Main Trends In Furniture 2022-2023

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Main Trends In Furniture 2022-2023In 2023, designers recommend keeping a course for naturalness and environmental friendliness, unusual shapes, natural colors, practicality and functionality, attention to detail. Freedom and personalization in interior design comes first. This means that you can select furniture based on your desires, needs and taste preferences.

Ergonomic and corner softeningMain Trends In Furniture 2022-2023

In the new season, ergonomic furniture, in which there is nothing superfluous, and oval, round shapes will be appreciated. Presenting new collections, global manufacturers focus on smooth curved lines and rounded shapes. This is one of the main trends in furniture 2022-2023, which should be taken into account when arranging an apartment or house.

Corner racks, round hallway hangers, wicker pots and floor vases will come to the rescue. In the living room, corners can be softened with the help of bean bags, poufs, coffee tables, in the bedroom – bedside tables, while the bed can be placed in the corner of the room – this will free up space and make it more comfortable.

A particularly relevant technique for small apartments is the use of each meter – you can make a corner bookcase or workstation, and put the corner table next to the window.

Unusual silhouettes of coffee tables give the living room a unique look. The Wave Table by Boca do Lobo is an example of an original approach to furnishing. The wave table is made of wood and handcrafted, depending on the model, with hammered copper, stainless steel, poplar veneer, patinated brass. The curved table top is made of black glass and resembles a puddle of water left on the rocks after rain. You can also choose a bedside table with the same design.

Furniture transformerMain Trends In Furniture 2022-2023

A European trend that is gradually penetrating our reality is folding and easy-to-clean furniture. Small apartments, moving, the desire to make a rearrangement – multifunctional furniture will be relevant.

A bed that can turn into a table with one movement of the hand, “leave” in a wardrobe or a podium, a TV panel that turns into a work area with one or two manipulations. Such trends will help to make an apartment not just cozy and free, but really comfortable for life.

Particularly in demand will be available prefabricated furniture and compact individual elements that can be adapted to different room sizes, customized for yourself.

Comfortable furnitureMain Trends In Furniture 2022-2023

Comfort is paramount in every home (regardless of its size), especially in the bedroom. Investments are also made in bathroom furnishings and seating furniture. Compact, visually appealing upholstered furniture such as two-seater sofas or armchairs is a trend. Here, special attention is paid to ergonomics. Console tables, folding tables or small shelves provide a sense of order in everyday life and become an integral part of the interior. Comfortable hammocks, in which it is pleasant to relax, move from garden to house. Stools and benches are provided with soft upholstery to add comfort to the kitchen and dining area. The sofas are adjustable and also stand on a platform that raises the cushions to a higher level. They are complemented by built-in tables.

Brabbu’s Essex swivel chair looks incredibly cozy and is the perfect piece for setting up a reading nook. The armchair is upholstered in velvet and the base is made of matt aged brass. This model will make any living room elegant.

The Monochrome console table will not go unnoticed. Molded resin creates the most sophisticated and unusual volumes, and rich colors act as an accent in modern living interiors.

Future gadgets and smart designMain Trends In Furniture 2022-2023

Intelligent applications are becoming more diverse, reliable and easy to use, they can more accurately adapt to the specific needs of people.

Lights serve as speakers, bedside tables are equipped with wireless charging stations for mobile phones, sofas remember individual preferences, beds are gently nudged into a different sleeping position when we snore. Technology is becoming an integral, inconspicuous piece of furniture and a leading trend in 2022/2023.

If you wish, you can equip any furniture with modern devices, but there are always certain frameworks – design, technical, design, which can limit creativity and, of course, overestimate the total cost of such furniture.

Mix of styles

Modern trends in interior design allow for more freedom and a mixture of different style approaches. You can combine a vintage wardrobe and minimalist chairs. The combination of trends from different times enlivens the environment and emphasizes individuality. This is how the tastes of different generations of people are reflected in the setting, which gives it liveliness and originality. Eclecticism in the interior takes pride of place in 2023.

Natural motivesMain Trends In Furniture 2022-2023

Natural materials and closeness to nature in the setting are popular again. The design should be of high quality, attractive and green. The rough wood furnishings lend a natural touch to the interior. The same direction will be reflected in the colors of the upholstery. Natural tones fit perfectly with the stylists’ demands for simplicity and functionality in 2023.

Flexible solutionsMain Trends In Furniture 2022-2023

Living conditions are changing rapidly today. People are looking for freedom from conventions when it comes to housing. As rooms flow into one another, there is a need for multifunctional furniture that marks or separates living quarters from each other: tables that serve as dining and work cabinets, wardrobes that can store things and zone space. The kitchen and living room merge, while the bathroom remains a separate room or adjoins the bedroom. With the exception of built-in wardrobes, such apartments require separate pieces of furniture: in order not to deprive the interior of a sense of freedom, it is better to mix them, rather than use entire collections.

Some experts in the next two years predict a change in the vector when choosing furniture for home furnishings. And they strongly advise to give up headsets as a set of items with the same design right now. Such headsets, in their opinion, form a dull space and leave a room without character. Better to bet on eclecticism. And another trend that will gradually go out of fashion within a couple of years is tufted (woven) headboards with intricate decor. They will be replaced by something laconic and simple.

Individualization course

Paradoxically, the most important design trend of 2023 calls for ignoring all fashion vectors and focusing on adapting and personalizing the home interior based on your own interests and tastes.

It is not surprising that in this light, the demand for designer furniture and items that can be easily customized (movable lamps, interchangeable shelves, modules, etc.) is growing. But no matter what unusual solutions the market offers, you need to remember: the interior is a comfortable space for its inhabitants. Even when their perceptions of beauty contradict annual trends.

Combination of materials

A combination of different textures and colors is in fashion. Metal inserts on a piece of furniture look harmoniously next to glass. Sliding wardrobes, dressers and tables in a similar design will adorn a modern interior. In the manufacture of furniture, durable and safe tempered glass is mainly used. Metal and glass are suitable for most interiors, but this combination looks especially good in high-tech style.

Vintage is back in fashionMain Trends In Furniture 2022-2023

It is worth noting that furniture in the spirit of the 50s is gradually returning to fashion. The trend for old pieces of furniture is gaining momentum. The uniqueness and uniqueness of old parts with history emphasize individuality.

Ethnic motives

Earthy tones of clay, terracotta and ocher appear in ethnic motifs that will play a key role in furniture décor. Patterns, materials and textiles in such colors provide a natural background, comfort, richness of colors. Floral patterns of the East, a combination of large Paisley patterns with small prints are recommended along with a calm range for upholstery.

Soft headboards

Currently, the upholstered furniture market is dominated by wooden backs decorated with cushions. But starting in 2023, manufacturing will be reorienting to soft headboards – a proven way to add luxury to living rooms. The use of this design has become popular in recent years and will expand in the near future.

A classic sofa in neutral tones with buttons or velvet upholstery and a padded back that adds a homely feel. Another trend – the upholstery is fixed on the front with decorative nails.

Color TrendsMain Trends In Furniture 2022-2023

In 2023, the following will become especially popular:

– Terracotta. This brick shade mixed with orange, red and ocher looks very impressive in furniture and accessories. It is widely used to decorate soft sofas, armchairs and coffee tables.

– Mint green. It will successfully replace traditional white tones in furniture. Looks great with sand, coffee and ocher shades. If you like cool shades, it is worth adding emerald or gray-blue;

– Bottle green. This color is often found in the design of premium furniture. It looks unusually smart and fresh and fits perfectly into minimalism and loft styles.

– Mustard. This shade from a warm palette is associated with earth and sun. Using it in furniture upholstery gives the room aristocracy and originality. Gray, white or chocolate accents in the interior will help to muffle the brightness of the tone.

– Blue-gray. Visually enlarges the space, refreshes the interior and gives it lightness. Gray-blue color is combined with shades of dark wood or cold pink tones.

Dark colors are recommended for cabinet and modular furniture. The production moves away from the pale and bleached forest, which has been extremely popular thanks to the Scandinavian trend of recent years. New series of dark wood furniture bring back the charm of retro glamor, giving a new vision of modern luxury. Timeless wood is combined with glass and metal in original design solutions.

The handles and metal legs are the perfect finishing touches that add a touch of extra charm from yesteryear. The combination of walnut, gold, brass and black marble lends sophistication to many pieces of furniture.

Oak is very popular. A wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a sideboard, a table made of dark oak give the living rooms a luxurious presentability. In the new assortment, wenge stands out with a pleasant contrasting shade. Bleached wood is no longer in vogue, this year it will be replaced by the rustic simplicity of a dark solid wood. Retro shapes, stylish dining chairs are the hot trend of 2022.

Furniture materialsMain Trends In Furniture 2022-2023

Designers strive to make furniture mainly from natural materials: wood, bamboo and rattan, stone, leather, etc.

Bronze or cognac leather never goes out of style, but in the following seasons, upholstered furniture with brown natural upholstery takes the main place in the brand catalogs.

The combination of several textures in one object at once gives a special attractiveness and originality to the interior. Mirrored inserts in cabinets and countertops make the room more elegant and visually expand its boundaries. A special chic of recent times is the wooden backs and armrests of the sofas, on which soft pillows are placed.

Furniture can be decorated with brass, bronze, steel or nickel. Copper is the most popular in 2023, attractive due to its warm hue and the ability to bring a festive atmosphere into the room.

Bronze was replaced by industrial metals – black steel or polished white alloys. Brass, polished nickel and silver are returning. A mixture of hot and cold metals, iron and bronze is still present in the finish.

Furniture fabricsMain Trends In Furniture 2022-2023

For furniture upholstery, textiles with expressive texture and high quality are increasingly being chosen. The ornament can be in the form of a small cage, “crow’s feet”, restrained ripples. Subtle floral or ethnic patterns are also acceptable.

Thorny, cold and rough rough surfaces are a thing of the past. Soft, delicate and silky materials for furniture upholstery, which are pleasant to touch, are gaining popularity: chenille, velor, velvet, etc. The neighborhood of fabrics of different texture looks very impressive. For example, velvet goes well with leather, silk or linen.

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