Modern Living Room 2024: Trends, Furniture And Design

Living Room 2024Want to know what a modern living room trends 2024 looks like? Discover the latest trends in interior design, from trendy shades to trendy furniture. And you can easily transform your living room into a modern and stylish space.

We don’t know when everything will be back to normal, but one thing is certain: the living room has become the center of the home and everyday life. Now it is a multifunctional room that is used for different purposes. Home theater or study, children’s playground or a place to meet friends. It is not surprising that there is a desire to create a cozy, comfortable and stylish interior for many years to come. And design trends are a great plan to follow or just an exciting way to spice up an interior. They offer the inspiration you need to furnish your home. Whether it’s reimagining an entire space with trendy color or just updating upholstered furniture. Let’s take a look at the latest and hottest modern living room trends for 2024.

Trend #1: nature

The main interior design trend of 2024 is an emphasis on the beauty of nature. From houseplants, wooden furniture to green hues, this year will be full of these things. Materials play a key role in the overall impression of a room. This applies not only to upholstery, but also to floors, wall coverings and decor. The natural theme is achieved even with imitation wood, stone or marble. Along with indoor plants, floral prints are also welcome. And, of course, furniture in warm wood tones will add depth, soul, and create a soothing, restorative atmosphere.

Trend number 2: trendy living room colorsLiving Room 2024

And while Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year ‘Very Peri’ is a vibrant blue with a hint of purple, green is definitely a trendy color, a true color of nature. It is associated with the tranquility of the outdoors, making it the perfect shade for a relaxing interior. The color combination trend is a great way to make a living room more stylish. Liven up your plain and boring walls with green and texture. Turn on earthy, grassy, terracotta, or blue-green. They go great with light woods and metals like gold and brass. The more green you can add, the better. Don’t be afraid to use this color in pillows, bedspreads or chair upholstery.

Trend #3: The Evolution of ScandinavianLiving Room 2024

Encompassing a healthy lifestyle, the comfort and serenity of home, Scandinavian style is the best fit for new demands. But the look of this style has certainly changed in 2024. We are witnessing an impressive transformation of style. Colorless interiors with pale wood are finally a thing of the past. New bright versions are in trend – Scandinavian chic, Scandinavian loft, Scandinavian boho, etc. This is still the same timeless Scandi, but with new elements, where there is more texture and rich color, bright black and luxurious gold accents. Against the backdrop of Scandi evolution, Japandi stands out in particular. This is a design concept that combines elements of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. Both are rooted in minimalism, respect nature and value craftsmanship. It is for this reason that natural rattan furniture has made its way into the modern living room of 2024.

Trend #4: Modular FurnitureLiving Room Trends 2024

Lifestyle changes are blurring the lines between home and work, kitchen and living room, and between indoors and outdoors. Multifunctional modular living room furniture creates a contemporary aesthetic that breaks down fixed boundaries. We are looking at the global trend towards life without borders. This year, modular furniture remains a trend in design. The main advantage is that the system of modules can be expanded and, if necessary, reduced in size. This is a great way to create a furniture set based on your needs and preferences. We have covered all the pros and cons of these furniture systems in this article:

And here we will show a unique offer from the Revda furniture factory – Optima modular furniture. It fits perfectly with modern trends and offers the opportunity to create a storage system in the living room for your own needs. From the available modules, countless configurations can be made. And what is remarkable, you yourself will be able to choose the color and finish of the facades from a variety of options.

Trend #5: Modern WallsLiving Room Trends 2024

One of the latest modern living room trends 2024 is a stylish TV area that becomes the focal point in the room. Many have given up TVs, but two years of the pandemic changed that moment. And now they’re back. Moreover, modern technologies allow you to view any content on the Internet from the TV screen. Plus, when our homes turn into offices, gyms, and makeshift bars, storage space is a must. Modern walls perfectly cope with this task. If you want to follow the latest trends, choose minimalist designs without unnecessary details, without handles and strict geometric shapes.

Trend #6: upholstered living room furnitureLiving Room Trends 2024

We all know that interiors with clear lines and shapes have been popular for over a decade. However, not in 2024! The interior design trend this year is focused on softer and rounder shapes. Living rooms are replenished with round shapes, whether it be decorative elements, furniture or the overall theme of the interior. Thus, the design of the living room includes sofas with rounded edges, round poufs, coffee tables and home decor items. They will give your home a soft and natural look.

Now is the time to buy the modern sofa that you have been dreaming about for months. If you’re planning to completely renovate your living room and don’t know where to start, we’ve got some advice for you. First choose the sofa of your dreams and match the rest of the furniture to it. The sofa is the most imposing piece of furniture in the room and thus influences the overall look. A coffee table, TV stand or bookcase will be easier to match with upholstered furniture than vice versa.

Trend #7: ZoningLiving Room Trends 2024

We spend more and more time in our homes, especially living rooms. They have become busy offices for work, a playground for children and places for entertainment. It is clear that living rooms are more than just a place to watch TV. So space zoning is another trend in living room design given the sudden need for home office integration. You can divide the space in three ways: paint, furniture and partitions. Try bold wall paintings like geometric patterns or accent walls. Install partitions made from natural materials such as wood. Or arrange the furniture in a certain way so that it is easy to switch between the work area and the relaxation area.

Trend #8: living room lighting trendsLiving Room Furniture 2024

The latest living room trend for 2024 on our list is lighting! We all know that lighting plays an important role in creating atmosphere and mood. So choosing the right lighting is just as important as following other trends. So if you are planning to remodel or update your living room, consider modern lighting fixtures. But this is a topic for a separate article. We have detailed the details here:


Modern living room trends 2024 are all about finding beauty in the unexpected and creating exceptional designs for your home. Here everyone will find something for themselves and whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong. Because it’s all about expressing yourself and making the most of the space to create your own version of a cozy home.

Furniture trends 2024Furniture trends 2024

This season again, the furniture will be given a new look to invest our interiors. Shapes, materials, styles… what does trendy furniture look like in 2024? Raw materials, natural and soft colors, this year is placed under the sign of tranquility and relaxation. For an interior decoration that is as modern as it is comforting, let’s take stock of the trendy furniture to adopt in 2024.

Because your 2024 decoration cannot be completely trendy without designer and well-chosen furniture, let’s take stock together of the essentials for this new year.

Furniture trend 2024: natural materials in the spotlight

Among natural materials, noble materials are making a comeback in interior decoration. Wood, ceramic, marble and velvet proudly adorn the trendy furniture 2024.

We multiply the wooden furniture to give an extra soul to our interiors. This year, the big trend is textured wood furniture. Light or dark essence, we hasten to find a chest of drawers in wood and caning or a sideboard in oak or walnut wood with reliefs and cleats on the doors. Natural wood furniture is synonymous with character. This season, natural wood is sometimes modern and sometimes rustic. For a trendy piece of furniture in 2024, the two styles blend elegantly on the same piece of furniture.

The wood will then be perfectly complemented by other natural materials. Among the trendiest, ceramics and marble stand out. In a light gray living room, a beautiful, imposing marble coffee table will contrast effortlessly with a large dark wooden sideboard. In a raw and Earthy spirit, we will dare to use ultra-airy wood and metal furniture that gives freshness and vitality to our interiors.

To fuel this 2024 furniture trend, elaborate materials will accessorize everything. Velvet, and especially corduroy, will give a 70s style for a successful art deco atmosphere. Already very trendy in 2023, caning, meanwhile, will complement less expected pieces of furniture such as poufs and lounge chairs.

To accompany your furniture, bet on linens and unique decorative accessories. Discover the 2024 DIY decoration trends to personalize and enhance your interior with ease.

Clean-lined furniture is trending in 2024

The rounded shapes, even cylindrical, settle in our homes for a soothing atmosphere. We especially appreciate the rounded poufs that offer comfort and a decorative touch. Still in natural materials, the pouf can be adorned with velvet with a cane or solid wood foot. For lighter living spaces, 2024 appreciates airy and elaborate furniture. Their minimalist side brings design and style to your room. For more character, wood will be your best friend and will satisfy your desires.

Finally, 2024 furniture trends also thinks of small spaces that need to be optimized. Indeed, the lack of space should not deprive the living room of a trendy decoration. This is why the sofa bed is very popular. It has been able to modernize to meet each style of interior decoration. It can thus be modern, minimalist, Scandinavian or even rustic. However, it has not forgotten its primary quality: that of providing comfort to your family and friends all year round.

To ensure comfort and style for family, friends or yourself throughout the year, we rely on comfortable and warm furniture. Noble and natural materials, rounded or characterful shapes, the trendy furniture 2024 will not go unnoticed.

2024 living room trends2024 living room trends

The year 2024 is fast approaching and you are already thinking of redecorating the living room? Natural materials, XXL accessories, floral patterns, furnishings… Trends are already taking shape, promising a new season rich in colour. Our team reveals the 2024 living room decor trends to help you feel good in a warm interior that suits you. And for the latest hot styles, be sure to check out our Living Room Trends 2024 post.

What colors for a trendy living room in 2024?

Focus on 2024 trends: this year, natural colors inspired by nature are once again inviting themselves into our living rooms. Both soft and sober, these shades will be contrasted with brighter colors, such as green and Klein blue. Discover all the trendy colors for a living room in 2024.

Natural colors

Once again, the colors from nature will be very popular for the decor of the living room. Ecru, cream, light grey … these luminous shades have the power to accentuate the luminosity of the room. Combined with other warmer colours, such as terracotta or ochre, they are ideal for creating a cocooning atmosphere that is both peaceful and warm. With the return of the minimalist trend, we’re betting on cream walls and an XXL ecru sofa!

Shades of white and beige contrasted by bright colors

In 2024, the trend is for natural and vegetal living rooms, imbued with a zen and soothing atmosphere. The shades of white and beige will therefore find a perfect balance with more lively colors, such as the integrated green thanks to the plants. On the walls and on textiles (plaids, cushions, etc.), the new year will feature bright, light colors: sage green, but also Horizon blue, elected color of the year 2024 by Dulux Valentine.

Created in the 1960s, Klein blue is making a big comeback in the trend colors for the living room in 2024. Showcased on a section of wall, on an armchair or on cushions, this electric and luminous hue turns upside down the codes of the decoration to bring a strong identity to the living room. Combined with these light natural colors, Klein blue is a real invitation to travel and get away from it all.

New decorative trends to adopt in your living room in 2024

  1. Authentic materials

The decoration trends of 2021 and previous seasons highlight authentic, organic and natural materials. And the year 2024 is no exception to the rule: there is a craze for natural wood furniture that brings warmth and comfort to the living room, curly wool armchairs, velvet cushions, corduroy sofas…

  1. wall niches

Indeed, this small recess in the wall can become a real playground! In addition to serving as a storage space for books or accessories, the wall niche can be enhanced by attractive lighting. It can even be painted in a color reminiscent of another element of the living room. Up to you !

  1. XXL decorative accessories

Large vases to accommodate majestic flowers, large candlesticks, as well as generous ceiling lights. The trend will be for XXL pendant lights that will flood the living room with light. On the floor, we will favor generous carpets for a successful cocooning effect.

  1. Rounded shapes and geometric shapes

In terms of furnishings and objects, the 2024 living room decorating trend is distinguished by two very different and diametrically opposed styles. On the one hand, there are furniture and objects with soft and rounded shapes, especially on the seats. On the other hand, the furniture gives pride of place to straight and geometric shapes from the minimalist style. Armchairs straight from the 70s combining velvet and metal frames will also be very trendy.

  1. A graphic wall decoration

In vogue for a few years, graphic wall decoration brings energy and dynamism to the living room. If you have innate talents in painting, let your imagination guide you to create quirky and abstract patterns on the walls of your living room. Otherwise, opt for the trendy wallpaper models in 2024 which offer a range of floral, plant and geometric patterns to modernize the walls of the living room with ease.

A plant fair: the big trend for 2024

In 2024, plants and flowers will be even more essential than they were in 2023… and the more, the better! Are you ready to make your way into your plant living room? Whatever their shapes and colors, plants have the power to create a positive atmosphere in our interiors. In addition to being soothing and pleasant to look at, plants purify indoor air. So why deprive yourself of it? This year, bet on XXL potted plants placed near the openings. For contrast, arrange small plants on stools and bookcase shelves. Finally, don’t forget the vases hanging from the ceiling.

Be careful, however, to choose their location carefully. Avoid arranging them all in the same place to avoid the “greenhouse” effect. On the contrary, depending on their species, place them strategically in various places so that they are sufficiently exposed to daylight.

Before transforming your living room into a tropical garden, also be sure to choose plants that are suitable for indoor living and easy to maintain. For XXL plants, choose an Areca, a Kentia, a Pachira or a Ficus Lyrata. As for small hanging plants, treat yourself to a Hoya or a Sedum morganianum. Remember that even if you don’t have a garden, caring for plants should be fun, whatever the season.

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