Modern Apartment Design Trends 2021

The design of the apartment 2021 is freedom and democracy with maximum comfort, and also – rapprochement with wildlife as a follow of the global social trend. It sounds simple; the more striking are the new designs of apartments 2021 – unexpected and bold, unusually warm and stylish, and for all tastes and financial possibilities. The design of apartments in 2021 is becoming more and more homely, slightly closed and very intimate. The ideas of “open spaces”, or the merger of a home into one transparent studio – have long been accepted, tested in practice and are still relevant; but at the same time with the tendency of minimalism, maximum openness of the home with a minimum of things and walls, completely opposite concepts are gaining momentum: luxury – as the strongest emotional component of comfort, an attribute of well-being, a powerful incentive to a good mood and not only.Modern Apartment Design Trends 2021

Designs of apartments without interior partitions are changing: separation is still necessary, but if you want to make the house free from the “cellular structure”, you can make these partitions more interesting – for example, the trend is a transparent stationary partition “floor-ceiling” that is soundproof and does not allow unnecessary air flows from kitchen area while cooking. Throughout the rest of the time, the partition can be opened, because it is lamellar or lamellar — individual plates have axial fastening, and can rotate around this axis. It is possible both vertical and horizontal fastening of partitions – a very modern, just the same “space” option. Opaque models of partitions are also interesting, and the choice depends on the general interior style.Modern Apartment Design Trends 2021

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Photos and news of modern apartment design in 2021

Photos and novelties of modern apartment design in 2021 show how easily modern designers embody the ideological revolution: a person is not a prisoner of the reinforced concrete jungle, but a free part of nature. And in the apartment you can also feel a kinship with wildlife – modern materials allow this. The main decoration forms in 2021 are firmly connected with wood – panels and cladding, tiles and parquet, original furniture designs and classic massifs.Modern Apartment Design Trends 2021

Solid wood furniture facade, solid wood and veneer, as well as any high-quality eco-friendly finishes have only one minus – a very, very high cost. Therefore, new products are increasingly popular – materials from eco-plastic, laminates and ceramics with textured imitation of natural wood. Very solid brands also produce surprisingly light and durable furniture cases, upholstery and floor materials from inexpensive raw materials.Modern Apartment Design Trends 2021

Feeling of a natural corner is perfectly provided by living plants – a clear sign not only of eco-style, but also of almost any modern design. Huge plants in tubs are returning to the interior fashion – ficus and monstera, fan palm trees and curly vines. Flowers need sunshine: a modern dwelling does not always have a panoramic glazed exit to the street, and this floral problem is solved with artificial lighting – an added bonus: an interesting lighting scenario and additional bright accents in the interior. For a country house, a greenhouse and a winter garden of any type are possible – built-in or separate.Modern Apartment Design Trends 2021

Democracy and versatility of interior designs have long been commonplace, and dictates and social prohibitions have long gone down in history. Nevertheless, some rules and schemes have to be observed when designing a fashionable interior. Modern styles 2021 are increasingly eclectic, the most relevant areas of minimalism and eco-style are mixed together, while features of high-tech, industrial and glamorous loft, rustic and rustic styles, and not only, are possible. Raw rough boards for furniture, pallets and pallets in the house are in fashion, but this does not mean at all that the classic interior can be called backward.Modern Apartment Design Trends 2021

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The new color gamut is trending – interesting fresh shades of mint green and calm blue, a dusty rose and the entire gray palette, and of course, monochrome, white, black and beige designs are in fashion. Pastel is considered a very modern solution, and bright accents in 2021 are milky orange and the color of currant wine, violet and purple, graphite, mother of pearl and metallic. Very fresh and strong colors in blue, light green and white can become ultra-popular, and for interior decoration, and for textile decor – upholstery, window frames and even for home clothes.Modern Apartment Design Trends 2021

Wooden finishes are the most fashionable and stylish in a modern house. The natural theme is also reflected in the wall finishes with wallpaper, tropical and plant prints, leopard and snake skin, huge fern leaves and large flowers on the wallpaper triumphantly return to fashion – a figurative symbolism of the person’s desire from the concrete urban jungle to freedom. But if tropical paintings in the house do not like, then you can finish with no less fashionable geometric print, or paintings with the ombre effect. Gradient wall painting is an easy and democratic option of ultra-fashionable design.Modern Apartment Design Trends 2021

Snow-white designs are one of the most popular in 2020, and remain in trend. The most popular interiors in white with signs of eco-style include natural motifs – paintings and panels on natural themes, and, if possible, large plants and decor from fresh flowers. Furniture made of bamboo, rattan, wicker from a rod – perfectly suits the new eco-style.Modern Apartment Design Trends 2021