can add touches of vibrant colors, but on small surfaces.

In addition, we can place a full-length mirror on the wall or in the door of a closet, and with this we will gain a few centimeters in width, optically speaking. The mirror, when reflected, eliminates the limits and gives a feeling of spaciousness. This is especially recommended in kitchens that do not have exterior windows. If we do not have mirrors, stainless steel appliances, countertops and polished surfaces or crystals can also help to give a greater feeling.

Small white kitchensNew Decoration Trends for Small Kitchens in 2021

Without a doubt, white is the most recommended color to use as a predominant tone. It helps to give a feeling of greater space and luminosity.

Touches of color for small kitchenblank

Currently, kitchen cabinets can be found in a wide variety of tones, textures and patterns. Blues and grays are still very fashionable, especially navy blue and graphite gray. If your style is more discreet, then shades such as olive green, eggplant and graphite are a good option.

You can also add color through the tiles, creating striking geometric patterns in Moroccan tones. You can also create a sense of harmony by choosing a favorite tone and then use it to highlight and connect several individual elements.

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