Living Room Furniture: Trends 2022-2023

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Living Room Furniture: New Interior Trends 2022-2023The widespread use of social media makes it possible to quickly and easily recognize international trends and styles in interior decoration. Living room décor, furniture, home textiles and accessories are updated every year. It is interesting for everyone to look ahead – renovations and furnishings require a large budget and time, but the desire to be in trend fuels curiosity. The task is facilitated by the designers who showed a series of concepts for the living room 2022-2023 at the summer furniture exhibitions.

Mid-20th Century Furniture RedesignLiving Room Furniture: New Interior Trends 2022-2023

The purpose and efficiency factor of space is high priority for the living room, but fashion and style give the room visual freshness and relevance.

The living room is intended not only for demonstration – it is a place for a comfortable life in a cozy atmosphere.

Professional decorators are wary of instant trends in classic interiors. But modern trends turn the hall of an ordinary apartment into a field for endless play with amazing pieces of furniture, corner structures, color effects and textures.

The ideal space raises several questions:

  • How to combine trendy furniture and relaxation?
  • How to get affordable comfort in a trendy space?
  • How to achieve individuality with mass-produced furniture?

Blending innovative interiors with 20th century vintage furniture, living rooms take on an exclusive touch. It is not necessary to use one schema. The current style offers many options in the classic segment, creates new design trends that are more related to furniture, its shape, color, functionality, texture. There are some simple yet very effective ways to make your living room unique!

Modern Style Is Always Relevant!Living Room Furniture: New Interior Trends 2022-2023

Perhaps the style that is called “modern” is the most versatile, “flexible”, concealing many possibilities for changing and updating the interior. It originated in the United States and Europe after World War II and embodied practicality and laconicism. Everything in it was subordinated to the main thing – functionality. Mass-market furniture of mass production prevailed in the design. The home furnishings of that period matched the needs of the American and European middle and working class in urban apartments. Over time, the design and decor of the headsets changed, and the designers created several elements for furniture production (wardrobes, walls, pencil cases, folding sofas, etc.), which still fit well into living rooms and other rooms.

Among the memorable and recognizable features of the style are straight forms that lend a clean, minimalist aesthetic. Living rooms have wardrobes and modular walls with a fairly simple geometry, and next to them there are sofas with a straight backrest horizon, straight or slightly rounded edges. Moreover, upholstered furniture, as a rule, occupies the main place in the room, the rest of the furniture is usually an additional background.

Trend Direction 2023Living Room Furniture: New Interior Trends 2022-2023

Experts consider modern style to be the most effective way to integrate furniture into urban interiors.

Bright spot A neutral palette rules the modern room – from classic black and white to various shades of gray, brown and beige. It’s incredibly soothing decor, but the living room can feel cold, boring, and uncomfortable. To liven up the interior, you can add bright upholstery to the sofa or armchairs, or some bright accessories.
Furniture made of wood or MDF Thanks to the beige or gray shade on the floor and walls, the wooden set demonstrates luxury and prestige. An amazing shade of green corner combines natural colors into a single comfortable interior.
Color in pieces of furniture Minimal design elements, simple pieces of furniture visually change under the influence of color. Choosing a bright colored sofa for your living room is easy to get serious interior changes. Simplicity looks stylish and elegant. Thanks to the “walnut”, “oak”, “wenge” the headset acquires respectability.
Accent The budget seriously limits desires, but an original armchair or a cozy corner sofa is enough to change the living room, to make the object the main accent in the usual environment.


Style And Design In The InteriorLiving Room Furniture: New Interior Trends 2022-2023

Each room serves as a unique means of creating a comfortable atmosphere. Furniture trends for 2022 offers a variety of styles and creative ways to make dreams come true. All types of furniture: upholstered, cabinet, corner, modular, have received original changes focused on fashionable trends in architectural styles. The main décor trend next year is personality and character.

Depending on your wishes, you can find your own solutions or use the advice of professionals. The benchmark is several interior designs that allow you to find a unique combination of stylish furniture and trendy finishes:


The style attracts with the original combination of materials. The main points are metal and wood elements, darker shades, but all together make the space catchy, exclusive. A bright accent spot is a concrete or brick wall, which clearly indicates that this is an urbanistic, urban style characteristic of a modern metropolis.


The ascetic direction has been holding the first positions for several seasons in a row. Fashion suggests limiting the number of pieces of furniture in order to live comfortably in a free and light space.

Eco style

The interior direction is becoming viral. Fans equated ecology and quality. As a result, the hall is dominated by many elements from recycled materials, paper wallpaper, natural furniture.


The style is associated with a country house, warm ambiance and delicious food. New ideas include many details of the outdoor gazebo – white wooden chairs with interesting patterns on the back, checkered tablecloths, and sturdy wooden or metal shelves.


The diversity is explained by the mass of traditions of each nation and migration. The decor of the room and furniture can reflect the cultural characteristics, history, folk art of a particular country, be it China, India, Japan or, for example, African countries.


By 2023, designers predict the peak of the development of this style, which emphasizes the connection between people and nature. Natural and organic materials, wood fittings and floors, stone, abundant daylight and many plants in the living room remind of beautiful landscapes in a comfortable environment. The technogenic society is returning to natural materials and real plants. To get rid of TVs, computers, mobile phones and other technologies, small green corners or a small inner garden are created in the room.


The Japandi hybrid trend is a blend of Scandinavian and Japanese style. Modernized Scandinavian design combines with the timeless elegance of Japanese aesthetics to bring out the best in Eastern and Northern culture. The decors and furnishings are minimalistic, emphasizing the importance of free space with specific functions but little or no decoration. The differences make this mixture especially interesting. Elegant Japanese style with rich color palette coexists with rustic Scandinavian wood furniture. The interiors are warm and cozy.


Living rooms decorated in a Scandinavian style will definitely have white walls that emphasize natural light, a palette of neutral colors with many homogeneous shades, natural textures, stone, and wooden furniture. The uncomplicated design emphasizes an elegant, minimalist aesthetic.


Vintage has remained relevant for many years. The beauty of the interior lies in the combination of classic furniture with modern materials and textures. A novelty is the integration of some of the characteristics of the boho style into living rooms.

Wabi Sabi

The style brings out the beauty of old shabby furniture. In the living room, there are wardrobes and sofas inherited from grandparents, used or vintage pieces of furniture, but always in a living room with a modern renovation. An interesting combination is provided by contrasting textures, a variety of patterns and colors. The aged effect gives the room a personality.

Modern provence

Eclectic accents highlight nature – handcrafted items, decorative ornaments made from natural materials in a natural palette. Beams, wood or stone floors accentuate the theme. Furniture also has features – it should be made of natural wood or with stone and metal finishes. In the living room, you can put rattan armchairs, glass tables, use bamboo decors, sisal, cotton, wool, paper.

Other popular trends are welcome in the interiors that have a positive effect on comfort and home coziness:

  • Modern with expensive wood for cabinet furniture, smooth contours, an abundance of colored glass and metal.
  • Classics with clear lines, abundant carvings remain in demand in living rooms.
  • Hi-tech with chrome surfaces and details, clear geometry and futuristic chandeliers.
  • Neoclassical is characterized by light natural furniture with decors, exquisite sofas and round tables.
  • The English style assumes the presence of upholstered furniture with high backs, comfortable ottomans, as well as dark wood cabinet furniture.
  • Baroque – luxurious furniture with smooth lines shines with gilding, has a variety of decors. The baroque living room is decorated with glitter patterned upholstery. Curved curved legs are a characteristic feature of upholstered furniture and tables.
  • The Italian style is an example of taste, as in the living rooms on the stone floor there are exclusively natural light wood furniture sets, upholstered furniture with pleasant light upholstery.

It is better to coordinate any project with the designer. If the interior does not match the furniture, it is unlikely that a good result will be obtained. But there are many trendy style directions that easily combine your favorite sofas, old chests of drawers with modern renovations.

Living Room Furniture TrendsLiving Room Furniture: New Interior Trends 2022-2023

The choice of home furniture is complicated by a huge number of manufacturers, materials, design features. In 2022 upholstery, designers offer vibrant color trends with a few neutrals:

  • the Rose
  • Lilac and purple
  • Yellow mustard
  • Red, burgundy
  • Bluish and dark green
  • true Blue
  • Apricot orange
  • Lemon yellow
  • The original taupe.

A small inaccuracy in the color palette will easily destroy the harmony of any interior. Special outlines of stylish furniture, natural wood, textures of materials in the tones of “dark wood” and “terrazzo” are included in the list of basic design conditions. The fashion world has clearly defined the scope of trend characteristics for living room furnishings:

Trends 2022-2023 Features:
Pink charm Although pink is not the main color of the trendy palette, for the 2022 living room, it is recommended to use a graceful tone in the upholstery and details. The color harmonizes perfectly with the neutral interior decoration, adding bright and bold accents.
Comfortable sofas Sofas are an integral part of the apartment. Rest and sleep are the main source of energy for everyday chores. Furniture companies provide comfortable and original designs for maximum comfort.
Solid wood furniture Natural materials have become fashionable over the past few years. Trends in architectural fashion are designed for the natural origin of raw materials, so wooden sets, sofas, tables become the main decoration of the house. The combination of various textures, according to fashion experts, makes the interior of 2022 unique.
Geometric features Asymmetry of straight lines, solid and regular shapes and contours are the hallmarks of living room furniture in 2022. The trend of a gradual shift of ethnic themes to abstract forms and prints is rapidly developing.
Furniture with soft and round shapes Asymmetry and modern style are hits of 2022. But the soft and flowing edges of cabinets and sofas brought 1970s comfort back to living rooms. Any elements of these years are welcome in interior decoration, but retro is not the main style for furniture.
Metal parts The fashion perspective includes all kinds of metals for decorating furniture – gold, brass, bronze, steel, nickel. The most common use is for cabinet frames. However, some people prefer to use metal as a finishing material or accessories.
Uniqueness in the design of the living room Custom home decor items decorate your home. Interior details with their own history or authorship are in trend. But uniqueness also implies exclusive pieces of furniture inherited or acquired at a sale, which will take pride of place in the living rooms of 2022-2023.
Attention to detail in furniture Each set, armchair from well-known manufacturers is distinguished by a decor thought out to the smallest detail. When done professionally, every element has meaning and purpose.

Trends In Furniture Finishing MaterialsLiving Room Furniture: New Interior Trends 2022-2023

Experts offer a wide color palette 2022. To create a special atmosphere in the house, choose a wall or headset, furniture upholstery, colors of nature are recommended. Trends for 2022 include sand, wood, a wide range of greens, blues, coral and other colors.

Wooden furniture and contrasting combinations are in fashion. The décor of the following seasons is based on colors that are on opposite sides of the spectrum of the palette.

The living room cannot exist without bright colors. Brick, coral and olive colors will effectively decorate the hall. Lighter shades, white, light ash and gray bring calm and balance.

A good way to get to know the development of design 2023 is with the proposals of the latest Milan furniture fair. The main trends for stylish rooms are radically changing the color palette of the main and auxiliary materials of the furniture industry:

Color “Dark Forest”

Dark colors are recommended for cabinet and modular furniture. The production moves away from the pale and bleached forest, which has been extremely popular thanks to the Scandinavian trend of recent years. New series of dark wood furniture bring back the charm of retro glamor, giving a new vision of modern luxury. Timeless wood is combined with glass and metal in original design solutions.

The handles and metal legs are the perfect finishing touches that add a touch of extra charm from yesteryear. The combination of walnut, gold, brass and black marble lends sophistication to many pieces of furniture.

Oak is very popular. A wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a sideboard, a table made of dark oak give the living rooms a luxurious presentability. In the new range, wenge stands out with a pleasant contrasting shade. Bleached wood is no longer in vogue, this year it will be replaced by the rustic simplicity of a dark solid wood. Retro shapes, stylish dining chairs are the hot trend of 2022.


The terrazzo trend started last year in design, graphics and architecture, but is now a vibrant page in furniture production for countertops, textures, furniture elements. In sixteenth-century Venetian homes, the typical terrazzo floor is an inexpensive solution made from pieces of marble and granite scattered around in a mosaic. Today the texture looks like a mixture of different types of marble in large sizes with striking graphics.

Natural materials

Natural materials, wood, wickerwork take their place in living rooms. In addition to wood, reed or rattan-textured furnishings or decors are recommended to enhance style and comfort.

Brown leather

Bronze or cognac leather never goes out of style, but in the following seasons, upholstered furniture with brown natural upholstery takes the main place in the brand catalogs.

Industrial style metals

Metallic colors are always present in furniture to varying degrees. But a few things made changes. Bronze was replaced by industrial metals – black steel or polished white alloys. Brass, polished nickel and silver are returning. A mixture of hot and cold metals, iron and bronze is still present in the finish.

Cork materials

Cork brings warmth and texture to a space, is ideal for isolating noise, and now the material or texture is widely used in renovation and construction.

Ethnic motives

Earthy tones of clay, terracotta and ocher appear in ethnic motifs that will play a key role in furniture décor. Patterns, materials and textiles in this color provide a natural background, comfort, richness of colors. Floral patterns of the East, a combination of large Paisley patterns with small prints are recommended along with a calm range for upholstery.


Texture plays a major role in new seasons. The furniture will get a natural touch of handcrafted rattan, textured weaving. Textiles play an important role in decoration – texture is widely used for finished walls. Playing with effects brings novelty to the facades of cabinet furniture.

Metal parts

The addition of luxurious metallic touches and fittings is a familiar element of furniture production. The novelty lies in the tonality of the metallic finish – less copper and rose gold, more bronze. Bronze tones are the most sophisticated and organic metallic color palette. Furniture details, mirrors and bronze accessories add luxury to the living room.

Soft headboards

Currently, the upholstered furniture market is dominated by wooden backs decorated with pillows. But as of 2023, manufacturing will be reorienting to soft headboards – a proven way to add luxury to living rooms. The use of this design has become popular in recent years and will expand in the near future.

A classic sofa in neutral tones with buttons or velvet upholstery and a padded back that adds a homely feel. Another trend – the upholstery is fixed on the front with decorative nails.

Design is the many elements that create style. It is imperative to accompany beauty with practicality and comfort. When the living room is delightful, it is fashionable and shows good taste.

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