10 Best Living Room Paint Colours 2023

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Best Living Room Paint ColoursWhat color should you paint your room to make it look bigger? The first answer that comes to mind is target, the most obvious choice but not the only one. There are other shades that can give your room a new twist without losing its spaciousness.

The living room is a space where you get to relax and enjoy your free time and also to live together. The right colours on the walls can help you make this space an oasis of calm or a vibrant place to recharge.

Check out our 10 color proposals to paint the walls of a small room and do not feel so vulnerable when you wonder how to decorate a room.

It is important to pay attention to color and the rooms know it.

When it comes to decorating small rooms, we must avoid overloading the environment with accessories, colours and furniture. Therefore, for the living room of the house to be really cozy and warm, especially when it is small, some decoration and distribution factors must be taken into account so that it can be used to the maximum.

Today we will talk about color and how to decorate a living room. Let’s start with the best living room paint colours 2023!

1. Gray rooms to elegant blue roomsBest Living Room Paint Colours

We have been warned a lot about how dangerous it is to use dark colours in small elegant rooms , but when applied well they are wonderful. We love this combination of navy blue with hints of yellow and white accents. Sometimes a color can be so surprising and different that it makes us forget the size of the space itself.

The only recommendation is to combine with furniture and accessories in neutral tones so as not to cause a color overload; for example in gray rooms you can keep the furniture.

2. Teal and turquoise accent walls for rustic or modern roomsBest Living Room Paint Colours

When we talk about accent walls, we refer to the technique that consists of painting one or two walls in a different color from the others, either to create a visual separation or a point that attracts attention. This works especially well in a small room because it gives the illusion of a larger space.

If you have doubts about the right color, consult a professional in this case an  interior designer  can guide you and make several proposals to find the perfect tone. Although we anticipate that this combination works very well in rustic and modern rooms.

3. How to decorate a room with red colorBest Living Room Paint Colours

Another bold color is red, it ensures immediate energy and it is best to balance it with white furniture and details to create contrast. If you wonder how to decorate a room with this color, always try to paint the ceiling in a lighter color than your walls, this will help create the illusion of a higher ceiling and therefore a larger room.

4. Beige paint and wood texture for elegant small roomsBest Living Room Paint Colours

A good way to add dimension to small walls is by playing with textures. In this case, a mix between the quintessential neutral beige and a wood-finished wall that brings warmth to all elegant rooms.

For more tips on how to make the most of your small home, read  21 tips to make the most of space in a small home and discover the best decorating tricks so that you are ready when someone asks you how to decorate a room.

5. Light colours: details on whiteBest Living Room Paint Colours

At the end of the day, white is still the big darling for small spaces but it doesn’t have to be boring. Adding pictures or vinyls is an accessible and very personal way to spice up the room regardless of its size or the light colours in the room.

6. Gray and white – another light color combination for small roomsBest Living Room Paint Colours

A timeless combination of gray and white works for both modern and classic spaces. In a combination of neutral tones (light colours) you can choose to have touches of color through the accessories. If you keep the furniture in the same palette as your walls, you will achieve greater visual cohesion and therefore the appearance of a larger room.

7. Rustic rooms stained lime green for the small roomBest Living Room Paint Colours

If you live in a warm place and your living room has good natural light, you can opt for a tropical touch with a lime green wall. Here we love the idea of combining it with an original and very Mexican tile strip. All small rustic rooms look beautiful with lime green.

8. Light and neutral colours: white on whiteBest Living Room Paint Colours

Light tones and small rooms make a great team!

If you are going to choose white, make your proposal total with a monochrome look on the floor, walls, furniture and even on the curtains. You will get a small room full of light that breathes and gives you the spaciousness you are looking for.

9. Small elegant wine-colored roomsBest Living Room Paint Colours

Wine color is a novel proposition that is great for accent walls in small elegant rooms. It is an elegant and refined color that goes wonderfully with furniture in a neutral palette.

10. Light colours for small rooms: pastelsBest Living Room Paint Colours

Pastel tones are the light colours that are the protagonists of the new paint proposals and this proposal in pastel blue green, we love it! In addition, the idea of having a piece of art whose colours are repeated in the room is also a great trick to elevate your decoration and play with the size of the piece. Now you know how to decorate a room !

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