New Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

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New Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022In order to create a cozy and sophisticated style of your kitchen, sometimes you need to add a couple of design elements to its look. What they can be, we will tell in this article.

Kitchen design styles in 2022

In the new decade, modern kitchens are decorated according to the rules of minimalism, without unnecessary decor, with an emphasis on ecological materials and textures. A built-in laconic kitchen remains one of the most popular trends, especially if it is as similar as possible to the decoration or shade of the walls. When choosing a kitchen, be sure to calculate your budget. If it is small, the acquisition is possible without frills, and individual decor elements will help create a designer atmosphere. They can be: an unusual apron with a pattern, a stylish tabletop or an interesting chandelier.

MinimalismNew Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

Rejection of unnecessary details in favor of functionality is the trend of the year. World designers urge us to choose laconic finishes, trying to avoid bright colors and an abundance of prints in visible places. Get inspired by photographs of contemporary designers’ kitchens. A good example will help clear the space of unnecessary items, think over a storage system, arrange things behind laconic facades. The interior will immediately acquire lightness.

In a small kitchen, this rule is especially applicable, since every useful square meter is important. Plain fronts in a calm color palette and a simple dining group will perfectly fit into a small footage. Appliances should be chosen built-in, furniture – transformers or laconic with flat surfaces, but unnecessary accessories should be abandoned. For small appliances such as a bread maker or multicooker, provide a place in the cabinet in advance.

EcostyleNew Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

Eco-style continues to be at the zenith of its popularity. The utmost attention to naturalness implies interior design using neutral colors and basic finishes: from pale blue to fresh shades of greenery. They can also be enriched with other cheerful colors, for example, bright yellow or berry. Furniture made of natural wood will perfectly complement the kitchen space. Do not forget about textures, because they are an integral part of this style – linen tablecloth and curtains, live plants, clay coasters and pots for indoor plants, a jute rug on the floor.

High techNew Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

The popularity of the use of the latest materials, clear geometric proportions, an abundance of lighting sources and the division of the working area with the help of an “island” have raised hi-tech to a new level. Today, the style is increasingly finding its use in the design of the kitchen space. Solid and perfectly smooth facades with a delicate shine, a minimum amount of fittings – a direct hit in this direction. But the material can be different, the main thing is that it is laconic and ultramodern. Chrome metals, glass, concrete, or marble will do. The most successful combinations are neutral cold tones of blue, green or gray, combined with one contrasting shade. The decor should be minimal: small glass objects instead of blinds. Moreover, there is no place for tablecloths, decorative napkins or carpets.

Modern kitchen designs 2022

The modern kitchen interior does not set strict rules. The main thing is that it fully corresponds to your personal ideas of perfect coziness and comfort. It can simultaneously sound notes of minimalism, hi-tech, eco-style and even light classics. Correctly selected elements of different directions will coexist quite harmoniously. But there are several important points to keep in mind when creating a kitchen project. Its true modernity lies in clever combinations: functionality and aesthetics, simple materials and classic colors, as well as the magic of modern technology.

Natural materials: wood and marbleNew Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

The demand for ecological natural materials is still high. This is especially true for kitchen countertops. A beautiful and unique texture can radically transform the look of the entire headset. Therefore, the most striking representatives of nature are wood and marble.

Marble finishes in modern kitchens will always find their use, even if the design is very simple or discreet. The unique texture of marble, created by nature, has a unique aesthetics, so this material can also be used as a floor covering and in the creation of a monolithic “island” or apron.

There is no need to forget about the tree. World designers do not ignore its natural beauty, often using it in projects of modern kitchens. Various combinations of natural wood and “natural” veneer, high cabinets to the ceiling – all these are fashionable signs of the 2022 kitchen.

Glass apronNew Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

Now the glass backsplash is a welcome alternative to the familiar ceramic tiles. It is used for laconic interiors to protect the wall finish. It owes its popularity to its practicality – due to the absence of seams, dirt does not accumulate, moreover, it is easy to install. The second side of the coin is aesthetics, its surface allows you to apply any pattern and be matted. For small kitchens, the use of such a mirror panel will come in handy. Reflecting light, the kitchen space visually increases. And the more unusual the apron, the more interesting the kitchen set itself will play, for example, its surface can be tinted or slightly aged.

Metal textureNew Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

In the interiors of kitchens of the new decade, metals are actively used – copper, brass, stainless steel, as well as imitated coatings. They can be used both as single accents and in larger forms – when decorating the kitchen as a whole. They are good because they can give a warmer or colder shine effect, depending on the type of metal. Metal companions can be wood, marble or granite.

Lack of handlesNew Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

The “touch to open” system has rapidly entered our life. Its advantages can be explained by many factors: convenient operation, the ability to place cabinets outside the box, freely combine facade and finishing materials. In addition, the fronts without handles accentuate much less attention, without overloading the look of the kitchen set.

In line with the islandNew Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

The trend for corner and L-shaped kitchens is gradually losing its strength. Linear layouts are in vogue, complemented by storage boxes up to the ceiling. The presence of the island only improves the ergonomics of the kitchen. You can integrate a sink into it and place it opposite the hob, thus you will achieve comfort while preparing your next culinary masterpiece.

Three-level kitchensNew Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

Kitchen functionality will always come first. Three-level kitchens imply another additional level in the form of mezzanines above the upper hanging cabinets. As a rule, the depth of these cabinets is almost the same as that of the lower ones. An additional layer is able to relieve the lower cabinets of rarely used kitchen accessories. As for the color combination, such kitchens have the “two colors” rule, often one of them can be a basic shade or textured one, under a tree.

Thin countertopsNew Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

Thickness is not always equal to strength. Modern kitchen designs with thin countertops look almost weightless, yet good performance is designed to withstand standard household loads.

Matte textureNew Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

The glossy surface of the facades is gradually being replaced by matte surfaces. They are rejected for understandable reasons – extreme markiness, fingerprints or grease are clearly visible on the gloss. In order not to spend a lot of time on cleaning, pay attention to the facades made of special coatings against dirt and dust.

Smart technologyNew Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

The promising direction of high-tech gadgets and appliances gives the kitchen a futuristic look. The space will not only look modern but also useful. Sockets are recessed, small appliances are hidden, ovens, a dishwasher are built in, and the hobs merge into the countertops. In short, choose high-quality and multifunctional equipment that will become your best assistant for years to come.

Classic kitchen designs 2022

The traditional classical style gave us a more democratic direction – neoclassicism. The style has been at the peak of popularity for several seasons. It is distinguished by the laconicism and sophistication of furniture forms, the fundamental nature of the designs. But it usually requires a lot of space, so a chic modern classic won’t work in a small kitchen.

Wood, stone, natural fabrics, metals of warm colors are suitable for decorating the space. The main thing is to observe clear lines and symmetry, and to decorate with restraint – the presence of stucco and gilding elements should not interrupt attention. Subdued pastel tones and base shades perfectly highlight the neoclassical character. When choosing kitchen facades, you should avoid complex patterns, curls or patina. The charm in this case lies in laconic decorative elements: cornice or interesting edging of facades.

Trending colors in kitchen design 2022New Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

Natural wood colors, white, cream and gray are the most popular shades of kitchen sets, timeless and fashionable. Often, they are chosen as a base, because gourmet cuisine is neutral. More expressive colors also take place in the headset or on its individual elements, for example, only the upper or lower cabinets. An original solution would be to paint the end or inner surface of the cabinets. Any variations of blue, green and warm brown shades are in trend.

Gray – a shade with a “long shelf life”New Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

All shades of anthracite, light gray, mouse, with which you can create an ultra-modern cozy atmosphere, are relevant. Often this color acts as a background, and the usual white in combination with it looks even more radiant. White, black and brass techniques combined with a gray tint look flawless.

White – a classic of the genreNew Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

This color will never go out of fashion, because it brings a certain monumentality to the space. White kitchens look bright, clean, and don’t require too much decoration. White will never look boring when combined with brass, for example. Add a marble-iron “island” if footage allows. This approach will give a bit of antiquity and bring a more industrial feel to the space. A white kitchen “island” in combination with walls of the same color or warm ornaments always looks fresh and actual. You can also complement this combination with a lone houseplant or designer chair.

Black is the king of minimalismNew Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

The advantages of black in the design of the kitchen space are able to recreate an unbroken image. It is this color that emphasizes the silhouettes of furniture, adds graphics and depth. Black kitchen looks versatile and does not have any signs of “masculine” style. The modern interior does not obey gender stereotypes. It goes well with polished concrete floors, wood, porcelain stoneware, metals. It should be noted that in comparison with white, black cabinet furniture looks more compact indoors. If the room is small, then choose a black matte paint, the gloss can visually reduce the size of the room.

Black and white combination is a classic solution for creating timeless kitchen interiors. The traditional palette in the modern design world is now diluted with gray and pastel shades: pink or blue. But dull colors require a large and well-lit area, as they tend to darken the room somewhat. Therefore, this solution is best suited for an open plan.

Black and white combination is a classic solution for creating timeless kitchen interiors. Photo: dashamisura, mobelkz, oxakito

Everyone chooses what kind of kitchen he wants to see: light and elegant or dark and practical. Different shades have their own advantages and disadvantages. Trending colors in complex blues, greens or blues blend harmoniously with wood, concrete, glass or metal.

Gray greenNew Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

Warm greenNew Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

Deep blueNew Trends in Kitchen Design Styles 2022

Expert opinion

In which room do we spend the most time? What do we call the heart of any apartment or house? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, any snack, the creation of a new culinary delight or a bright festive table. We do all this in the kitchen. And if it is comfortable and beautiful, then it is a thousand times more pleasant to be and cook on it.

We include the ergonomics of the project, take into account the interests of the whole family, divide into zones, determine the budget and style – the first fundamental steps to the ideal kitchen. If we talk about new fashion kitchen trends in 2022, it is better to look at the exhibition items, get inspired by them and make your own. As a rule, large factories are present at exhibitions with their proposals of modular systems. In practice, this is not always convenient. Therefore, when creating your kitchen, it is better to rely on your own feelings and habits in everyday life.

The main styles that customers most often prefer: classic, modern, Scandinavian, loft, Provence (relevant for private houses).

Popular questions and answers

How kitchen lighting affects design?

Kitchen lighting design is an important step. Layering and different switching scenarios are the key to high-quality kitchen lighting. Each functional area of the kitchen should have its own lighting sources. For example, in the area of the kitchen set, point or linear is appropriate, in the dining area – general and local. Work areas are usually bright enough.

When choosing lighting fixtures, give preference to lamps emitting neutral white or warm light. Because the budget option for the kitchen – fluorescent lamps – most often emit a very bright and unpleasant light that can spoil the appearance of the kitchen interior. For basic lighting, recessed spotlights, surface-mounted, LED lighting, busbar, pendant or chandelier are suitable.

How to properly zone the kitchen space?

Functionality, order and comfort are achieved in the kitchen by dividing the space into different zones. Correctly zoning means highlighting several mandatory zones: working, dining and food storage areas.

The working area means the space where food is directly prepared. This is usually where all the relevant kitchen utensils are located. The storage area is the same refrigerator that accommodates perishable food that requires a low temperature regime, as well as a multifunctional case for other edible products, containers, bags, napkins, etc. The dining area is the main place for eating, the location of which depends on the configuration and kitchen area. Ideally, it should be in another room, and not in the kitchen, but, unfortunately, this condition is not always feasible for apartments. Sometimes available ready-made solutions are not adapted for us. Therefore, when zoning a kitchen, do not forget about your habits and characteristics, as well as the number of residents.

If you wish, you can plan a comfortable and refined kitchen yourself, if you devote enough time to this and know the basic principles. The rule of “planning in a triangle” implies three peaks in the zoning of the kitchen: food storage – refrigerator, place for their preparation – sink and cooking place – stove. Functionality and maximum comfort are achieved due to the proximity of all three peaks (zones) to each other, which will save the modern housewife from unnecessary hassle in the kitchen. This rule is equally applicable for different layouts.

For a linear kitchen, it is best to place the triangle on one side of the room. A sink is installed in the center, and from it, on both sides, a work table is placed, and only then a refrigerator and a stove. For a two-row kitchen, a good option if the sink and stove are on one side and the refrigerator on the other. In this case, the distance between the rows should be at least 120 cm. For the U-shaped kitchen, the vertices of the triangle are set accordingly to the furniture: the middle row is suitable for washing, and the two opposite ones are for the stove and refrigerator. L-shaped kitchen is perhaps the most common option. For this configuration, the sink is located in the corner or in the center, and the stove and refrigerator are on either side of it. If the room has a rather complex layout and you have difficulty in building a “triangle”, then follow a simple working chain:

Major mistakes in kitchen design

When creating a kitchen interior, serious mistakes can often occur. So that later they do not have to be corrected, it is better to arm in advance.

  • Improper planning. First, make a design project, at least a simple drawing, to decide where to place the sockets. They should be close to the equipment, but far from the sink. There should be a lot of sockets – don’t forget about small appliances. Then make repairs, and then order furniture. Keep in mind that aligning walls during renovations, laying tiles and installing stretch ceilings can change the size of the kitchen itself.
  • Narrow distances. The distance between the sink and the stove is too small, as well as between the stove and the refrigerator. Between these items, work surfaces should be 60-80 cm long.
  • Impractical choice of material. Kitchen furniture is often used, and the operating conditions are quite harsh. The kitchen can be hot, humid and wet. In such conditions, chipboard or poorly processed wood will crumble or swell.
  • Choice of household appliances. Buy furniture and household appliances at the same time in order to choose the right sizes for each other. Don’t forget about small appliances: kettle, coffee maker, blender. Plan a place for them, because they will also need to be removed somewhere.
  • Glossy facades. Choose a matte finish if you don’t want to constantly rub your fingerprints off the gloss.
  • Incorrect placement of equipment. If the appliances are built-in, this does not mean that the oven can be placed next to other objects. The oven and refrigerator must not be placed side by side.
  • Corner elements. If the corner is L-shaped, it may be inconvenient to open adjacent doors and drawers, they will cling to each other.
  • The location of the sink. If you decide to put the sink opposite the window, you will need a wide window sill so that when you open the sash you do not touch the mixer.
  • Extra “lines”. Do not make many open shelves, they will quickly become cluttered and look ugly.
  • Few light sources. Add light! For example, additional illumination of the work surface under the wall cabinets.
  • Shelves instead of drawers. It is unlikely that you will be happy to climb into the far corner of the shelf for the desired product, it is much more convenient to pull out the drawer.
  • Countertop material. Wood, chipboard – impractical. Choose budget MDF or more expensive, but damage-resistant materials: artificial or natural stone.
  • Not harmonious room design. Do not overly clutter the kitchen with different furniture, there should be room for movement.

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