Exterior House Color Trends 2025

What color for a house? Where can I find a color chart for your house? What are the options to change the color of a house? At what time of the year is it better to change the color? Do I have to go through a company to get started with the house painting work? Choosing the color of the house of your house is a very important choice and deserves the time for reflection. Newdecortrends.com presents the latest house color trends 2025 and guides you in choosing your house color.Newest House Color Trends 2020

How to choose the front color?

Custom and style of your city

You can take advantage of a facelift to decide to change the color of house of your house. To choose the color of your house, you are partly dependent on the style borrowed by your neighborhood and the rules imposed by the city in order to maintain a certain harmony between the dwellings of the same street. Take the time to learn about the planning rules of your municipality.

Agree with the direct neighbors

Try to maintain a certain harmony with the neighboring houses by avoiding choosing a color that denotes too much. If you really want to stand out, you can play on some details of your house highlighting for example a detail with a different color.

Integrate the house color into a set

The color choice of your house must also depend on the style of your house and the elements that compose it. Consider carpentry parts, but also roofing, windows, doors and headbands.

Search for complementary colors while playing on the hues to emphasize certain aspects of your house. The orientation of the house and the sun are also criteria to take into account, because a color will not necessarily have the same result depending on the ambient brightness.

The landscaping and vegetation that compose it are also other elements that can count in the choice of a house color.

Color of house: our advice

3 colors maximum

The excess of different colors is not recommended for a house, advice that is also valid for the decoration and the style of dress. There is a common rule which is to be limited to 3 colors maximum. By varying the appearance of your house using three colors, you already have enough possibilities to differentiate it from other houses of the neighborhood.

Neutral colors

Favor neutral tones for your house avoiding white. Of course, using multiple colors for your house, there will necessarily be one that will be a minority. It is interesting to remember this color through other elements of your home or garden: curtains, shutters, flowerpot…

Watch out for the white

White may seem like a good choice. In reality, you should be wary of white and avoid choosing this color for large areas. Indeed, the white has the disadvantage of being not only messy, but also to be dazzling when the sun illuminates the house.

Orientation of the house

The orientation of the house must weigh in the choice of color. If the house is oriented towards the south, that is to say if it is illuminated much of the day, prefer clear tones to capture the rays, but avoid the white. If the house is mostly shaded, opt for neutral tones instead.

Take a step back

Painting a house takes a long time and requires a substantial budget. In other words, be sure to take the necessary time to think about choosing the color. Remember that a color will necessarily have a different rendering on a large surface, even more outside when it is subject to variations in brightness.

Color chart house house

As we have pointed out, the choice of the color of the house requires a time of reflection and more particularly to be able to imagine the final rendering of the chosen color once it is painted on the house.

The classic solution is to use a color chart specifically designed for houses. Then you can observe the effect of each color on the house up close, but also taking enough time to imagine the painting on the entire house.

However, there are now even more powerful and accurate solutions. These are color simulators or paint simulators (example with Zolpan, Plasdox, Tollens simulators ). In the form of software or a mobile application, the process is relatively simple. You can either upload a photo of your home and apply the color by delineating the areas. Otherwise, some applications can perform this simulation in real time through the camera of your smartphone or tablet. This form of augmented reality is very handy for getting a much better preview of color rendering than with a simple color chart.

What does the regulation on house colors say?

Regulation and PLU

You can not do the right thing together when you decide to renovate your house. You must first refer to the local urban plan (PLU) of your municipality. Each city has its own PLU and according to the characteristics of the city and especially the presence of a particular style and / or historical buildings and monuments, the rules of the PLU can be more or less strict.

This PLU can in particular impose rules in the choice of materials that it is for the house, the roof, the external constructions, the walls bordering your ground. Some colors can also be regulated: house, shutters, doors…

Be sure to study this PLU and ask your questions to the town planning department of your town hall in case of doubt. Note that some municipalities require house renovation every 10 years to buildings located in certain areas.


In some cases a preliminary declaration of works is necessary to start renovations of a house. It all depends on the PLU of your municipality and the neighborhood in which your home is located. The answer to this statement may take more than a month. Inquire at the urban planning department of the town hall.

Paint and plaster: choose well

House plaster

For the coating of your house, you have the choice between different possibilities:

  • Cement : economic choice, the cement plaster is especially suitable for brick or cement walls. On the other hand, in the presence of moisture, the cement coating is not the most effective material.
  • Lime : a more expensive choice, lime has the advantage of being compatible with all walls. In addition, it is a more effective material against moisture, insects and fungi.

In addition to the choice of plaster, you must also define which finish will be applied, ie how the plaster will be applied: smoothed, scraped, crushed, floated or rustic. This choice depends on the style you prefer and there is no better choice in terms of performance.

On this coating will then be applied the paint, so consider taking it into account in the choice of the coating and the finish.

House painting

The choice of a painting for its house does not depend solely on the color. You must also take into account the type of painting. Generally, there are three types of house paints:

  • Solvent-phase paints : form a hard film that is more resistant to scratches
  • Aqueous paints : softer and brighter
  • Lime paints : better hygrometry and transparency effects

Among the solvent-based paints are acrylic paints, acrylic resins, thick acrylics and siloxanes. They are often effective paints to hide cracks and other asperities, and are very resistant.

The aqueous paints include pliolites and hydro pliolites which are especially adapted to renovation and whose application is relatively easy.

When to change the house color?

While some paints are designed to paint the house in any weather, it is best to do it in good weather, when the temperature is at least 10 ° C and during a dry period so that the house is no longer wet. However, avoid painting when it is too hot, because it is not pleasant, but in addition the paint may dry too quickly.

Color of house: with a pro or oneself?

There is no precise answer to this question. In reality, everything depends on you, your abilities and your motivation. The renovation of a house is not something insurmountable, quite the contrary, especially when it comes to painting.

However, it is necessary to be able to clear time, to have the necessary equipment (painting, rollers and brushes, ladders even scaffoldings…) and especially to have some competences, because if you paint anyhow the result risks being disastrous aesthetically.

Painting House 2025: Trends in Exterior Colors

In order to renovate the triumphant presence of your house in the neighborhood, bet on the attraction of painting it from the outside. The mission is to choose the color in vogue, a goal that will be won by consulting the valuable advice of a painting expert. Let, therefore, act a skilled craftsman painter! It will ensure, correctly, the dosage of the color and you will obtain an outside which will welcome the admirers. More importantly, the right color of paint will bring you joy every time you go home.

Painting A House: The Dark Colors Are Resurfacing This Year

For years, artisans do not recommend dark colors unless they are accents. However, in 2025 these neglected colors regain their pedestal and become highly recommended during exterior painting work. Recently, color consultants claim that you should not be afraid of the darkest colors!

Of course, when we talk about dark colors, some people immediately think of black. However, the palette of dark colors may contain dozens of colors. Why not use, therefore, a beautiful charcoal color to paint the outside of your home? If you really want to attract attention, Burgundy has also become a popular choice.

A House Painted In Dark Gray Luxurious And Elegant

In 2025, gray is one of the best choices for colors that are popular for exterior painting. A dark color conveying a coastal theme that remains refined and chic. Then, unlike black, intense gray can easily be used as the main color to paint outdoors. A panoply, shades of dark gray, is offered to the owner to indicate his choice between; a stormy gray, a charcoal gray, an anthracite gray, an iron gray or a steel gray.

Gray tints agree to be darkened or lightened depending on the palette of other colors used. Moreover, experts recommend, for example, the application of stormy gray in juxtaposition with details in bright white or charcoal. For a truly matched look, use the three colors together for a presentation that will surely boost the appeal. One of the most modern styles is lighter and darker shades of gray blending together to create a visual feast for the eyes.

A Dark And Rustic House: Brown And Brick Red

Darker colors, such as brown or burgundy, can also be used to create a mystery effect. These colors provide a rustic effect when combined with a classic design. If you want to avoid overloading in black or gray paint in your exterior color palette, consider switching to a rustic wood look. Indeed, the use of darker browns sticks to the current trend to get the darkest shades. A color to combine with natural wood to enhance the uniqueness and aesthetic appeal of the home.

Moreover, a bright red exterior paint adorns the storefront and increases vitality in harmony with a majestic brick red. In addition, smoked red and brick red are best handled when covered with bright white painted details.

Focus On A Contrasting Color Paint

The best way to attract the eye is to use very contrasting colors. Well used, two contrasting colors can make a home truly unique and distinguished. A contrasting exterior paint is a contemporary and daring choice!

Black is the king of contrast par excellence

The best way to use black paint thoroughly is to make it an accent color. Then, add another more vibrant color to mark a sparkling contrast. The trend is to use the color black to highlight the balconies, identify the doors and frame the windows. An ideal color to delimit areas of the storefront and to draw attention to other colored parts. The black and white or black and red contrasts on the house nourish the personality of your property and attract the eye in a very pleasant way.

The combos of earth tones

One of the most unexpected exterior colors in 2025 is a two-tone combo. Earth tones, such as green, beige, brown, will cover several houses this year. The distribution and harmony between two colors must be successful not to miss the exterior paint. A skilled craftsman will intelligently segment the house into geometric sections to create a balance between colors. If your home is made in vertical design, so much the better, as this will help to better create a visual harmony between the two tones.

Exterior Paint: The Light Colors That Remain Popular In 2025

Some light colors do not go out of style! This is the list of timeless shades that continue to feature on your houses in 2025.

The blue sky back in action in 2025

This color has not appeared in recent years: the sky blue is both happy and fresh. It has become one of the most popular colors to paint homes in 2025. The blue sky blends in perfectly with a white border and a dark-colored roof.

Opal a soft and comforting color

Infinitely optimistic, fresh and at the limit celestial, an opal exterior reflects a house where reign love and tranquility. An opal colored roof is a privileged choice that fits perfectly into an aerial scene. If you’re looking for accent colors, add a touch of lime green color to the porch cushions. You can, too, paint the entrance, or some ferns selected intentionally.

A sophisticated painting with a touch of sweet lemon

When presented with warmer beige colors, sweet lemon turns into a bright, childlike color. The key here is to find the right balance with this color: soften the color by opting for a combination with other warmer hues.

Moss green for a house that mimics nature

If you prefer earth tones and a natural aesthetic, moss green is an excellent choice for your 2025 exterior renovation project. Indeed, the moss green is perfectly suited to the dark gray and cream colors. On the other hand, the pure white is not the best choice to accompany this hue, opt, then, for sober variations.

The dazzling white paint; an eternal favorite

This may be the oldest trend in exterior painting. Whites can be delicate, but it is a choice that is, in fact, marrying a variety of dark and vivid colors. Then, the white paint on the outside provides a clean appearance. As a general rule, the painter’s experts propose a white paint to optimize the contribution of light.


To conclude, to say that the dark colors have become a great way to highlight a house, recently painted. These colors removed from the palette of paintings in favor of bright and vivid shades, have made a comeback in 2025. Finally, the painter will offer ideas but the ideal choice would be the one that meets your mood and your style.

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