Living Room Trends in 2022

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With the beginning of the first lockdown in 2020, your own home gained a whole new level of relevance. The long time that people spend in their own four walls increases the need for cosiness and comfort. It is therefore not surprising that the living room trends in 2022 convey a feeling of security and security.

More than ever, the living room is a place to come together, relax together or work in the home office. If this hotspot of the apartment is to shine in new splendor, these furnishing ideas are suitable:

Living room trends in 2022: The longing for nature is reflected in the living room designliving room trends in 2022

Natural colors such as browns and greens are reminiscent of the great outdoors, walks in the woods or a camping holiday. They arouse emotions. They are not only represented in the home trends. Other trend movements in 2022 are also based on natural tones and fibers. Organic materials such as wicker and rattan are finding their way into the living room. Cushions and upholstery covers made of natural silk, linen or hemp give the seating furniture even more comfort. By the way, the trend to make the apartment cozy is called room trends in 2022

A slight roughness should not be missing in this natural style. Raw natural stones and untreated wood give the living room an original charm. In combination with stylish decoration, a mix of styles is created that will also make it into the design world in 2022.

From fluffy to rustic: textures dominate the living roomThese are the living room trends in 2022: Colors, materials and living styles that currently in fashion!

Not only shades from nature stimulate our senses. Textures that influence our sense of touch will also be among the must-haves for living room furniture in 2022. Cushions or furniture surfaces that invite you to touch contribute to the feel-good atmosphere. A natural wood floor looks stylish and feels smooth and supple on the soles of the feet. To prevent cold feet, it can be combined with a colorful plush rug or a fluffy faux fur. The hype about haptics is not limited to furniture and home textiles. A tangible texture is also required for wallpapers. Designs that are reminiscent of bare walls or stone motifs contribute to the perception of the space. These pick up on one of the absolute trend colors in the living room: gray.

Gray kisses beige – greige will be the trend color for 2022These are the living room trends in 2022: Colors, materials and living styles that currently in fashion!

Gray and beige are undisputedly among the trend colors for furniture and home textiles in 2022. The combination of both is even more hip. The mixture of cool gray and warm sand exudes cool casualness without appearing impersonal. The color is suitable as a basic tone to bring calm and balance into the living room. It creates a Mediterranean ambience that brings the lightheartedness of the south with it. Although Greige is more than modern, it easily adapts to any interior style. The clay is just as suitable as a wall color as in accessories. Decoration ideas that go perfectly with it are lampshades made of paper or cardboard.

Living room trends in 2022: blue in the spotlightnew living room interior trends 2022

Blue is the color of freshness and relaxation. It can have a calming effect and let the hectic pace of everyday life take a back seat. Those who want to bring a touch of holiday mood into the house will get their money’s worth with the marine living room. A combination of several shades of blue gives the room an elegant look that has something mysterious about it. After all, blue is also the color of the sea, which still holds some puzzles open for us. In small rooms, dark blues can be overwhelming. To dampen this effect, light-colored furniture and a comfortable couch to relax on are recommended. For example, a corner sofa is cheap to make the most of every corner of the room. Cozy pillows in turquoise, gray and aquamarine pick up on the maritime flair and create a beautiful overall impression.

Living room trends 2022: cool mint tones are all the rageThese are the living room trends in 2022: Colors, materials and living styles that currently in fashion!

Another color that will dominate living rooms in 2022 is mint. Hidden in the boho niche for a long time, clay finds its way into elegant room designs. It exudes freshness and joie de vivre, and at the same time appears playful and luxurious. An exclusive look is created especially in combination with gold or silver elements. It goes just as well in a maritime living room as it does with other trend colors of the year such as greige, terracotta or sand. Mint does not necessarily represent the counter-trend to natural tones, but complements them. In small boxes, decorative items in the fresh color create a lively flair. If you can’t get enough of it, you can place an eye-catcher right in the middle of the room with a statement armchair with a curved backrest.

Glass is one of the popular materials in 2022These are the living room trends in 2022: Colors, materials and living styles that currently in fashion!

Not only rough surfaces give the living room a special atmosphere. In combination with glass, a mixture of naturalness and modernity is created. For a long time, glass surfaces were considered uncomfortable and cold. However, it cannot be denied that they are an eye-catcher. For this reason, they will experience a rebirth in interior design in 2022. Glass surfaces are a must-have, especially in decorative accessories such as lamps or tables. They fit into the comfortable living environment and set accents here and there.

Retro meets modernThese are the living room trends in 2022: Colors, materials and living styles that currently in fashion!

While glass surfaces bring a touch of clean chic to the living room, cord and leather stand for comfort. The trend, which was already popular in the 50s and 70s, will celebrate its revival in 2022. The striped velor structure meets the haptic hype and at the same time exudes a soft, calm atmosphere. As a throw on an armchair or sofa, it underlines particularly round and bulbous shapes, which are also trendy. Leather, on the other hand, is very elegant and visually enhances the room.

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