Spring Summer Decor Trends 2023

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Spring Summer Decor Trends 2023After two years of lackluster between confinement and curfew, the current year promises to be full of surprises. And the spring 2023 decor trends cannot escape it. They therefore take the pulse of this uncertain and poorly free time and reflect an intense thirst for renewal in order to counterbalance the sad and difficult reality. The result ? Bright colours, original patterns, raw and/or even eco-friendly materials and organic shapes reinvent the interior as well as the exterior. So, without further ado, here is how the latest decorating trends have simmered our homes!

Spring 2023 decorating trends: next season’s novelties and great classicsSpring Summer Decor Trends 2023

A strong desire for renewal, this is the key word of the new spring-summer 2023 decoration trends. So, after having deciphered the new fashions seen at Fashion Week in Paris , we turn to the world of interior design. Mediterranean inspirations, a throwback to the 1990s , a strong taste for raw and natural materials, shimmering colours… Find out what your interior will look like next season!

The decorative styles to favor this spring-summer 2023Spring Summer Decor Trends 2023

With the approach of the beautiful days, we see a great interest in travel. The Mediterranean therefore stands out as a source of inspiration, particularly through its colours, its works and its rhythm of life. New decorating trends also emphasize the vintage style. Through graphic lines, bright colors and materials such as steel, metal and plastic, we see Art Deco and the codes of the 70s and 80s reinventing our interiors.

In this context, the Memphis style is also making a strong comeback. It is characterized by colorful, playful and resolutely modern objects and furniture. This spring-summer, we are also talking about a strong desire to share which is expressed by the installation of large sofas where you can curl up.

Materials go zero waste in 2023Spring Summer Decor Trends 2023

The emblematic materials of spring-summer 2023 in interior decoration display a desire for sophisticated renewal. And if wood appears as an unbeatable attribute in contemporary interiors, raw materials are also carving out a solid reputation during sunny days. Decorative objects in concrete, a plaster coffee table or a steel lamp, raw materials combine with safe but not sharp curves to better adapt to modernity. They embody the memory of craftsmanship to create a unique decor.

Another trend worth mentioning is colored glass combined with steel details which will also triumph indoors when the fine weather returns (particularly in the living room). In short, the flagship materials of spring all fall into the family of materials without possible half measures. So either we love them or we hate them.

The colors and prints that will enhance your interiorSpring Summer Decor Trends 2023

Capable of completely transforming an interior, the colors are available more than ever according to the desires of consumers but also the seasons. With the return of fine weather, they evoke a house closer to nature. And so green tones are a no-brainer. Whether olive or khaki, green is no longer just on the walls or through decorative objects. From now on, he deploys his energy on furniture: sofa, armchair, coffee table, etc.

In 2023, colorful furniture regains its letters of nobility, and it is not to displease. After the reign of neutral colors, the nuances are more pigmented with orange, carmine red, terracotta, brown and electric blue. Pastel shades will also be there during the summer season. In short, the spring-summer colorama has something to seduce you.

How to adopt the new spring decoration trends?Spring Summer Decor Trends 2023

Arty, Mediterranean, vintage or natural atmosphere? Which one for you? And how to adopt it? There are simple tips to revamp your interior without having to redo everything. The ideal is to focus on small objects and accessories. On the walls, you can hang frames or even practical swivel shelves, which can be changed according to your own wishes. Wallpaper, engravings, paintings… There are a thousand and one ways to fill your frames. You can also hunt for certain items such as ceramics or vintage crockery. Likewise, don’t be afraid of mismatched furniture. Periods and styles mix and cohabit in the interior in 2023.

What about the spring 2023 decoration trends that will make your exterior?Spring Summer Decor Trends 2023

The layout and decoration of the exterior are a priority for the summer season. And if winter puts the spotlight on the cozy and cocooning style, this spring, we find it in the garden and on the terrace, which stand out as an extension of the interior. In other words, the exterior fits like the interior, and vice versa. The 2023 outdoor trends therefore evoke more resistant materials such as more elaborate and durable furniture. Thanks to new technologies, they can take on water and not fade in the sun. They are often made in an ecological way to stick to the new desires of consumers. They are also quite resistant, which makes it possible to change them less frequently and thus save money.

The spring-summer outdoor decor trends thus evoke the transition from the classic barbecue to a real summer kitchen. For those who are not lucky enough to have a garden, we find this desire for nature inside thanks to the floral wallpaper, plant-holder furniture, vitamin tones and accessories dressed in natural fibres. We fell in love with the XXL rattan suspensions in this kitchen! In pop or discreet colours, they are ideal for flooding a central island with light or creating a sensation in the living room or bedroom. Another emerging spring decoration trend: The place dedicated to pets.

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