Modern Style Kitchen Design Trends in 2024

Kitchen Design Trends in 2024Modern kitchen design trends in 2024 should be easy to use, original and full of references to nature. We can safely say that there has never been so much greenery and natural materials in the arrangement of the kitchen. This season it should be filled with wooden furniture and stone elements, shiny tiles and bold color combinations.

Modern style kitchen design trends in 2024Kitchen Design Trends in 2024

Over the years, open-plan kitchens have been a symbol of modern design and good taste. However, all indications are that the end of their reign is slowly approaching – more and more people are choosing glass partitions separating the living room from the kitchen. The pedigree of this trend is prosaic: in the era of a pandemic, when they were forced to spend much more time at home than before, the ability to move to another room and separate from the rest of the household became worth its weight in gold.

Glass partitions, on the one hand, darken the interior, limit the release of odors and delimit the zones in the kitchen in the apartment, on the other hand, do not overload the room and do not reduce it visually. If you can’t fit a partition between your kitchen and living room, try a screen with glass elements.

Wood, stone and linen – these 3 materials define the kitchen design trends in 2024. The great interest in Japandi, rustic and boho styles makes natural wood furniture a real hit in the design of the room. Beige, gold and greyish material cabinets and tables are best suited for interiors where Japanese and Scandinavian styles are mixed. In country style, it is best to decorate with brown, caramel or bleached furniture. All modern trends are allowed in boho.

In kitchen design trends in 2024, stone simply cannot be missing. It is possible to present it in the form of small decorations, such as stone cutting boards or decorative mortar, but the best accents are stone tops for tables and cabinets, stone floors or large-format wall panels. Of course, it is not necessary to reach for authentic marble or travertine – you can, for example, use quartz agglomeration or veined porcelain stoneware.

Tablecloths, curtains, tablecloths and pillows will come in handy in every kitchen. This season, choose linen textiles – it is durable, expressive and endowed with unbridled beauty.

Small wall tiles have been a hit for several seasons and modern style kitchens are no different. A London Underground-inspired rectangular piece, herringbone tile, and a small square shape that creates a mosaic effect will do the trick. You can look at the photo to see this.

Of course, it is not recommended in 2024 to cover all the walls with them, only the so-called apron – the space open to pollution between the kitchen worktop and hanging cabinets.

Trendy kitchen tiles in 2024 should have a shiny finish – matte is slowly becoming obsolete. Gloss is stylish, optically enlarges the space and is ideal for a minimalist and glamorous kitchen, although this season it should be introduced into Scandinavian, rustic and boho interiors.

Antiques, vintage objects and antique-style furniture have a unique charm. Of course, we are not talking about filling the interior with antiques from floor to ceiling – after all, no one wants to live in an antique shop. The best solution is to introduce a few vintage elements into the modern design – vintage items will remarkably diversify the arrangement and give it a unique character.

In 2024, kitchen inspiration comes from across decades. Mid-Century Modern is still a hot trend, and it’s worth taking full advantage of it. You can also take advantage of the Art Deco style and items inspired by the Victorian era. Less valuable jewelry just from a home collection or from a flea market is also suitable.

Kitchen design 2024 in modern style – the choice of layoutKitchen Design Trends in 2024

When you have a few kitchen ideas, and you know if you prefer an enclosed or open room and how to connect the kitchen to the living room, then you can move on to specific plans. Adjust its shape to the possibilities of the room.

Kitchen furniture is one of the most important issues. So with the work triangle in mind, consider whether you choose a modern kitchen with an island, a practical L- or U-shaped kitchen, or a designer, linear open kitchen.

Corner kitchenKitchen Design Trends in 2024

To maximize the design potential of a modern style corner kitchen, it is good to divide it into zones that will be equipped with the tasks that each of them must perform. In 2024, we will divide the kitchen space into zones: cooking, cooking and baking, washing dishes, storing food.

The most problematic place in any corner kitchen is the so-called blind corner. The right choice of a corner cabinet will allow us to save space, which is always at a premium in the kitchen. A well-designed corner cabinet will allow you to easily access the equipment stored in it.

There are many systems on the market with interesting solutions that allow you to extract its contents with just one hand movement. Innovative corner systems allow you to maximize the use of the surface of such a cabinet. For example, the shelves can be freely adjusted to the height of pots and pans.

Let’s make sure that the kitchen is not only functional, but also stylish. An open corner kitchen should first of all be in harmony with the space with which it is connected. If this is the living room, let our kitchen connect with the stylistic floor.

Let our appliances disappear from countertops and find their place in cabinets and drawers. Functionality is so important in every kitchen, let decorativeness prevail. A modern kitchen is a minimalist kitchen with designer lighting fixtures and an interesting set of countertops. It can be an exotic wood like bamboo or a precious stone like granite.

U-shaped kitchenKitchen Design Trends in 2024

Additional wall cabinets can be claustrophobic when surrounded by appliances and countertops on three sides. A well-equipped fitted kitchen is one that makes perfect use of usable space. Instead of wall cabinets, you can opt for openwork shelves or completely enclose only one wall. Rails and hangers are also becoming more popular – such hooks also create storage space for handy utensils.

A large window in the kitchen is another reason to ditch the kitchen cabinets – it will break their line. A U-shaped kitchen with a window is the key to light design in modern-style kitchens. Natural light entering the interior is balanced by overhead lighting, so remember that the wall with the window should not be surrounded by furniture.

In 2024, avoid cladding windows with cabinets or large appliances like a refrigerator, as this creates a really overwhelming atmosphere. Under the window there can be a countertop or a sink, as in the photo, bright light and views will ease your tedious work.

Regardless of whether it is a small U-shaped kitchen or a large room, these three elements must be placed in relatively close proximity. The distance between the refrigerator and the sink should not exceed 2 meters, similarly between the sink and the stove. However, the distance between the refrigerator and the oven may be slightly longer.

An U-shaped kitchen naturally demarcates such a triangle. If you place the sink under the window on the central wall, it will be intuitive to place the stove on the left and the refrigerator on the right. Leave a free space between them so that you can quickly remove pots and other accessories. Just make sure that the open doors of various devices do not block the passage. Similarly, slicing or blending space should give you plenty of wiggle room.

Rectangular kitchenModern Style Kitchen Design Trends in 2024

The arrangement of the kitchen is never complete without the appropriate kitchen furniture, its type depends on the shape and size of the kitchen. A rectangular kitchen with a large area and modern decor can be arranged in such a way that one of the walls is completely closed. It may include a refrigerator, built-in appliances such as an oven, microwave or dishwasher, a display case, and tall cabinets for supplies. Such a system is very convenient and roomy, but it will only work in large rooms.

A narrow rectangular kitchen will be more convenient without a second level of cabinets. We will choose only the lower cabinets. It is worth choosing furniture with sliding doors, thanks to which they will not take up space even when open.

A small rectangular kitchen should have a worktop in one of the corners, and the appliances should be positioned so that they can be used at the same time as much as possible.

In a large open kitchen with a kitchen island with outer rows of cabinets, hanging cabinets can be hung. In this case, they should also install household appliances and set up a refrigerator. To enrich the arrangement, you can also add other furniture to it, such as bar stools, put a dining table. A small kitchen can be decorated with shelves for spices and handy utensils, which take up less space than in the case of full-fledged cabinets.

Linear kitchenModern Style Kitchen Design Trends in 2024

This is a functional and practical solution. It takes up little space, and the furniture and appliances, located in one row, make it easier to move around the kitchen and prepare food.

A one-wall kitchen is usually forced by the dimensions of the kitchen when the room is too narrow to allow more complex furniture arrangement, or when it is part of the living room as a kitchen corner.

Linear furniture can be combined with an island that marks the boundary between the kitchen and the living room, and its countertop provides additional space for working or eating. It also allows you to find a place for a table with chairs, which will serve as a dining room.

Remember that in the case of an open living area, the style of the kitchen should match the design of the living room, so it is worth repeating the same pattern, color or – in the case of wood decors – the same breed.

Kitchen color trends 2024 in modern styleModern Style Kitchen Design Trends in 2024

Don’t let the minimalism fool you – kitchen interiors in 2024 often contain an unexpected dose of color. If you like appetizing, rich colors that improve mood, then you can stop at a combination of muted furniture with bright accents.

However, these cannot be random combinations, so before you go shopping, plan a color palette that should contain mainly three colors in a 60-30-10% ratio. The most important color should be calm and timeless.

As already mentioned, kitchen furniture in 2024 is made mainly of wood, stone and glass and is designed in bright, versatile colors. Use white, grey, beige, brown or black cabinets to create the base for your composition.

Then, add a large element of a distinctive color that will grab the attention of people entering the kitchen. It can be a green sideboard for plates, an orange kitchen island or a pink wall cabinet. Add a few items in similar colors, such as chair cushions, a painted vase, or curtains.

The recommended wall colors for the kitchen in 2024 are in line with the main trends of this season. It is dominated by green and neutral colors, which are the perfect backdrop for experimenting with expressive accessories.

  1. Green is primarily its various shades. If we talk about paint, then soft, fresh shades are in the lead, for example, mint or eucalyptus – in the case of wall tiles, designers focus mainly on bottle and emerald colors. The kitchens of the coming season will also have green cabinets, often in glass. Kitchen cabinets appear in fresh avocado, olive and sage. Combine green in your kitchen with gray, pink, terracotta and natural wood.
  2. Black is serious and mysterious, the use in the kitchen will give it a sophisticated character. Glass and utensils will look great in hanging cabinets made of yellow glass. The black countertop can be made, for example, of white marble or caramel wood. It can be combined with light green and terracotta.
  3. Gray and white – they look great in a duet and wonderfully combined with almost all other colors. They reign supreme in Scandinavian, Japanese and minimalist arrangements. They create a fun, fresh combination with light woods and a noble and slightly nostalgic combination with dark woods. In 2024, white and gray should also be combined with green, muted, blue, black, gold and brass.

Arrangement of a fashionable kitchen in the house, start with the preparation of a color palette – it should be based on a maximum of three colors, otherwise chaos will reign in a small interior. Among the interesting compositions:

  • white-gray-black;
  • white-gray-green;
  • white-green-brown;
  • green-anthracite-terracotta.

In the trendy designs of small kitchens in 2024, you should hang shelves instead of upper cabinets – they will make the interior light. The countertop is best made of light wood or white stone, and a small white tile is used as an apron.

Furniture and textiles in modern style in 2024Modern Style Kitchen Design Trends in 2024

There are many signs that kitchens will become more important and functional. Contemporary cabinets will also come in a variety of patterns and colors – it seems that sleek white fronts are being phased out in favor of more interesting and varied colors. However, references to nature, simplicity and effortless elegance will still be on top.

In 2024, Scandinavian motifs will return in a new version. Simple kitchen cabinets, patterns and shades that are reminiscent of the harsh wastelands of the North will still be in fashion, but will take on a slightly different character. Instead of wood, this time they will be expressed in concrete and natural stone or its imitation. Matte furniture fronts will pleasantly harmonize with the rough structure of countertops and walls.

Fitting in perfectly with the current trend, attractive dark green furniture. Remember that this type of kitchen furniture requires visual whitening. The rich colors of the cabinets are easily balanced by light-colored countertops and accessories in white or honey.

Another interesting trend will be the emphasis on the tree. However, although it has only been used as accessories so far, in 2024 it will play an important role in kitchen furniture. Wooden cabinets will make the kitchen very cozy and friendly. However, to accentuate its modern character, opt for dark accessories such as:

  • countertops;
  • kitchen faucet;
  • handles.

Tablecloths, curtains, tablecloths and pillows will come in handy in every kitchen. This season, choose linen textiles – it is durable, expressive and endowed with unbridled beauty. In the modern style of 2024, prints should be close to nature, so floral motifs should be preferred, geometric lines are also allowed.

Ideas for kitchen interior in modern style 2024Modern Style Kitchen Design Trends in 2024

Fashionable kitchens in 2024 are uncompromising design, tasteful interiors with the presence of a greenish tint. Glass partitions and cabinets, wooden shelves, marble countertops and stone floors – this season’s kitchen design has a lot of chic.

Kitchen trends 2023-2024Kitchen trends 2023-2024

New materials, cutting-edge technology, trendy colors: we show you eleven current kitchen trends and innovations and how you can integrate them into your kitchen.

The following article we will show you what experts say is currently popular in modern kitchens and list the eleven most important kitchen trends 2023-2024 and innovations.

Kitchen trend 1: Handleless kitchens with clear lines

Country style was yesterday. Instead of playful flourishes, a very clear, unadorned design is the order of the day. Doors and cupboards no longer have handles or knobs, but can be opened and closed by touch. In addition, the handleless concept underlines the clear lines that lead the current kitchen trends.

You want to modernize your old country kitchen? Read how it works here: Modern country kitchen: This is how you make yourself comfortable, of course

Kitchen trend 2: wood and natural stone

Worktops and surfaces made of high-quality real wood veneers and generally those made of wood or stone decor, which can hardly be distinguished visually and haptically from the original, are very popular this year. Popular woods include oak, walnut, ash or walnut.

What you see more and more frequently from kitchen manufacturers: real wood veneers made of oak or walnut, with very elaborately produced relief or finely grooved fronts. However, it must not come across as too rustic. Because here, too, it’s about staying reduced and minimalistic.

The living material is also often combined with natural stone, for example in the sinks, but also in the flooring for the kitchen.

Kitchen trend 3: Innovations in plain colours

Noble veneers or their imitations can best be combined with uni colours. If you like it classic, you can’t go wrong with black, grey, greige or taupe.

Tones that imitate nature, such as anthracite and graphite tones or green tones such as sage, thyme, fir green and strong olive are also popular, whether as fronts or wall paint.

Kitchen trend 4: Illuminated showcases

Many of us are familiar with illuminated showcases from our living rooms. The indirect lighting gives the room a cosy, homely atmosphere – and that should also be the case in the kitchen. After all, the good glasses and chic porcelain can also be shown to their best advantage.

What does a good lighting concept in the kitchen look like? We will show you what is important when it comes to optimum kitchen lighting.

Kitchen trend 5: Matt surfaces with matching worktops

Brilliant white or at most a little beige or gray – these were the colors of kitchen surfaces in recent decades. The reason: fingerprints on the fronts and worktops quickly make dark decors unsightly.

But thanks to an anti-fingerprint coating, this problem is no longer a problem. FENIX is the name of this laminate, which prevents unsightly marks and at the same time promises a velvety and durable surface.

As a result, dark, matt colors with a super-smooth surface can now also be realized and are among the current kitchen trends. And when the fronts and worktops form a single color unit here, the entire kitchen appears to be made of one piece.

Kitchen trend 6: Kitchen appliances at eye level

Actually, ovens have always been on the (kitchen) floor. But why actually? Anyone who has bent down for the umpteenth time to see if the cake will rise knows how to appreciate high-level electrical appliances.

It doesn’t have to be limited to the oven: steam cookers and coffee machines, even dishwashers are installed at an easily accessible working height – a real relief in everyday kitchen life.

Kitchen trend 7: Industrial look for the kitchen

A kitchen is a workspace – why shouldn’t it look like one? The design is of course still elegant, with no trace of rusted sheet steel or visible rivets.

But somewhat more rustic tables with sturdy legs, angular shapes or hanging lamps with an industrial look can be used to give the kitchen a little (just a little) more of the atmosphere of a work space. By the way: If you are looking for the right floor covering, you should try click vinyl in the kitchen. But concrete and synthetic resin floors are also popular.

Kitchen trend 8: Integrated drinking water systems

Filtered or chilled, still, medium or sparkling – modern kitchen fittings and sinks allow you to bring the tap water into the desired serving form in no time at all.

A clear separation of the waterways in the fitting enables normal tap water and refined drinking water to be drawn off at the same time. In addition, the CO2 cylinder and filter cartridge can be quickly replaced.

Kitchen trend 9: Kitchen sink preparation center

As the example with the drinking water treatment shows, the kitchen sink has risen from a simple washbasin to a preparation and rinsing center. The complete equipment with washing-up liquid dispenser, container systems for ingredients or steam cooking, fitted cutting boards and knife blocks should make your kitchen work easier. In addition, it becomes even more convenient with a professional shower, hot water tap and water cooler or bubbler.

Kitchen trend 10: Healthy enjoyment with a steam cooker

Kitchen trends don’t stop with the preparation of food. Hardly any method serves the desire for healthy nutrition better than steam cooking. The method of preparation is low in fat, preserves vitamins and nutrients as well as the full flavor of the food. And that too in an uncomplicated way: you can prepare fish, potatoes, vegetables and – if you like – dessert at the same time.

Kitchen trend 11: The smart kitchen

Smart home technology is also popular in the kitchen: energy-efficient cooking is particularly popular. When it comes to energy consumption and safety, modern induction technology is unsurpassed. With the latest devices, you can fry quickly and at the exact temperature. The principle of induction cookers is very clever: flat copper coils under the cooker surface generate alternating electromagnetic fields. As a result, the heat is generated directly in the bottom of the pot, while the cooking area remains cold. However, you have to buy induction-compatible pots and pans.

But fridge-freezer combinations are also becoming more and more energy-efficient, although at the same time they are getting bigger and bigger. Modern devices today offer different climate zones close to 0 degrees Celsius with low or high humidity. This is why sensitive food stays fresh for longer and the vitamin content is retained. The trendy side-by-side devices not only offer more space, but also many extras such as a bar compartment, water dispenser and ice cube maker.

On top of that, the digital age has not stopped at cooking. Accordingly, you can now control the oven and dishwasher via cell phone or tablet, even via voice control on demand or remotely. The cooker will soon be like a touchscreen on which the chef can call up recipes and the party playlist. Consequently, the smart kitchen not only saves you work, but is also fun.

2024 kitchen trends2024 kitchen trends

What is the trend in kitchen cabinets, colors & appliances? All 2024 kitchen trends at a glance here in this post.

As every year, there will be numerous innovations and trends in the kitchen to discover in 2024. Colors inspired by nature, recyclable materials and excellent energy efficiency – in 2024 we will continue the megatrend of sustainability in the kitchen.

The most important kitchen trends 2024

What will influence the 2024 kitchen trends? We have briefly summarized the three most important kitchen trends of the year.

Recycling, zero waste, sustainability

Conscious shopping, sustainable production, better energy efficiency – the kitchen of 2024 focuses on sustainability, recycling and zero waste. Companies like Miele are already beginning to focus on sustainability in the production of appliances. New kitchen appliances are manufactured in an almost completely recyclable manner, the CO2 footprint is reduced and waste is avoided. Sustainable enjoyment begins in the kitchen – when you buy new furniture and appliances.

Minimalism & order

Clear lines, simple surface structures and an interplay of harmonious colors. As a room, the kitchen 2024 forms an architectural unit. The transitions to other furniture and rooms are fluid. That is why in 2024 there will be a need for more order in the kitchen and intelligent storage space solutions.

Smart Kitchen & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in the kitchen is no longer just a dream of the future, it has become indispensable. No wonder, since the AI device makes our everyday life much easier. Smart kitchens will manifest themselves even further in 2024.

Material and color trends 2024

What will the kitchen cabinets look like in 2024? We show the three most important material and color trends of the season.

Warm wood tones

In 2024, the kitchen will be cozy and cosy. Warm wood tones turn the room for cooking into a relaxation and quiet zone. In terms of color, we focus on earth tones such as nude, taupe and greige. Oak in various grains is particularly popular as a wood material. In light honey tone or as dark cracked oak.

Natural stone

In addition to wood, natural stone is also very popular in the kitchen in 2024. Above all, noble marble in its different grains and color gradients. But granite and terrazzo are also in high demand this year as materials for kitchen cabinets and worktops.

Metals and precious metals

Glittering metals and individual accents in silver, bronze or brass provide highlights. Steelbrush textures and black steel, for example as a kitchen handle, round off the overall picture of the natural kitchen.

Kitchen furniture 2024

What type of furniture will be used in the trendy kitchen of 2024? Here are the most important kitchen furniture trends.

Multifunctional kitchen furniture

Kitchen, home office, dining area – the kitchen 2024 is more than just a simple room for cooking and baking. Multifunctional kitchen furniture makes it an all-purpose room.

Modular furniture for the kitchen

Modular furniture adapts perfectly to any room and can be perfectly integrated when you move.

Shelves & niche systems

Kitchen shelves will experience a revival in 2024. Open shelves ensure highlights and order in one. Niche systems are extremely practical and always keep kitchen utensils to hand.

Room-high pocket door cabinets

Multifunctionality hidden behind room-high pocket doors – cabinet systems, such as the next125 pocket system, offer plenty of space for hidden storage space in the kitchen.

Storage solutions

Apothecary cupboards or kitchen islands with pull-outs – in the kitchen of 2024 there will be more and more kitchen furniture that can be used from all sides and always keeps everything to hand.

Individual table solutions in the kitchen

Whether as an extension table, counter or free-standing in the room – the table in the kitchen 2024 is very individual.

Kitchen appliance trends 2024

What appliances are coming to the kitchen this year? Here are the highlights of new kitchen appliances for 2024.

Steam cooking plus with extra power

One kitchen appliance trend we are seeing for 2024 is definitely new steamers. We find them in almost all well-known manufacturers (e.g. Bosch Series 8 ovens, the new Siemens studioLine ovens or the Miele DGC). The main new feature for the coming year is Steam Cooking Plus. The devices are given extra power so that they can prepare dishes even faster and more gently with steam.

Energy-saving appliances for the kitchen

The kitchen industry is also concerned with the energy crisis. This is why manufacturers are increasingly turning to energy-saving e-devices. Only very few kitchen appliances, such as the Miele AutoDos dishwasher, have the best energy efficiency classes such as A or A+++.

“Invisible” kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances disappear almost invisibly in the room. Either through their simple design (e.g. “All in Black) or literally through their installation, such as the berbel Skyline ceiling hood, which disappears unobtrusively into the ceiling, or the Siemens glassdraftAir table fan, which slides down into the cupboard.

Sinks & taps in trend

And last but not least: the sink area. Here are the top sink and faucet trends for 2024.

Kitchen faucets in gold

Shimmering gold shines in the kitchen not only as a small kitchen accessory, but also as a kitchen faucet. This impressively refines the wash area in the kitchen.

Sparkling water from the tap

Blanco drink.soda or the Quooker CUBE – in 2024 sparkling sparkling water will come out of the tap. Both brands require an additional system that is built into the sink cabinet. So you need a little more space for the sparkling soda water from the tap.

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