The New 2021 Kitchen Trends That You Must Definitely Consider!

New 2021 Kitchen TrendsAt the risk of repeating ourselves, we confirm it once again: today’s cooking is becoming more and more the flagship of every contemporary home. And in this vein, the new 2021 kitchen trends are for conviviality and serenity. To prove it to you, our editorial team has unearthed the latest kitchen news to follow this year! And as you probably know, cooking is the most creative and easy-to-customize room in the house. Raw and natural materials, design sinks, glass roofs, wall gardens, etc … the gourmet piece is adorned with novelties without neglecting the kitchen trends 2020  views at the Milan show. Focus!

The new kitchen trends 2021 finally unveiled!

New 2021 Kitchen TrendsWondering what modern kitchens will look like in 2021? You have certainly seen some news, but experts are certain: the strong trends of recent years will still be relevant. User-friendliness and functionality remain the must-have features that contemporary cuisine must have. What now? From crockery to furniture, to essential accessories – Newdecortrends takes a look at the top trends in the kitchen. So, a quick overview of the best ideas to take in the most inspiring and haunting cuisines!

Wood and vegetable gardens for a natural comeback

New 2021 Kitchen TrendsIn 2021, the kitchen will continue to establish itself as the living space par excellence, in which the inhabitants want to feel good. If we have to define the trendiest and the most appreciated material at the same time, then we will definitely talk about wood. Dark, clear, raw or with apparent veins, it can dress the greedy room from A to Z. The central island, the credence, the work plan, but also the floor and the various kitchen utensils, nothing is spared. Thanks to the laminate, imitating the wood perfectly, it is easy to sublimate the kitchen without ruining it.New 2021 Kitchen Trends

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It’s no secret that environmental issues keep influencing the daily lives of all of us. As for the new kitchen trends 2021, this translates into a desire to consume better. Then, after the wood, it is the kitchen garden that invites itself into the kitchen for a healthier lifestyle and closer to nature. Raising aromatic herbs and vegetables on the shelves is certainly a very good idea to consider this year.

New trends in 2021 kitchen: update on other preferred materials

New 2021 Kitchen TrendsIf the total woody look is not your thing, it will be a good idea to associate it with other trendy materials. A touch of marble, concrete, ceramic or metal will marry wonderfully with the wood. Even the leather is to be considered. Basically, the raw and natural materials will be out to embellish the gourmet piece in 2021!

In 2021, the gourmet piece is adorned with colors

New 2021 Kitchen TrendsAlthough white remains a must, the kitchen will also be colored in 2021. And most of the nuances that will energize this new year are intense and deep. Green will undoubtedly be used in the gourmet room, as a return to nature. There will also be blue duck and purple. Not to mention the warm and warm colors, such as yellow, for example. Elegant colors or deep colors, 2021 will not lack character in the kitchen …

The glass roof reaffirms its presence

Just as the industrial style still feels like an interior decoration, the canopy will also continue to peak! Installed in the kitchen, it is ideal to delimit the gourmet room with the dining area. The advantage? Not only does it give a character to the room but it also allows a free flow of light.

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2021 new kitchen trends – lighting

If you enjoy large windows, it’s perfect for cooking your recipes, but the brightness of the room at night is a different story. In this case, it is the light suspensions that come to your rescue. Above the bar or central island, above the dining area or worktop, they are installed for maximum effect and comfort. As a bonus, there is something for every style and every taste! Filament bulbs for industrial-style lighting, extravagant suspensions in the modern kitchen and natural fiber suspensions for authentic and traditional cuisine.