DIY wooden garden swing 2021: photos and drawings, sizes and manufacturing recommendations

The shady garden in the garden and cottage will be a great place for a family vacation, especially if you make a little effort and make it comfortable with the help of various accessories and small structures, for example, canopies, arbors, benches, etc. DIY and arrange on your site a garden swing 2021 made of wood with your own hands: you can find photos and drawings, sizes and basic parameters for construction in this article.

DIY wooden garden swing 2021Swing is a great way to diversify your leisure time while relaxing in the country

Features of creating wooden swings for summer cottages: characteristics and types of structures

To create a garden swing, three basic materials are most often used. This list includes wood, plastic and metal. Undoubtedly, each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. But when it comes to drawings of garden swings with your own hands, you will not find a more practical and convenient raw material than wood.

Wooden swing has only one drawback, which relates to the operation of any products made of wood. Such constructions without the use of appropriate protective measures can greatly suffer from the influence of negative environmental factors.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Original round garden swing with soft mattress

These factors include exposure to:

  • rain
  • snow;
  • direct sunlight;
  • fungi and mold;
  • insects
  • sharp temperature changes;
  • decay processes.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

With your own hands you can make a variety of swings and turn your own ideas into reality

Useful advice! To prevent premature damage to the wood, just install the structure under a canopy or pull an awning over it. Thanks to this, you will protect the swing from the harmful effects of rain and sun. Special protective agents and antiseptic compounds solve the problem with parasites, fungi, rotting processes and humidity.

The benefits of creating a wooden garden swing do it yourself

Wood has excellent technical and operational characteristics. Due to the properties of this material, you can create a truly comfortable and beautiful design.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Wicker swings in the form of spheres are quite roomy and comfortable

Features of the do-it-yourself garden swing made of wood:

  • environmental friendliness. Since wood refers to materials of natural natural origin, products made from it are completely safe for human health;
  • external aesthetics. Designs can fit into any landscape and garden design, since the bulk of the environment is made up of natural materials (stone, wood) and vegetation. Compared to metal products, wooden structures are much aesthetically superior and can support the exterior of any country house;DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Pillows and blankets will make the swing softer and more comfortable

  • security. Due to its softness, wood is convenient in operation and maintenance, it is able to reduce the number of injuries. This advantage is most advantageous if you intend to complete the design of a children’s swing ;
  • simple installation system. Any person with the simplest skills in building and handling wood can engage in the construction of a swing;DIY wooden garden swing 2021

A canopy over the swing protects from the scorching rays of the sun in the summer

  • universality. This type of material is quite easily amenable to various types of processing (grinding, cutting, cutting). Thanks to this, any of the do-it-yourself garden swings made of wood, the photo of which you like most, can be done by you personally without involving specialists in this process. Wood allows single-type constructions or large-capacity swings made in the form of sofas.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Adults also do not mind relaxing and relaxing, imposingly swaying on a swing

Note! The cost of purchasing material is not high. In addition to this, creating products yourself, you save on the services of craftsmen.

DIY wooden garden swing: photos and drawings, sizes and modifications

If you decide to start creating a swing on a summer cottage on your own, first of all it is worth deciding on the type of structure that you want to install, and determining a suitable place for its placement. To facilitate and speed up the design and preparation phase, use the photo of a swing for a do-it-yourself cottage made of wood, of which there are many drawings on the Internet.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Drawing of a wooden swing of the optimal size for one person

Varieties of garden do-it-yourself swing made of wood

The classification of garden swings is quite extensive. In this case, the main types of structures are presented:

  • family – have a high capacity. The design is based on a long bench , which plays the role of a large seat, which can simultaneously accommodate up to 5 people. In most cases, a swing of this type is equipped with its own canopy, which protects from sunlight and bad weather;DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Family-type swings can comfortably accommodate 3-5 people

  • children’s – designs can have a significant number of modifications. Most often, the main components of such a product are supports, a small seat and fasteners. It is important to ensure a full level of safety for the child. For these purposes, protective elements must be provided in the design that will prevent the baby from falling. Such elements include a comfortable back, handrails on the sides, a partition located in front, seat belts that fix the child inside the seat;DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Original children’s horse-made wooden swing

  • portable – products with compact dimensions and light weight. These characteristics not only allow you to move the swing around the site, but also put them in a car for transportation to another place for the rest. As a rule, the fastening of such products is carried out on a tree branch or on a pre-made support.DIY wooden garden swing 2021
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Portable swing can be rearranged anywhere in the site, depending on weather conditions

Choosing a place to place a children’s do-it-yourself wooden swing

Any type of construction that takes place on the territory of a suburban land begins with the design stage and the selection of the appropriate location.

Note! The principle according to which the choice of a place for construction is carried out concerns not only children’s swings made of wood. These requirements apply to other designs.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Simple children’s swing made using a wooden board and rope

As far as possible, a plot with a flat surface should be selected on the personal territory. It is advisable that this area be protected from the sun and precipitation. An ideal place to create a swing is the area under the tree where a thick shadow falls. Installation on a porch protected by a canopy is allowed.

All these conditions directly affect the level of operating comfort, as sitting on a swing seat, heated under the sun, is unpleasant and uncomfortable. And unhindered rain can damage the structure.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

When placing a children’s swing in the garden, it is necessary to provide enough space for swinging

It is also worth taking into account the fact that as the sun moves around the sky, the shadow cast by a tree or other objects will move. For installation, you should choose a place where the shadow will stand at noon. At this point in the day, the sun has the strongest and most aggressive effect.

Drawings and photos of a garden swing with your own hands from a tree for a summer residence

If we talk about universal designs, then the swing type swing mounted on the A-shaped supports will become a real object of relaxation for the whole family. Moreover, they can be installed both in large summer cottages and in small gardens near the house. And the process itself is not expensive in terms of resources of time and effort.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Swing chair design with soft cushion cover

The list of required tools should include:

  • tape measure and pencil (tape measure can be replaced with a measuring tape);
  • mechanical or electric jigsaw;
  • circular saw;
  • hacksaw;
  • square for measuring angles (combined type);
  • rafter pins;DIY wooden garden swing 2021

DIY Swing Bed

  • test square;
  • saw goats;
  • surface gage and planer;
  • hammer, screwdriver, clamps, wrenches;
  • a chisel (25 mm);
  • electric drill with a set of drills (10, 8 and 4.5 mm);
  • bar for grinding.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Simple wooden swing for children’s outdoor games

Note! Of course, to purchase a finished design in the store is much easier and faster. But in this case, it is unlikely to fully meet all your requirements in terms of design, size, etc. Creating your own garden swing made of wood according to your own drawings will allow you to endow the design with all the necessary characteristics.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Swing in a quiet corner of the garden will allow you to enjoy the aromas of greenery

Do-it-yourself wooden swing construction for a summer house: drawings and selection of materials

At the initial stage, materials are prepared for creating a garden swing with your own hands, the photo of which you liked the most. Based on the drawings, you can easily understand how many blanks will be required to assemble the structure and what sizes they should have.

Dimension table for creating blanks:

Detail in construction Dimensions of the transverse part of the workpiece, cm Final length cm The required number of blanks, pcs.
Frame part of the structure
Spacer (top) 4,5×14 23 2
Spacer (bottom) 4,5×14 96 2
Leg 4,5×9 198.7 4
Crossbar 4,5×14 210 1
Seat Parts
Rear strut 3,5×7 60 2
Bar (supporting) 3,5×7 95.5 2
Bar (for seat) 3,5×7 120 2
Armrest 3,5×7 60 2
Backrest strap 2,5×7 130 2
Armrest support 3,5×7 27.5 2
Seat bar 2,5×7 128.4 8
Upper bar 2,5×9 130 1


In addition, to connect the above blanks to each other in a single design, you will need fasteners with different parameters.

Additional materials for creating family or children’s hanging wooden swings

The final size of the structure is: 2.1 m (width), 1.235 m (depth) and 1.9 m (height). It is recommended to use impregnated pine as a raw material.

Dimensional table of fasteners:

Type of fastener Dimensional parameters, mm
Galvanized wood screws 8×65
Screws (24 pcs.) 8×50
Wood screws 8×38
Screws (8 pcs.) 10×75
Nails (roofing) 2,5×40
Nails (convex hat) 2,5×65
Screws with a square head and washers under them (8 pcs.) 8×100
Round head bolts and nuts for them (2 pcs.) 10×125
Eyebolts with washers under them and lock nuts (6 pcs.) 100


Useful advice! Prepare an antiseptic agent suitable for wood processing in advance, as well as materials for finishing. These points are thought out at the design and planning stage of the future design.

In addition to the fasteners, you will need a number of additional materials: a pair of wooden struts for the corner zone (length 38 cm), sandpaper with a grain level of 120, hooks equipped with a safety lock (6 pcs., 5 mm), a chain 4.4 m long (link thickness 2 cm).DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Swing with a soft mattress and comfortable pillows – a great place to relax

Drawings of a garden swing: how to make a family-made design yourself

To place a swing, it is recommended to choose the back of the house. Even if your site is fenced off from a noisy street and neighbors, this area will still be the most comfortable and quiet. In most cases, the backyard is equipped for relaxation, and you can safely use it to install family or children’s street wooden swings for a summer residence.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Wooden swing-bench, step 1: design sketch and preparation of parts for assembly

Marking the supporting part of the product

To make the support, you will need to saw the transverse beam to the specified size using a circular saw. At a distance of 15 cm, marks are made from each end and a straight line is drawn. It should pass along all the faces on the beam. This line will be considered as the external face for the A-shaped support.

On the end of the legs should be marked for inclined sections. To do this, the square is fastened with the help of rafter pins. One of the pins is mounted on a larger leg (at a distance of 316 mm from the corner), and the other on a smaller leg (at a distance of 97 mm from the corner). The foot is laid on the edge and marked with the positions of the square. You should get a bevel to do the bottom cut.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

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Wooden swing bench, step 2: applying glue and fastening parts together

After this, the positions of the square line on the verge of the legs are marked. To do this, you need to move the square in the direction along the leg to combine it with the previous position of the ruler. Having outlined the length of the ruler, you can move the square further.

Note! This procedure is performed until the square is set 6 times in length.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Wooden swing bench, step 3: fixing the connected parts with self-tapping screws

The last line of marking is designed for transverse cutting of the beam. These positions are marked with straight lines leading to each side of the leg. To make a pattern, you need to saw off the material on the side that is not processed.

Cut the supporting part of the structure

To saw off the material using a hacksaw, you should first put it on the edge and clamp it in the saw goats. Cutting is carried out strictly according to the marking. Remember to control the parties. This is especially true for the upper cut zone. Sometimes it becomes necessary to level the bevel. To do this, it is enough to process the end part of the cut with a planer.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Wooden swing-bench, step 4: installation of the back and seat structure

To form the second leg, you need to put the first to it, joint to joint. After that, all marks on the bevels and length are transferred to the second leg and sawn off according to the marking.

Then both legs are laid on the edge so that the end parts of the vertices are located on different sides of the transverse beam. The lower part of the legs is pushed to the sides until a distance of 1.2 m is formed. The upper part of these parts must be adjacent to the crossbar. To check the bevels, use a ruler, applying it to the ends. Adjust if necessary.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Wooden swing bench, step 5: securing the armrests

A distance of 50 cm is measured from the base of the legs and a lower bar is applied. Next, the leg lines, as well as the upper and lower parts of the bar, are transferred to the corresponding parts. After that, the upper bar is laid on its feet. This must be done so that it is located 15 cm lower than the transverse beam lies, and is parallel to the first bar. The markup is carried out in exactly the same way as in the previous version.

After that, the bars are removed, and the marking is combined on the surface. At given points, these elements need to be cut to the required length.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Wooden Bench Swing, Step 6: Suspension

DIY garden swing drawings: assembly of the support part

The next phase of construction is a fit test. The markup is transferred using a square to the inside of the legs.

Useful advice! You can use these 4 parts as samples for making a second side frame. She is going in a similar way.

The template is set at 22 mm and markings are made between perpendicular lines located on the inside of each of the legs.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Wooden swing-bench, step 7: processing of the product with protective compounds

Further actions are carried out in the following sequence:

  • a nail with a convex head (25×65 mm) is driven in from the outside of the leg;
  • fitting joints and driving nails into the frame;
  • hole formation with a drill, the diameter of which is 8 mm. The hole should reach the central part of the end face of each bar;
  • forming a mounting hole with a drill, the diameter of which is 4.5 mm. You need to do this as deep as possible into the end of the bars;DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Drawing of a support part for a wooden garden swing

  • screed of parts through the installation hole using square-head screws equipped with 8×100 mm washers. You need to do this procedure with all the bars;
  • placing the transverse beam in an appropriate place in the upper part of the frame;
  • the combination of the edges of the frame with perpendicular markings on the transverse beam;
  • the formation of holes with a diameter of 10 mm in the beam and in both legs;
  • fixing parts with a bolt with a semicircular head (125×10 mm) and a nut;
  • reconciliation of the angles between the beam and the leg;DIY wooden garden swing 2021

A-shaped design – the most reliable as a support for a swing

the formation of through holes in the leg with a diameter of 4.5 mm at a level of 30 mm from the bottom of the beam. Fixing parts with screws (65 mm). Similar actions are performed in the upper leg. Only in this case, other screws (38 mm) are used for fastening.

Next, you need to connect the upper bar and the crossbar. The spacer is fixed with a through screw, the size of which is 65 mm. The upper part of this element is fixed to the lower edge of the beam in the end part with a 38 mm screw into a pre-made hole (4.5 mm).DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Terrace swings are a great place to hang out with family and friends.

Making a seat for a garden swing with your own hands made of wood

The technology for creating a seat is carried out in stages on the basis of an L-shaped frame made of boards (40-50 mm).

Note! Drawings of a children’s do-it-yourself swing made of wood are in many respects similar to ordinary family-type designs. Only in this case you can shorten the seat by making the swing single, or add a few seat belts to fix each child in the large seat.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Swing from the pallet, step 1: cut the pallets to the desired size

Step-by-step instructions for making a seat:

  • from the boards, 3 frame details for the bench should be formed. They must be L-shaped. Fixation is carried out by self-tapping screws. To fit the frame under the curve of the spine, use carpentry tools. Thanks to this, you can achieve a comfortable posture for the back while riding;
  • frame elements should be placed along the length of the bench with the same pitch. Use a thin board to hold them together. The resulting design will be the basis for the creation of the bench. The part with the vertical type of placement will be the back, the horizontal with the seat;DIY wooden garden swing 2021
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Swing from the pallet, step 2: treatment of the wooden seat with a waterproof composition and varnishing

  • the remaining seating area is filled with boards. Pre-make holes in them to facilitate the process of screwing in the screws and prevent the appearance of cracks. Make sure that the boards are equally spaced and equal in length;
  • treat the surface with a grinding tool. Thanks to this, you can eliminate bumps and burrs on the wood;
  • fix the armrests.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Swing from the pallet, step 3: securing the swing with a rope or strong rope

A photo of a wooden swing for a summer house with your own hands and the process of hanging

In order to suspend the seat in its lateral part (approximately in the middle), screws equipped with rings should be installed. Two more rings are fixed at the bottom of the crossbar. These elements will be used to connect the support and swing using suspensions. In this case, chains are used.

The connecting elements between the main parts will be carbines. Suspension length is optional. The optimal height for placing the bench is 30 cm above the ground.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Drawing of a double swing suspended on metal chains

Useful advice! Chains can be replaced with a rope or a strong rope. The appropriateness of this substitution is that a rope or rope creates much less noise than chains. But it is worth remembering that their service life is also reduced in comparison with metal elements. The rope stretches over time under the influence of weight loads, so you will have to periodically adjust the height of the swing.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Swing suspended on a tree with a rope

The final stage of construction

The next phase of construction will be final. In order to protect the finished structure, the swing must be treated with a varnish composition. It will provide a smooth surface, preserve the natural beauty of wood and extend the operational life of the product.

Depending on your personal wishes, the swing can be painted in any of the colors you like or install a small canopy. Show a little imagination at this stage, and you will be able to create a unique product.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Finished designs can be decorated with pillows, rugs and other decorative elements.

For greater comfort, you can put pillows or a small mattress on the bench , which reduces the rigidity of landing. Its size should correspond to the size of the seat. Those who are familiar with the technology of performing upholstery for furniture can be advised to apply these skills when creating a swing. Soften not only the seat, but also the back, as well as the armrests, if present in your design. Do not forget that soft upholstery is possible only if the product is located under a roof or canopy.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Wooden and metal parts of the swing must be periodically treated with protective compounds

Photos of do-it-yourself children’s wooden swings and ways to create them

Children’s design options are much easier to fulfill, since the requirements for weight loads are much lower. On the other hand, safety standards in this case should be strictly observed, as children are extremely mobile and can swing in various ways.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

DIY do-it-yourself skateboard swing

Do-it-yourself kindergarten swing creation

The most popular designs for the garden are suspended swings. There are several simple methods for creating products for children.

According to the first technology, a wooden seat is used in the form of a wide and thick board. Holes are made in it (a pair on each side) where the rope is threaded. This is done in such a way that the suspension is stretched into one hole, and comes out of another located nearby.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Skateboard swing for children, step 1: preparing materials and tools

Useful advice! In order to strengthen the structure, in order to prevent breakage of the board in the area where the holes are located, an additional plank with through recesses can be installed on each side under the seat. These holes should be located exactly under those made in the seat. The rope will go through all the paired holes.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Children’s swing from a skateboard, step 2: dismantling the rollers from the board and drilling holes in it

The second technology involves the creation of a swing based on a frame-frame made of wood. This element is tied to the crossbar or tree branch with ropes, and the free space is filled with small, but strong planks.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Skateboard swing for children, step 3: preparation of round wooden blocks for armrests

As a seat for the structure created by the third method, half of the logs is used. It should be cut lengthwise. This version of the seat is considered very durable, but requires careful handling. The surface of the log needs to be well sanded and polished to get rid of knots and burrs.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Skateboard swing for children, step 4: pulling the rope into the holes of the board and armrest bars

The fourth option for creating the structure involves the use of boards as a seat and through metal fasteners. The range of modern stores offers fixing fixtures of various shapes, so you will have a fairly large selection.DIY wooden garden swing 2021

Children’s skateboard swing, step 5: securing the created structure on a tree with carabiners

In terms of design, children’s swings do not impose serious restrictions. You can use any materials at hand to create them. For example, a rope can be replaced with a chain, a wooden board used as a seat can be replaced with a chair, after removing its legs. Be sure to use bright colors, because the abundance of colors is very popular with children.