Popular Interior Paint Colors for Walls 2020

Popular Interior Paint Colors for Walls 2020The color we choose to paint our home is very important. The colors give us sensations and emotions, some sad and others very cheerful. That is why it is important to use the color according to the profile we want to give a room and then use furniture and accessories that combine with it. If you are looking to give a modern style to the rooms of your home, here we tell you about colors for interiors of houses, walls and popular paint colors 2020, according to current trends.

We will show you the colors that important companies such as Pantone and Sherwin Williams have proposed for the year 2020, in addition to the trends that are currently being seen and that will continue until next year. Let’s look at these colors applied to the decoration.

Popular Paint Colors for 2020

Here are some examples of these popular color palettes 2020 that can be applied to spaces, so you can get inspired.

Old rose, beige and grayPopular Interior Paint Colors for Walls 2020

This palette, called Manta, aims to represent Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian design.

It consists of tones inspired by natural materials, a balanced palette of cold and warm tones, very soft and relaxing. It has a great neutral versatility.

It presents muted pastels of gray, beige and soft roses.

A palette that reminds us of ancient decorations, but updated with modern beige colors.

With this type of colors, very relaxing and quiet spaces are achieved.

Earth, green and coral tones

It is a unique fusion of modern design mixed with a boho atmosphere. The result is a collection of colors that harmonize incredibly well. From silky earth tones to soft corals, these nine colors are a connection to the comfort and pleasures found in everyday life.

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The tones combine well with retro-inspired accessories and warm and earthy finishes. It is a beautiful and warm palette of neutrals and light.

Blues and browns

Here, neutral beiges are artistically combined with rich blues and mustards, colors that can accompany daily life providing balance and nature. This palette is called Live.

A combination of good taste and very elegant is achieved.

They are perfect tones to create a contemporary space.

Bluish greens, mustards and roses

This palette is ideal for someone passionate and energetic. It is called Play.

These colors are an invitation to play and fun. Energetic and intelligent, this palette has a lot of charm. A fresh and pure white, dotted with amazing bursts of vivacious colors. Its mission is to provide good humor and warmth, and help us remember that deep down we are still children who love to play.

Adding touches of color, whether through a sofa, artwork or decorative walls, is the perfect decision for those who don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s about getting away from stress, having a good time, laughing and playing again. Fuchsia, aquamarine and gold tones add joy and warmth to a space.

Pastel tones combined with bright fuchsia, can be an excellent palette to decorate the home.

Yellow, beige, green

This palette is perfect for those looking for an oasis. Inspired by the seasonal cycles of the Earth, it presents subtly rich tones of sea, sand, forest and sky. It’s called Heaven.

It’s about bringing those organic items home.

A reminder that sometimes true beauty lies in the spaces outside our roof and the calm comes from knowing that the perfect is not the only way to be.

BluePopular Interior Paint Colors for Walls 2020

Klein blue

The primary colors, red, yellow and blue klein also return.

Navy blue

This house shows the intention of remembering the colors of the ocean. With this beautiful color, the details of natural wood and mint green are highlighted.

Light blue cake

This blue-blue in aged tone brings a lot of serenity. For this reason, it is ideal for the bedrooms or for any room in the home where we want to create a peaceful environment.

Blue blends

When only one color is not enough to give the walls the desired impact, you could use different shades of it. It can be used in different patterns, such as painting the friezes, moldings and other finishes in a shade of blue different from the wall, or pictures in another shade of blue to superimpose on the wall and obtain with them a very good decorative trick .

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Different shades of blue are perfectly integrated with dark wood floors and bronze details.

They can also be combined with white.

GreenPopular Interior Paint Colors for Walls 2020

Many shades of green are seen, although the tendency is to go from the darkest and most desaturated shades we have seen a lot last year, towards more natural and vitamin tones: sage tones, celery and avocado leaves.

Bluish green

This deep green can be used both as a decorative accent on an object or on a wall. Let’s see some examples.

Orange accents are a great contribution in a space saturated with green. It is the perfect color combination, which contrasts beautifully with gray or beige.

With the wide color palette that exists today, you will always find one that suits your personality. When the colors we like are unusual, it is better to use it in a room that is not exposed to more people than you, such as your bedroom. If the combination is good, later you can try it in the living room or dining room.

Mint Green and Beige

These two colors combined generate a very peaceful space.

Green lime

This color never goes out of style. You can use it to give more strength and impact to your home, than the neutral colors you already know. Although we know that the result is safe with neutrals, it is sometimes good to change.

This image shows us how a strong color on the wall can be the most important decorative tool in the whole room, since the furniture, as you can see, is still not something remarkable, but nevertheless, everything is better with an intense background .

Blue and green

When combined with black and white accessories, green and blue look perfect and in harmony.

Red and purplePopular Interior Paint Colors for Walls 2020

Warm and earthy tones are also in fashion, but increasingly bright: orange and burgundy red.

Lilac cake

In addition to being modern it is very original, it is an intermediate color between lilac and gray. The lilac walls can be combined with mint and peach, two trendy shades today. It also combines very well with its opposite color, burnt orange. Combined with grays it looks very elegant, as we see in the images below.

The color of the wall can also be complemented with graphic elements, such as artistic photos.

PinkPopular Interior Paint Colors for Walls 2020

Many sophisticated shades of pink took center stage in previous years. These interior paint colors are still valid and we will show you below.

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Light pink

This shade of pink is still used.

These colors fill all spaces with light, which is why it is one of the best options for decorating small houses.

 Pink stick

A super elegant pink.

French rose

There is nothing better than a well-lit room, for this reason, the warm colors that allow adding light and enhancing it are increasingly popular. There is a color in particular that attracts a lot of attention that is the French rose, a very bright color and without a doubt, one of the current trends.

Some of the trends are based on soft colors, pastel, many of them are difficult to describe since they are not defined colors, but are a mixture of several. These pastel shades make the task much easier when decorating since they are very easy to combine with other colors.

If combined with a deep mint green you can achieve a retro look, with terracotta tones it looks elegant, or with delicate shades of white a super feminine look is achieved.

Salmon and Peach OrangePopular Interior Paint Colors for Walls 2020

YellowPopular Interior Paint Colors for Walls 2020

Cream yellow

Pale yellows, in cream tones, acquire great beauty combined with pastel tones.

Sunny Yellow and Mustard

Pure yellow chairs can be a bit risky, but here, accompanied by green they look fabulous.

Mineral grayPopular Interior Paint Colors for Walls 2020

The best way to give a contemporary touch to a traditional house is by using grays.

WhitesPopular Interior Paint Colors for Walls 2020

Of all the tools that are available when decorating a home, wall paintings are the ones that never fail. The eternal white color is a safe investment.


Painting the walls is one of the most important tasks to decorate our home. Just by painting them, the room can change completely, looking like a fresh and spacious room or quite the opposite, small and dark. We should only learn to choose colors to paint following the advice of specialists. We will take into account that the soft and bright colors extend the room, while the dark ones reduce it. Following these rules and taking into account fashion colors as a reference, you will surely find the perfect tones.