Newest Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2021

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Newest Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2021What kitchen cabinets should be included in the headset? This will depend on the area of the room, first of all, as well as on the state of your budget allocated for the purchase of new furniture. The style of the kitchen set will also depend only on your taste.

When choosing kitchen modules, it is very important to think about the golden mean – there should not be too much furniture in the kitchen so as not to clutter up the space with cabinets. But there shouldn’t be too little, because leaving the space half empty is also not aesthetically pleasing. What are the kitchen cabinet trends? Let’s consider.

About modular kitchens

Newest Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2021

Choose should be element-wise. Today, almost all kitchen furniture is formed on a modular basis.

Any factory produces a number of collections, which include any cabinets. This is actually the elements that make up modular kitchens. Each item has its own separate price, which is also convenient.

Advice! Having entered the store, you can assemble your own headset from the proposed modules with your own hands. Of course, a designer consultant or manager who is well acquainted with the assortment of the salon will help you with this.

The most important characteristic of a kitchen module is its width. Any manufacturer has its own step: 5 cm, 10 cm … .25 cm and so on – the module width is a multiple of a step. For instance:

  • the first factory produces cabinets for the kitchen with a width of 45 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm;
  • the second factory of a different width – 40 cm, 80 cm, 120 cm.

You should pay attention to these features when buying built-in household appliances, as well as determine the total length of the headset. For instance:

  • the oven you like may not fit into the cabinet you have already selected;
  • or you will not be able to accurately install the entire headset between the walls, as there will remain an unsightly gap of 10 – 15 cm.

Advice! Only the most necessary cabinets should be included in the composition of furniture for a small kitchen: under kitchen utensils and dishes, under built-in household appliances (at least for a dishwasher or oven). The extra will only clutter up the scarce space!

Floor kitchen cabinetsNewest Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2021

The kitchen floor cabinet is covered  on top with a countertop, making up the working area of the kitchen room. It can also be called:

  • cabinet;
  • bottom cabinet;
  • floor module;
  • base, etc.

Such cabinets are placed on the floor – on technical (covered with a base) or decorative legs. Often, floor cabinets are used for storage of large and heavy objects, and for built-in household appliances.

Their increased depth contributes to this – on average, from 60 cm in comparison with wall cabinets, the depth of which is 40 cm.

Corner module

Such a module is equipped with retractable carousels, which are attached to the doors from the inside. When opened, the mechanism is triggered and shelves with pans appear – a wonderful use of the additional corner space.

Standard stand

The most common floor-standing kitchen cabinet: doors outside, shelves inside. In this module, it is most convenient to store large kitchen utensils (pans, pans, etc.), as well as products.

Drawer cabinet

Such modules are executed in the form of cabinets equipped with:

  • identical boxes from top to bottom;
  • or have small drawers for a trifle on top, on the bottom – a large pull-out section (for bottles, pans, tall boxes, etc.)

The drawers in this photo are comfortable and ergonomic.

Combined locker

In such a module, it is possible to store both large and small objects. It is equipped with drawers at the top, shelves under the hinged or swing doors – at the bottom. It is very comfortable!

Washbasin cabinet

This cabinet is often hollow inside, and also without a back wall (sometimes without a bottom):

  • Inside it, sewer and water pipes are connected to the sink and mixer.
  • Also a food waste shredder and water filtering device.
  • If there is excess space in this cabinet, you can place a garbage bin, or fix the container on the door from the inside.

Cabinet for built-in appliances

Under the countertop in the cabinet, it is quite possible to comfortably place the following achievements of household appliances:

  • Oven (it’s not necessary at all under the hob surface);
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave oven;
  • A small refrigerator (freezer), etc.

When choosing household appliances, pay attention to the correspondence of the dimensions of the marked devices and the internal volume of the cabinet itself.

Know! Household appliances, which are built into the appropriate modules, have considerable power. Therefore, most likely, you will have to conduct the wiring separately, especially for its connection. This must be done in advance, even before the installation of kitchen furniture.

Wall kitchen cabinetsNewest Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2021

Modules can be mounted on walls. In this case, the kitchen cabinets are called wall cabinets. But they can carry other names:

  • Mounted modules or shelves;
  • Hanging cabinets or shelves;
  • Wall-mounted lockers;
  • Kitchen Shelves, etc.

In general terms, we will go further on the upper cabinets of the kitchen unit. Basically, mounted modules are not particularly bulky and relatively lightweight cabinets.


Its structure is simple: shelves inside, doors outside. In such a closed-type module, they are constantly stored:

  • plates;
  • sugar bowls;
  • cups
  • teapots, etc.

If the doors are glazed, beautiful dishes can be aesthetically placed on shelves.

Upper kitchen modules are often equipped with hinged or sliding doors. It is very convenient, besides – it is much safer than swing options, since the doors are pushed to the sides or are lifted up. There are also models equipped with a gas-lift mechanism.

Cabinet with dryer

This cabinet is located above the sink. They put in it just washed dishes. In order for this cabinet to the kitchen not to be able to soak inside, it is equipped with a special dryer:

  • with a rack for cups and plates;
  • with a drip tray;
  • some models are equipped with a shelf on top for various sponges, brushes and detergents.

Open Shelves

They set beautiful items of utensils:

  • jars with spices;
  • decorative plates;
  • souvenirs, etc.

Such shelves often perform only decorative functions in the kitchen.

Open shelves are very convenient to use – after all, it is enough to lend a hand to the objects standing on them. However, on such structures dust layers accumulate rather quickly.

Tall Column CabinetsNewest Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2021

These high cupboards up to the ceiling can be called differently:

  • Columns
  • columns;
  • cases-cases;
  • high kitchen modules.

Today, such cabinets are considered trendsetters in modern apartments, but they are completely unsuitable for small rooms, because they thoroughly cut the space visually.

A very fashionable trend of modern kitchens – furniture columns

Columns are used for various purposes. Some models are suitable only for embedding a high refrigerator in its bowels, while other models consist of pull-out sections and shelves designed for food and utensils.

But most of these cabinets are universal:

  • In the lower and upper parts are boxes or shelves;
  • At eye level – in the middle – built-in appliances. Basically, this is an oven or microwave, which at this height are convenient to use during cooking.


Traveling through the pages of our portal, you will easily come across the necessary, even more detailed information on topics of interest to you in kitchen furniture. We have video tutorials on the operation and assembly of cabinets of any complexity, and detailed instructions from professionals will help you decide on the right choice (also find out  what should be the distance between the upper and lower kitchen cabinets ).

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