New Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

New Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021The modern bathrooms of today have become a place of refuge and relaxation to release the tensions of the day. The eras of simple bathroom design are far away, nowadays new trends and accessories are glimpsed, such as towel warmers, soap dispensers, showers with heads on the walls and on the ceiling, hot tubs, place for television, between Many other amenities.

The renovation of the bathroom is a great investment in time and money, so it is important to plan everything before you start. You must set a budget and look for the right designer before the update. If you need inspiration, here we will show you the latest 2021 interior decor trends for modern bathroom, to help you clearly establish what you want and need.

New material trends in modern bathrooms 2021

The elements that are most used today are wood, glass, small tiles both on the floor and to cover the wall, terrazzo or marble.

WoodNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

A natural material that brings back the domain of nature in our homes is, without a doubt, wood. It is being used primarily as a wall and floor covering, but it is also seen on countertops and furniture.

These designs give us an excellent example of elegant combinations between natural materials that may be suitable for a modern bathroom. A wooden base with stainless steel fittings, an innovative and classy combination.

The presence of the clean and fresh texture of the wood in the design gives a touch of luxury to the composition.

The launch of new wood products of special design, allows us to bring their natural heat in a space where the use of this material was taboo. It can also be used on the walls.

Wooden pallets are also one of the great trends in the design of modern bathrooms. They are wonderful for bare feet, as it feels very warm. It can also be used to balance the coldness of the tiles.

Marble or stoneNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

The year 2021 will be marked by the return of marble. The colors will be white, gray, red. Seamless fluid lines and space layout will be practical and simple, but with a touch of organic and elegant comfort.

Marble and wood are not the only natural materials that will be trending in the next year. Natural stone will continue to be used, not simply on the floor and walls, but also on countertops and sinks. It is played with the majesty of natural materials that contrast with each other, which offer us visual and tactile texture in a room that has become a sanctuary.

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Here is an example of how the nobility of the stone in combination with other natural materials can compose a truly elegant and contemporary environment. If you are going to put a wooden countertop, make sure it is protected against water, there are currently many paintings that keep them perfect for years.

Gold metalsNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

Metal has been an important interior trend in recent years, and it seems that it will not be falling into disuse. Gold metals offer glamor and contrast with natural materials.

They reflect the light and inject style, either with an industrial touch or a touch of glamor. Metals with matt or satin finishes will be especially popular this year.

Metal accessories in brass and gold tones is another trend. An elegant return to the aesthetics of the 70s in the combination of colors and shades.

Combine the organic and modernNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

When a combination of modern and organic is used, a clean and elegant atmosphere is created. For example, the juxtaposition of wood and glass is one of the most beautiful options.

In the image we see a shower that is placed between the heat of the wood and the brightness of the ceramic tiles and the glass. A combination of complementary materials easy to maintain. A modern but homely composition.

This balanced atmosphere can be achieved by combining the classic and the modern, minimalism and warmth, innovation and nature.

Small tilesNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

Small tiles, mosaic type, are being used a lot today.

Or in the form of small strips.

The classic subway tiles.

Also handmade tiles are trending. Beautiful for their imperfections, they infuse a rich texture, as well as visual appeal. The contrasting texture of the handmade tiles and the natural grain of the wood are very complementary.

Tiles with creative patternsNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

Geometric patterned tiles may have been very popular in recent years, but it turns to plain and basic tiles, but with a creative touch. For example, a spike design adds a dose of elegant appeal.

Basket braiding patterns will also be popular in modern bathrooms.

TerrazzoNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

With regard to soil, one of the current options is terrazzo.

Accessories and ornaments

When decorating the bathroom, many times we do not pay attention, without realizing it, to the number of people outside the house that visits it throughout our lives. Therefore, it is important that we take care of all the details as if it were the entrance of the house.

Basins and faucets for modern bathroomsNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

Thanks to the great variety that exists in the market, we can choose from the most classic faucets, to the most sophisticated ones, it all depends on the style we want to give the bathroom.

For example, if the bathroom has a minimalist style, it is best that we choose to put a very modern tap. If we are going to opt for a vintage style, the classic faucet is the best option.

There is a wide variety of designs and materials in the washbasins, for example, below we see a marble washbasin, one of the trends today. The mixture of materials gives a touch to the super elegant and refined bathroom.

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Double sinks are also another trend.

Or the support toilets.

If we like Zen touches, the latter is a great option.

Bathroom heatingNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

The heating designs for bathrooms bring very original proposals, as you can see in these photos.

Modern bathrooms with shower or bathtub with hydromassageNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

If we think about how the bathrooms were a few years ago, we can see how in almost all the houses the comfortable bathtub reigned. The bathtubs have always been perfect because they can be filled with water and sit for hours and hours until the fingers wrinkle. With the arrival of the showers this was left behind, and that is that modern life makes us go faster and faster, leaving little space for what was once one of the pleasures of life: bath time.

But this does not mean that today’s showers do not give us many fabulous options. As you can see, they take up much less space than a normal bathtub and have the advantage that you can walk freely and move more comfortably.

A shower with built-in massages may seem like a luxury that not everyone can access. However, it is also part of the large additions in modern bathrooms, and is not as expensive as it seems.

An installation consisting of a large shower head and separate hand shower, instead of two shower heads mounted on the same bar. Not only does it offer a more luxurious, invigorating and customizable shower, it also offers an elegant look in modern bathrooms.

Modern bathtubs for their part, also usually come with many amenities, especially whirlpools.

Bathroom lighting trendsNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

If possible, the bathroom should have natural light.

With respect to the lighting, there are many offers in the market. One of the best proposals are the lights that can be adjusted, so as to acclimate the bathroom at ease according to the occasion.

Bathroom mirrorsNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

The large mirror is common in modern bathrooms. Currently these types of formats are being seen: square or rectangular with rounded vertices.

PlantsNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

This was a trend last year and will continue to be. The indoor plant brings the beauty of the exterior and is part of the design of the bathroom. It is not a simple accessory, but an integral element, which can be changed with the seasons.

The plants in the bathrooms are not only fashionable, but also give a wonderful touch to the designs.

Design of modern bathrooms

At first glance it may seem that the bathroom is the most inconsequential space of the house, but if you think about it better, you will see that it is one of the places where you spend a lot of time. So why not let your imagination fly free and you can turn this space into a place full of style and beauty?

GeometryNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

Geometry becomes important in architectural and structural details, but also in tile or tile coverings.

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This rectangular shape of the tiles is a trend that will surely extend several years and a very popular design combination with multiple variations. You can even achieve 3D depths.

Simple linesNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

Everything is based on a style of straight, spacious lines, a lot of work with mirrors, stainless steel, shades of blacks, whites and neutrals. Simplicity reigns in modern bathrooms, with a good deal of minimalism. Simplicity not comfort but visual; Order, no extra furniture or accessories, all in the same color or same tone.

FunctionalityNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

This will surely be good news for renovators who detest exaggerated disorder and design, in favor of a clean, practical and efficient appearance. Make sure there is adequate storage to hide the hair dryer and lotions. The elements that are not functional are hidden, allowing an orderly and quiet environment.

ComfortNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

The bathroom is no longer purely functional, but also a place to escape the daily routine, and this will be seen in custom-made furniture and ambient lighting. A beautiful dressing table, with a stool for makeup in the bathroom, will make you feel very comfortable. Think of stools, armchairs, poufs, bath mats and hanging lights.

Industrial styleNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

Industrial design is increasing. The use of cement, sandy or smooth as silk if you opt for a polished finish, not only on the bathroom floor, but as a wall finish.

But keep in mind that concrete can make a space look cold and hard. The introduction of textural contrasts such as wood, natural fibers and plush bath mats and towels will help soften the appearance and add comfort.

Minimalist bathroomsNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

It involves using simple lines and few decorative elements.

Bathroom color trends 2021

Details in dark colorsNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

Dark colors make a great comeback in the interior design fashion scene this season. One of the trendiest colors of this season, as an accent in the details, will undoubtedly be black. This color does not have to look boring, it works wonderfully accompanying a rich variety of shades and tones.

Matte surfaces, either in earthy or neutral colors is on the rise. You can use these colors to match the darker grays, and introduce some contrast to the total color scheme.

Green, blue or pastel shadesNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

You can also use shades of pastel blue or green to give a touch of color.

The cool tones that create a calm environment, and will be a trend in 2021. Some of the best options for fresh shades are emerald blue and green. They are combined with white and wooden touches for a fresh feeling, with metallic details and rustic materials for a more sophisticated design.

BeigeNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

This is one of the classic colors that will never go out of style. It is elegant and very cozy.

White modern bathroomsNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

White is usually the predominant color when it comes to bathroom accessories. It helps create a fresh and contemporary environment. Use white accessories to achieve a clean look, contrasting with the walls or cabinets.

Gray modern bathroomsNew Decoration Trends for Modern Bathroom Designs 2021

The gray color will continue to be widely used as a predominant shade in the bathrooms.