Modern Corner Kitchen Design 2024

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Corner Kitchen Design 2024Corner kitchens are ideal for installation in rooms up to 10 m². Such furniture allows you to create a modern and stylish design of a small kitchen and at the same time save maximum space. Sometimes corner kitchen 2024 are also purchased by owners of large houses or studio apartments. In large areas, headsets of this variety can also look attractive, be ergonomic and comfortable.

Corner kitchen – features and trends in 2024

To make the kitchen look fashionable and comfortable to use, when choosing it, it is worth considering some important points of design and configuration.

What are the top corner kitchen trends in 2024?Corner Kitchen Design 2024

In the current season in the design of corner kitchens in fashion:

  • minimalist design – the design of the kitchen should be concise and simple;
  • high modules for household appliances and narrow cases – such accessories not only look fashionable, but also save working space for the hostess;
  • the absence of an upper tier above one of the branches – this solution allows you to conveniently store kitchen accessories in wall cabinets and at the same time expand the space of the room;
  • a combination of narrow cabinets with standard ones.

Convenient kitchenCorner Kitchen Design 2024

According to designers, a modern corner kitchen should be not only beautiful, but also functional. You can create the most ergonomic space with the help of such furniture by considering several important points:

  1. The complete set of the lower tier must be correct. Drawers are in fashion, allowing you to save space, in which you can store not only spoons and forks, but also plates, pots, pans. It will also be useful to use carousel sections in the cabinets of the lower tier.
  2. Upper tier cabinets should be placed in accordance with their height, so that they are convenient to use.
  3. On the apron it is desirable to use roof rails. These horizontal tubes, designed to hold hanging kitchen utensils, are on trend for the season. They not only enhance the convenience of the kitchen, but also make its design more modern and attractive.
  4. The window sill can be used as a work area. Corner kitchens for such a solution are just perfect. A window sill can make cooking more convenient. At the same time, the corner kitchen with a window will look really modern and stylish.

Corner kitchen styles 2024?

Modern corner kitchens can have a different design, the choice depends on the area of the room and the layout.

Corner L-shaped kitchens: modern designCorner Kitchen Design 2024

This furniture option is great for installation in tiny kitchens in Khrushchev and small apartments in new buildings. A distinctive feature of the headsets of this variety is the unequal length of the branches. One of them is shorter, the other is longer. This configuration allows you to conveniently place a full-fledged dining area in a very small room.

It is believed that in such a kitchen, the main functional elements are best placed according to the principle of an isosceles triangle: mount a sink in the corner, put a refrigerator on one side of it, and a hob at the same distance on the other. This arrangement is considered ideal and allows you to cook with the greatest convenience.

In some headsets, the hole for the sink is not located in the corner. In this case, it is still recommended to place the stove and refrigerator on different sides from the sink, on different branches, even when it is not possible to install the refrigerator and stove at an equal distance.

On the short side of the L-shaped kitchen, where the countertop ends, you can place not only a dining table, but also a refrigerator, a gas water heater, a high carousel rack for dishes, a small sofa, etc.

Right angleCorner Kitchen Design 2024

Corner kitchens of this variety are also quite popular. In such models, both sides have the same length. Headsets of this type can be installed in small kitchens, but they are considered to be better suited for medium to large areas. Instead of aprons in kitchens with such furniture, false panels are often mounted. This allows you to make the interior of the room as stylish as possible.

Corner kitchen with the peninsulaCorner Kitchen Design 2024

A peninsula is a module with a tabletop, which is a continuation of the headset. This solution looks original and creative. The peninsula can be located in the kitchens close to the main countertop, to the cabinet or to the wall.

Sets with a peninsula are considered comfortable furniture for studio apartments, where kitchens are combined with living rooms. The peninsula in this case helps to harmoniously and conveniently zone the room. In this case, the element can be used both for cooking and as a dining area. If desired, you can also put a hob on the peninsula, mount a sink, etc.

There are several types of cuisines with a peninsula.

  1. I-shaped – the peninsula is parallel to the main part of the headset and is installed against the wall. This option is ideal for small studios.
  2. L-shaped – the peninsula is shorter than the short branch, and adjoins the main part at a right angle. Such furniture is more often used for square wide rooms.
  3. U-shaped – the peninsula has the same length as the additional branch of the headset. This option is usually installed in spacious studios.

With regard to the design of typefaces with peninsulas in 2024, there are a number of rules that are recommended to be followed:

  • the peninsula should be equal in height to other tables, chests of drawers and bedside tables in the room;
  • the length of the peninsula should be chosen in accordance with the size of the room – there is no need to block the passage to the kitchen area;
  • in the kitchen area with a peninsula there should be good lighting;
  • household appliances – microwaves, hobs, etc. compact ones should be installed on the peninsula.

Corner kitchen with an islandCorner Kitchen Trends 2024

Unlike the peninsula, the island is not a monolithic part of the headset and is installed separately. Such an element can also be used for zoning a studio, under a dining table or for placing kitchen appliances. The rules for design and functionality in 2024 are the same for islands as they are for peninsulas.

The island is usually installed inside the site, limited by the branches of the headset. In a small modern corner kitchen, the design may be different. If the kit is very small, the island can be placed on the side of one of the branches, at some distance. In this case, it is better to place the element parallel to the branch along the length.

Bar counter in headset designCorner Kitchen Trends 2024

Headsets with a bar counter are similar to furniture models with a peninsula or island. However, an additional module in such kitchens is intended not so much for cooking as for snacking. There is an empty space under the bar top. This option is also commonly used in studios. But this furniture can look good in spacious kitchens.

It is believed that the bar in the kitchen is not suitable for a full meal, but for snacks. Also, sitting behind it, it is convenient to communicate with a person who cooks food in the working area. Since it is not customary to use bar counters under the dining table, quite large decorative elements are often installed on them:

  • flowers in pots;
  • baskets with artificial fruits;
  • beautiful vases with flowers, etc.

It is fashionable in 2024 to put coasters for glasses, sweets and fruits on bar counters – like in pubs.

The height of the bar counter in corner kitchens is usually equal to the height of the countertop. But in 2024, high rack models are also in fashion. Such an element can be much higher than both countertops and other interior items of a studio apartment.

Best of all, the bar counter is suitable for zoning the room. But you can install this element close to the wall. This option is well suited for a small kitchen.

Expert commentary!

Larisa, interior designer: “In spacious apartments in 2024, you can install corner kitchens, equipped with both a peninsula and a bar counter. In this case, both elements are usually placed on the same line.

Combined with living roomCorner Kitchen Trends 2024

In studios where the kitchen is combined with the living room, corner models of suites with a peninsula, island or bar are usually placed, which simplify the zoning of space. But it is allowed to purchase ordinary L-shaped kitchens or with a right angle for such apartments. In this case, color schemes, elevation changes, lighting, overall furniture, etc. will help to zone the room.

Colors and combinations for the corner kitchen in 2024Corner Kitchen Trends 2024

As in the design, minimalism is in fashion in the color scheme of corner sets this season. It is better if the facades of the kitchen are plain. Prints and a significant amount of decorative jewelry are not welcome, contrasts and accents are in fashion in 2024. Combinations of black and white can be especially successful:

  • dark bottom and light top;
  • dark and light cabinets on the same tiers;
  • dark shelves in combination with light cabinets, etc.

In fashion in 2024 and bright corner kitchens with a modern design. In such models, combinations of white with pastel and light shades are usually used:

  • blue
  • mint;
  • pink;
  • milk cream;
  • light grey.

A set with such a light design is well suited for a small kitchen.

Very fashionable this season also looks like kitchens with metal-like false panels, which can be combined with shiny fittings, hoods, refrigerators and other household appliances. Wood effect panels are also in fashion in 2024. Such elements can be well combined with the texture of the facades of cabinets, floors, wall decoration.

Dark blue is considered the most fashionable color in the interior of residential apartments in 2024. You can buy for the kitchen and sets with facades of this color. But this solution is only suitable for large rooms. Dark blue in the design of the corner headset will look fashionable in combination with white, blue, light cream, gray.

Other dark shades are also in fashion in 2024 – not too juicy green, dark gray, dark purple, etc. However, all of them, like dark blue, are only suitable for large kitchens. A dark set will visually make a small room even cramped. In addition to light colors, in small kitchens it is recommended to use glossy surfaces. Headsets with matte fronts are better suited for large rooms.

What should be in the corner – interesting solutionsCorner Kitchen Trends 2024

In the modern design of the corner kitchen, in addition to the sink, the following will look good in the corner:

  • large coffee machine or food processor;
  • microwave;
  • toaster or kettle;
  • breadbasket;
  • dish dryer, etc.

If the sink is located on one of the branches, the free corner should be used to the maximum. It is better if some overall kitchen appliances are located here. In large sets, the corner can also be occupied by some decorative element – a capacious basket with artificial fruits, a tub with a flower, a vase.

Pros and cons of a corner kitchenCorner Kitchen Trends 2024

Like headsets of any other design, corner models have their pros and cons.


The advantages of such furniture include:

  • great depth and spaciousness;
  • corner, fully included in the working area;
  • the possibility of ergonomic arrangement in small kitchens;
  • beautiful zoning when using an island, peninsula or bar counter;
  • the ability to create an ideal space for cooking – an isosceles triangle.


The disadvantages of the kitchens of this variety are:

  • difficulties in installation with uneven walls;
  • the inconvenience of using the sink in the corner due to the lack of space in front of it;
  • possible problems with closing / opening cabinet doors.

Modern corner kitchen – design ideas 2024

When choosing a trendy design for a corner kitchen in 2024, do not forget about functionality. Minimalism is in fashion this season, but this laconic style also gives a huge scope for the manifestation of imagination.

Corner set is a practical and functional solution for the interior of a modern kitchen. The fashion of 2024 dictates its own rules regarding the design of such furniture, but when choosing a corner kitchen, do not forget about your own tastes and preferences. There are many designs and solutions that can make such furniture stylish and beautiful.

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