Living Room Furniture And Color Trends 2021

Living Room Furniture And Color Trends 2021The living room is the central place of the whole apartment, its heart. Therefore, I always want this room to be ideal and have everyone enjoyable communication. Therefore, if you are going to update your living room, let’s look at the main interior design trends of 2021. What is new, what color schemes have remained from past seasons and what is the eclectic style of today interesting, what furniture is a priority?

The main trend of 2021 was individuality. No stamps, hackneyed mass receptions and dullness. The goods and ideas of mass consumption have stepped aside. Without a doubt, individuality is the basic trend of 2021! We are all different and multifaceted, so eclecticism is now in fashion. No wonder interior designers say that the interweaving of styles most clearly expresses the personality and its preferences.

If you still decide to mix furniture from different styles, then the walls, floor and ceiling must be decorated in light neutral shades without unnecessary decorative load. Thus, you will not only expand the space by adding light and air to it, but you will not overload the room with unnecessary color.

I believe that interior design should never be caused by any trends, be it a living room or a bathroom. Trends for me are a kind of framework that slows me down, and an architect or designer, as an artist, should always be free from limits in order to create something real and worthwhile. Design is not related to fashion, design is constantly evolving, and what was important yesterday, today has changed its value and transformations have taken place. This is normal! The world is changing every day, people are changing, their perception is changing, there is a shift or replacement of some values with others. When a client lives in a house for which he spent time and money, he must find himself there, not a trend.

Interior color trends 2021Living Room Furniture And Color Trends 2021

In 2021, the choice fell on color, which refers to the warm colors. It gives the eyes a rest, awakens tenderness and romance in a person. And this is sometimes so lacking. After all, with the advent of high-tech and loft style everything around is gray, concrete and inanimate. And corals are still nature and relaxation. Paint the walls in a gentle shade, and with the help of more saturated colors in the furniture determine the accents. And then the room will play in a new way.

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Saturated blue also does not go out of the trend. Especially sapphire and cobalt shades. Well, they are capable of changing the space beyond recognition. The style of the east, belly dancing and Turkish sweets – this is what kind of association pops up in the minds of many. The bright “malachite walls and carpets” are perfect for sofa in a restrained blue, gray or blue color scheme. It not only fits perfectly in color. In addition, it is very convenient and made of quality materials. Therefore, it will last you long enough, without losing its visual and practical attractiveness.

Living room furniture trends 2021Living Room Furniture And Color Trends 2021

The predominance of the eclectic style allows you to play with the shapes and textures of furniture, as you wish. Most importantly, do not go beyond the main selected color. No red, purple, or orange. The sofa of the Twinky model will ideally fit . Its restrained gray color harmoniously shades the saturated greens of the walls, and the cell gives a certain classicity. The perfect mix of classic and trend, right?

Design and technology go forward all the time. Customers are changing accordingly – they are becoming more demanding and ambitious. The central hero in the interior is the sofa, and if earlier the only desire was comfort, then today this is not the main criterion. The sofa turned into a full-fledged art object, a lot of requirements arose for it, it should keep the living room space in tone, its material and form set not only the style of the room and mood, but also reflect the image of the customer himself.

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When choosing a sofa and armchairs, I suggest that the customer associate the headset with himself. For example, in what costume does he see himself? Will it be cotton, suede, velor, leather or boucle? Be sure to consider materials for furniture, a closer examination of the quality of materials show their value. The sofa must be functional, due to its modularity, it can be assembled according to the wishes of the client – with or without additional backs, you can also change the side elements and the color of the upholstery.

The main recommendation for choosing furniture is of course the practicality and quality of the material. Modern busy people rely on quality because there is no time to buy new sofas, change upholstery or details. These characteristics are always in trend. Just keep your eyes on the option that will fit as much as possible into the interior of your living room.

Today, my customers choose actual non-standard deep sofas, according to the color line – complex muted tones: dark blue, terracotta, complex shades of gray and brown, dark green. In my practice, upholstery is an expensive costume fabric or leather.

My favorite is eco-leather, it is practical and, depending on the type of finish, can fit into any style and be combined with all the materials that take part in building the composition of the living room space. Sofa we zoning space, play with additional adjacent puffs as in couch Sicily, tables and built-in bumpers for additional storage locations in Softy, all this gives us the opportunity to create the geometry of space.

The attitude of man to nature has changed and now it enters the interior and becomes its main part. Volumes changed 3 greens in the interior designs. If yesterday we enjoyed the voluminous green walls – today they were transferred to paintings, to free-standing plants. The space is rethought, the walls today are not identified as walls – they turn into furniture, furniture becomes art objects, doors become elements that have an artistic character, the picture turned into a door – the wrong side becomes more important than the outside.

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In furniture, the demonstration of seams and bends is important; now they are not hidden, but flaunted. The combination of chairs with a sofa from different world. Now the brand serves the customer, so now the individualization, which is in the modular models, is so important. Individuality is the main trend! Searching for simple in complex, avoiding standards, revolution in color, furniture upholstery as a canvas.

Prints, colors and environmental friendlinessLiving Room Furniture And Color Trends 2021

The absolute winner and trend position among the patterns this year will be a watercolor print. Bedspreads and blankets, wallpapers, paintings, drawings, tiles with blurry colors. All this must certainly be in your interior.

In 2021, designers also rely on naturalness and environmental friendliness. Therefore, many choose the trend of an eco-living room. What is an eco-living room ? This is the predominance of natural materials in everything. For wooden products, this is the untreated surface of coniferous or deciduous varieties of trees. As a decor, you can use clay, wooden or wicker dishes.

To be eco-friendly, throw away all the artificial flowers and buy a couple of living plants. Preferably with large green leaves that do not require much care. Living plants will give the room coziness, even greater environmental friendliness and refresh the air.

For all the variety of trends in the design of the living room, it is important to remember that the main criterion is uniqueness, your personal preferences and personality. This will be your personal style, backed up by decoration novelties and fashionable materials.