Newest Trends in Kitchens 2025/2026

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new kitchen trends design 2021The 2025/2026 season comes loaded with news and holdings, which you should know to be the last in:

Trends in kitchens of 2025/2026.

If you want to have a kitchen to the last, read on and discover the essential trends you must have, a kitchen, so that this season 2025/2026 is a kitchen of the trendiest.

Some of these improvements or changes are already being used, and their growth and acceptance in the market have been the main indicators that have consolidated these changes as a trend. More and more used by interior designers, decorators, and manufacturers.

In This Post We Show You The Top 10 Trends In Kitchens 2025/2026.

New Formats Suspended Kitchens.

The Kitchen suspended, are becoming increasingly popular in the New Trends in Kitchens 2025. Is one of the trends that more force is taking, being among the most outstanding and with greater design and decoration effect.

Nanotechnological Material In Kitchen kitchen trends design 2021

Doors and kitchen furniture with Nanotechnological Material.

Even if the name reminds you of science fiction and the future, it is very real, and it is still a Trend in Kitchens 2025

One of its main features is the anti-fingerprint touch, it is truly amazing, no matter how much you pass your hands or lean on it, it remains intact.

Special Kitchen Doors 2025

Another characteristic of this fantastic Nanotechnological material is the low reflectance of light, it is an extra matt material. Special to combine perfectly with avant-garde interior designs. Recommended especially in open kitchens, as they share design with the living room. This material has a very soft touch and extra resistant to dry heat, especially for kitchens with advanced daily use. Besides being easy to clean, (almost non-existent) it is a material suitable for contact with food.

Timeless Colors In Kitchen Furniture.

Here we show you a range of timeless, classic colors, inspired by nature. The most outstanding and requested for new kitchens 2025/2026. Although the color white is still preferred for another year, for its innumerable advantages, colors such as green, blue, gray, beige, even black, fit perfectly in the designs of the new kitchens, by sharing stay on many occasions with living rooms and dining rooms ( OPEN KITCHENS ) and maintain a line in the decoration is essential.

Wood-Colored Countertops For Kitchensnew kitchen trends design 2021

The wood-colored countertops are fashionable, and I quote wood color, because despite having countertops in walnut, beech or solid oak with a soft and matte finish, you also have solutions with a perfect visual finish, but with some materials new and innovative.

As the countertops are always exposed to abrasions and humidity among other factors, we recommend the solid wood countertops made of Walnut, Beech or Oak.

The wooden countertops, despite having the belief that they are perfect for rustic kitchens, which are, are gaining ground in the avant-garde kitchens, even in the minimalist kitchens, although it is true that you must bear in mind, that having a natural wood countertop, is a marvel, but you must be committed to the care that you must provide, to keep it always intact, as it is susceptible to scratches, and burns.

What Are Quartz Countertops?new kitchen trends design 2021

They are countertops manufactured with 95% of resins and pigments by an industrial process, the use of quartz, makes it have a very durable and compact result, since this material is one of the most resistant in nature.

When manufactured with resins and pigments it is possible to make infinite designs and textures, including the design of natural wood.

Now you can find extra resistant quartz countertops, with a resemblance to impeccable natural wood. It will be difficult to distinguish from a distance, if it is quartz or natural wood, only with the touch you can distinguish it.

New Spaces Open Kitchensnew kitchen trends design 2021

The Kitchens open have many advantages, the most important is the breadth they provide, being an open space have the feeling of spaciousness. That always comes well.

Another advantage is that while preparing lunch or dinner, you can be in contact with other people or guests, making it fun and fun to cook.

An open kitchen, “forces you”, to call it in some way, to have a well decorated and tidy kitchen, since it is not a secluded kitchen designed exclusively for cooking, but is now part of the design of the house, being one of the most important kitchen trends design 2021

Open kitchens are very fashionable, both in small flats, as in large villas. This makes it possible that every time you have the possibility of having a kitchen with a design, which sometimes is not distinguished from the furniture of the Hall.

Laminate Floors for Water Resistant Kitchensnew kitchen trends design 2021

The floors of the kitchens, now we can say that they are, nowadays, a whole trend in interior decoration. The wood offers many options to rooms that until very recently, it was unthinkable to have a wooden floor, as is the kitchen and bathroom, now thanks to advances and new technologies, you can enjoy a uniform decoration throughout the house, with the same laminate floor for all rooms, including the kitchen and bathrooms, this laminate flooring is specially designed for wet areas, in addition to providing the warmth and well-being of natural wood.

Incredible Solutions for Kitchensnew kitchen trends design 2021

Surprising, right? When it comes to getting space, the mill has no limits, the new fittings and drawers are used practically for everything, there are solutions for every need. A Custom Kitchen allows you to design it according to your needs, saving space and time.

Ceramic Built-In Kitchen Sinksnew kitchen trends design 2021

The scrubber has gone from the color stainless, used for many years, to colors such as black, green, blue, broken white, etc… and is that the new sinks are made with ceramic materials all in one piece, the color you want, a success for lovers of decoration.

New Designs In Tiles For Kitchensnew kitchen trends design 2021

The tiles come back with details and prints, inspired by the Arabian palaces, with an infinite range of designs, it will be difficult for you to say the perfect model for your kitchen, whether it is a Modern Kitchen or a Rustic Kitchen.

Special Drawersnew kitchen trends design 2021

It is proven that having perfectly organized Kitchen Utensils increases the desire to cook, and it is not surprising. Organizing now every element of your kitchen is very easy, with the new interior designs of the modules and drawers, you can design every corner of your kitchen, according to your needs, priorities and culinary custom. They are also adaptable, so if your needs change, you can modify the inside of the drawers, or modules, adapting them to the new changes.

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