Trends In Interior Designs During 2023-2024

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Trends In Interior Designs During 2023-2024The design and decoration of a space, whether for a home or office, largely represents the personality of the owner of the space. However, the trends of the year in terms of materials and decoration styles are also an important part of recreating and bringing the place to life.

Looking ahead to the winter season 2023-2024, the most used in terms of interior design style are minimalist and natural decorations.

The classic rule that less is more is still on the rise and that is that the fewer items or decorative pieces you have inside the space, the greater harmony there will be. For this, it is necessary to simplify everything, choose special objects for each space and specially made with durable materials. In this way, you will have a comfortable and pleasant place with good style.

General design of spacesTrends In Interior Designs During 2023-2024

For the general organization of your spaces and to be in line with interior decoration trends in 2024, you have to make use of natural and organic elements.

Among these we highlight wood, which you can place on floors, furniture and even on some objects. Plants and stones are other companions that cannot be missing in your decoration. This style allows you to remain in an atmosphere of tranquility that will offer you a special connection between your interior and your exterior.

The combination of the Nordic style with the Japanese is another trend in decoration to end 2023. The main characteristics of these environments are very minimalist decorations, with large and open spaces that allow a lot of lighting. The furniture to decorate should be very simple, as we have already told you, opt for wood.

The industrial style is also recurrent. The houses decorated with this technique have brick walls, shelves made of rustic material such as metal. For its part, decorative furniture is simple because what this trend seeks is to highlight the architectural characteristics of the place.

On the other hand, the union between the rustic and modern is another option that you can choose. Recycled elements, made by hand and with natural finishes prevail here. The use of beams, columns and wooden or stone floors are the basic materials in the construction of the space.

The vintage in the general decoration is another trend that never goes out of style. Here materials and textures merge. Industrial style furniture, leather armchairs and shelves or shelves with a worn appearance are used.

Most used materials in Interior DecorationTrends In Interior Designs During 2023-2024

Wood is the most used material this year for interior design. It is combinable with everything and applies to each of the styles described above.

It is important to note that dark wood is the one that is most in trend for decoration since it denotes a modern environment. To make a contrast you can combine it with pieces of metal or glass. Among other materials, the following stand out:

  • Terrazzo: This material continues to be one of the most used since last year. Over time, terrazzo has been modified and can be applied to floors and especially in kitchen design.
  • Natural and warm: Since the idea is to replace the cold and bring warmth to the environment, wood, clay and wicker are three suitable materials.
  • Brown leather : Brown leather is fashionable for some furniture such as sofas and armchairs. Opt for bronze and cognac tones, as they are perfect for a living room.
  • Terracotta in tiles: Terracotta provides warmth in places such as walls, floors or fireplaces.
  • Cork: This material is perfect for making furniture and wall coverings. In addition to making the environment warm, it gives it a very interesting texture.

WallsTrends In Interior Designs During 2023-2024

The texture on the walls is the most predominant in interior design for this 2023. Combining different shades of the same color is perfect for highlighting a specific part of a room. The walls are key to what has to stand out in the decoration for this time.

One of the ways to give it prominence is stone cladding and everything that is traditional textile material.

In addition to color, you can accompany the decoration with striking elements such as pieces with geometric figures. Currently, there are various places in the market where you can get all kinds of objects with a cozy, modern, elegant, industrial style, among others, so that you can choose the one that best suits your style.

ColorsTrends In Interior Designs During 2023-2024

The white color tops the list of most used colors in interior design for winter 2023/2024. Gray is another recommended tone for walls because it is neutral and provides sobriety. Likewise, purple, navy blue and emerald green are part of this year’s trending shades.

When it comes to accessories and objects to liven up the place, pink tones are an excellent way to decorate. Blue is another interior design classic, as are dark tones such as green, red or burgundy.

In the case of applying dark colors, it is important to note that they should only be used in certain elements or small spaces. In this way, the environment will not lose freshness and naturalness.

Interior decoration for each room

The individual elements that provide symmetry are the ones that we recommend adding to the decoration of your spaces.

However, the first thing you should consider is the style you choose. That is, interior design has to be adapted to your tastes. This ranges from furniture, decorative elements, color of the walls to the distribution of space.

The mixed environments allow you to enjoy a free space without divisions. As we have already said, versatility and simplicity is what is trending.

In the case of the living room, the fundamental thing is a set of furniture and as decorative objects you can place natural plants. The bedroom is a very important place. This can be in the modern rustic style with a bed and nightstands made of wood, the use of an ethnic-type rug, the fully open shelf-type wardrobe and one or two lamps that provide a lot of lighting to the room. But we better go on to detail each of the spaces:

KitchenTrends In Interior Designs During 2023-2024

Kitchens bring elegance and good style to the home. The black color throughout the design of the kitchen shelves is a trend that is very marked. You can combine this choice with metal or stainless steel elements to give the appearance of a commercial kitchen.

The islands cannot be missing in the kitchens. However, now it is no longer the typical rectangular island. A new modality of oval shapes with smooth curves has emerged to change the style of straight edges. Another very specific change in kitchen islands is that the new models are long and complete islands that include drawers and other amenities.

On the other hand, granite for countertops is still the preferred material, although green or brown marble designed in thinner countertops is another excellent form of decoration.

If instead you want to use a more common material, you have the choice of using coatings and even adding some tiles but only in small areas of the kitchen.

Living roomTrends In Interior Designs During 2023-2024

The interior design of the halls must be modern in style. To make it possible, it is only necessary to have some furniture with simple lines, a coffee table and the walls must go with few decorations. The tones should be neutral and fresh and the lighting should be based on natural light.

You can also choose the minimalist style with metallic tones and bright colors on the surfaces. The furniture and decoration accessories are few to maintain the basic and pleasant atmosphere in the Scandinavian style.

BathroomsTrends In Interior Designs During 2023-2024

The trend in bathrooms is integrated by the colors white, black and gray. To have a majestic bathroom, combining wood with marble is perfect. You can apply this idea by placing wooden accessories and the floor or countertops in marble or vice versa.

The faucet brings a certain glamor to the bathroom. Using gold metals add that touch of high style for this winter trend. Matte finish metals are currently the most popular. The tiles in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom are still used in the form of small strips or classic subway.

The mirror is an accessory that cannot be missing in the bathroom. To be up to date, it has to be square or rectangular with rounded corners and double sinks.

BedroomsTrends In Interior Designs During 2023-2024

The decoration of a room is special because it is the place to rest and de-stress. To make it cozy, curtains and rugs cannot be missing. Everything in warm material, so wood is essential, the tone of the room must be soft and also have special lighting.

The Zen style is ideal because it offers relaxation. White, blue and gray are the colors that add a unique value to the room.

As for the design of vintage rooms, it includes old or intentionally aged furniture and elements manually. Wood, stones and wrought iron elements are the main ones because the idea is to make the space look aged several years.

We hope that these trends have seemed interesting to you and that you can always apply them in your spaces without losing sight of your style and personal touch.

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